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35 Clean PowerPoint Templates (PPTs) With Minimalist Designs (For 2021)

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Choosing the right PowerPoint design to wow your audience can be a challenge. Modern, minimal presentation designs are a good way to impress. 

Use a clean, minimalist PowerPoint template for your next professional presentation. It'll help you create an attractive professional slideshow. 

Clean Presentation Slide DesignClean Presentation Slide DesignClean Presentation Slide Design
Use minimalist PowerPoint templates like this one to design an eye-catching presentation.

Minimalist design also gets your audience to focus on what's important without any distracting clutter.

To get your audience's attention you need to create the best presentation possible—and design is a big part of that. Look great and save time by using a clean and minimalist PowerPoint template, such as those from Envato Elements. And if you prefer to buy minimalist PowerPoint themes one at a time, you'll love our selection  from GraphicRiver.

Best Minimalist PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

A great template gives you a good head start on your project and a modern PowerPoint design means it'll look fantastic when you're done.

If you're looking for a great PowerPoint presentation, consider Envato Elements. You can find hundreds of great PowerPoint presentations. And the offer is a bargain. Download as many templates as you want (and other design elements as well) for one low monthly price.

simple clean powerpoint templatessimple clean powerpoint templatessimple clean powerpoint templates
You can find hundreds of simple clean PPT templates on Envato Elements.

The clean PowerPoint templates with minimalist style featured here are from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. They're designed especially with your needs in mind. Each template allows you to customize quickly to add your own business ideas, insert your information, and otherwise make the template your own.

These minimalist PowerPoint themes will work for a wide variety of presentation needs, including:

  • pitch decks
  • business plans
  • product vision
  • training sessions
  • and more!
Minimalist PPT TemplateMinimalist PPT TemplateMinimalist PPT Template
A clean and minimalist PowerPoint template like Simple from Envato Elements focuses on your message.

Each professionally designed minimalist PowerPoint background is ready-to-use with pre-built minimalist slides for your presentation. Just download a template and start adding your own data, images and information. It's that easy.

5 Popular Envato Elements Minimalist PowerPoint Templates

Minimal web design is based on using clean lines and making the most of white space. Presentations done with a minimalist design tend to leave the viewer with a positive impression. 

Here's some of the best new minimalist PowerPoint templates with a clean design. These are some of our most popular modern PowerPoint Designs:

1. Onnet - Simple PowerPoint Template

Onnet Minimalist PPT TemplateOnnet Minimalist PPT TemplateOnnet Minimalist PPT Template

This flexible minimalist PPT template is suitable for a wide variety of industries. It's perfect whether you're in finance, a creative field, education, or just need to create a presentation. This minimalist PPT design comes with 30 unique slides. There are also three premade colors themes—with a light and dark version of each. Documentation is also included so you can get started quickly.

2. Business - Simple PowerPoint

Minimalist PPT TemplateMinimalist PPT TemplateMinimalist PPT Template

If you like variety, you'll love this clean PowerPoint template. It's based on master slides for design consistency. This professional minimalist PowerPoint background also includes the following features:

  • 30 ready-to-use icon slides 
  • more than 15 PSD mockup files
  • 50 premade color schemes
  • 300 unique slides

3. Clean Presentation

clean PowerPoint templateclean PowerPoint templateclean PowerPoint template

This clean PowerPoint template has all the little extras that'll help your presentation to make maximum impact. Features like built-in animations and transitions are sure to capture your viewer's attention. Choose from 50 unique slides included in this minimalist PPT design. Plus, this template is super easy to use—drag and drop your photos and images to replace the placeholders.

4. Claude Clean & Business Template

clean powerpoint templateclean powerpoint templateclean powerpoint template

You'll love this beautifully designed modern PowerPoint template. It's sure to attract the attention of your audience and help you to get your message across. Choose between monochrome and colorful versions of this template. Drag-and-drop your images over the placeholders to add them quickly. Plus, there are infographics, charts, and icons. Free minimalist PowerPoint templates can't beat this.

5. SIMPLE - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Minimalist PPT templateMinimalist PPT templateMinimalist PPT template

Don't miss this unique, minimalist PPT template with a modern PowerPoint design. It's got all the bells and whistles to help you make a top-notch slideshow. SIMPLE includes popular infographic layouts such as flow charts, process diagrams, and mind maps. This minimalist PowerPoint design is also based on free fonts for your convenience.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

You can find the best minimalist PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements. They come with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price. 

