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20 Best Free Corporate Training & eLearning PowerPoint Templates for 2020


An educated workforce is a happier workforce. That's why it makes sense to invest in corporate training and eLearning.  It'll increase the skills, creativity and innovation of your workforce and help you retain more employees, too. 

Best Free Corporate Training  eLearning PowerPoint Templates
A premium elearning PowerPoint template from Envato Elements

One key tool in delivering training is the presentation. Get your presentation right, and you can deliver essential information while keeping your audience engaged. One way to build presentations fast is to use corporate training PowerPoint templates. You'll find lots of attractive premium corporate PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements. There are also plenty of premium eLearning PowerPoint templates and interactive PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver.

In this guide, I'll share some of the best training PowerPoint templates (paid and free) to help you make appealing presentations.

Best Premium PowerPoint Corporate Training PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Free PowerPoint templates can be appealing. But you'll get better support and a harmonious design if you opt for a premium design. Plus, you'll save time, because premium presentation templates are set up so you can get started quickly.

If you're looking for the best train the trainer PowerPoint templates to make your next presentation a success, Envato Elements has a great offer you won't want to miss.  Download as many premium PowerPoint presentation training templates  as you want, all for one low price.

Get unlimited corporate presentation templates on Envato Elements

To find the perfect PowerPoint training template on Envato Elements, select Presentation Templates to the right of the search box. Type training into the search box to see hundreds of training slides templates for your next presentation. When you decide on the perfect template, click Download. Then you're ready to start customizing your training presentation.

Find training powerpoint templates on Envato Elements
There are tons of great premium training PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

To learn more about using PowerPoint to create great presentations, check out our PowerPoint tutorial guide.

5 Best Premium PowerPoint Presentation Training Templates From Envato Elements

You can't beat a professional slide design to really impress your audience. Here are some of the best PowerPoint elearning templates available on Envato Elements:

1. Malistisk PowerPoint Presentation Template

Malistik corporate powerpoint templates

Malistisk is one of the best PowerPoint templates for training, thanks to its crisp, minimalist design. The template set includes 12 PowerPoint files and more than 60 slides. Add the finishing touches to your presentation with built-in vector icons and handmade infographics. 

2. Group PowerPoint Template

Group interactive powerpoint templates

This is a well-designed and modern training presentation template. As well as being suitable for teaching and training, it works for other business applications. The template set includes four colorways, with 100 slides per color. The designer has also provided vector maps and custom infographics. 

3. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

marketing plan powerpoint presentation training

It's easy to edit this set of training PowerPoint templates via drag and drop. The Marketing Plan template set includes 80 different slides and 10 color schemes. There are many different business templates and charts with editable shapes. 

4. Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

train the trainer powerpoint templates - pitch deck

This set of corporate PowerPoint templates includes more than 100 unique slides. There are editable charts and diagrams, making it easy to include data in your business training. The Pitch Deck template is attractive, well-designed and well-supported.

5. Thinkers - Creative Presentation Template

 learning powerpoint templates - thinkers

Thinkers is a fully responsive PowerPoint training template with a clean, professional design. The template set has more than 100 slides and will match your branding with unlimited colors. It also includes a variety of infographic elements such as charts and timelines, as well as editable vector icons. 

5 Learning PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver (Premium)

Envato Elements is a great resource for finding premium PowerPoint templates for many training sessions. But if you need a PowerPoint training template or training presentation template for one-off use, then GraphicRiver is a great resource. 

find training slides templates on GraphicRiver
Find the just the right premium corporate PowerPoint template on GraphicRiver

To find the perfect training presentation template, go to the Graphics tab on GraphicRiver. Type training into the search box. 

There are hundreds of PowerPoint elearning templates to choose from.  Get started with some of our top picks:

1. Online Courses PowerPoint Presentation Template

powerpoint training template

This training slides template set is designed for online courses. It's got an eye-catching design and includes animations. There are 51 slides in the set. It's easy to change colors to match your chosen color scheme with a single click. 

