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The Best PowerPoint Templates of 2016 (PPT Presentation Designs)

This post is part of a series called Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT).
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We all want the new year to start off right. 

I think we can all agree on that.

What that means though, is that it's important to tackle those first few projects of the year with enthusiasm, and give them the attention they deserve.

Their success is vital.

If you can stack up a handful of early accomplishments, they’ll help you springboard into a better performing year.

A few key wins, like nailing your next presentation, can go a long way!

Best PowerPoint presentation template slide designs
High quality PowerPoint presentation template slide designs.

Do you have a new presentation coming up fast? One that’s a critical project and you really need to pull off right?

If so, then you have a bit of work to do. You need to plan your presentation:

  • figure out what you’ll say,
  • gather all your information,
  • and then package it into a killer presentation design.

To make your presentation stand out, and design it quickly, it’s helpful to use a great PowerPoint template design.

Here we feature the best from the last 12 months.

Best PowerPoint templates of 2016
Best PowerPoint template of 2016, from GraphicRiver (Envato Market)

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15 Best PowerPoint Templates (Trending in 2016)

These are the best PowerPoint templates of 2016, which have lit up the sales charts on GraphicRiver—with their trend-setting designs and deep feature set.

What better set of PowerPoints to use, then one of the best presentation designs of the last year?

1. Eureka - Best Minimal PowerPoint Template 2016

Eureka Best Creative PowerPoint Template 2016

Dazzle your audience with this clean, modern PowerPoint presentation template. It’s held a steady five star rated design throughout 2016, with buyer’s raving, as one happy customer says:

“An awesome, incredibly flexible deck that will display any message in an attention grabbing professional manner.”

Eureka is one of the best PPT themes you can use, with features like:

  • 200 unique, modern PowerPoint slide designs.
  • Easy to edit Master Slide professional setup.
  • A bevy of data charts and infographic slides.
  • Resizable graphics and pixel-perfect illustrations.
  • Animation options and one-click color themes.

This PPT theme is made to customize fast. Use this set of designs to transform your ideas and visualize them quickly, that way you can present with confidence!

2. Startup X – Perfect 2016 Pitch Deck PPT Template

Startup X 2016 Pitch Deck PPT Template Design

If you have a business idea to pitch, or are seeking investment, this is a great PowerPoint template for that purpose. It’s designed with exactly the slides you need to:

  • present your business plan,
  • showcase your best data,
  • and roadmap your growth path.

That way, you can secure the funding you need. It’s packed with loads of infographics, device mockups, gorgeous slides designs, and so much more!

3. Influencer - 2016 PowerPoint Presentation Theme

Influencer 2016 PowerPoint Presentation Theme Design

If you want to look like a superstar, and command a roomful of business professionals, then grab the Influencer PPT template. Use it’s powerful set of designs to present your ideas. It packs in over 200 unique slide layouts, with quality infographics to make your points with exactly the right emphasis.

4. Digit - One-Stop Business PowerPoint PPT Template

Digit One-Stop Business PowerPoint PPT Template 2016

This is one of the best PowerPoint templates of 2016. It’s comes with the largest set of graphics and designs, with over 560 unique slide layouts. It literally is made to give you one-stop access to everything you’d need to make a great presentation, regardless of the topic you’re delivering.

5. Clean - Creative PowerPoint Template Design 2016

Clean Creative PPT Template Design 2016

This stylish set of PowerPoint slides was freshly made in 2016 with a timeless aesthetic. If you have an elegant product to feature, or an idea that lends itself to simple beauty, then make use of this refreshing design. It’s a gorgeous set of PowerPoint designs, that excellently balances bold text, photo placeholders, graphic elements, and spacing.

6. Prism - Modern 2016 PowerPoint Template Builder

Prism Creative 2016 PowerPoint Template Design

This highly rated minimal style PowerPoint template really stands out as one of the best designs of 2016. Buyers have notably positive feedback, such as:

“Brilliant template. Lovely, clean design and very adaptable.”

Prism comes loaded with:

  • Over 200 unique slide design layouts.
  • Category slides, from team display to device mockups.
  • Fully-editable graphics, charts and maps.
  • Gorgeous photo layouts with balanced text.
  • Drag and drop ready and pro setup.

Everything you’d want to build your presentation quickly, without having to start from scratch!

7. PowerPoint Starter Pack - Presentation Design Builder

PPT Starter Pack 2016 Presentation Design Builder

This PowerPoint Starter Pack is a robust toolkit, which comes with hundreds of slide designs, plenty of infographic slides, and colorful vector graphics. It’s a versatile set of design to build any presentation with!

8. Kaspian - Modern 2016 PowerPoint Presentation Theme

Kaspian Best 2016 PowerPoint Presentation Theme

To make an awesome PowerPoint presentation is time consuming, unless you work with a PPT template that’s setup professionally for quick customizations. 

Kaspian has pre-built infographics, photo placeholders, master slides, and more pro time savers. It’s also a beautiful, energetic set of designs to present your ideas with!

9. Unicorn - 2016 Startup PowerPoint Pitch Deck

Unicorn 2016 Startup PowerPoint Presentation Design

If you are seeking funding, then you need a modern pitch deck with great slide designs. Unicorn is one of the most popular PowerPoint templates of 2016—and for good reason. It has clean layout designs, with beautiful stylish use of colors and gradients.