Elements leaderElements leaderElements leader
Minimalist PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates with unlimited use. There's everything from web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price

Elements CreativeElements CreativeElements Creative
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many PowerPoint templates with minimalist design, professional themes, and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

30 Great Minimalist PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver (2021)

Envato Elements is a great deal. But if you'd rather buy new minimal PowerPoint templates individually, consider the selection from GraphicRiver.

These clean PowerPoint templates with minimalist style are all designed to make your presentation look great. Use them to make a new presentation today.

 PowerPoint Templates Minimalist PowerPoint Templates Minimalist PowerPoint Templates Minimalist
You can find thousands of PowerPoint templates that are minimalist to download on GraphicRiver.

Here are 30 of our best minimalist PPT templates from GraphicRiver, ready for you to customize today:

1. Cekicrot - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Cekicrot Clean TemplateCekicrot Clean TemplateCekicrot Clean Template

Inspire your audience with this minimalist presentation template. Cekicrot is new to GraphicRiver in 2021, and it uses a modern design style. It features simple layouts, excellent typography, and sparse colors for best minimalist presentation.

2. JARONE - Equestrian & Horse Riding Club PowerPoint Template

Jarone Equestrian Clean PowerPoint PresentationJarone Equestrian Clean PowerPoint PresentationJarone Equestrian Clean PowerPoint Presentation

Minimalist presentations help the audience focus on your content instead of excessive design. The best way to implement that design philosophy is to use an amazing minimalist PPT template design like Jarone. It's built with the equestrian niche in mind. But make no mistake, it's versatile enough to fit your business presentations.

3. Bross - Business Presentation PowerPoint Template

Bross Minimalist PowerPoint TemplateBross Minimalist PowerPoint TemplateBross Minimalist PowerPoint Template

A hallmark of the best minimalist PowerPoint presentation templates is the use of bold typography. The Bross minimal slides template implements sharp typography that's sure to lead the viewer's eye naturally. Don't look for minimalist PowerPoint templates free to download. Instead, use Bross when you need your viewer to zone in on a few key points with the use of the best typography and photos.

4. Zerref Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Zerref Minimal PPT TemplatesZerref Minimal PPT TemplatesZerref Minimal PPT Templates

A top choice among minimalist PPT templates, Zerref packs colorful style into a clean design. Major emphasis is placed on photos, letting your imagery feature front and center in your presentation. You’ll find dozens of slides, including charts, timelines, infographics, and more. You'll hardly find free minimalist PowerPoint templates better than this.

5. Widury PowerPoint

Widury Minimalist PresentationWidury Minimalist PresentationWidury Minimalist Presentation

With over 50 unique, custom slide designs, Widury is a powerful choice for your next presentation. It provides you with a level of quality and style simply not possible with free minimalist PowerPoint templates. Plus, the minimalist PowerPoint background is built around master slides, making mass edits a breeze.

6. Projecty Construction Presentation Template

Projecty Minimal PowerPoint DesignProjecty Minimal PowerPoint DesignProjecty Minimal PowerPoint Design

Minimalist presentation templates like this one include a few key features. Among these are master slide layouts, the bold use of color, sleek fonts, and compelling graphics. With the Projecty clean PowerPoint pack, you’ll find all those and more, ready to support your next project.

7. Agency PowerPoint Template

Agency Minimalist PresentationAgency Minimalist PresentationAgency Minimalist Presentation

Don't look for minimalist PowerPoint templates free to download. Instead, check Agency, a stunning minimal PowerPoint design. It's an excellent choice when you build your next presentation. Create a winning slide deck with:

  • more than 50 custom slides
  • world and regional maps
  • device mockups to show off your app or site

8. Deluna Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Minimalist Presentation TemplatesMinimalist Presentation TemplatesMinimalist Presentation Templates

This is a top choice if you need a minimalist, yet versatile PowerPoint template. It's got a clean, minimal PowerPoint design and plenty of flexible layouts to help you make your next slide deck. It's one of the best minimal PPT templates we've got.

