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25 Best Free Construction PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021


The perfect construction PowerPoint presentation template can help illustrate your project and its goals. Check out this collection of construction PowerPoint templates for design inspiration, free downloads, and tips to help you craft the perfect construction PowerPoint theme.

construction PowerPoint presentation template
Download this premium construction PowerPoint presentation template today on Envato Elements.

A great construction slide template takes your business's services and plans and turns them into a presentation, digestible for your target audience. That's why good design is so important. The information needs to be easy to read, easy to understand, and it needs to look professional, too. A professionally designed construction PowerPoint presentation template can help you achieve those objectives.

We'll take a look at some free construction PowerPoint templates in this article. We'll also take a look at some paid, premium design options too. Weigh your options and choose the one that's best for you.

Best Premium Construction PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver (With Unlimited Use)

Free is an awesome price tag, but it's not always entirely free and without limitations. If you're looking for quality content at a low price, consider looking at Envato Elements. One low fee gives you unlimited downloads from a huge collection of templates, assets, fonts and more. 

This means you can choose from hundreds of construction PowerPoint templates and download as many as you like. No hidden fees, no paying extra, and licensing appropriate for commercial usage. The quality is simply so much better than building construction PPT free download options.

With unlimited downloads, download as many premium templates and assets as you need. There are no limitations and no extra cost. It's easy to search, find, and download what you need to get your project done at a bargain price.

Envato Elements
Enjoy Unlimited Downloads on Envato Elements. Download as many premium construction PowerPoint templates as you like, all for one, low fee.

When you're working on your construction PowerPoint presentation template, you might need other assets too. For example, you might need stock photographs, illustrations, infographics, or fonts. With Envato Elements, all those things are included at no extra cost. One quick search and you can download all the content you're looking for. It's the best way to round out a construction project presentation PPT.

But maybe you don't necessarily need or want a library of content to work with. If you're just looking for a single, premium download check out GraphicRiver. There's an impressive library of professional construction PowerPoint templates there too.

GraphicRiver is a perfect choice if you're looking for one, single template. One download, one fee, all the professional quality and commercial licensing that you need. It even includes construction project presentation PPT designs! GraphicRiver is an excellent choice for professional, premium content while keeping things simple.

There's a huge library of premium construction PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver.

There's no subscription on GraphicRiver. Simply browse the impressive collection of professional content and download. There's no obligation, but there's plenty of options at an affordable price.

5 Best Premium Construction PowerPoint Templates

We'll take a look at a collection of free construction PowerPoint templates later in this article. Let's take a look at some premium options from Envato Elements too. Consider them for their convenience, commercial licensing, and extended offerings. Or, if you'd prefer working with a free template, enjoy some design inspiration.

Here are our picks for construction PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements:

1. Premium Construction Slide Template

Construction Slide Template

This fun construction PowerPoint theme employs whimsical graphics throughout the presentation. There are an unbelievable 150 slides included with this download—that's a lot of content to mix, match, and customize.

2. Premium City Construction PowerPoint Theme

Construction Powerpoint Theme

Enjoy 30 unique slides in this sleek, professional construction PowerPoint theme. The drag and drop image placeholders make customizing this theme easier than ever. 

3. Premium PowerPoint Templates Building Construction

PowerPoint Templates Building Construction

This beautifully designed PowerPoint template includes an amazing 150 slides, as well five different color presentations. There's so much content included with this one, that you could use this for more than one project. It's a bargain. 

4. Premium Construction PowerPoint Presentation Template

Construction PowerPoint Presentation Template

Here's another professional theme that's definitely worth a look. Choose from 80 different slides and use the included icons to help push this theme in any direction you prefer.

5. Blue Premium Construction PowerPoint Theme

Construction Powerpoint Theme

If you're looking for a deal, this one has a lot to offer. There are 70 different slides to choose from, free icons, and color schemes to choose from too. It's so easy to jump in and customize for all your project needs.

Why Choose a Premium Construction PowerPoint Presentation Template Over a Free Download?

