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25+ Free Pink & Red PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2022

Read Time: 24 mins

Use an eye-catching pink or simple red PowerPoint template for your next presentation. It'll give your audience an unforgettable experience. 

LUNA PINK is one of the top premium red and pink PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements.

Having a hard time creating a unique and memorable PowerPoint Presentation? Are you on a tight budget but want your presentations to look professional? 

While you can find cute PowerPoint templates for free they aren't the best value. Use a premium PowerPoint template for a professional look right out of the gate. Red or pink PowerPoint templates will help grab your audience's attention. They'll give you the ability to deliver an informative and memorable presentation. 

Professionally designed premium templates will also help you save time and money. The best premium pink and red PowerPoint templates are available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. They're a must-have!

Best Premium Pink & Red PowerPoint PPT Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has thousands of the best premium Pink & Red PowerPoint PPT Templates available on the web!

For a low monthly cost, you get the entire library of PowerPoint templates to bring your presentations to life. Get access to a collection of creative assets: including fonts, videos, photos, and many other helpful resources.

Best Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements
Best Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates (premium) on Envato Elements

These hand-crafted templates give you the ability to make a completely custom presentation. Create a PowerPoint presentation that your audience will remember and enjoy.

This site includes tons of options for pink PPT templates and pink PowerPoint backgrounds. The templates offered by Envato Elements include many features including:

  • all slides are fully editable
  • free fonts used
  • gallery and portfolio slides
  • free ready to use icons

If you need to buy red and pink PowerPoint templates one at a time, you can find plenty of professional-looking on GraphicRiver. These red and pink templates have the same great quality as the Envato Elements templates. They're a go-to for all your single purchase template needs. 

Start your search for premium PowerPoint templates with GraphicRiver's best-selling PowerPoint templates available.

5 Best Premium Pink & Red PowerPoint PPT Templates from Envato Elements for 2022

Envato Elements has you covered. Find the highest quality pink and red PowerPoint templates. These are so much stronger than the red PowerPoint template free options. To help you out, we've collected five of the best from Envato Elements:

1. Red Velvet


Looking for an engaging and creative presentation template? Red Velvet Food And Beverage Template is a functional bright pink PPT template.

Here's what you can expect in this PPT template in pink:

  • modern and professional themes 
  • 20 multipurpose slides
  • unlimited color options 
  • handmade Infographic 

2. Olight


Create a professional and clean pitch deck with this pink PowerPoint background template. This pink PPT template helps you create a design rapidly. This PPT pink is ideal for technology and digital business presentations.

3. Galerium


If your design style is dynamic and fun, this gradient pink PPT template is for you. With easy-to-change colors and picture placeholders design professional presentations. Create artsy and cool slides to showcase your personality and unique style.



This multipurpose simple red PowerPoint Template is perfect for business presentations. A red PowerPoint template free lacks the ease-of-use of this one. The FIERY REDS - Multipurpose PowerPoint template offers 46 modern slides.

This red PowerPoint template features:

  • unique, clean & minimal design
  • 46 unique slides 
  • 5 color schemes
  • drag and drop image placeholder ready

5. Red Code


The Red Code PowerPoint Template comes with infographics, illustrations and photo placeholders. This red PowerPoint template  includes animated slides to get your audience's attention.

Learn some tricks on how to create engaging presentations here:

10 Top Premium Pink and Red PPT Templates (GraphicRiver 2022)

With GraphicRiver you choose what you pay for. Fall in love with your next red and pink PowerPoint template. Here are ten top premium pink PPT templates and simple red PowerPoint templates for you to start creating:

1. Pink


Don't miss out on this creative-looking template with a pink PPT background. Abstract shapes in the slide layouts will give your presentation a fresh look. The pink PowerPoint background will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Give your next presentation an updated design with this fully customizable template.

