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20 Free Business Keynote Templates To Make Plan & Proposal Presentations


Failure to plan is a plan to fail. You've got to build a business plan before you launch your new idea.

In Keynote, the best way to do that is to use a professionally designed Keynote business plan template. These templates are blueprints for business plans. They show you the types of slides that you need are easy to fill in with your information.

Intro Keynote business plan template
A Keynote business plan template like this premium one is sure to help you chart the course to success.

You're going to see free Keynote templates for business in this article. Even better, you'll see the top Keynote business presentations that pros use to craft their business plans confidently. These advanced business proposal Keynote templates can lead to investment and support.

Let's get started!

The Best Source for Premium Keynote Business Presentations (With Unlimited Downloads)

You're prepping to give a presentation and show that your plan is sure to succeed. As you lay out your strategy and organize your ideas, your first move might be to search for a business plan Keynote template that's free.

Don't think that free Keynote templates for business can match these options. Instead, turn to Envato Elements for Keynote business presentations with the best designs.

Keynote Business Presentation Elements
Use Envato Elements to source unlimited premium Keynote business presentations and so much more.

As you browse Elements' library for thousands of templates, you'll notice that there's a level of polish and professionalism that can't be matched. It includes impactful designs that give you ideas for how to present your business.

Besides Keynote business plan templates, you'll also unlock all the following:

  • Stock photos. Maybe you need an image that you can't capture on your own. Luckily, your Elements subscription gives you unlimited stock photos too.
  • Graphics. Illustrations and infographics are another way to explain your big idea, and guess what? They're included too.
  • Email and web design templates. Both help you create follow-up marketing materials to stay in touch with your audience.

The value of Envato Elements is hard to match. One subscription gives you Keynote business plan templates and so much more. It's sure to propel your business plan to success.

Later in this article, you'll see another source for business proposal Keynote templates. GraphicRiver is an excellent pay-as-you-go marketplace with great designs. Use it for a single project to grab a template quickly.

5 Top Premium Keynote Business Presentation Templates For Your Plan

Envato Elements gives you unlimited access to business proposal Keynote templates.  We're here to show you the best Keynote business plan templates in their library. Let's check out five of the best:

1. Business Plan Keynote

Keynote business presentation

For your venture to succeed, it’s key to build and present a detailed business plan. With a professional Keynote business presentation like this one, it’s easier than ever. Including over 50 slides, this professional pack has a minimalist style that looks right at home in the boardroom. 

2. Business Plan Keynote Presentation

Plan for business Keynote templates

Free business Keynote templates may be easy to find, but they can’t deliver the level of detail found in premium options like this one. Explore features such as:

  • a full set of custom icons
  • detailed infographics
  • business metric charting tools
  • ongoing free updates

With a little imagination, transform this amazing template into a winning business plan Keynote of your own.

3. Solitudo - Business Plan Presentation

Business proposal keynote template updated

The best business proposal Keynote template options have a few things in common. They’re often characterized by sleek modern styling, smooth animations, and plenty of infographics to share data. You’ll find all that and more with Solitudo, a beautiful business plan presentation. It’s the perfect option if you need to describe your strategy fast.

4. Perdu - Business Plan Keynote Template

Perdu Keynote business presentation

The goal of a Keynote business presentation is twofold: to inform and inspire. You can’t get away with merely using generic slides. You've got to focus on details. Perdu offers all the custom slide layouts any business needs. These include team intros, device mockups, data metric features, and many more.

5. Minaski : Startup Business Plan Keynote

Business plan Keynote template Minaski

Trying to get a business off the ground? Your startup needs a compelling business plan Keynote template. Today’s competitive market demands it. Thanks to Minaski, you can build one of your own without wasting a ton of time on design. One hundred slides are included, with extra options to adjust fonts, text, and colors.

5 Top Premium Business Proposal Keynote Templates (Pay-As-You-Go)

If you're in search of a single-use Keynote business plan template, we've got another great option for you. On GraphicRiver, buy single assets that are right for your project. That means you keep costs low. Their library of premium Keynote business plan templates is impressive.

