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25 Best Free Fall Themed PowerPoint Template Slides & Backgrounds 2020


Do you need a fall or autumn PowerPoint template for an upcoming personal or professional project? You've come to the right place. In this article, we've listed 25+ premium and free fall PowerPoint template inspirations for your seasonal presentation.

Dark Autumn PowerPoint Template a unique modern and impressive template on Envato Elements
Dark Autumn PowerPoint Template, a unique, modern, and impressive premium template on Envato Elements

Pre-built templates are a lifesaver for those who are too busy or lack the skills to start designing a presentation from scratch. Pre-built templates that are unique, modern, and impressive help you work efficiently and get the best results possible. 

This article lists 25 free fall PowerPoint slides found online. Choose from premium autumn templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements, and fall-themed PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. Identify the difference between premium and free pre-built templates to pick a template that best suits your requirements, topic, and audience. 

Let's get right to it and find the best pre-built PowerPoint template for your fall-themed presentation. 

The Best Fall (Autumn) PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements for 2020 (Unlimited Use)

Discover loads of best premium fall PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements. A monthly subscription to Envato Elements is an investment for your personal or professional brand. Access to millions of premium digital assets will enable you to work smart, create professional creative projects, and save time. 

Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them 

Envato Elements has a great offer. Enjoy unlimited access to millions of digital assets like graphics, fonts, templates, videos, photos, etc., all for a low monthly fee. 

Premium Fall PPT Templates on Envato Elements
Premium Fall PPT Templates on Envato Elements

Undecided if you should use a premium or free fall PowerPoint template? This is a critical decision that significantly impacts your project. Know the difference and carefully weigh your options before taking your pick. Free fall PowerPoint slides from around the web could come with issues like:

  • limited features as most of them are only background images
  • outdated designs
  • not unique as it's accessible to many

Want to try out a premium PPT template before signing up for a monthly subscription? Check out premium fall presentation templates from GraphicRiver. It's got ample choices and works on a pay-per-download model. We'll take a look at this option in the next section.  

5 Best Premium Fall or Autumn PowerPoint Templates for 2020 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

In this section, we'll explore some premium autumn-themed PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Pick and download any one of these for your autumn presentation in 2020:

1. Autumn Template for PowerPoint

Autumn Template for PowerPoint

This autumn-themed PowerPoint template comes with 30 unique creative slides, 50 premade dark and light colors, and thousands of icons. Autumn Template for PowerPoint is clean, scalable, colorful, and professionally designed. It's perfect for pitch desks, e-commerce or product promotion purpose, and many other business presentations.  

2. Fall PowerPoint Background Template

Fall PowerPoint Background Template

This is a beautiful autumn template for PowerPoint presentations. It features 30 unique slides and five premade color options. It also comes with handcrafted infographics and pixel-perfect illustrations. All these graphics are resizable and editable. Create your professional looking fall presentation minutes.

3. Autumn Leaves PowerPoint Template

Autumn Leaves PowerPoint Template

Are you looking for a unique professional fall presentation? You'd like this template. It's creative, clean, minimalistic, and multipurpose. Autumn Leaves PowerPoint Template is great for personal or business use. It comes with 30 unique slides and five color schemes that fully editable. 

4. Autumn Stylish - Lookbook PowerPoint Template

Autumn Stylish - Lookbook PowerPoint Template

Enjoy the trendy, cool, and creative presentation design that this template comes with. If you're a designer, photographer, illustrator, or any creative person, this template is perfect to showcase your work in the portfolio section. It's easy to customize by replacing images and texts.

5. Autumn Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Autumn Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This autumn template for PowerPoint presentation uses different shades of orange to create an autumn feel. It's got a strong focus on typography and usability. This template is professionally made with attention to detail. It includes useful slides like mockup devices slides, portfolio slides, etc. 