2. Agoda - Fashion PowerPoint

powerpoint elearning templates - agoda

This simple, elegant eLearning PowerPoint template has a clean design to suit any kind of training. It includes 50 slides that are professionally designed and easy to edit with drag and drop. The template includes vector icons.

3. Blitz

blitz training presentation template

This train the trainer PowerPoint set has a massive number of slides: 8,400 in all! The set includes 48 PowerPoint files and 14 color schemes, so you can pick the perfect color quickly. Slides are easy to edit and customize and include custom animations.

4. University PowerPoint Template

best powerpoint templates for training

Designed with education in mind, this corporate training PowerPoint template set has 30 slides. The set uses free fonts and includes animations and transitions. It's an attractive template that'll make your presentation stand out. 

5. HR Implementation

training powerpoint templates - HR

This training presentation template is designed to help you deliver strategy training easily. It's got a stylish, easily customizable layout. It includes more than 240 slides. Change colors with one click.

20 Best eLearning PowerPoint Templates Free to Download

Before you look for eLearning PowerPoint templates for free on the web, remember that premium templates have the advantagesThey tend to be well-designed, well-supported, and easy to use. That's why it makes sense to check out Envato's freebies first. These give you access to premium templates (not just for PowerPoint) completely free of charge. 

Here's how it works: 

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 handpicked files (including fonts, web templates, presentations and more). Create a free account and download this month's free premium files today.

  • You can also try Envato Market for free to get seven hand-selected freebies each month.  Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's handpicked premium freebies

But if your budget is too tight to go for premium quality, then the following free eLearning PowerPoint templates will help you get started:

1. Edgar

This easily editable design from SlidesGala includes many slide types, as well as infographic elements. It works with Google Slides, too.

e learning powerpoint templates free - Edgar

2. Cymbeline

Suitable for both PowerPoint and Google Slides, this free corporate training template has many graphs, tables, and charts. There are several color schemes, and it's easy to edit. 

3. Palmer

This attractive, free eLearning presentation theme is from SlidesGala. It includes many slide types and editable elements. So, you can customize the look and feel of the presentation.

4. Conference Room

This business PowerPoint presentation includes an image of a conference room. This makes it a great design for delivering training during meetings.

5. Strengths

Planning a SWOT analysis as part of your corporate training session? This free PowerPoint eLearning theme is set up to make this easy with built-in slides for each aspect of your analysis.

6. Presentation Templates

SlideSmash has an attractive set of 42 eLearning PowerPoint templates, free to download. The slides are attractive and work well for presenting data visually to get your audience's attention.

e learning powerpoint templates free - Slidesmash

7. Project Management Training 

This template from FPPT is great for corporate training on technical subjects. If your training relates to sketching or designing, the slide templates are already set up.

8. Training Timeline

If you need to talk timelines, this training presentation template has the graphics you need already built in. All you've got to do is edit the included example, and you're good to go.

9. Chalkboard Education 

The Chalkboard Education template gives you that classic classroom vibe. That makes it perfect for any type of corporate training or eLearning event. 

10. Classic Corporate

This accessible template from Microsoft can be customized to suit any training need. It works with Office 365.

11. Noor

Noor has an attractive and modern design, with more than 140 creative and editable slides. You'll soon be able to customize this to deliver your next corporate training session.

e learning powerpoint templates free - Noor

12. Education Presentation 

This is another Microsoft Office template featuring images of education.  It's simple to edit fonts and colors to make it your own. 

13. Pattern 

SlideSmash shares a minimalist and creative corporate training PowerPoint template. The slides are attractive and include many ways of presenting information to keep your audience interested.

14. PowerPoint Themes

This training presentation template from SlideSmash is attractive, with a clean design. It includes many graphs and charts for presenting key data. 

15. Investor Pro

Investor Pro is an attractive green and black template that blends photos and charts to create an eye-catching presentation. It includes 16 editable slides.

e learning powerpoint templates free - Investor Pro

16. ProjectX 

You'll enjoy this attractive free training template. It includes charts and maps to make your presentations more exciting. This template is easy to edit and includes 16 slides.

