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25+ Best Free Architecture PowerPoint & Background PPT Templates for 2020


Are you pitching for an architecture or construction project? Or are you a student with an upcoming architectural project presentation? If you need an architecture background PowerPoint templates, you've come to the right place.

Arno - Architectural PowerPoint Template
Arno - Architectural PowerPoint Template, a premium template on Envato Elements

You'd want a presentation that represents your or your business well. One that reflects well on your professionalism, creativity, and uniqueness. Once you leave the design elements to the experts, you can create an impressive presentation with minimal effort and skills. All you need is an excellent pre-built architectural PPT template. 

This article lists over 25 free architecture background PowerPoint templates found online. We'll also explore premium architectural PPT templates from Envato Elements and architecture PPT templates from GraphicRiver. You'll have plenty of options to look through before you make your final decision. 

The Best Premium Architecture PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements for 2020 (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is the place to start your search for professionally designed best PowerPoint templates for architectural presentations. Unlock unlimited downloads of various creative digital assets like audio, videos, photos, and PPT templates. All this for an affordable monthly fee. 

Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them.

Invest in your business with a subscription from Envato Elements. Access to millions of creative assets will allow you to create unique and impressive materials for your brand. Take your marketing, business development, and other projects to new heights, hassle-free. 

Find loads of premium architecture PPT templates on Envato Elements
Find loads of premium architecture PPT templates on Envato Elements

When dealing with free templates found online, you'll need to work around shortfalls like limited slide designs and lack of uniqueness. These shortfalls can become risks that hurt your brand.  

Would you like to test out premium templates without a monthly subscription fee? Check out GraphicRiver. Pick and buy a premium architecture PPT template one-at-a-time. We'll explore this option in the following section. 

5 Best Premium Architecture PowerPoint Templates for 2020 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

The best PowerPoint templates for architectural presentations look professional, modern, and give you enough features to create the best possible presentation. There are loads of premium architecture background PowerPoint templates to help you create an impressive presentation in 2020. 

Let's dive in and explore a few premium architectural PPT templates from Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. HOMERHOUSE - Architecture Background PowerPoint

HOMERHOUSE - Architecture Background PowerPoint

Homerhouse is a multipurpose architecture template that comes with 30 slides. It's designed to help guide your audience's eyes to important parts by using orange highlights. This template has basic architectural presentation layout tips and sections all laid out to help you make an excellent pitch presentation. 

2. Era - Architecture PPT Template

Era - Architecture PPT Template

Era is perfect for building or architecture projects but is quite versatile enough to be used for other corporate projects. This template is clean, minimalistic, modern, and professional. It comes with 40 unique slides that are fully customizable and helps you create the best possible presentation.

3. Building PowerPoint Presentation

Building PowerPoint Presentation

Use the Building PowerPoint Presentation template for construction, renovation, and other building-related projects. It comes with 50 unique slides and has a light and dark version. This template is fully editable and comes with vector icons, elements, and maps. When you create a presentation with this template, you'll be representing your business in style.  

4. Prohomes - Property & Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Prohomes - Property  Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Prohomes comes with 45 sleek looking slides. This template is perfect for anyone from the real estate, architecture, or property development industries. Prohomes helps you make a business portfolio and pitch to new clients like a pro. 

5. Architecture PPT Template 

Architecture PPT Template

This ultra-modern template comes with 36 beautifully crafted slides that help you stand out from the competition. With a template like this, you'll create the best possible first impression without spending too much time on the design elements. It's time to work smart!

25 Top Free Architecture PowerPoint Templates & PPT Backgrounds to Download for 2020

Envato has free offerings for those who want to test out premium files. So before exploring free architecture PowerPoint templates found online, it's a good idea to check what this month's free offering by Envato is. 

Here's the offer:

  • Envato Elements provides 12 different files every month. They're like plugins, themes, videos, music, photos, and more. Download this month's premium free files by creating a free account. 
  • Envato Market provides seven freebies every month. Sign in to get this month's premium freebie from all seven creative sections within Envato Market. 

Can't find an architectural PowerPoint presentation template among this month's premium freebies and can't afford a low-cost premium template? Free architecture PowerPoint templates found online may be your only option. 

Let's look at 20+ free architecture PowerPoint templates from around the web:

1. Free Architecture Background Images for PowerPoint Presentations features an image of tall buildings in black and white. 

2. Free Presentation - Architecture Portfolio PowerPoint Template comes with an image of a building and is in grey-tones. 

3. Urban - Free Architecture Background PowerPoint. This template comes with four slides. It uses a blueish structure as the main image. 

Urban - Free Architecture Background PowerPoint

4. Free Architecture Concept PowerPoint Template has a geometric sketch of a house. The colors used are light grey, dark grey, and yellow.

5. Free Dark Architecture PowerPoint Template. As the name suggests, this is a dark template. It uses grey tones.  

6. Tower - Free Architecture Background Images for PowerPoint Presentations uses an illustration of a tower at night. 

7. Free Buildings and Sky PowerPoint Template is a bold and colorful illustration of a skyline. 

8. Berlin - Free Best PowerPoint Templates for Architectural Presentations is a simple template with the blue skyline of Berlin. 

