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25+ Best Restaurant & Cafe Website Designs (For Visual Ideas)

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Launching a website for your restaurant can be a scary prospect if you don't have a designer's eye. Thankfully, we've put together a collection of the best restaurant website designs to ease your fears and inspire your sense.

When it comes to restaurant websites, presentation is everything, just like with your signature dish. An attractive website can not only take the photos of your dishes to the next level, it can help you attract more customers. After all, a restaurant that puts a lot of care into their website, is more than likely to put a lot of care into their meal preparation process.

Thankfully, finding an attractive template is easy thanks to a large selection of restaurant templates. Whether you decide to go with a WordPress theme or an HTML template, you can easily create and launch your restaurant website. However, an attractive restaurant website design isn't enough.

You need to make sure that your website has all the necessary features as well as spend some time customizing the template with your brand’s colors. If you miss this step, your website has fewer chances of being unique and standing out among the competition.

In this tutorial, we’ll highlight the most important features that make great restaurant websites and share examples of sites that you can use for your inspiration. Let’s begin.

What Makes Visually Great Restaurant Websites?

We’ve mentioned the importance of an attractive restaurant website design. While design is highly subjective, make sure the text is easy to read and give the elements on your pages plenty of white space to avoid a cluttered look. You’ll also want to make sure your website is easy to navigate.

There are a few other features that top restaurant websites should have. In particular, those features are:

  • High-quality photos. Images play a large role on almost any website, but they’re of special importance on restaurant websites. If your images are high quality and present your dish in a creative way, chances are visitors will be more inclined to make a reservation. Don’t forget to include images of your interior as they can help portray the atmosphere of your establishment.
  • A menu list. Your website may say that you’re an Italian restaurant, but your customers still want to know what kind of Italian dishes you’re serving. Some of them may even want to see your prices, so consider adding those to your menu list as well.
  • Location and hours of operation. By adding your location and hours of operation, you’re making it easier for potential customers to find you. If you add a Google Map, they can even get directions, which is another point in your favor.
  • Online booking form. An online booking form is particularly useful if reservations are required. This saves hours that your staff would normally spend on the phone and allows them to focus on other tasks. It also makes it easy for potential customers to make a reservation even when they are in a place where they can’t talk on the phone.
  • Mobile friendly. You’ll want to make sure your website is responsive so visitors on mobile devices can see what you've got to offer and make a reservation, too.
  • Good template. Finally, if you use a template for your restaurant website make sure to choose a good one that incorporates many of the features above.

25+ Best Restaurant and Cafe Websites

The restaurant websites on this list have beautiful designs, but also make excellent use of the features mentioned above.

1. Éléphant

Elephant restaurant website

The first website on our list is for a French restaurant that features a clean and minimal design. The homepage makes the menu easily accessible and uses an accordion to display their dishes without overwhelming visitors by listing all their menu items at once. The menu also displays prices. Pair that with beautiful parallax sections and the footer that shows their location and operating hours and you get an elegant restaurant website.

2. 4 Rivers Smokehouse

4 Rivers Smokehouse restaurant website

4 Rivers Smokehouse does a great job of pulling visitors right in with the video background in the header. They also make it easy to view the menu or place an order by adding to call-to-action buttons.

3. Col’Cacchio Pizzeria

ColCacchio Pizzeria restaurant website

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria uses plenty of photos throughout their website that makes any visitor want a slice of pizza immediately. A subtle call-to-action to order online is easily accessible in the header. You can also find a pizzeria near you thanks to their Store Locator page.

4. Caravan

Caravan restaurant website

Caravan Restaurant uses a one-page restaurant website, a perfect solution for sharing all the important information without overwhelming visitors. The header shows you exactly what the restaurant looks like and invites you to make a reservation. You can access the menu and other pages through the sticky navigation, which works especially well for a one-page website.

5. Moxhe

Moxhe restaurant website

A hypnotizing video background and stunning images make up the homepage of this Australian restaurant. They added a link to the booking form immediately at the top and repeated it once again at the bottom of the website. They also do a great job of linking to their social media right in the header.

6. BurgerIJ

BurgerIJ restaurant website

This restaurant’s website uses a header slideshow to showcase their burgers and their restaurant at the same time. The rest of the homepage uses a unique grid layout to mix photos of their food along with their social media profiles and other pages on their site. The best part is the use of testimonials, which helps build social proof.

7. Maaemo Restaurant

Maaemo Restaurant website

Maaemo’s restaurant website is another example of minimalist design. Their website doesn’t start you off with a food photo, but it does a great job of living up to their mission statement: “A journey through the Norwegian landscape”. The menu is tucked away behind a hamburger icon, but it’s still rather easy to use their online booking form.

8. LiveKitchn

LiveKitchn restaurant website

LiveKitchn Cafe and Restaurant doesn’t shy away from using a stunning slideshow in their header with a minimal menu. The reservation form is immediately below, and their menus uses a tabbed layout for easier navigation.