GraphicRiver Keynote business presentation
Buy single use premium Keynote business presentations with the help of GraphicRiver.

Let's check out five of the best Keynote business plan templates on GraphicRiver:

1. Business Proposal Keynote Template

Keynote business

As you’re searching for a Keynote business theme, chances are you’re operating within a budget. Like any good business, you’re searching for value. That means it pays to select a versatile design like Business Proposal Keynote Template. Packed with every slide layout imaginable, you’ll find over nine thousand slides inside, ready and waiting for you to customize.

2. Business Plan - Keynote Presentation Template

Keynote business plan template

A Keynote business presentation like this one includes everything you’ll need to share your strategic vision. Explore custom slides with topics like competitive analysis, sales strategies, supplier tracking, sales forecasting, and much more. Each one delivers a flexible framework that you can adapt to your own needs with just a few clicks. It’s sure to wow even the most discerning audience.

3. Proposal Keynote Presentation Template

Proposal business proposal Keynote template

As you unveil your big business idea, don’t go it alone. Turn to a business proposal Keynote template for help, and take advantage of:

  • dozens of customized proposal slides
  • bright colors and polished styling
  • a fresh, modern feel
  • unique icons

All that and more can be found right inside this template. Try it out today!

4. Brand Identity Guideline Keynote Template

Keynote templates for business

Part of what makes a business great is having a strong brand identity. This is a big part of how consumers view your products, and by extension, your team. It’s imperative to articulate your brand identity clearly, and you can do it with this dominant business theme for Keynote. Dive into 36 marketing slides, each one fully editable with custom graphics.

5. A4 Pitch Deck Vertical Keynote Template

Pitch deck Keynote business

A pitch deck is the primary way to attract investors and potential employees to your new startup. Naturally, this means you've got to make a strong and successful first impression. Don’t go it alone: a template like this one includes all the detail-oriented slides you’ll need to educate and inspire.

20 Best Free Business Keynote Templates

While we highly recommend using one of the Keynote business plan templates you've already seen, we also know that budgets are a concern. 

Before looking for a free business Keynote template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always Keynote templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

But if a quality premium Keynote business plan template isn't available to try out, you may be forced to turn to free Keynote templates for business that you find online. We've spent time searching the depths of sites that offer business plan Keynote templates for free and compiled them in a list.

Without further ado, let's check out 20 free Keynote templates for business from around the web. These options are workable when your budget has to be nil: 

1. Balance - Free Minimal PowerPoint & Keynote Template

Balance free Keynote templates for business

Balance, a free Keynote templates business design, offers a basic overview that you can use to introduce your business. Slides are included on an array of themes, featuring timelines, pricing tables, and more.

2. Marketing Strategy Free Keynote Template

Free business Keynote templates like this are meant to help outline your marketing strategy. Here, you'll find 16 slides in the popular 16:9 widescreen layout.

3. Corporate Free PowerPoint | Keynote | Google Slides Theme

Corporate business plan Keynote template free

A business plan Keynote template for free won’t provide the level of detail found in the premium templates we explored earlier. But you can use one to build a quick and simple overview in a hurry. Corporate Free Keynote has ten slides with that goal in mind.

4. Barnwell Free Business Presentation

Barnwell is a business Keynote template theme with a green background. Plenty of photo placeholders are included. You’ll also see data-sharing options like charts, infographics, and mockups.

5. Strategic Plan Keynote Template

A strategic plan is an essential component of all successful businesses. With this layout, it’s possible to build a slide deck to support your vision. Several slide designs are included, which you can customize right inside of Keynote.

6. Free Voodoo 2.5 Presentation & Infographic

Voodoo free business Keynote templates

The free business Keynote templates found in the Voodoo 2.5 pack encompass most major categories found in corporate slide decks. Use the slides inside to introduce your team, chart your growth plans, and highlight your worldwide presence.