9. Imagine Clean PowerPoint

Imagine Clean PowerPointImagine Clean PowerPointImagine Clean PowerPoint

The best minimal PowerPoint templates keep your costs low and your content bold. With more than 175 expertly designed minimalist slides, this template does both! Use this single minimalist PPT template to keep your branding consistent. See how the image masking is so attractive in this minimalist PowerPoint background. Read more about this minimalist PPT design trend further below!

10. Clean Agency

Clean AgencyClean AgencyClean Agency

Looking for stunning minimalist PowerPoint themes? This minimal PowerPoint template feature over 500 unique minimalist slide designs. It also has plenty of color schemes to match your branding. It's easy to update the slide designs with your imagery thanks to the drag-and-drop placeholders, making it a breeze to use.

11. Liquid Creative & Clean PowerPoint Template

Liquid CreativeLiquid CreativeLiquid Creative

Every minimalist slide design in this PPT template has the touch of an expert graphic designer. Beautiful, bright colors in eight different preset templates set your content up for success. PPT templates for minimalists like this one capture the "less is more" design philosophy perfectly.

12. Clean Marketing

clean PowerPoint templateclean PowerPoint templateclean PowerPoint template

You'll love the choices that come with this modern PowerPoint template. The download includes:

  • editable maps, infographics, and icons 
  • 19 color schemes
  •  465 different slides
  • over 1000 vector icons
  • and more!

13. Clean Professional Presentation

clean professional presentation templateclean professional presentation templateclean professional presentation template

This simple PowerPoint template lends an air of modern elegance to any presentation. It features a wide variety of handmade infographics to give your minimalist slideshow the edge it needs. The professional design will help you to make just the right impression with any audience. Plus, the data charts can be updated through Excel.

14. Clean Bundle

Minimalist Pitch DeckMinimalist Pitch DeckMinimalist Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is a popular presentation type used by startups and entrepreneurs looking for investment. Pitch decks can use minimalist PowerPoint templates to bring focus to the business. This minimal slides template is the perfect implementation of minimalist presentation principles. Its simplified slide designs to show your big idea. 

15. Popular Clean PowerPoint Template

Popular Clean PowerPoint TemplatePopular Clean PowerPoint TemplatePopular Clean PowerPoint Template

Minimal PPT designs frequently favor images over text-heavy slides. This minimal slides template focuses on that idea, eschewing slides with walls of text for a more image-focused approach. Use it for a minimalist presentation where slides support your speaking points instead of speaking for you. Try this minimalist PowerPoint design in combination with strong stock imagery.

16. Clean PowerPoint Template

clean PowerPoint template designclean PowerPoint template designclean PowerPoint template design

The Clean PowerPoint template has become a customer favorite with a five-star rating and tons of positive reviews. Here's just some of what our clients say about this one:

"Looks great, well designed and professional."
" I´m so pleased with this product, It´s really professional and timesaving since I can concentrate on my areas of expertise.

I recommend this to everyone."

17. PowerPoint Clean Presentation

PowerPoint Clean PresentationPowerPoint Clean PresentationPowerPoint Clean Presentation

This modern and clean PowerPoint template has quite a bit going for it. You'll love the effective use of white space on this one. Holding the audience's attention is the challenge of every presenter. This one includes transition and animation effects sure to be noticed. Plus, it's easy to customize and based only on free fonts for your convenience.

18. Pitch Deck Clean Business PowerPoint Template

Pitch Deck Clean PowerPoint TemplatePitch Deck Clean PowerPoint TemplatePitch Deck Clean PowerPoint Template

Are you looking for a pitch deck template that's clean and effective? If so, this professionally designed PowerPoint template may be just what you need. It includes over 250 slide designs, each of which is easy to personalize with your own data. It also features some cool eye-catching effects such as full animation and transitions.

19. Axeon Clean Business PowerPoint

Axeon Clean Business PowerPointAxeon Clean Business PowerPointAxeon Clean Business PowerPoint

Axeon is one of the top minimalist presentation designs for 2021. It's more than 300 slide designs that capture the spirit of minimalism. Choose from a variety of slides that use color splashes and simple slides to draw total focus to your presentation content. 