So, why bother paying for a premium construction PowerPoint theme when free options exist? We're all working with a limited budget. We all want to save money. Take a look at some of the pros and cons here:

  • Download a Free Construction PowerPoint Theme. This option has no initial financial investment. Keep in mind that free themes aren't necessarily free of copyright or license restrictions. Make sure you're aware of the terms of use. Prepare to set time aside for extended edits and customizations, as free offerings are often limited. You may have to adjust a semi-related template to be a better fit for you.
  • Download a Premium Construction PowerPoint Theme. This option has a financial investment but can often save you a lot of time. It's easier to find premium content. Premium content tends to come with extended options, more content, and commercial licensing. So, there's little to no worrying about usage and less time investment.
  • Download Unlimited Construction PowerPoint Templates. Unlimited downloads are an awesome and cost effective investment, especially if you're a creative professional. Download many themes. Combine them if you'd like. It's all the benefits of premium content with a larger library and a lower cost.
construction PowerPoint theme
Premium options, like this premium construction PowerPoint theme from Envato Elements, are packed with options.

Keep in mind, if you've got the time, resources, and skill set, you can also create your construction PowerPoint templates from scratch. This can also be cost effective, but again, rarely in life is anything actually "free". Your time is valuable and an investment, just as much as finances are. 

So, why bother with a template then? It can prove to be a huge time saver, whether you're an experienced designer or a beginner. You can use a template a starting point, to jump start your design process. Completely customize and edit it if you wish. Or, if you need a completed presentation in a flash, just add your content, and rely more heavily on the template content.

This is why it's important to be cautious, when working with free content. Depending on how you aim to use it, copyright and licensing may be an issue. For example, a lot of free content may only be free for personal use or may require visible credit. 

construction slide template
This premium PowerPoint construction slide template is available for download on Envato Elements.

Free content also might lack features, and it's a lot harder to find a perfect match for your design needs. So, keep in mind, if you opt to go with a free download it's a good idea to a lot of time for searching and extended customizations. You may also want to extend your search to more broad keywords to yield more results.

Premium content eliminates a lot of that extra effort for you. At the end of the day, a small fee can end up saving you hours of time while also supporting other content creators.

25 Top Free Construction PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021 Presentations

If you're looking for high quality free downloads, check out some of Envato's free offerings. They rotate each month, so there's always something new to see. There's no cost, no obligation—just quality free content that you can pick up, today.

  • Download 12 Free Files on Envato Elements, each month. Sign up for a free account, and download from a monthly selection of high quality goodies, like fonts, graphics, and more.
  • There's also Monthly Free Downloads on Envato Market. All you need to do is log in to your free account to download your free files today.

Now, let's check out some free construction PowerPoint templates that you can download today:

1. Construction PowerPoint Presentation Template

Construction PowerPoint Presentation Template

This free construction PowerPoint theme includes a host of slides that you can mix, match, and use to create the perfect presentation. Insert your images into the placeholders to complete the presentation.

2. Free Construction PTT Download Template Design

Here's another free template to check out. It's a simple one, but it's got really fun background imagery. Work with it. Or swap it out for a different visual direction.

3. Free Construction PowerPoint Theme

Free Construction PowerPoint Theme

Looking for building construction PowerPoint templates free download files? This one's free and even includes some fun infographic content. 

4. Free Construction PowerPoint Theme

Here's another free theme worth giving a look. There's limited offerings here, but there's plenty you could expand upon. 

5. Free PowerPoint Templates Building Construction

Free PowerPoint Templates Building Construction

This theme has more fun graphical components you could experiment with. Remember, you could potentially combine more than one free template.

6. Free Construction Project Planning? PowerPoint Template

If your project is about planning, this one might be up your alley. Give this free download a look today.

7. Free Construction Slide Template

Free Construction Slide Template

There's plenty of space for photos in this free PowerPoint template. Remember only to use photos that you've got the rights to use, especially if your presentation is commercial in nature.

8. PowerPoint Templates Building Construction

Here's a simple PowerPoint theme with a lot of potential. The offerings are limited, but if you're prepared to invest some time you could expand this into a larger theme.

9. Building Construction PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Building Construction PowerPoint Templates Free Download

This free design has a lot of potential. Check out the included content. There's plenty you could customize and adapt to suit many different projects.

10. Free PowerPoint Presentation For Construction

When you're hunting for building construction PowerPoint templates free download files, it's a good idea to look for a versatile base like this one. Swap out the imagery for a different look.