7. Gravity Free Business Keynote Template

Gravity delivers a simple set of slides that you can pick and choose from to build a business Keynote. There are 20 unique designs in total. Remember, thanks to Keynote’s built-in features, it’s a simple task to adjust font styles, colors, backgrounds, and more.

8. Company Intro Keynote Template

Company Intro Keynote Template provides exactly that: a quick, top-level overview of your firm. It’s up to you to drop in your specific content. It’s all offset against a desktop-inspired wooden backdrop.

9. Investor Pro Free Keynote Template

Investor Keynote business

Sharing your business plans and proposals is the main element of attracting investor funding. This template is designed with that goal in mind, giving you tools to share data and make a funding ask. All graphics are customizable, thanks to Keynote’s feature set.

10. Free SWOT Analysis Keynote Template

A SWOT analysis measures four key forces acting on any business: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This template provides a matrix you can use to highlight these forces and their impacts on your own business.

11. Cranford Free Business Presentation

Cranford is a free Keynote business presentation usable by firms of all sizes. The slides have themes like portfolio showcases, company values, and others. Add in your features with Keynote, like animations and transitions.

12. Free Business Keynote Template

Free business Keynote template

Free Business Keynote Template is a framework you can use to build your plan and proposal presentations. It includes ten slides, some with charts and graphs. Add more layouts from the Keynote menu.

13. Free Keynote Roadmap Template

A roadmap is a metaphor for business strategy: outline your destination, and the stops and starts along the way. An illustrated version of the concept forms the core of this business strategy free Keynote template.

14. Partnership Keynote Template

Partnership is key to the success and growth of many businesses. Having a slide deck to show specific examples illustrates the power of teamwork. This text-heavy layout is designed around that idea.

15. Giant Leap / Pitch Deck Design

Giant leap Keynote business plan template

Bright colors are one way to engage your audience and keep them focused during your business Keynote presentation. Giant Leap Pitch Deck Design uses a palette of orange and purple. An assortment of business pitch slides is included with the download.

16. Rhodes Free Presentation Template

Rhodes is a foundation you can use to construct your own business proposal Keynote. It includes 23 slides, which feature a wide array of corporate concepts. 

17. Digital Marketing Keynote Template

Digital marketing is a rising frontier in the age of social media. This template is designed to showcase digital marketing efforts in your firm. Use images and custom infographics to help illustrate your areas of interest.

18. ProjectX Free Business Keynote Template

Projectx business Keynote template free

ProjectX, a business plan Keynote template for free download, provides 16 custom proposal slides. Drag-and-drop image placeholders are used, allowing you to rapidly insert your images and videos.

19. Biz Plan Free Keynote Template

With a dozen slides inside, free business Keynote templates like Biz Plan can be tailored to fit a variety of business needs. Pair the pre-built slides with Keynote’s editing features for maximum impact. This one is presented in a 16:9 widescreen style.

20. Digital - Template Presentation PowerPoint + Keynote

Finally, Digital serves up almost fifty business plan slides for Keynote free. Master slide layouts are included to streamline the editing process. 

How to Quickly Make Great Business Proposal Presentations in Keynote

Templates are a great starting point. They're also flexible to your purpose. That means that you can bring your business proposal to life with the help of a template.

Let's learn how to do that in this section. We're working with the premium Business Plan Keynote template, one of the thousands included on Envato Elements.

Keynote business proposal
We'll work with the Business Plan Keynote to create a few eye-catching slides.

We're going to create three slides in three steps each. If you like, download the template and follow along to build your own Keynote business proposal.

1. The Mobile Mockup

Slide 44 Keynote Business Proposal

Many new businesses center around an app concept. More than ever, the mobile ecosystem is home to the companies and ideas that change our everyday lives.

