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Building a Successful Freelance Email Newsletter, Series

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As a freelancer you're actively marketing, working to bring in new clients, and encouraging existing clients to continue to use your freelance services. Email newsletters are an affordable and effective tool for pulling in consistent business.

Are you ready to start an email newsletter?

In this Session, written by Thursday Bram, you'll learn the ins and outs of launching your fresh, freelance newsletter. Uncover how to choose the best email newsletter software, create compelling newsletter content, convert readers to clients, and keep your email newsletter from being marked as spam.


The Benefits of Offering an Email Newsletter for a Freelancer

It’s incredibly inexpensive to create and send, especially compared to other types of marketing. Done correctly, email can help you build a close relationship with your clients so that they’re willing to trust you with more freelance work on a regular basis. Learn the benefits of setting up an email newsletter for marketing your freelance business.


How to Plan the Content for Your Email Newsletter

Operating an email newsletter means that you need to plan on producing content (probably written) on a regular basis. You may be publishing weekly, monthly or on an entirely different schedulel. It’s important to plan out your content in advance. Let's get to it.


The Incentives that Will Convince Subscribers to Sign Up for Your Email Newsletter

There are a lot of options on what incentives you can offer to potential readers. It’s important, however, to make sure that you’re offering something that matches closely with your audience — the people who could potentially become your clients. If your audience reads white papers, but not ebooks, you can guess what sort of incentive you should offer. Before leaping in to creating any type of incentive piece, make sure you know exactly what will attract your audience.


What You Need to Know to Write Enough Content for Your Email Newsletter

It can be difficult to write enough content to fill a newsletter — especially if your newsletter is doing its job and bringing you plenty of work. But there are ways to minimize the amount of time you spend on producing each newsletter.


A Guide to Choosing Email Newsletter Software

The right software can make a world of difference in managing your email newsletter. Deciding between the many options out there can be a difficult prospect, but if you consider some key points, you can narrow down the field quickly. This will help you choose the best email newsletter software for your freelance business.


How to Convert Newsletter Subscribers into Paying Clients

What’s the point of having a newsletter if it doesn’t provide you with paying clients? It takes a lot of work to put together a newsletter regularly, as well as to make people aware that it exists. Unless you’ve got prospects coming from your newsletter, it’s not going to pay for itself.


Running a Newsletter for Your Existing Clients: What You Need to Know

Once you’ve got a newsletter set up to bring you in new clients, you may start to think about what else you can do with the newsletter format to promote your freelance business. One of the options worth considering is sending a newsletter to the clients you’ve already landed. A newsletter can provide a useful reminder to past clients of your existence and help bring in new gigs.


How to Keep Your Email Newsletter from Being Marked as Spam

If you’re publishing an email newsletter — for marketing purposes or otherwise — you need to make sure that you can minimize the chance it can be mistaken for spam. There will always be occasional marks against you, from people who don’t remember signing up for your newsletter or who just want to get it out of their inboxes quickly. But the more you can do to keep those problems to a minimum, the better.

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