11. PowerPoint Templates for Construction Company Work

PowerPoint Templates for Construction Company Work

This free theme uses silhouettes to create its look and feel. Add your own artwork to take it in a different direction. Give it your own look.

12. Building Construction PowerPoint Templates Free Download

This free PowerPoint theme includes several variants, all using the same imagery. This is one that could serve many purposes if you put in the time and effort to push it further.

13. Free Construction PPT Download Template

Free Construction PPT Download Template

There's plenty of room for imagery in this free theme. It's got a cover theme and then one slide theme. It's a small set, but it could certainly be expanded upon.

14. Free Construction PowerPoint Template

This theme has some fun geometry and a several variations too. Be prepared to incorporate some custom imagery so it best matches your branding.

15. Free PowerPoint Presentation for Construction

Free PowerPoint Presentation for Construction

This free download is definitely worth a look. You get 36 free slides, which is an amazing find. Keep in mind that the images here aren't free of copyright.

16. Free Construction Workers PowerPoint Template

Here's a free theme with a fun cover and some simple, interior slides. It's a great choice if you're not looking for many extras. 

17. Free Construction PPT Download for PowerPoint

Free Construction PPT Download for PowerPoint

Prefer a simple and clean look? If you're looking for the basics, this one might be just the find for you. There's plenty of room to expand on this one too. 

18. Free Construction PowerPoint Presentation Template

This theme uses a green color scheme. Swap out the imagery and work with different colors to really change up the look and feel.

19. PowerPoint Templates Building Construction

PowerPoint Templates Building Construction

Here's another awesome free PowerPoint theme. There's 59 slides here you can download for free! Remember, the images here are copyright protected and can't be used independently.

20. Free Yellow Construction PowerPoint Template

Love a warm theme? This simple and small theme could be a great choice. The three interior slides are variants of each other.

21. Free Construction PowerPoint Templates

Free Construction PowerPoint Templates

If you want to avoid photos and stick to graphics, this theme may appeal to you. It works with a lot of solid colors and bold contrast. 

22. Free Caution Under Construction PowerPoint Template

Here's another four slide theme. You could add image placeholders to this one or stick to the text based layout they've established here. 

23. Free PowerPoint Templates Building Construction

Free PowerPoint Templates Building Construction

This theme includes a playful cover slide and two interior slides. The interior slides both use this key visual from the cover, but you could mix this up for more variety. 

24. Free Under Construction Building PowerPoint Template

Here's a bright theme with a lot of potential. It's another one that works well with a single image. If you like to customize content, this one could be a great starting point. 

25. Free PowerPoint Templates for Construction Company

Free PowerPoint Templates For Construction Company

Here's a simple, clean PowerPoint design that uses free stock imagery. It includes one cover slide and one interior slide to help get you started.

How to Quickly Customize Construction Company PPT Templates (For 2021)

A premium construction company PPT is a great investment. Thanks to pre-built placeholders, they’re amazingly easy to customize. Let’s learn how in just five quick steps.

Want to follow along? Download the premium Construction PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements.

Construction project presentation PPT
A premium construction project presentation template helps your content look its best.

Let's get started:

1. Add Custom Text

A premium construction project presentation template like this saves you precious time. It does that by having placeholders built into the slides - no need to build layouts from scratch! 

Custom text is one of the simplest things to add to your construction company PPT. Begin by highlighting any block of text you see on a slide. Then, start typing in your own words. It's that simple.

Construction company PPT
Add custom text to premium construction company PPT slides like these in Construction PowerPoint template.

Repeat throughout the deck as needed. And keep in mind, you can always delete unwanted text placeholders. No need to use them all.

2. Customize Fonts

Custom fonts are often found in premium construction company PPT decks. But you also have control over these. To change fonts, highlight text again. Then, find the Font section of the Home tab on the Ribbon. 

Construction project presentation template
It’s easy to customize fonts in a premium construction deck.

Open up the Font dropdown to see a list of available fonts. Click on one to apply it to the selected text. While you're at it, you can also add cool effects like underlines, highlights, and more.

Looking for cool custom fonts for your next construction project presentation PPT? Check out the Fonts section on Envato Elements, which has thousands of options. Every one is available as part of your Elements subscription.