This deck also includes slides for presenting your business plan fully: from the problem your company solves, market size and competition, demonstrating your business model, and highlighting key financials. Just what you need to impress investors!

10. Verzus - 2016 Minimal PowerPoint Template Set

Verzus 2016 Minimal PowerPoint Template Design

This is a top presentation theme made in 2016 with a clean, versatile set of designs. It includes over 200 unique slides that feature, well-balanced image/text layouts, plenty of graphics, and easy to work with charts. Use them to quickly turn your ideas into a beautiful presentation.

11. Pitch - Modern PowerPoint Template Design

Pitch 2016 Modern PowerPoint Template Design

When you need to make a persuasive presentation, and deliver your business idea with clarity, working with a PowerPoint template that has everything you’d require is a must. Pitch includes a solid set of PPT features, such as:

  • 118+ creative, versatile slide designs.
  • Plenty device mockups and infographic slides.
  • Easy to edit image placeholders and other time-savers.
  • Elegant, animated transitions on slides and objects.
  • Team, services, timelines slides, and more.

This theme has a winning mix of creative options, such as slides to present data that shows your positioning and growth, all inside a well-crafted style. Use it to present your compelling pitch, with a great design, quickly!

12. Mazano - Colorful 2016 Multipurpose PPT Template

Mazano Colorful 2016 Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This colorful PowerPoint template made in 2016 is not only popular, but beautifully designed. It has a bevy of powerful slide designs that balance shapes, icons, vivid illustrations, photos, and text with the right mix of energy and clarity. It also features easy to edit device mockups and an assortment of infographic slides.

13. A Business - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

A Business 2016 Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Think big and go bold with this powerful PowerPoint template. The A Business theme  has a design that stands out, with striking image layouts and confident type. It also comes with an assortment of the pro features you’d want, such as data charts, custom illustrations, and quick to work with setup.

14. Modern - Stylish 2016 PowerPoint Template Design

Modern 2016 PowerPoint Presentation Template Design

Modern is a beautiful PowerPoint template designed in 2016. It has a carefully-crafted, well balanced design. It features unique layouts, with dynamic shapes, and cropped images, paired with simple icons, bold type, and simple infographic slides. 

If your presentation idea is best presented with absolute clarity and just a dash of elegant creativity, then put this theme to work for you today!

15. The Unlimited - 2016 PPT Presentation Templates Set

The Unlimited 2016 PowerPoint Presentation Templates Set

As it’s name Unlimited suggest, this 2016 PowerPoint template set is overflowing with a ton of creative, useful design features. Here are just a few highlights of what it includes:

  • 367 powerful, multipurpose slide designs.
  • Colorful vector illustrations, graphics, and icons.
  • Handcrafted infographics that are easy to modify.
  • Editable charts and made with Smartart.
  • A ton of slides for presenting your ideas, folio, and more.

This creative PPT template set is not only loaded with features, but also well-crafted, with slides that read with clarity and impact. 

If you need to make a unique presentation—especially one that includes data and evidence—then use this powerful set of slide designs to build your presentation fast!

PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

When you purchase PowerPoint templates on Envato Market, you get that one set of designs to use, but we also have a packaged offer that is a better fit if you have greater needs.

Envato Elements Unlimited Use templates
Envato Elements - Unlimited use presentation, web, and graphic templates.

In 2016, Envato Elements launched and has taken off like a rocketship. It has a compelling offer that is all inclusive:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you can download unlimited use PowerPoint templates, web themes, fonts, graphics sets, and more—all for a single monthly fee.

That’s right! This means you can download as many professional presentation templates and graphics as you want, then customize to your needs or those of your clients right away. 

Unlimited use PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements
Unlimited use PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

If you have a number of presentation to give this coming year, you work with a stable of clients, or your run a creative agency, then this subscription is a crazy-good deal.

It's not just presentation templates either, but also CMS themes, web templates, email newsletter designs, landing page templates, and more.

How Does Envato Elements Work?

If you sign up for Envato Elements, you can download as many items as you like with unlimited use, all for a single monthly price.

The library already has over 6,000 professional items made by independent designers. This growing library is being added to every month. It’s also curated by the Envato team to keep the quality high and the styles fresh. 

Here is one of the awesome PPT decks on Envato Elements, the Rivka PowerPoint Template:

Rivka unlimited use minimal PowerPoint template
Rivka unlimited use, minimal PowerPoint template.

Now’s the time to sign up. The special price is running for a limited time. If you lock it in now, you can keep that price for life.

How to Make a Great PowerPoint Design

Here are a handful of helpful PowerPoint and presentation tutorials, so you can make a persuasive and powerful presentation quickly:

How to Get Help With Designing Your PowerPoint

Also, if you need help with customizing your PowerPoint template, we have professional designers that take care of that for you on Envato Studio. They are available for hire at affordable rates:

Envato Studio custom PowerPoint designs
Envato Studio custom PowerPoint design packages.

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Make a Quality PowerPoint Presentation Quickly!

Good luck on nailing your next presentation and getting your new year off to the right start.

If you need a great presentation design, then use one of the best PowerPoint presentation template from Envato Market. It will help you save time and give you plenty of pro options to work with.

If your needs are greater though, then grab an affordable monthly subscription to Envato Elements. For one low price, you get unlimited use of an assortment of creative assets, from presentation templates, to web themes, graphic sets, and more.

You can also work with professional designers on Envato Studio to customize your PowerPoint presentation for you fast—with high-quality results!

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