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10+ Best Free Modern Resume Templates (Download Clean CV Design Formats 2020)


When you're job hunting, a resume is one of your most important tools. That's how recruiters decide whether you make the cut and get to the interview stage. 

Modern Resume Templates on Envato Elements
Premium Modern Resume & Cover Letter template from Envato Elements

But creating the perfect resume isn't always easy. One way to save yourself some hassle is to use a template so you use the right modern resume format to wow potential employers.

A great place to find the best modern resume templates is Envato Elements. There are also more modern resume styles on GraphicRiver.

Find Premium Modern Resume Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Free modern resume templates are okay if you're on a tight budget. But don't you want your resume to stand out? The best way to do that is with a premium template.

If you're searching for the best modern CV templates that'll enhance your current resume or help you create a new one, Envato Elements has a great offer you won't want to miss: download as many premium modern resume styles as you want, all for one low price. 

Envato Elements - Design Without Limits

To find the perfect modern resume format on Envato Elements, select Graphic Templates to the right of the search box, then type modern resume into the search box. You'll see more than 10,000 clean CV designs to download. When you find the perfect template, click Download. Then start customizing your resume.

Find clean CV designs on Envato Elements

To learn more about creating a resume that stands out to hiring managers, check out our guide to creating a great resume.

5 Best Premium Modern Resume Templates on Envato Elements

If you really want to wow the HR manager, then a professional design is the way to go. If you're not confident about your design skills, then using a modern resume template will help you benefit from professional design and speed up the resume creation process. Plus, you'll end up with a polished resume that attracts recruiters

To help you get started, check out these best premium modern resume layouts on Envato Elements:

1. Modern Resume Design Template

 modern minimalist resume from Envato Elements

This modern minimalist resume template is very attractive and will make your CV stand out. It's well-designed, with an infographic style approach to showing off your skills. This is an A4 modern resume template, which you can edit in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

2. Modern Resume and CV Template

modern resume template 2020

This is one of the nicest modern resume examples with a contrasting side panel to highlight your photo, contact details, and skills. Education and work experience are on the light-colored panel on the left, making for a visually appealing overall package.

3. CV Resume Template, Creative, Clean & Modern

modern minimalist resume

Many modern design resume templates make good use of color, and this clean CV design is no exception. This US Letter template has an attractive look and makes the different sections of your resume stand out. The template pack includes Microsoft Word and InDesign files.

4. Modern Minimalist CV Resume

modern design resume templates

This modern CV and resume template are professionally designed and easy to edit. The template set includes a cover, cover letter and resume template. It offers a crisp, clean look to your professional details.

5. Resume Vol. 93

modern cv resume template

The bright yellow background certainly makes this modern resume format layout stand out. It's an A4 template for InDesign which is easy to edit. Once you create your resume with this template, it'll be hard to ignore.

Best Modern Premium Resume Designs on GraphicRiver

If you're planning to create multiple resume designs, you'll definitely need the unlimited downloads on Envato Elements. But if you're just planning to create a single CV, then the best premium modern resume designs on GraphicRiver are a good starting point.

Find modern resume styles on GraphicRiver

To find the perfect modern resume layout, go to the Graphics tab on GraphicRiver, then type modern resume into the search box. You'll be able to browse thousands of modern resume layouts. Get started with some of our top picks:

1. Modern Resume - Clean Resume Lines

modern resume design

This modern resume example lets you create a two-page resume, so it works well for someone with a long and varied career. The template set includes a cover letter layout. This crisp design is professional and easy to read, to give you a great chance of landing your dream job.

2. Modern Resume - Editable Design

modern resume format

You can use multiple applications to customize this earth-toned modern cv template. Every element is editable and resizable, and you can use Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. This is an elegant, A4 CV template.

3. Modern Resume Template

find modern resume examples on GraphicRiver

This modern CV and resume template is designed with a difference and will certainly make your resume more visible. With timelines, bar charts, and other graphics, it looks more like an infographic, which should pique recruiters' interest. The template set includes both black and white and color versions.

4. Lucky Resume

lucky modern resume template

Not sure which color scheme you want for your new resume? This set of modern resume layouts includes eight different colorways. Not only can you use it to create a resume and cover letter, but there's also a portfolio template, so you can show a complete package to hiring managers.