3. Insert Slide Images

Odds are, you need your construction PPT to show off your past and future projects. Images are essential. Thanks again to placeholders, premium templates make them easy to add. You won't find these in a building construction PPT free download!

Image construction project presentation PPT
Use photos to bring purchased construction PPTs to life.

Find an image placeholder on a slide. Then, browse to an image saved on your computer. Drag it over the placeholder and drop it into place. PowerPoint will instantly import the image, sized and scaled perfectly.

In need of stock images? Elements has these, too! In fact, Elements subscribers have access to millions of stunning images.

4. Change Shape Colors

Shapes add plenty of style to any slide. Changing their colors is a quick way to boost contrast. 

Click on a shape to select it, then find the Shape Format tab on the Ribbon. Open it up, and then choose Shape Fill on the left side. 

Shape construction company PPT
Premium templates benefit from changing shape colors.

You'll see a color chooser appear. There are options to add Theme and Standard colors. Down below, you can also explore sleek effects like textures, gradients, and more. Click your favorite color, and watch the shape transform.

5. Track Your Project With a Visual

Visuals bring concepts to life. Slides like this flowchart are ideal for tracking milestones in your construction project.

Flowchart construction company PPT
Make slides shine in your construction company PPT with premium flowchart templates from Envato Elements.

As you can see, flowcharts use text and numbers. Editing them works just like adding custom text. Start highlighting the placeholder text and replace it with your own words. In no time, you'll have a compelling graphic ready to use in your construction company PPT.

5 Quick Slide Design Tips for Better Construction Presentations in 2021

So, you've found the perfect construction PPT download. You're ready to jump into PowerPoint. What's next? 

How do you know what's right for your presentation? Here are some design quick tips to help you make strong design choices:

1. Choose Consistent Design Elements

Visual consistency helps make your presentation look like one, continuous experience. We don't want our slides to look jarring or different, because this can be distracting and disjointed. In business, we want to have clearly defined goals and strategies. The same applies to professional design. 

In the example below, notice how things like color are used as consistent, anchoring elements. They unify our work from page to page.

construction powerpoint presentation template
In this premium construction PowerPoint presentation template, orange is consistency used throughout.

2. Consistency Doesn't Mean "Boring"

Consistency doesn't mean that our work has to look repetitive or boring. The slides in your construction PowerPoint theme could simply repeat the same design, over and over. But that isn't very engaging or memorable, is it? Instead, find a balance between consistency and variation.

Things like color and font choices are strong candidates for consistency. Footer and headers are also a great choice for consistent design elements.

Break up your layout design with different images, moving layout elements around, and experimenting with visual supplements.

3. Choose Colors That Support Your Brand

Color is very communicative. Your color choices can make a big impact on your presentation. What colors will you use in your construction PowerPoint presentation—and why?

First, if your brand has key colors work with them, not against them. This is a time to let your branding shine. 

Otherwise, think about what colors would best emphasize and support your message. For example, check out the premium design template below. It features a green theme. This could be a great choice for eco-friendly projects or projects that deal with the outdoors—due to the color association.

premium construction slide template
What colors support your brand and narrative? This premium construction slide template uses a green theme.

4. Use Hierarchy to Guide Your Viewers

Hierarchy is an important design concept. It's basically a visual system of importance. That might sound complicated, but it's not. Think of the last time you looked at a magazine or newspaper. What's bigger: the title of the article or the article text itself? The answer is most certainly the title. Have you ever considered why?

We need to read the title first because it describes the article. So, it's logical to make it larger in the composition. Being larger makes it command the most attention. Placing it at the top of the composition further establishes it as "first" or the place where we start. 

These concepts transfer into many other types of design, including designing for PowerPoint. Use things like scale, color, and contrast to promote hierarchy in your designs.

5. Use Imagery to Help Communicate Ideas

Imagery is inherently visual. Consider using imagery to help convey concepts and ideas in your presentation. This could be anything from:

  • stock photos that reinforce a topic
  • pictures of you, your business, and what your business does
  • infographics that help visually illustrate data or concepts
  • graphics that add visual interest

It's a good idea to be strategic about your use of graphics and photos. For example, a photo of a cute cat might be fun, but does it relate to the topic at hand? Keep things professional and focused but know when a little fun is appropriate.

construction powerpoint theme
This premium construction PowerPoint theme employs a blue theme with many options for showcasing imagery.

