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20 Pro (+Cool) Medical Logo Design Ideas for Doctors, Clinics, & More


Launching your own medical practice is an exciting time, but if you want to stand out, you need a cool medical logo. Great medical logo design will help you build brand recognition, instill trust in potential patients, and set you apart from other medical experts in your field.

Key principles of a memorable medical logo or doctor logo design include simplistic and timeless design and carefully selected fonts and icons that convey the right mood.

In this article, we’ll not only show you cool medical logo ideas, but also how to put logo design principles to use using an online logo generator like Placeit.

20 Cool Medical Logo Templates From Placeit

Placeit is an online logo maker that offers dozens of premade medical logo designs and other premade design assets. Below, we’ve included 20 logo templates from Placeit that would be perfect for your medical practice no matter which branch of the medicine you specialize in.

1. Pediatric Logo Template

Pediatric Logo Template

The first doctor logo on our list is a great choice for a pediatric medical logo. This template features a cute baby icon and a soothing purple color palette. The logo can be customized to use a different icon as well as the badge and you can also change the colors and fonts used.

2. Pediatrics Logo Maker

Pediatrics Logo Maker

The Pediatrics Logo Maker is another great choice for anyone opening up a pediatrics practice. This logo has a soothing teal and purple color scheme and uses icons and fonts that would appeal to children as well as parents looking for a trustworthy pediatrician. Keep in mind that you can easily switch out the icons as well as the colors and fonts so you could use this template even if you’re specialty is a different branch of medicine.

3. Logo Maker for a Rehab Center

Logo Maker for a Rehab Center

If you’re opening up a rehab center, then this medical logo template is an obvious choice. The logo template starts off with a green and blue color scheme, which is perfect for building trust and uses icons that do a great job of symbolizing a new beginning.

4. Psychological Services Logo Maker

Psychological Services Logo Maker

The Psychological Services Logo Maker is a creative starting point for any psychology practice. This logo offers several visually interesting icons to choose from that do a great job of representing the psychology practice in general. You can manually modify the layout of the template and choose colors that you feel represent your brand the best.

5. Psychology Logo Maker for a Counselling Agency

Psychology Logo Maker for a Counseling Agency

If you’re looking for an elegant and professional logo template that would be perfect for a psychology practice, then give this logo for medical doctors a try. The template uses a cool, dark green background with pops of coral and light green paired with elegant font choices.

6. Pediatrician Specialist Logo Design Maker

Pediatrician Specialist Logo Design Maker

Another template that would be perfect for a medical logo for pediatricians. Everything from color choices to icons and fonts used in this template speaks volumes about the intended audience. If you want your young patients not to feel intimidated when it’s time to visit the doctor, this doctor logo is a great choice.

7. Clinic Logo Maker with Medical Symbols

Clinic Logo Maker with Medical Symbols

This medical clinic logo template features a minimal and modern design that’s easy to customize. You can choose from dozens of icons, change the layout of the logo, and add extra visual appeal by applying a subtle glow or adding texture.

8. Chiropractic Wellness Center Logo Template

Chiropractic Wellness Center Logo Template

Try the Chiropractic Wellness Center logo template for your chiropractic practice. This logo template has a nice and fresh blue color scheme paired with modern fonts to give the logo a contemporary look. Of course, you can use a different icon and completely change out the fonts and colors. Another benefit of this logo template is that it allows you to easily change the layout of the elements without having to rearrange them manually.

9. Optometry Logo Maker with Eye Graphics

Optometry Logo Maker with Eye Graphics

The Optometry Logo Maker template makes it very obvious what kind of practice you run. The playful style of this Dr. logo is perfect if you’re targeting a younger audience but with a little customization, you can adapt it to have a more serious look. Try changing the icons if you want a doctor logo with fewer details or consider using serif fonts if you’re aiming for a more upscale look.

10. Oral Care Professional Logo Maker

Oral Care Professional Logo Maker

Going to the dentist tends to be scary for anyone but with this cheerful medical logo, you’ll be able to break the tension and assure your patients that dentist visits don’t have to be a traumatic experience. The logo allows you to customize the icons as well as the badge or you can completely remove the badge.

11. Ophthalmology Care Center Logo Generator

Ophthalmology Care Center Logo Generator

Opening an ophthalmology center or a clinic? Then this medical clinic logo is a great choice. The template features an eye icon and there are several other icons that could be a great representation of an eye clinic. However, use a more generic icon such as a circle and you could easily use this template for any other type of medical clinic or practice.

12. Simple Rehab Center Logo Maker

Simple Rehab Center Logo Maker

Consider the Simple Rehab Center Logo Maker if you’re looking for a new logo for your rehab center. This logo uses a pleasant color scheme and a lovely icon that symbolizes a fresh start. It’s a great medical clinic logo design that instills trust and hope and you can easily customize colors, icons, and fonts.

13. Chiropractic Therapy Logo Maker

Chiropractic Therapy Logo Maker

The Chiropractic Therapy Logo Maker makes a great starting point if you've got a chiropractic or massage clinic that targets female athletes. The template uses a gentle color scheme and round fonts, which are perfect for a female audience.