Berlin - Free Best PowerPoint Templates for Architectural Presentations

9. Free Big City PowerPoint Template uses an illustration with skyscrapers. The primary color used is blue. 

10. Free Big City Night PowerPoint Template. The illustration here is of the sun setting in a city with a purple sky. 

11. Green City - Free Architecture PowerPoint Template. This template comes with an illustration of a green city skyline from the future. 

12. Historical - Free Architecture Background Images for PowerPoint Presentation. This template comes with images of famous old architecture from around the world. 

13. Salisbury - Free Architecture Portfolio PowerPoint Template is a simple template. It uses photos of urban buildings as the background image.

Salisbury - Free Architecture Portfolio PowerPoint Template

14. Verges - Free Architectural PowerPoint Presentation Template comes with a few slides of a city skyline. The template has a few bold colors as its slide background. 

15. Elementum - Free Best PowerPoint Templates for Architectural Presentations uses yellow, black, and white. This creates a good contrast. 

16. Free Architecture Home-Real Estate PPT Templates comes with a master background and an internal slide. The main image is of a huge house.

17. City Building Scenery Real Estate - Free PowerPoint Template comes with 33 slides and uses blue as the primary color. 

18. City Building Skyline - Free PowerPoint Templates has a colorful building silhouette design on a gray background. It uses light green as the primary color. 

City Building Skyline - Free PowerPoint Templates

19. House Renovation - Free PowerPoint Templates features 48 colorful slides. The paint roller is the main element in every other slide. 

20. Statue of Liberty New York Skyline - Free PowerPoint Template uses iconic American architecture for a travel presentation.

21. Bond Free Template comes with a pencil drawing of famous city skylines. The font looks like handwriting.  

22. Free Architecture Portfolio PowerPoint Template uses a geometric approach. It comes in yellow, black, and white.

23. Architecture Studio - Free Architecture Background Images for PowerPoint Presentations comes in shades of brown. It's a template that gives out a calm and grounded feel.

Architecture Studio - Free Architecture Background Images for PowerPoint Presentations

24. Free Smart City Company Meeting uses isometric designs and dark slides with contrasting green graphics and fonts. 

25. Blue Business - Free Architecture Portfolio PowerPoint Template is a clean and simple template in blue shades. 

5 Quick Tips to Design Better Architecture Presentations in 2020

Here are some design tips to help you create the best possible architecture presentation:

1. Pick Premium Over Free

A premium PPT template includes loads of useful features like icons, infographics, and animation. Some templates have all the sections laid out so well that it becomes an architectural presentation guide for those who are new at presentation creation. 

Rakennus - Architectural PPT Template a premium template on Envato Elements
Rakennus - Architectural PPT Template, a premium template on Envato Elements

The best part of premium templates is that all design elements are taken care of by the experts. All you've got to do is add your content. Create an impressive and professional presentation with minimal effort. 

2. Tell Visual Stories

A wordy presentation can get long and dull real quick. A dull presentation reflects poorly on you and your company. 

To avoid this, presenters try to turn their presentation into an enjoyable visual story. There are a few ways to do this. This tutorial takes you through the how-tos : 

3. Use High-Resolution Images

If you need to include your images to showcase your architectural work, team members, or plan drawings, ensure the photos are in high resolution. Pictures are a big part of any presentation. It helps draw attention and send a message. 

Not sure how to work with images for your presentation? Check out this tutorial:

4. Cut Distractions 

Building PowerPoint Presentation a clean and well designed template on Envato Elements
Building PowerPoint Presentation, a clean and well-designed template on Envato Elements

The ultimate goal of any presentation is to pass information to your audience and keeping their focus through this process. Identify possible distractions and avoid them. Distracting elements can be anything like these:

  • cluttered or busy slides
  • poorly designed or outdated slides
  • too much audio or video
  • bad alignments
  • too much text or difficult words
  • too much flashy animations or transitions

5. Keep Up With the Latest Trends

If you're not a graphic designer, chances are you don't keep up with the latest design trends for 2020. You may have a standard style that you stick to for every presentation. Or you may not be able to tell the difference between a dated presentation or a modern one. Check out this tutorial to get a good idea of the latest presentation design trends:

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs for 2020

Haven't found what you are looking for? Browse through other free business templates for 2020. Here are three selections to start with:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Are you new to PowerPoint creation or are you looking for architectural presentation layout tips? Add our How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) to your browser favorite. Whenever you get stuck at something or see room for improvements, this guide comes in handy. Pick a tutorial and learn more about it. 

Here are three examples of helpful PowerPoint how-tos:

Grab a Premium Architecture PowerPoint Templates Today!

Create your next presentation slides like a pro. Start by browsing through premium architectural PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements. With a subscription that gives you unlimited access to digital assets, download and test as many PPT templates as you need. 

Want to go premium without a monthly subscription? With GraphicRiver, pick and download a template with a convenient pay-per-download model. Check out the vast selection of premium pre-built architectural PowerPoint presentation templates to get started.

Is going premium out of the question for you? It's still a good idea to use a pre-built template, so you don't have to start from scratch. Try out any of the free architecture PowerPoint templates found in this article. 

Select the best premium architecture PowerPoint template for your needs and start creating your presentation. Download one now! 

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