17. Gravity 

This modern template has plenty of room for images. It features a clean, cool design suitable for any training presentation.

18. Rutland

This is an attractive template for corporate use, with a rounded design and space for large background images. This free eLearning PowerPoint template has 25 slides.

19. Pandarus 

If you're looking for medical training PowerPoint templates, Pandarus, from Slides Carnival, might suit you. With a medical-themed slide background, this template is easy to customize.

20. Mutuis

Mutuis is a simple PowerPoint theme with a dark background, suitable for many purposes, including corporate training. This template includes 25 editable slides.

How to Quickly Make Training PowerPoint PPT Presentations

To make your training PPT presentations even more effective, make some quick changes to an eLearning PowerPoint template. I'll be using the premium Anaa template from Envato Elements in this tutorial. 

corporate powerpoint templates - anaa

Let's get started:

1. Edit Header Text

Once you've opened the template, navigate to the first slide you want to edit. Double click to select the text in the header area and replace it with your chosen text. 

edit training slides template

2. Edit Body Text

Follow the same procedure to edit the body text. You can also paste in text you've previously prepared. Remove any text areas you don't need by double-clicking on the text box. Then use the context menu and the Cut command.

edit body text for training slides template

3. Add or Resize Images

Click on the onscreen image icon to upload an image from your computer. Double-click to select an image box, then drag the handles to resize the image.

resize image on powerpoint elearning templates

4. Add Charts or Icons

Navigate to any slides with charts or graphs and double-click to select a chart you want to use. Copy it to the slide you're working on, and update with your own data.

add charts to powerpoint elearning templates

5. Remove Unwanted Slides

When you're done, remove any unwanted slides. To do this, right-click on a slide you don't need, and select Cut from the menu.

remove slides from powerpoint elearning templates

5 Quick Tips for Better Corporate Training (eLearning) PowerPoint Presentation

A training presentation template is the best way to build a successful presentation. But everyone can use a few quick tips to up their presentation game! Let’s look at five of the best:

1. Don’t Distract Your Audience

If you’re building out a training plan template PPT, chances are you’re instructing a large audience. The last thing you want is to distract them with messy, cluttered slides. 

That’s why it pays to turn to a premium training slides template. With pre-built, minimalist layouts, you can easily build stylish and readable slides.

Training presentation template
This premium Elements eLearning template features clear and concise slides to help learners engage.

2. Be Consistent: Use Master Slides

Let’s say you want to feature a certain logo or image on your training deck template. But suppose it's got fifty or sixty slides. You don’t want to add it over and over—and audiences will notice if objects start moving around the slides. 

For a professional and consistent look, turn to the Slide Master view in PowerPoint. With it you can apply identical bulk edits in seconds.

Ready to learn how to make bulk edits a breeze? Check out our quick tutorial screencast: 

3. Illustrate Ideas With Infographics

Many people in your audience may be visual learners. Even if they’re not, most of us tend to understand concepts better if they've got a visual element. 

That’s where infographics come in. These are illustrations that combine information and bring concepts to life. They’re excellent learning tools. With an Elements training presentation template, you can build your own quickly.

training plan template PPT
The premium Infographics PowerPoint training deck template is full of concept visuals.

4. Plan Ahead: Outline

Even with the best training plan template PPT, you never want to arrive unprepared. Even as you build your slide deck, it’s crucial that you stay focused. 

One of the best ways to prepare is by building a PPT outline in advance. This helps you gather your thoughts before building corporate training slides. In doing this, you'll ensure they flow seamlessly.

Jump over to our full tutorial on outlining your PowerPoints:

5. Use Subtle Animations

Imagine you’re presenting a series of ideas in sequence. If you flash them onto a slide all at once, it’s likely many readers might jump ahead. Keep them focused by animating your slides. In doing so, you can introduce specific pieces of content in order. 

But be careful: too many animations can be distracting. A pre-animated training slides template from Envato Elements is a great way to get started.

Training deck template
This premium animated training deck template is stylish and easy to read.