Here are three steps that you can take to customize slide 44 to show your mobile app:

  1. Replace the image. Click on the image placeholder and browse to a screenshot you captured on your device. 
  2. Update the shape color. To change either the yellow or blue box, simply click on it and choose a new color from Format > Fill.
  3. Modify the text. Update the headline, then type over the other text boxes with shorter, more readable copy at larger sizes.
Finished 44 mobile mockup

2. The Team Slide 

Slide 37 Team Slide

You need a reliable team to succeed. Why not show them when you put together your business proposal? Slide 37 might say "portfolio," but the three-image box layout is ideal for showing your team. Let's build it:

  1. Add your images. Just click on the placeholders (or drag and drop on top of them) to browse to replacement images.
  2. Update the text. Type over each text box with the names and titles (or accomplishments) to show your team in action.
  3. Update brand colors. It's optional, but don't forget to click on a shape and use Format > Fill to set your color scheme.
Finished team slide

3. The Metrics Slide

Slide 14 Metrics slide

There's a great saying in business: you manage what you measure. That means that you've got to keep your eye on the critical data points that show if you're trending in the right direction. Let's use slide 14, a minimalist slide, to do just that.

  1. Reduce the slide. To keep the slide more readable, I suggest removing half the boxes. Then, shift the remaining boxes to the center.
  2. Update your metrics. Add the metrics that you've deemed important, plus update the text to show the numeric values. 
  3. Add emphasis. Bold the name of the selected metric to create excellent separation from the descriptive text. 
Metrics slide finished

5 Quick Business Keynote Slide Design Tips for 2020 Presentations

We've looked at the best Keynote business templates for your 2020 presentations. As you use them, follow these five quick tips to build the very best slide decks:

1. Don't Overanimate 

Animations help you introduce content and bring slides to life. But be careful: add too many animations, and you'll distract your audience. 

Keynote business templates
No Keynote business plan template for free can match this premium slide deck.

The trick is to keep them simple. A great way to do it is with a pre-animated Keynote business plan template from Envato Elements.

2. Design for Online Sharing

As you build a business plan Keynote, consider how you'll be delivering it. An ever more popular method is online sharing with audiences across the globe. Create slides that are clear, readable, and well-suited for online viewing.

Keynote has sharing features built-in. Learn to use them here:

3. Stick to Big Ideas

No one wants to see a cluttered, messy business plan Keynote deck. The best approach is to design slides to focus on big ideas. 

Keynote business plan template
Quadra is a premium business plan Keynote proposal template focused on ideas. 

Highlight your main points, then fill in the rest with your dialogue. It keeps slides looking their best, and your audience engaged.

4. Map Processes With Flowcharts

Chances are, your Keynote business presentation will describe some kind of process. These could include sales, marketing, product development, and more. Creating a simple flowchart helps your audience understand these processes.

We built a full tutorial about flowcharts for Keynote. Check it out here:

5. Illustrate With Infographics

Infographics illustrate data and bring clarity to ideas. They're the perfect companion for your next business plan Keynote. 

Business plan keynote
Build infographics quickly with this sleek premium Keynote business presentation

Many Keynote business templates from Envato Elements have infographics built-in. All you've got to do is fill in your specifics.

5 Top Business Keynote Slide Design Trends for 2020

You’ve seen the power of premium business plan Keynote decks. They offer features that you simply can’t find with free business Keynote templates. But to truly succeed, you need to embrace the very latest slide design trends. Let’s look at five of the best:

1. High-Contrast Slides

Are you using your Keynote business plan template to address a large audience? Think of the people in the back of the room. You need to create readable slides, so they'll stay focused on your message. 

Keynote proposal template
Buildsto is a high-contrast premium set of Keynote business templates

A big part of this is done by adding contrast, helping objects stand out. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your brand’s colors.

2. Objects Animated With Magic Move

Have an object on consecutive slides in your Keynote business presentation? You can actually animate that object from one slide to the next with a Keynote feature called Magic Move. It's an easy way to add cinematic style to your Keynote proposal template quickly.

Get started with our full Magic Move tutorial:

3. Minimalism Is In

Ever heard it said that less is more? That's definitely true for many Keynote business templates. 