You'll love the pink PowerPoint backgrounds in this download. Here are a few notable features for this pink PPT template:

  • 60+ unique slides
  • free fonts used
  • transition animations
  • creative slides

2. Red Hawk

Red HawkRed HawkRed Hawk

This template has what you need to deliver a successful presentation. The elegant color scheme creates a sense of professionalism while being trendy.

Here's what's included in this presentation:

  • 36 total slides
  • all graphics are resizable and editable
  • free web fonts 
  • 16:9 widescreen ratio
  • drag and drop editor

Download the Red Hawk red PowerPoint template today!

3. Xperiencee


Creating your next pitch deck? The Xperiencee PPT template pink is exactly what you need. This pink PowerPoint template is a modern option for unique-looking presentations.

4. Clean Red White Modern Corporate Profile

Clean red PowerPoint templatesClean red PowerPoint templatesClean red PowerPoint templates

Red PowerPoint templates like this are great for business. A sleek profile deck, this template includes 30 custom slide layouts. To each, you can easily add your own content. Plus, it includes charts and infographics to help bring data concepts to life.

5. Fredecia


Fredecia – Creative Business PowerPoint Template is where cute meets professional. Download the template PPT pink to show what your company is about in a presentation.

6. Movilova PowerPoint Presentation Template

Movilova simple red PowerPoint templateMovilova simple red PowerPoint templateMovilova simple red PowerPoint template

Movilova is a top 2022 simple red PowerPoint template. Built around master slide layouts, bulk edits are a breeze. You can drag and drop images and more right onto the slides. This template is built in a widescreen layout, ideal for printing and digital sharing.

7. Pstl Pink


Make your presentations look cute and creative using this pink PowerPoint background template. With an ultra-modern design, this pink PPT template has a strong focus on typography.

8. Red


Looking for simplicity? Say no more! This simple red PowerPoint template is the perfect solution for bold presentations. This  editable red PPT template that features big text placeholders on every slide.

9. Vanshe


Looking for a versatile and minimal template? Get creative with this editable pink PowerPoint template. A strong template grid and a pastel color palette will guide your design. Vanshe – Minimal Pastel PowerPoint Template is perfect for professional and unique presentations.

10. RED Commercial Proposal


This GraphicRiver red PowerPoint template is where fashion meets business. Create a professional commercial proposal using 50 creative slides designed for success.  Easily drag & drop images and text to get your message across. 

25 Top Free Pink & Red PowerPoint Presentation Templates to Download for 2022

The premium pink and red PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are the best designs you can find.

Free Premium TemplatesFree Premium TemplatesFree Premium Templates
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

Before looking for a free pink or red PPT template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always PowerPoint templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files. That includes fonts, presentations, videos, and more. Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

  • Or try Envato Market for free. They offer seven handpicked monthly freebies. Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's handpicked premium freebies

What if you couldn't find premium-quality red or pink free slides? Here are the top twenty-five pink and red PowerPoint presentation templates for you to download in 2022:

1. Pink Patterns Template

Pink Patterns TemplatePink Patterns TemplatePink Patterns Template

This free pink PPT template has a simple patterned background and is fully editable. There are 25 different slides that have the standard 16:9 screen layout. 

2. Background Red

Free Background Red PowerPoint template is an abstract design. The main design features a circular shape with red around the circle. These red and white PowerPoint templates for free will be suitable for most business and personal presentations. 

3. Watercolor Waves

Watercolor texture can give your PPT pink template a calm and relaxing vibe. You can download template PPT pink for free and create beautiful designs with 25 different slides to choose from.

4. Radical Red Fitness

Radical Red FitnessRadical Red FitnessRadical Red Fitness

The layout of the slides in this free red PowerPoint template contains red sections for headers and other notable content. This template will open in PowerPoint versions all the way back to 2010. It features a read PowerPoint background.

5. Pink Coffee Cream

This free pink PowerPoint template will work for any presentation that needs a relaxed and light-hearted feel to it. Expect a pink coffee cup and a pink cookie on the main slide.