20. Modern Clean PowerPoint Template

Modern MinimalistModern MinimalistModern Minimalist

Smooth gradients and beautiful image masks are just waiting for your content in this minimal slides template. This minimal PPT template has all of the key features you've come to expect, like:

  • more than 120 minimalist slide designs
  • informative infographics to explain your key points
  • included icons for visual representations of your points

21. Practical - Clean PowerPoint Presentation

Practical Clean PowerPoint PresentationPractical Clean PowerPoint PresentationPractical Clean PowerPoint Presentation

Here's a modern PowerPoint template with plenty of top-notch features. The download includes:

  • 76 unique slide designs
  • creative slides
  • business slides
  • device mockups
  • and more!

22. Clean PowerPoint Presentation

Clean PowerPoint PresentationClean PowerPoint PresentationClean PowerPoint Presentation

Clean and minimal design principles go hand in hand. When a slide is minimal, it's clean and easy for an audience to infer the main points. This minimalist PowerPoint design will help you share your ideas quickly. Mix and match the infographics, charts, and device mockups for your best presentation yet.

23. Clean PowerPoint Template

Clean PowerPoint TemplateClean PowerPoint TemplateClean PowerPoint Template

Here's a download that truly lives up to its name. This minimalist PowerPoint design focuses more on typography and iconic explanations. You'll also benefit from the map slides and infographics to create visual presentations.

24. Adventure Creative PowerPoint Template

Minimalist PowerPoint TemplatesMinimalist PowerPoint TemplatesMinimalist PowerPoint Templates

The clean design and minimalist styling found in this template are hallmarks of creativity. Easily customizable slide elements are placed atop a beautiful dark backdrop. Included are icons, charts, infographic layouts, and more.

25. Wakana - Creative PowerPoint Template

Wkaana Minimal PPT DesignWkaana Minimal PPT DesignWkaana Minimal PPT Design

Wakana is an unbeatable example of minimal PowerPoint design. Create your own minimalist presentation using:

  • 220+ innovative, customizable slide layouts
  • simple image placeholders to share your portfolio
  • 7 custom color palettes

26. Exendo - Creative PowerPoint Template

Exendo Minimalist SlidesExendo Minimalist SlidesExendo Minimalist Slides

Clean PowerPoint templates free you from the constraints of basic designs. They're versatile and enable immense flexibility. Take Exendo as a perfect example. Billboard titles, creative image placeholders, and cool layouts combine to form a compelling slide deck.

27. Flava Minimalist Plant Presentation Template

Flava Minimal PPT TemplatesFlava Minimal PPT TemplatesFlava Minimal PPT Templates

Creatives like you have over four dozen minimalist slides to choose from in this naturally inspired template. An excellent example of clean design, users can quickly tailor each slide to fit their message. Free fonts are utilized throughout. There are also icons and drag-and-drop image placeholders enabling easy edits.

28. Music PowerPoint Presentation Template

Music Minimalist Presentation templatesMusic Minimalist Presentation templatesMusic Minimalist Presentation templates

This clean minimal PPT design is ideal for singers, songwriters, authors, photographers, and more. It’s robust enough to be adapted to many purposes, but the theme of music runs throughout.

29. Nutricia - Health Food & Diet Nutrition PowerPoint Template

Nutricia Minimalist PowerPoint TemplateNutricia Minimalist PowerPoint TemplateNutricia Minimalist PowerPoint Template

Nutricia is a minimalist PPT template that perfectly balances colorful design with simple slides. With more than 40 minimal slides, you'll have a lot of layouts that you need to craft your story. Use the vector icons to simplify slides and focus on your message. You can use minimal PPT templates like this one to find the perfect balance between creativity and minimalism.

30. Nimimo Simple Presentation

Nimimo Minimalist Slides TemplateNimimo Minimalist Slides TemplateNimimo Minimalist Slides Template

Nimimo is one of the best minimalist presentation designs for agencies and businesses. It can help you present your key business concepts and ideas without sacrificing a sense of stylish design. It perfectly captures the minimalist presentation design that's sure to grab and hold your audience's attention.

Find the Best Minimalist PowerPoint Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

Minimal PPT templates are available on both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. So, which marketplace should you choose when you're building your next minimalist presentation? Let's look at the options.

1. The Advantage of Envato Elements

On Envato Elements, unlock more than a million assets for a single monthly subscription fee. That spans more than minimal PowerPoint templates. In fact, it includes all of the stock photography and graphics that are perfect additions to any presentation.