Minimalist business plan Keynote template
This premium Envato Elements business plan Keynote has a cool, minimalist design.

Minimalism delivers a cool aesthetic that lets your content shine. It's also helpful because it keeps slides clear, concise, and readable.

4. Added Interest With YouTube Videos

Do you need a break from presenting? A great interlude is available by adding a YouTube video to your Keynote business presentation. Use them to show off products or to hear from experts and other voices on your team.

Learn how to add YouTube videos to Keynote business templates in just 60 seconds:

5. Images Are Key

An old adage says pictures are worth a thousand words. That logic absolutely applies to a Keynote proposal template. By adding photos, you ramp up visual interest and keep your audience focused on your message. 

Photo Keynote business templates
No premium Keynote proposal template is complete without plenty of photos.

Most Envato Elements Keynote business templates have image placeholders already built in. That makes it a breeze to add your own photos.

Common Keynote Questions Answered (FAQ)

Now that you've seen some of the top business plan Keynotes, you're ready to start designing. What happens when you hit a roadblock with a question on how to use Keynote proposal templates?

Let's tackle answering five of the most common Keynote questions. You'll likely encounter these while working with Keynote proposal templates. We've got answers that help you make the most of your Keynote proposal templates.

1. Does Keynote Work With PDF Documents?

Here's a common scenario while working with business plan Keynotes: you've got a PDF you need to add to your presentation. PDF is such a common document in the business world that you'll often want to add them to a Keynote business presentation.

Before you start to retype the PDF from scratch, learn how to convert the file instead. This even works with Keynote business plan templates for free.

2. What Graphics Work Well for Business Plan Keynotes?

Keynote business presentations need visuals to explain concepts. New business models are always hitting the market. It helps to have a visual representation that explains them.

Enter flowcharts and Gantt charts. They can explain how processes and steps fit together. Learn how to use them in your Keynote business presentation below:

3. Does Keynote Support Multimedia File Embeds?

Want to really help bring your Keynote business presentation to life? Go the extra mile and produce a video that makes your proposal more interesting and engaging.

After you produce a business proposal video, learn how to add it to your business plan in Keynote. With the help of your tutorial, see just how easy that truly is.

4. Does Keynote Support PowerPoint Format Presentations?

Another file format that you're sure to encounter while building a business plan in Keynote is the classic PowerPoint (PPTX) format.

Much like PDFs, it's really easy to convert those files and open them in Keynote. That saves you time. Learn more in this tutorial:

5. What Animation Types Does Keynote Support?

Adding just enough animation really spices up a presentation. That's our recommendation when working with Keynote proposal templates, too.

We've put together a pragmatic guide to add animations to your plan (including free business Keynote templates) so that you don't overwhelm the viewer. Learn more here:

Learn More About Working With Keynote

You've downloaded a Keynote business presentation. Now, you've opened it in the app, and you're ready to start customizing it.

The only problem is that you aren't comfortable working with Keynote. A Keynote business plan template is a starting point, but you still need tips that give you the insider's advantage to design.

We've got you covered! Thanks to our guide, How to Use Apple Keynote (Ultimate Tutorial Guide), you've got a complete library of tutorials. Here are three of our favorites to pair with a business proposal Keynote template:

Discover More Great Keynote Templates With Stylish Designs

You might be inspired by the Keynote business plan templates you've seen throughout this article. But the reality is that they're just the tip of the iceberg for professional designs. 

On Envato Tuts+, we frequently compile the best of the best for readers to use for presentations. Many of these templates also work well for Keynote business presentations! Check out these articles to see more.

Design With Keynote Business Plan Templates Starting Today

We're excited to watch you launch your business. It's the beginning of something new that could change the world. 

As you saw, there are free Keynote templates for business available. But, premium Keynote business plan templates provide a major advantage for new entrepreneurs. These Keynote business plans are affordable too, thanks to our marketplaces.

It's time to put together your plan. Grab a template, develop your strategy, and fill in the template to launch your business.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, amazing Keynote templates with the best, trending presentation designs.

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