25 Top Free Fall Themed PowerPoint PPT Templates and Background Designs to Download for 2020

If you're new to premium digital assets, try out some creative assets (not just autumn-themed PowerPoint templates) at zero cost. Check out Envato's monthly free offerings before starting your search for free fall PowerPoint templates found online. It could be your lucky day!

Here's the deal:

  • Envato Elements provides 12 unique digital files monthly. These creative files are picked from the millions of options on Envato Elements. They can be anything like videos, music, fonts, icons, etc. Create a free account to download this month's free premium files.
  • Envato Market offers seven creative freebies monthly. Create a new account or log in to get this month's premium freebies

What if an autumn-themed PowerPoint template isn't among this month's premium free assets and you can't go premium right now? A free fall PowerPoint template found online is your next best option. 

Let's explore 25 free fall PowerPoint backgrounds from around the web:

1. Free Autumn Leaves PowerPoint Template features different shades of leaves against a dark background. An orange-ish brown background is also part of the slides.

2. In The Wind - Free Autumn Leaves PowerPoint Template comes with a sepia background and abstract leaves design. 

3. Yellow - Free Fall PowerPoint Backgrounds Autumn. This is a background image of yellow leaves falling from trees. 

Yellow - Free Fall PowerPoint Backgrounds Autumn

4. Pumpkin - Free Fall PowerPoint SlidesThis background image slide denotes the ripening of fruits in autumn. It's a little different from the usual yellow leaves templates always used for autumn.

5. Free Fall PowerPoint Background Autumn uses shades of orange, yellow, and brown to create an autumn-like background image.

6. Autumn Leaves - Free Fall PowerPoint Template has an abstract design. It comes with black herbage and autumn leaves over a white background. 

7. Fall Autumn PowerPoint Backgrounds Free comes with a brown background and some leaves and flowers in orange and yellow.

8. Dance - Free PowerPoint Backgrounds Autumn. The main focus of this slide is a silhouette of a female dancer in orange. The entire slide is in shares of orange. 

Dance - Free PowerPoint Backgrounds Autumn

9. Green Fall Themed PowerPoint Templates Free comes with autumn leaves hanging from the ceiling against a green background. 

10. Tree - Free Fall PowerPoint Presentation Template is designed for autumn. It looks like a tree full of dried leaves against a crumpled paper-like background. 

11. Flower - Free Fall PowerPoint Themes features a floral border design in brownish-pink. It's suitable for autumn presentations.

12. Abstract Autumn PowerPoint Background Free. This a free abstract design in autumn colors. It features leaves all over a background illustration of a city. 

13. Abstract Leaf - Fall Themed PowerPoint Templates Free. This background comes with a green leaf image on a light background. Use this template for any autumn or nature-themed presentations. 

Abstract Leaf - Fall Themed PowerPoint Templates Free

14. Thanksgiving - Autumn PowerPoint Backgrounds Free uses warm autumn or fall colors and elements like pumpkins, apples, and autumn leaves. 

15. Watercolor - Free Fall PowerPoint Presentation Template uses an autumn-inspired palette. But there are other color options (non-autumn) to pick from too.

16. Leaves - Free Fall PowerPoint Theme comes with ten slides that use warm autumn colors. The main slide is of autumn leaves hanging on a string. 

17. Fall Time - Free Fall PowerPoint Slides uses colorful flat illustrations of people, a selection of different leaves, and warm autumn colors. 

18. Fall Fashion - Autumn PowerPoint Backgrounds Free is a simple design template. Your images are the main focus on the slides. 

Fall Fashion - Autumn PowerPoint Backgrounds Free

19. Happy Thanksgiving - Free Fall PowerPoint Background Autumn. An illustration of a turkey is the main focus on the cover slide. Other slides have other Thanksgiving and autumn-themed elements.   

20. Fall Themed PowerPoint Templates Free. The background photo of this slide design is of a forest in early autumn near water. There's also the reflection of these trees on the water. 