Download all of the top minimalist PPT templates with clean slide designs on Envato Elements:

Download Minimalist presentations with clean slide designsDownload Minimalist presentations with clean slide designsDownload Minimalist presentations with clean slide designs
Download the best minimal PPT templates on Envato Elements.

2. The Advantage of GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is the web's leading marketplace for pay-as-you-go digital assets. It's part of Envato Market, a wide range of online marketplaces with the best creative assets

Pay only for what you use on GraphicRiver. Download the best creative assets and pay-as-you-go. There are great minimalist presentation templates just waiting for your next presentation:

Clean PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiverClean PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiverClean PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver
Pay-as-you-go for the best minimalist presentation templates on GraphicRiver.

Your Choice for Minimalist PPT Templates (What’s Right for You?)

The value of Envato Elements becomes clear as soon as you need a second asset. The all-you-can-download license model means that it'll cost you nothing extra. Download all of the minimal PPT templates you need as part of your subscription. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

Envato Elements - minimal PPT templates unlimitedEnvato Elements - minimal PPT templates unlimitedEnvato Elements - minimal PPT templates unlimited
Envato Elements - design without limits.

Do you just need a minimalist PowerPoint presentation template or another file type to download right now? Then head over to GraphicRiver (or another Envato Market site) to find just what you need.

How to Quickly Customize Minimalist PowerPoint PPT Slide Designs

Minimal presentation templates are a huge advantage, but you might be wondering how to customize them. In this section, we're going to customize three slide designs from leading minimal PPT designs. You'll can see how easy it is to use a minimal slides template as a launching point.

I'm using the Clean Presentation template in this section to build several examples of minimal PPT designs.

1. The Introduction Slide

Introduction SlideIntroduction SlideIntroduction Slide
Use a minimalist slide design in your intro to start the presentation simply.

Even the most minimalist PowerPoint presentation needs a strong introduction. The slide in the screenshot above is the perfect way to start thanks to its simplicity.

To customize this slide, I'm going to start by adding an image on the right side. Click on the placeholder icon and browse to the image. Then, simply type over the text placeholders to customize it.

You might also want to remove certain text elements, like the placeholders on the side of the starting slide. To customize these objects, you'll need to learn a PowerPoint trick.

Sometimes, you might find that you can't simply click and adjust a slide object. That's likely because that element (text, image, graphic) is on the slide master as opposed to the slide itself. 

To adjust a slide master, go to the View > Slide Master option on the ribbon. You can remove those shared elements easily. Want a complete (and speedy) guide to customizing minimalist PowerPoint design masters? Then check out the screencast below:

After you remove any shared elements from the master, wrap up the slide edit with a bit of color customization. Match the main text to your branding with the color chooser, and presto! You've created an engaging intro that you can see in the screenshot below.

Color adjustmentsColor adjustmentsColor adjustments
With a few color tweaks and your images added, the intro quickly takes shape.

2. The Team Slide

Team SlideTeam SlideTeam Slide
A team slide has its place in practically any presentation.

Practically every presentation benefits from sharing the team and their background. Introducing them to the audience is helpful to build rapport with a potential investor, for example.

Use the example team slide above with your images to do just that. Simply click in the image placeholders and browse to your replacements. Then, type over the nameplate placeholders.

Again, I want to keep my slide in line with minimalist presentation principles. Less is more, and I'll clean up the slide by removing unneeded text boxes. Finally, I re-colored the text boxes with something more attuned to my branding.

Meet The TeamMeet The TeamMeet The Team
Add your team's photos to the four placeholders and replace the images with your own.

3. The Portfolio Slide

The Portfolio SlideThe Portfolio SlideThe Portfolio Slide
Use a portfolio slide template to show your best work in a single slide.

Rounding out our customizations, let's build a portfolio slide. The purpose of a portfolio is to show off your best work. This is an ideal slide to do just that thanks to its focus on imagery.

To more closely match the idea of a minimalist presentation, I reduced the number of items on the slide. Just click and delete the image placeholders to slim down the slide. Then, click on the remaining image placeholders and your screenshots.

Finally, tweak the text to match your goal. Type in the text placeholders and reposition it as needed.