5. Modern Resume - Minimal Design

get a  modern resume template on GraphicRiver

This minimalist modern resume design is in black and white. The template set includes a two-page resume template, along with a cover letter template, and a reference page template. This is an attractive and professional design.

10+ Free Modern Resume Templates

It's hard to beat the advantages of using a premium modern resume design template: professional design and easy customization. But sometimes you just don't have the money.

Before looking for a free modern resume templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings. Try out various premium template files (not always resume templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

But if you're on a tight budget and can't find premium quality, then it's worth looking around for free modern resume templates. Here's a selection free modern resumes to start you off:

1. Boast

Boast, from Hloom, is a modern template that lets you showcase your skills. This CV template includes a visual grid so recruiters can assess your experience at a glance.

2. Crisp and Clean Resume

If you're searching for a modern resume template in 2020 that's free to download, check out the Microsoft Office site. The Moo template showcased here is well-designed and attractive.

moo clean resume template free

3. Free Resume / CV Template

Behance is another site that offers a few free modern resume templates for Word. This example includes four document formats, with attractive header images, and activity icons.

4. Balanced Resume

This resume from Microsoft Office is a single column resume template that puts your skills at the forefront. It features an attractive, modern minimalist resume design.

5. Ardent

This clean resume template is free from Hloom. It features a section where you can include your picture, with plenty of space for skills and experience.

6. Google Docs Swiss

Another place to get a clean resume template for free is from Google. Go to File>New> From Template when logged in to access them. The Swiss template has a clean, crisp look.

7. The Muse

Look no further than The Muse for modern resume styles. It's an attractive resume template that's easy to customize in Google Docs. 

free modern resume templates

8. Google Docs Serif

This is an attractive and stylish resume template that's easy to make your own. It's one of several from Google.

9. Google Docs Modern Writer

The red and white color scheme of this free resume template from Google draws the gaze. In keeping with its name, it looks like it's been created on an old-fashioned typewriter.

10. Google Docs Coral

This is another clean resume template that's free to download from Google. With a coral and white color scheme, it's a single column resume template.

11. Google Docs Spearmint

If you like green and white, you'll love the fresh crispness of the Spearmint free resume template for Google Docs. 

5 Quick Design Tips to Make Modern Resume Designs in 2020

If you want to enhance the appeal of your resume, check out the resume design tips below:

1. Create Visual Hierarchy

see modern resume templates on Envato Elements

Make it easy for recruiters to find key sections of your resume by using fonts to create visual hierarchy. Don't overdo it; a title font and body font should be enough. Read our guide to pairing fonts to help you make the right font choices. 

2. Use Color

There's no rule that says your CV or resume has to be in basic black print on a white background. With so many CVs delivered electronically, make yours stand out with a splash - or more - of color. This is a great way to draw attention to some of your best characteristics.

3. Showcase Your Results 

Visit Envato Elements to find modern resume layouts

When choosing a clean resume template, free or premium, ensure there's an easy way to make the key results you've achieved stand out. That's one of the parts that'll interest recruiters most, so don't hide it away.

4. Avoid Distracting Design Elements

If there's anything on your resume that doesn't contribute to the goal of getting you the job, take it out. Yes, you want your resume to look great, but you want to avoid anything that distracts recruiters from that purpose. A simple, effective design is often the way to go.

5. Use the Right Language

find modern resume styles on envato elements

When you're talking about your achievements, use some of the language that's in the job ad. This helps show that you're the right person for the job and can make a difference in getting you to the interview stage.

Learn More About Creating Modern Resumes

Want to learn more about how to create a modern resume? Take a look at the tutorials and guides below:

Discover More Modern Resume Templates for 2020

In this roundup, you've seen some of the best premium and free modern resume templates to download. For even more choice, take a look at the following articles:

Get a Modern Resume Template Today

Free modern resume templates are okay if you can't afford anything better. But the modern resume templates you find for free download typically don't have the quality and features of professionally designed modern resume templates.

If you want recruiters to take you seriously, it's essential to have a polished, professional resume. Download as many premium modern resume templates as you want from Envato Elements for a single, low price. Plus, you can see modern resume styles for one-off use on GraphicRiver. Grab your template and update your resume today.

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