Discover More Premium PowerPoint Templates With Pro Designs

We've shared a lot of premium PowerPoint templates in this article. But if you want even more, check out the articles below:

5 Benefits of Using the Best PowerPoint Corporate Training & eLearning Templates

Are you still considering where to source corporate training presentation template designs? While there are free eLearning templates for PowerPoint available, it pays to choose professional options.

Here are five key benefits of using the best designs:

  1. You make a great impression. The best training deck template options are built by professional designers. The styling is unmatched, and you don’t have to be a PPT expert to take full advantage of it.
  2. You save time building slides. Corporate training and eLearning templates from Elements will have dozens—or hundreds—of custom slides included. No need to build layouts from scratch.
  3. You’ll gain inspiration. It can be tough to build successful training decks. Pre-built layouts deliver design inspiration. They’re quick to work with, and also help spark your imagination.
  4. You can still be you. Any slide in a premium training slides template can still be fully customized. The layouts are there to help but will never constrain you.
  5. You’ll avoid common pitfalls. It's easy to build slides that are too wordy, or that feature too many animations. The best templates help you avoid this. Their slide designs gently prompt you to avoid common pitfalls.

Benefits of Envato Elements? (Unlimited Use)

Elements training presentation template
Envato Elements gives you unlimited downloads (including unlimited training presentation templates) for a flat rate.  

For creatives, Envato Elements is the ultimate offer. It includes thousands of custom PowerPoint templates for a flat monthly rate.

Sign up for Envato Elements now. You’ll have instant access to training and other PPT templates, along with helpful stock photos, music, graphics, and so much more.

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

After you start working with a training presentation template, you might find that you still have a few questions. It's common that beginners will encounter a few challenges.

Have no fear: we've got you covered. Many of the questions you face while working in a training plan template PPT are shared by everyone learning PowerPoint. Here are five common questions and the answers you need:

1. What's the Best Way to Share a Training Presentation Template?

You used a training deck template to create a helpful learning resource. Now, how do you distribute it efficiently?

A great way to do that is to use Microsoft's built-in features to share your presentation. Even free eLearning templates for PowerPoint work with the collaborative sharing options that you'll see in our tutorial below:

2. What Size Should Your PowerPoint Presentation Be?

There are many options you'll set as you start working with a training plan template PPT. Setting the dimensions and orientation helps you use all the screen real estate.

Learn how to set your PowerPoint size properly with the help of this tutorial. It's the perfect first step when you open a training slides template.

3. Can You Export PowerPoint to Another Format?

PowerPoint's native file format is .PPTX. It also supports exporting your presentation in other formats. The viewer can open those in other apps. That includes exporting as a video file so that PowerPoint isn't required at all.

This is actually one of the best ways to distribute your training slides template. Post a video version of your training deck template to your company's internal site, for example. Master the feature with the help of this tutorial:

4. Does PowerPoint Connect to Other Apps?

PowerPoint is a presentation app. That means that its primary purpose is to show content and findings that you've likely generated in other apps. It helps that it connects to other apps to make that process easy.

A natural integration is with Microsoft Excel. Charts and graphs seamlessly link into a PowerPoint presentation and stay up-to-date as the data evolves. Learn how to link the two apps in our tutorial:

5. Does PowerPoint Support Printing?

A digital copy of your training slides template is great. An even better way to train your audience is by using PowerPoint's printing feature.

This is a great way to finish your training plan template PPT. Leave your audience with a printed copy to reference later as you read this tutorial:

Learn More About Working With PowerPoint

To learn more about PowerPoint presentation training, read our in-depth PowerPoint tutorial guide, or check out the tutorials below:

Prepare For Your Presentation Today

You've just seen some great corporate PowerPoint templates, including some e learning PowerPoint templates for free. As you decide which training PowerPoint templates to use remember that premium templates offer advantages over PowerPoint templates you find for free online.

To create training presentations that wow your audience, check out some of the premium corporate PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements. You can also find more premium training PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver, including interactive PowerPoint templates

Why not get started on your PowerPoint presentation training today? Download your favorite training slides template and get started.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding the best new templates for corporate training &eLearning.

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