5 Construction PowerPoint PPT Trends for 2021 Presentations

Want to make a great impression? Your construction project presentation template is the perfect starting point. But you also need to incorporate the latest and greatest design trends. These impress any audience and help you stand out:

1. Data Visuals

Chances are, your construction project presentation PPT will include plenty of data. The trick is to present it in a stylish, readable way.

Infographic construction project presentation PPT
Infographics in premium purchased construction PPT templates like Calyx illustrate your construction projects.

That’s where infographics come in. These combine information and graphics to make beautiful illustrations. And thanks to premium templates, you’ll be able to create infographics in seconds. You won’t find them in a building construction PPT free download.

2. Subtle Animations

Subtle animations are popular in 2021, with good reason. They add flair to your slides and help keep things moving. Audiences appreciate them because they’re not too flashy or distracting.

That can be a tough balance. It’s easy to over-animate, and you’ll see content flying over your slides.  Less is more in this case. That’s why we built a helpful tutorial to help you build animations right:

3. Bright Colors

Colorful slides are a hallmark of the best 2021 construction company PPT decks. They keep audiences energized, and make your content look great. Nothing is more off-putting than dull, bland slides.

Colorful construction project presentation template
Bright slides from Beldon, a premium construction company PPT, capture attention.

When you choose your premium construction project presentation PPT, look for bright tones. It saves you the work of building construction company PPT slides from scratch. It’s a quick, easy way to impress.

4. Stylish Timelines

Any construction company PPT can use a stylish timeline. These are especially popular in 2021. Times are challenging, and deadlines are more important than ever. That means you need to keep your audience informed about the status of your project.

Once again, premium construction project presentation template designs save the day. Many have sleek timelines built in. All you've got to do is drop in your key dates. Thanks to PPT, you can easily customize them to fit your needs.

Learn how to craft timelines for PowerPoint with our fully featured tutorial:

5. Minimalist Layouts

Projecting a professional look is key when giving a construction presentation. Cluttered, messy slides won’t help you. The best 2021 presentations adopt minimalist layouts. This simply means that slides are sleek, concise, and make use of open whitespace. 

Minimalist construction project presentation PPT
Minimalism features in this premium construction company PPT premium, titled Estruction.

Open space on slide layouts helps set content elements apart from each other. It keeps your audience focused. Plus, it helps you stay organized and keep your thoughts together. It’s the ultimate design win-win, and one you should adopt for 2021 slides.

More Top Options for Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

Do you want to save time? Or maybe feel more confident than ever when you're giving a construction project presentation PPT speech? The answer is definitely to use a premium template.

You've already seen that our premium options are so much better than the building construction PPT free downloads. Our premium options stretch far beyond just construction company PPTs. We're always putting together collections of the best templates so that you give your best presentation yet.

Make sure to check out even more options for new PowerPoint templates. Many of these options would work great as construction project presentation PPTs with only minor adjustments.

Discover More Awesome Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Looking for even more PowerPoint inspiration? Check out these collections of PowerPoint themes, perfect for a wide variety of professional ventures:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

If you're looking to learn more about PowerPoint, look no further. There's a wealth of free tutorials here on Envato Tuts+. Here are a few to check out today:

Download Your Construction PowerPoint Presentation Template Today

There's no better time than right now to get started on your PowerPoint presentation for construction. When looking at building construction PowerPoint templates, free download files definitely have their appeal. Remember the pros and cons. Prepare accordingly if this is your preferred option.

If you're looking for other options, remember to take a look at Envato Elements. There's a big collection of construction PowerPoint templates there. They're all licensed for commercial use. Not only that, the downloads are unlimited. Download a whole collection of construction slide template designs without worrying about extra costs. It's a cost effective deal, especially if you want access to a library of stock photos, graphics, and fonts too. 

Or, if you're looking for a single construction PowerPoint theme, check out GraphicRiver. You can find the same quality, without any extras. Just download what you need.

Good luck with your construction PowerPoint project. Why not get started right now?

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding construction PowerPoint templates with the best and latest trending designs.

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