6. Red Background

The Red Background features an abstract red smoke cloud throughout the slides. Most of the slides are also separated into two sections with one of the sections having a red strip. If you're looking for a free red PowerPoint background template, you may like this one.

7. Pink Noise

Pink NoisePink NoisePink Noise

Pink noise is a very basic presentation template. Use it for business or personal presentations. The pink PPT template is also fully editable. It can work well if you don't need any of the bells and whistles of some of the other templates.

8. Red Raspberry

This template features green backgrounds with images on the top and sides of the slides. Crafted in 16:9 ratio this template is compatible with most PowerPoint software.

9. Pink Vintage

Looking for a pink pastel free PowerPoint template? The Pink Vintage template features a floral and light pink background. This light pink PowerPoint template will work well for any presentation that needs a more relaxed tone. 

10. Chinese New Year

Chinese New YearChinese New YearChinese New Year

Illustrated to represent the year of the Rat for the Chinese New Year. The free red PowerPoint templates come with 25 different slides that are customizable.

11. Pink Basic

This basic template contains slides that are good for pink presentations about fashion or music. If you need a clean and no-fuss pink PPT template, Pink Basic can work for you.

12. Creative Blobs

This PowerPoint template has a cheerful vibe to it. Get the cute PowerPoint templates free. Use it as a Google Slides theme or download it as a PowerPoint template and edit on your computer. 

13. Pink Flowers 

Pink Flowers Pink Flowers Pink Flowers

These pink free slides have a pink flower background. Use the light pink PowerPoint templates in florist presentations online. Also use this for other general-purpose presentations where you need to have the color pink in it.

14. Warm Triangles

Warm Triangles features a pattern of triangles in the warm colors yellow, orange, and red. This slightly abstract background will work for business, marketing, technology, and science presentations. 

15. 3D Pink Paper

This PowerPoint pink theme has a modern feel. It'll fit all types of business presentations. The background has 3D pink triangles with a pink streak running across the slide.

16. Creative Pitch Deck

Creative Pitch DeckCreative Pitch DeckCreative Pitch Deck

The pink PowerPoint template has hand-drawn illustrations and typography. It's fully editable and easy-to-change colors, text, and photos.

17. Abstract Pink Flowers

Expect a light pink floral design on the background of all the slides. These pink free slides are simple and can be the basis of any personal or business presentation.  

18. Warm Triangles

This template is fully customizable and comes with 25 different slides. Use this red PowerPoint template free to create fun and geometric presentations.

19. Pink Lines

Pink LinesPink LinesPink Lines

Abstract Pink with Lines PowerPoint template is a simple abstract design with colored lines over a pink background color. The template comes with three masters: a main, slide, and print.

20. Bird

Use this dark pink PowerPoint background template to design beautiful presentations. This template is compatible with MS PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365. Easy to customize and different slide designs.

21. Red Gloss

Red Gloss gives you a minimalist design that'll work for almost any type of presentation. The master slide features a red ribbon at the bottom of the slide. 

22. Pink PPT

Pink PPTPink PPTPink PPT

This template has a pink PowerPoint background with some abstract shapes at the bottom. Easily add your own content to the pink PPT template.

23. Exotic Red

Exotic Red has a red background with plenty of space to write the title of the slide. The slides feature different shades of red colors covering each slide. 

24. Big Pink Curves

This free PowerPoint template has flowers in the background. If you need to create any presentation that features the color pink, then this pink PowerPoint background template will work for you. 

25. Rose Bud Cherry Background  

Rose Bud Cherry BackgroundRose Bud Cherry BackgroundRose Bud Cherry Background

Expect to see square blocks with different shades of pink on a pink PowerPoint background. This is a multipurpose template that'll work especially well for business presentations. 

How to Quickly Customize Pink PowerPoint Template Designs

We’ve explored the best pink PowerPoint template designs from around the web. Combined with template PPT red designs, these bring colorful new life to your slide decks.