Portfolio Slide FinishedPortfolio Slide FinishedPortfolio Slide Finished
Adjust the text, remove unneeded placeholders, and add your images to create a customized portfolio.

To learn more about customizing a minimalist presentation template, check out the tutorial below:

Inspiration: 5 Minimalist PowerPoint Slide Designs (Clean PPTs)

There are so many PowerPoint templates with minimalist designs available. It helps to have some pointers and inspiration for how you can work with minimalist PowerPoint templates. 

The examples that I'll share in this inspirational section could be used in a variety of presentations. Let's take a look at five minimalist slide designs to inspire your next presentation design:

1. Show Your Team

It doesn't matter if your presentation is in the corporate world or for your university assignment. Every deck benefits from showing the minds behind the presentation. Use a minimalist team slide like the example below from Clean to do just that.

Team slideTeam slideTeam slide
Use a team slide like this one from Clean to show off the collaborators on a project.

2. Use Device Mockups

For any presentation that speaks to the power of an app or service, using a device mockup can bring your product to life. Great minimalist PowerPoint templates like SIMPLE help you bring an app to life in an example like the slide below.

Mobile mockup on iPadMobile mockup on iPadMobile mockup on iPad
Use a device mockup like this one included in SIMPLE to bring a concept to life on minimal slide designs.

3. Get Social

Even in a minimalist PowerPoint presentation, you want to make your presentation the first point of contact with an audience, not the last. In the example below, including social channels and handles will help the audience connect after the fact.

Get Social inClaudGet Social inClaudGet Social inClaud
Use minimalist social slides like this one included with Claude to keep the conversation going.

4. Use Timelines

Good stories link the past to the future. Showing off the key milestones and steps in a historic view will craft that story as a series of key events. Many minimalist PowerPoint templates will include a timeline like the one below from Onnet you can use to link points together.

Onnet timelineOnnet timelineOnnet timeline
A timeline, like this one included with Onnet, helps you link key points in a historic view.

5. Data Visualizations 

When you want to tell stories with data, using a graph is a huge advantage. Most of the audience might quickly zone out if there's too much data on a slide. The slide below from Business Simple PowerPoint is the perfect example:

Data VisualizationsData VisualizationsData Visualizations
A data visualization like this one from the Business Simple PowerPoint template can help show ideas intuitively.

5 Tips to Help You Make Better Presentations

Your PowerPoint presentation is important, and it needs to be the best it can be. That's one of the reasons you're looking at minimal PowerPoint templates. 

I highly recommend the resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) It's a deep dive into the world of learning Microsoft PowerPoint. This is the single most comprehensive source that you'll find to embark on your PowerPoint learning journey.

Here are five more tips to help you create a powerful presentation:

1. End Strong

The ending of your presentation is crucial. It's the last thing your audience will see, so it needs to be memorable. This tutorial can help you learn how to make presentations with strong endings:

2. Add Animations

Animations are a quick and easy way to capture your audience's attention. Learn how to add them to your presentations in this tutorial:

3. Learn the Presentation-Writing Process

There's a process to writing a good presentation. Learn the process in this tutorial (and don't forget to check out our eBook below):

4. Use Slide Transitions

Each time you switch slides, you want to set the stage to shift your audience's attention. Simple animated slide transitions can help you manage those shifts. Learn to use them in this screencast:

5. Add Annotations with Lines & Shapes

Annotations can help draw the audience's attention to a specific part of a slide. Use the tutorial below to learn to use lines and shapes to really focus your audience's attention:

5 Top Minimal PowerPoint PPT Presentation Design Trends for 2021

We already know minimal PowerPoint templates are a huge trend in 2021. With a minimalist PowerPoint design, your audience won't get distracted by a busy presentation. Your message will get across. 

But within the minimalist PPT design movement, there are some interesting trends you should follow too:

1. Mind the White Space

The key trend that'll turn a regular presentation into a truly clean and minimalist presentation is white space. 

This isn't just empty space. White space is the area between the design elements in any composition. If you leave enough white space in each of the slides, they'll look cleaner and uncluttered. Think about it as a way to balance the design elements and to better organize your content.

2. Go Monochrome

Another big minimalist design trend is to use monochromatic tones. Go for it if you want your minimalist presentation to look even more sleek, modern and professional.