9. Restaurant Mesón

Restaurant Meson website

Finding a table is incredibly easy when you land on Restaurant Mesón’s website - it’s the first call-to-action you see. You can also easily see their menu. What makes this site stand out is a touch of personality achieved by displaying the restaurant’s staff photos and short bios.

10. TOCA

TOCA restaurant website

If you’re looking for an example of how to use video on your homepage, look no further than TOCA’s website. Seeing the food while it’s being prepared is enough to make anyone want to stop by and thanks to the call-to-action, it’s even easier to go straight to the reservation form.

11. Maialino

Maialino restaurant website

What makes Maialino stand out is the creative use of photos and custom graphics to display their menu right in the header. Of course, the rest of the homepage and website has all the other necessary elements such as clear contact and location information.

12. Lupa

Lupa restaurant website

Lupa uses smooth scroll effects and a parallax background that makes this simple design stand out and capture the viewer’s attention. You can easily access all the information, but we love the prominent sticky reservation button at the top the most.

13. RubyTuesday

RubyTuesday restaurant website

RubyTuesday’s website is a great example of a boxed design that manages to show a lot of information without looking cluttered. They also know the importance of building an email list, so a sign-up form is featured prominently on the homepage, offering a free appetizer as an incentive.

14. Gustave Cafe

Gustave Cafe

This cafe’s website uses a unique layout with three sections, each with individual scrolling. A rather minimal layout still manages to show all the information and make their menu easily accessible.  

15. Between The Bread

Between the Bread restaurant website

If your restaurant offers catering services or event planning, you can draw a lot of inspiration from Between The Bread’s website. The header acts as a map and offers an easy way to access the most pertinent information. The restaurant website design features interesting hover effects, beautiful video backgrounds, and stunning full-width images.

16. Ray’s Restaurant

Rays Restaurant website

A horizontal layout is what makes this website stand out. You can immediately see their locations and menus and choose the one that’s closest to you. Other pages of the website are accessible through the sidebar menu that doesn’t detract from the overall design.

17. Backyard Burgers

Backyard Burgers website

Burgers may not make for the most elegant meal, but this website certainly is. What sets it apart is the prominent free burger incentive in exchange for your email address as well as the call-to-action to learn more about their newest burger. Extra bonus points for featuring a cause they care about.

18. American Prime Steakhouse

American Prime Steakhouse website

If their homepage doesn’t make you hungry for steak nothing will. Beautiful full-width images all over the website as well as menu items accompanied by gorgeous photos definitely make this website stand out.

19. Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom website

This playful website is the perfect example of a functional and attention-grabbing website. Funky hover effect on the logo and hand-drawn graphics give this website a unique look. On top of an easily accessible menu, you cannot miss their offer to get on their email list and get free pretzels to boot.

20. Marie Catrib’s

Marie Catribs restaurant website

Another example of a playful website, Marie Catrib’s grabs our attention thanks to the bold hand-lettering that dominates this website’s design. The homepage doesn’t overwhelm visitors with too many choices and offers an immediate option to check out the menu, visit their shop or learn more about the background of the restaurant. It also does a great job of displaying contact information in the footer.

21. Pizzeria Napolicentrale

Pizzeria Napolicentrale restaurant website

Check out this website if you want inspiration on using a background pattern on your restaurant’s website. The whole website gives off an authentic, vintage feel of a true Italian pizzeria with elegant fonts and a checkered pattern in the footer. The menu is embedded on the website, which makes it especially handy for downloading it for later use.

22. Wandering Goat Coffee Co.

Wandering Goat Coffee Co restaurant website

Wandering Goat does a great job of showing you can do a lot even with a simple restaurant website design. You’re first greeted by a large header image that immediately makes it clear what Wandering Goat is all about. Scrolling down the homepage allows you to learn more about their coffee roaster, shop, and cafe. They also make a great use of Google Maps and displaying their business hours.

23. Blue Moon

Blue Moon restaurant website

This bar and restaurant in one uses background photography to portray the atmosphere you can expect when you visit them. They also display not only the menu, but also allow you to see upcoming events in their bar and encourage you to download their mobile app and get extra perks.

24. Bar Isabel

Bar Isabel restaurant website

Bar Isabel is a perfect example of how to make a dark theme or a template look good. On top of that, the main header image also makes it clear how you can contact them and where they are located.

25. Dishoom

Dishoom restaurant website

When you’re one of the few remaining Bombay cafes and have awards to prove your worth, you need to flaunt them on your website. Dishoom does a great job of sharing their history and culture as well as proving they know what they’re doing when it comes to food.

26. Quay Restaurant

Quay Restaurant website

Aside from stunning full-width, mouth-watering images and a welcome video on the homepage, the Quay Restaurant uses plenty of white space throughout. We especially like the way they organized their menu and made it easy to book a reservation immediately after.

Get Inspired With These Visual Examples of Great Restaurant Websites

We hope that our list inspired you and encouraged you to get started with your restaurant website. If you need help getting started, start by checking out our selection of restaurant templates and follow the guide for getting your restaurant website up and running quickly. Happy launching.

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