Now, it’s time to learn how to customize these themes. With a premium design, it takes just five steps. Let’s learn how.

Suzela Pink PowerPoint templateSuzela Pink PowerPoint templateSuzela Pink PowerPoint template
Suzela is a premium pink PowerPoint template filled with premium features.

Ready to follow along? Download the Suzela - Pink Color Theme Business PowerPoint from Envato Elements, which we’ll use in this quick tutorial.

The tips in this section were written using Windows and Office 365. If you’ve got a different an operating system or a different version of PowerPoint, your steps may be slightly different.

Let's get started:

1. Add Custom Text

A pink PowerPoint template like this includes dozens of slides. Your task is to choose the PPT pink background slides that work best for your topic. On each of these slides, the first step is to add custom text.

Pink PowerPoint templatePink PowerPoint templatePink PowerPoint template
Add custom text to your premium PPT template by replacing the contents of placeholder text boxes.

Premium slides like these already have text placed on them. This is merely placeholder text, meant to help you place your own words. To add your own words, select the contents of any text box. Then, type over them with your keyboard. Repeat throughout your pink presentation background to add your content to the deck.

2. Customize Fonts

When you download template PPT pink designs, remember that fonts are a key part of your style. By adding new fonts and text effects, you can make the designs truly your own.

With text selected, find the Fonts section, on PowerPoint’s Home tab. Here, you’ll see an array of buttons and dropdown menus.

PPT pink backgroundPPT pink backgroundPPT pink background
Add new font styles and effects to make your premium pink PowerPoint template stand out.

The buttons control effects like underlines, italics, and more. Click any to apply. Or change the font size and style by using the dropdown menus.

In search of cool custom fonts? As an Envato Elements member, you've got instant access to thousands of custom fonts. Explore your favorites and download them today.

3. Insert Images

With pink PowerPoint templates free download options, adding images is a manual process. But it’s a breeze with premium templates like this.

Slides like #9 include image placeholders, the best way to add photos to your slides. You’ll see the placeholder on the left side of the slide.

Pink background for PowerPointPink background for PowerPointPink background for PowerPoint
Image placeholders found in premium pink presentation background designs make design easy.

To add a photo, browse to an image file stored on your computer. Then, simply click and drag it over the image placeholder. Drop it into place, and PowerPoint instantly imports it. You’ll see it sized and scaled to fit perfectly. 

4. Edit Shape Colors

Adjacent to the image placeholder is a colorful shape. This is a stylish pink PPT template but imagine that you want to transform it into a set of red PowerPoint templates.

Easy! Begin by clicking on the shape. Then, click on the Shape Format menu, which has appeared on the ribbon.

Pink PPT templatePink PPT templatePink PPT template
A premium download template PPT pink layout like this lets you edit colors using the Shape Fill dropdown menu.

On the left, choose the Shape Fill dropdown menu. Here, you’ll see an array of color options to transform the shape. Click on one of the thumbnails to apply the new color. In a moment, you’ll see your slide transform. 

5. Build a Chart

Free pink PowerPoint themes include only simple layouts. But designs like this premium option offer many more features. For example, slide #14 includes a beautiful chart. And thanks to the template, it’s easy to edit with your own data.

Download template PPT pinkDownload template PPT pinkDownload template PPT pink
Charts bring data to life, and they're included in premium pink presentation background templates like this.

To get started, right-click on the chart area. From the list of options, choose Edit Data in Excel. An Excel spreadsheet will open, with the labels and data inside. To edit, simply replace this data with your own. As you work, the chart will instantly update to match the new data.

As you can see, it’s easy to customize a pink background for PowerPoint. That’s all thanks to premium PPT templates from Envato Elements. 