Monochrome Multipurpose PresentationMonochrome Multipurpose PresentationMonochrome Multipurpose Presentation
The example above is a nice monochrome, minimalist PowerPoint design

3. Invest in Typography 

Typography is another huge design trend of 2021. Designers are playing with this trend and we see it everywhere: posters, decorations, advertisements, and more. And you can apply it to your PPT by getting different, attractive fonts.

Try not to use the fonts we all know, like Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman. Use a custom font in your minimalist PowerPoint presentation to wow your audience.

With your Envato Elements subscription, you can get as many unique fonts as you wish. And if you aren't sure about adding custom fonts to PowerPoint, we've got you covered:

4. Try Image Masking

Even though image masking isn't a new technique, it sure is a trend this year. Image masking is a reversible process of image editing used to hide some parts of the image and reveal others. 

You can do it in PowerPoint. After having inserted the image in the slide, go to the tab Picture Format, then click the Crop drop-down menu and select Crop to Shape. Play with the options until you're happy with the result!

Clean Powerpoint TemplateClean Powerpoint TemplateClean Powerpoint Template
This is a fantastic example of image masking in a minimalist PowerPoint template

5. Geometric Shapes Are In

Another key aspect of minimalism is simplicity. And geometric shapes are the epitome of simple shapes. So, apply geometric designs to your slides to achieve an even cooler and trending minimalist PPT design.

GEOMETRY Minimal Powerpoint TemplateGEOMETRY Minimal Powerpoint TemplateGEOMETRY Minimal Powerpoint Template
See how nice the geometric shapes are applied in this minimalist presentation template

Discover More Amazing PowerPoint Templates

After seeing the best minimal PowerPoint templates, I'm sure you're ready to start your next PPT presentation! Let me help you with more PowerPoint inspiration:

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

Do you have some doubts about this presentation software? Would you like to know if you can get minimalist PowerPoint templates free to download? Let me share some answers:

1. How Do I Import a Minimalist PowerPoint Template?

You've downloaded your favorite minimalist PPT design template, now, what's next? Since every custom PowerPoint theme is packaged differently, the installation of the theme may differ as well. In this tutorial, we explain step by step how to import your new PPT template:

2. How Do I Choose the Correct Size for My Slides?

To prevent cut off slides when you're projecting, you need to learn about the different aspect ratios. First, consider the device your presentation is going to appear on:

  • laptop screens
  • conference room projectors
  • iPads and tablets
  • widescreens

Each of these displays has a different aspect ratio that describes the width versus height of the screen. The same presentation will appear differently on each device because the aspect ratio varies. Learn more about this here:

3. Can I Work With Others in PowerPoint?

When you work on a PowerPoint presentation, it's very likely it's a team effort. Thankfully, you can make a collaborative presentation so all the members can work on it simultaneously. It's very easy to learn how to share a PPT presentation here:

4. Can I Include Narration in My Presentation?

Narration is a little-known feature in PowerPoint. It's super useful when your audience isn't in the same place as you.

Record audio right inside of PowerPoint and have it playing while your viewer is watching the slideshow. The audio even stays synced to the slide timings you can set. Learn how to do it here:

5. Can I Get Free Minimalist PowerPoint Templates?

When you've got limited budget, investing in a premium PPT template could be hard. If you're looking for minimalist PowerPoint templates free to download, here are some examples:

Learn More About PowerPoint

It doesn't matter if you're an expert in PowerPoint, or if you just started working with the most popular presentation software. There are always new things to learn about it. Check more useful resources and our complete guide here: How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide).

Here are some more helpful tutorials:

Download Our Free PDF eBook on Making Great Presentations

We've got a great resource to help you make your presentations even better. Download The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It's available for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. Get your ideas formed into a powerful presentation that'll move your audience.

download free presentation ebookdownload free presentation ebookdownload free presentation ebook

Grab a Clean (Minimalist) PowerPoint Template Today!

Use one of these modern PowerPoint designs to strengthen your next presentation. You can also find modern presentation templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. There's more than just the clean PowerPoint templates you've seen here. We also have a number of pitch deck designs to choose from as well as infographics, timelines and other specialized templates.

Grab one of these clean PowerPoint templates today, learn how to customize it quickly, and use it to make your next presentation shine.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva and Nathan Umoh. Maria and Nathan are staff writers with Envato Tuts+.

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