14. Online Logo Maker for Dermatological Center

Online Logo Maker for Dermatological Center

The next template on the list is perfect for any dermatology specialists or dermatology centers looking to refresh their brand. The beauty of this template is the simplicity of the medical logo image and calming color scheme as well as the ability to change the layout of the elements.

15. Women Health Logo Maker with Baby Symbols

Women Health Logo Maker with Baby Symbols

The Women Health Logo Maker features a pink color scheme paired with simple fonts so it’s perfect for OB-GYN specialists or doctors who provide medical services for women. This logo includes several icons to choose from and has the ability to rearrange the elements with a single click. You can also add a subtle glow or apply a texture to ensure your medical clinic logo design stands out.

16. Online Logo Maker for Diagnostic Clinics

Online Logo Maker for Diagnostic Clinics

If you run a diagnostic clinic or getting ready to open one, check out this Online Logo Maker designed with diagnostic clinics in mind. The medical logo design features a subtle pink color scheme and the universal ribbon but you can easily swap it for a different icon and change the colors completely.

17. Sports Medicine Logo Maker

Sports Medicine Logo Maker

This sports medicine logo maker is a great choice for medical doctors who specialize in sports medicine for male athletes. If that’s your primary target audience, this logo requires very little customizing. But, if you want to target both female and male athletes, then you can easily change colors or use a different icon to appeal to both.

18. Logo Maker to Design a Plastic Surgery Clinic Logo

Logo Maker to Design a Plastic Surgery Clinic Logo

Plastic surgeons would do well with this medical clinic logo template for their practice. Aside from customizing colors and fonts, you can also try a different layout or use an icon that's closer to the type of plastic surgery that you specialize in.

19. Logo Maker for a Medical Marijuana Clinic

Logo Maker for a Medical Marijuana Clinic

The Logo Maker for a Medical Marijuana Clinic is a great example of a medical marijuana logo that's modern and doesn’t require a ton of customization to get the message across. This is another logo template where you can add a subtle glow or a texture for a more polished and complete look.

20. Psychologist Logo Design Make with Inkblot Graphics

Psychologist Logo Design Maker with Inkblot Graphics

Lastly, this logo design example is suited for psychologist and it could also work for a mental health clinic logo. The template uses symbolic inkblot icons but you can swap it out with a different icon or add a pop of color to make your logo more noticeable or use a different layout for a more dynamic logo style.

5 Quick Medical Logo Ideas (Use an Online Maker)

Now that you’ve seen medical logo examples and design ideas, let’s discuss how you can quickly design a great doctor and medical logo using an online logo maker like Placeit.

This online generator makes it easy to create cool medical logos using a simple interface. The best part is that you don’t need to have any design experience to use it but rather keep a few simple medical logo design principles in mind. 

Here’s how to create a pro, medical logo with Placeit.

1. Start by going to Placeit and creating a free account.

2. Once you’re logged in, select Logos from the menu, enter your business name and then choose Medical from the drop-down. You can further narrow down your choice by selecting your specific medical branch such as pediatrics, pharmaceutical, and more.

Searching for logos on Placeit

3. Go through the logos and select one that you like best that'll serve as a starting point for your medical logo. A helpful tip is to choose a logo that conveys the right mood for your type of practice. For example, if you've got a pediatric practice, start by selecting a logo that uses fonts and icons that convey a child-like vibe.

Logo templates on Placeit

4. Start customizing your logo by changing fonts, colors, icons, and other elements. Remember that your logo will be used not only on your business cards or website, but it'll also be used on social media, brochures, letterheads, and other types of media. As such, keep the design simple and try to experiment with the layout to find one that's suited for a variety of uses.

Customizing a logo

5. When you’re satisfied with your medical logo, click the Download button and download your logo for a small fee.

Find More Cool Medical Logo Templates on Envato Elements

If you need even more inspiration and cool medical logo examples, stop by Envato Elements. Envato Elements offers a number of different assets that'll come in handy as you start building your medical brand. From medical and doctor logos to social media templates, fonts, and more, Envato Elements has you covered.

Medical logo templates on Envato Elements

For example, this Medical Logo template from Envato Elements is a great choice for a doctor with a general practice. You can easily customize the colors in this one and you’ll even get the link to download the exact fonts used to create this logo.

Medical logo template

Another great example is this Heart Care Logo template that would be perfect for any heart specialist that wants a simple, yet meaningful logo.

Heart Care Logo template

The best part about Envato Elements is that you can download as many medical logo templates and other design assets as you want and use them in an unlimited number of projects; all for a low, monthly fee.

Design Your Medical Logo Quickly

Getting a medical logo designed for your practice doesn’t have to be a lengthy or expensive process. With an online logo maker like Placeit, you can quickly design a medical logo that'll help you stand out. And if you want more medical logo templates to choose from, check out Envato Elements and find even more medical and doctor logo templates for your inspiration. Create your medical logo design today.

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