5 Quick PowerPoint Slide Design Tips for Better Pink & Red Colored Presentations

The quality red and pink PowerPoint templates in this article will kickstart the creation process. But you'll still need to edit your slides in order for them to fit your particular presentation. To assist you with your presentations, here are five quick design tips that you can put in place right now:

1. Align All Objects and Text

To make sure that your slides look as professional as possible, you'll want to align all the text and objects. This will give the slides a more uniform look and make the slide much more enjoyable to read. When aligning the objects and text, try to keep them from the corners of the slides. This will make sure the slide looks spacious.

Align all objectsAlign all objectsAlign all objects
A mockup slide with mobile imagery from the premium Redness PowerPoint template. Notice the object alignment.

2. Keep It Simple

While this may be a common tip for PowerPoint presentations that you hear, it's still overlooked. Keeping each slide simple and compact is the best way to deliver your PowerPoint. 

Often, presenters have a ton of information that they want to share with their audience. So,  they end up putting way too much text, images, graphics, and charts into individual slides. PowerPoints should go over the broad strokes of the presentation, not contain all the details. 

3. Use Appropriate Fonts

Knowing which fonts to use in your slides is key for delivering a quality presentation. Find a font that fits the type of presentation you're delivering. 

Using a futuristic font in a financial presentation would be an example of using an incorrect font. Also, use a font that's easily legible. This will help your audience read all your slides with ease.

Use appropriate fontsUse appropriate fontsUse appropriate fonts
The fonts in the premium Extremely Pink PowerPoint template from Envato Elements are very legible.

4. Avoid Sentences

PowerPoint presentations are most effective when you use bullet points to give a more detailed explanation. You don't want to write your entire presentation on your slides as this will be too overwhelming for your audience. Short bullet-point lists on each page will work well here. 

5. Use High-Quality Graphics

If you're going to include any graphics on your slides, make sure they're of high quality. Using blurred and low-resolution graphics will make your presentation come across as amateur. That'll almost certainly affect the success of your presentation. 

Use high-quality graphicsUse high-quality graphicsUse high-quality graphics
The premium Redness - PowerPoint template has plenty of placeholders for high-quality graphics.

5 Top Pink & Red Presentation Template Design Trends (For 2022)

Feel like you can’t keep up with design trends? Been there. It’s helpful to check out learning platforms once in a while to stay on track.

To make things easier for you, we’ve gathered the top PPT template pink and red design trends for 2022. Stick to these as much as possible to impress your audience in every slide:

1. 90s All the Way

Nostalgia will always be in trend. In 2022 design will travel back to the 1990s. Consider design patterns, emojis and gradients in your pink PowerPoint template. 

Go retro with this Creative Gradient (Premium Template) pink PowerPoint background template.

2. Fun Illustrations and Doodles 

It’s time to get personal. Design trends for 2022 are inviting us to show more vulnerability with imperfect drawings. Give a human touch to your pink PPT template by doodling ideas out on each slide. 

3. More Is More

Trends are leaving minimalism behind and moving towards maximalism styles. Never fear being too extra when it comes to making a statement with your PPT template pink and red. Go for bright pinks, bold reds, and even play around with multiple tones and contrasts. 

Make your presentations look fun with this WOMEN Premium PPT template pink. Make your presentations look fun with this WOMEN Premium PPT template pink. Make your presentations look fun with this WOMEN Premium PPT template pink. 
Make your presentations look fun with this WOMEN Premium PPT template pink. 

4. Geometric Patterns 

Geometry will always be in-style. Bring your pink PowerPoint background template to life with simple shapes and patterns. It’s a simple resource to make your design look dynamic. 

5. Fun Type 

Stop looking for the perfect match between fonts. Next year’s design trends are going for more artistic and dramatic type styles. Turn a simple red PowerPoint template into a creative experience with irregular and fun typography.

Dalova - Romance PowerPoint Premium Template shows a great example of playful fonts.

Many pink & red presentation template designs from Envato Elements have custom fonts built in. Plus, Elements has a library of thousands of custom fonts. All come with your membership, and you can use them in the templates of your choice.