21. Leaves - Free Fall PowerPoint Presentation Template. This template uses a photo of wet autumn leaves on the ground as the background image.

22. Brown Leaves - Free Fall PowerPoint Themes is a simple design. It features an image of brown leaves against a white background.

23. Blue Sky - Free Fall PowerPoint Presentation Template features autumn leaves on a tree with the sky as the background.

Blue Sky - Free Fall PowerPoint Presentation Template

24. Leaves and Fence - Fall Themed PowerPoint Templates Free. This template uses a photo as its background. The picture is of dried leaves on the ground near a wooden fence. 

25. Autumn Tree - Free Fall PowerPoint Theme comes with an image of a tree full of dried leaves. It's a simple and nature-focused image.

5 Quick PowerPoint Fall (Autumn) Presentation Design Tips for 2020

Once you've got your autumn themed PowerPoint templates, it's time to customize them. Here are five easy tips to help you get the most from your fall PowerPoint templates:

1. Go Premium

Fall Barbeque PPT Template a premium template on Envato Elements
Fall Barbeque PPT Template, a premium template on Envato Elements

Premium templates are the best as they allow you to work smart. Use premium templates regardless of your design skills. Leave the heavy lifting to the experts, save on design time, and enjoy useful features that'll help you create the best presentations. 

2. Use Animation and Transitions

Animation and transitions help make your presentation lively and fun. Break down complex infographics by phasing in individual sections to help your audience focus better. But use animation and transitions sparingly as too much can get distracting. Explore these fun options and learn how to use them in your next presentations:

3. Use High-Quality Photos and Graphics

Photos or graphics are a massive part of any presentation. Only use high-quality images as pixelated or stretched images aren't easy to make out. It also reflects poorly on you. 

Beautiful Fall Autumn Scenery and The Bridge
Beautiful Fall Autumn Scenery and The Bridge, a premium graphic illustration on Envato Elements

Fortunately, unlimited access to high-quality professional photos and graphics is part of the Envato Elements monthly subscription. Improve all your future presentations and creative projects with Envato Elements.

4. Keep It Minimal

Keep your slides clean and easy to follow. The best way to do this is by avoiding clutter and taking a minimalistic approach to creating your slides. 

Fall PowerPoint Background Template a minimalistic premium template on Envato Elements
Fall PowerPoint Background Template, a minimalistic premium template on Envato Elements

Here are a few tips to help you maintain minimalistic slides:

  • focus more on visuals to bring across your point rather than text
  • if you've got to use text, keep it in bullet points and use larger fonts
  • use larger images
  • avoid too many elements (text or images) on each slide
  • use only a few colors on a slide
  • use animations or transitions sparingly 

5. Go for Contrast

Contrast is a significant element of design principles. If you're going premium, you don't have to worry much. The experts created these premium templates with all design principles in mind. Just add your content to these premium templates and you're ready to present. But if you're planning to use a free template found online or need to do some customization to any pre-built (premium or free) template, check out this article:

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Need more Microsoft PowerPoint template inspiration before you make your decision? Check out other best articles with free PPT templates for presentations in 2020.

Here are three unique articles:

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Here are three examples of useful how-tos available in The Ultimate Tutorial Guide:

Grab a Premium Fall PowerPoint Background Template Today!

Start the search for premium fall or autumn PowerPoint templates at Envato Elements. Enjoy unlimited access to millions of creative digital assets, including premium PPT templates, as soon as you become a monthly subscriber. This allows you to download and use any creative assets as you'd want. 

Would you like to test out a premium fall PowerPoint template before signing up for Envato Elements? Discover the selection of premium autumn-themed PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver that you can buy and download one-at-a-time.

Though premium templates from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver are the best choice, it may not be an option for you right now. Have a look at the 25 free fall PowerPoint slide templates in this article. Use a premium or free pre-built presentation template to avoid creating your presentations from scratch. 

It's time to create an impressive fall presentation like a pro with a premium fall PPT template. Download one now!

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