Discover More Stylish PowerPoint Presentation Templates Designs for 2022

Premium templates mentioned here are some of the best  templates available on the web. This is only a small collection of the feature-rich red and pink PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. 

Purchasing a low-cost unlimited subscription on Envato Elements. Have complete access to a library full of diverse PowerPoint templates

If you didn't find the pink and red PowerPoint templates you were looking for in this article, no worries. Check out the other articles on Envato Tuts+ for more high-quality PowerPoint presentations:

5 Benefits of Using the Best PowerPoint Presentation Templates With Pro Designs

Presentations are a great medium to share ideas, and maybe it's time to take your game to the next level. Spend more time in content and less in design with an unlimited supply of ready-to-download template PPTs.

Here are five reasons to use red or pink PowerPoint templates for your presentations in 2022:

  1. Time saver. If you aren't trying to become a designer, having a premade pink PPT PowerPoint template gets most of the work done. You'll only have to replace images and text in placeholders throughout to make your life easier.
  2. Professional design level. Good design takes time. Work with professionally designed simple red PowerPoint templates. These make your PPT presentations look sharp and ready to sell your ideas.
  3. Instant inspiration. It's OK if you're not quite sure on how your presentation should look. A good pink PPT template is a great start. Once you're in, you'll find a stock of content ideas to let your creativity flow. 
  4. You can still make it unique. Want to add some personality? A well-designed PowerPoint template will give you the basic structure and elements.
  5. Memorable design. Create unforgettable presentations with powerful design elements. Choose from a library of PPT templates to make every presentation stand out.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a unique marketplace. For a flat-rate subscription, you get thousands of great premium download template PPT pink.

Best Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements
Premium Pink and Red PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited-use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to simple red PowerPoint template, and more—all for one low price

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

Once you get the hang of things, you may be wanting to upgrade your PowerPoint skills. Learn from the questions most users have to learn a trick or two on powerful presentation making.

You asked the questions and we provide you with some answers below:

1. How Can I Make a More Fun and Dynamic Presentation?

Slides can get boring after a while. Keep your audience engaged creating some text animations in your pink PowerPoint template. Learn more with this quick and easy tutorial:

2. Where Can I Find PowerPoint Design Inspiration?

After creating a couple of presentations, you might feel ideas getting repetitive. One of the best ways to get over creative blocks is by learning from the experts. The next tutorial will give you plenty of ideas to keep creating: 

3. How Can I Keep Track of Time While Presenting?

It’s easy to lose track of time during a presentation. The danger of getting too excited with words is losing your audience’s attention. The good news is that you can add a timer to a PowerPoint template slide. Learn how with the next tutorial:

4. How to Make Impactful Presentation Designs?

Choosing the right design style for each slide can help engage your audience. To make a real impact from the get-go you need to create an impactful presentation cover. The next article and video will give you some ideas:

5. Any Tips on How to Make More Interesting Presentations?

As you get better with PPT template designs, the last thing you want to be is boring. Learn from some design tips to make your presentations interesting and alive. Follow the next tutorial: 

Learn More About Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a great tool to let your creative juices flow. Use pink and red PPT templates to get started to make bold and unique presentations. If you're just getting started, learn how to use MS PowerPoint with this ultimate tutorial guide. 

Keep learning new tricks and skills to become a pro in PowerPoint. Make the most of your downloaded template PPT with pink and red using the best tutorials:

Get Your Pink & Red PowerPoint Presentation Templates Today!

Make a professional PowerPoint presentation on a tight budget and schedule. Start the presentation creation process with a high-quality template.

Need more than one hand-crafted template? Envato Elements has thousands of PowerPoint templates for you. Download them for just one low-cost monthly payment.

If you need only one PowerPoint template now, then GraphicRiver is your go-to option for high-quality templates.

Don't wait another second! Grab your next PowerPoint template and get to creating a presentation that your audience will love.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Janila Castañeda, and Andrew Childress. Janilla is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. Andrew Childress is a freelance instructor.

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