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20+ Best Free Website Design & Development Proposal Templates for 2021


The website design proposal that you present to your clients will either make or break your chances of being hired or continuing to work with your clients.

Web Design Proposal
Web Design Proposal is one of the many high-quality premium proposal templates available on Envato Elements. 

The website design proposal should contain all the information your clients need to make a well-informed decision. It needs to be presented in a professional way. You need to put your business's best foot forward through the use of website proposal templates. 

Help kick start the design process of your next web design proposal by beginning with a professionally crafted template that'll catch the attention of your potential clients. 

With free or premium website proposal templates in 2021, focus on the actual content of the proposal instead of having to also focus on the design. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver can help provide you with the latest contemporary website development proposal designs. 

Best Premium Website Design & Development Proposal Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has a library full of the best premium website design and development proposal templates available on the web!

For a low monthly cost, access this massive library of templates and bring your proposals to life. Not only can you access all the best web design proposals available, but you gain access to graphics, videos, photos, and tons of other resources that could be helpful to you and your business.

The unlimited downloads that Envato Elements offers let you download and try out as many web design proposal templates as you'd like.

But, if you just need to buy individual website proposal templates, head on over to GraphicRiver and browse through their collection of high-quality templates as well.

Best Selling Website Design  Development Proposal Templates on Envato Elements
Best-selling website design & development proposal templates available on Envato Elements 

By using a professionally designed template to present all your well-researched proposal in a modern and minimalistic looking design your proposal will be enjoyable to read and easy to digest. A proposal that's both well-researched content and attractive design is sure to help generate new business.

You may be tempted to download a web design sample for free from the internet. But those samples often don't contain the same features as a premium template. And they may be subject to licensing restrictions.

The templates that come with Envato Elements and GraphicRiver include various features including:

  • multi-page custom designs
  • free fonts 
  • Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word compatibility
  • easy to change color schemes
  • complete customization of the templates

Don't waste time designing a proposal. Leave this to the professionals and use a template to create your next web design or web redesign proposal.

Top 5 Website Design & Development Proposal Templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

To help you with your search for the ideal website development proposal template for your clients, I've collected five best-selling premium proposal templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Web Design Proposal

Web Design Proposal

First on our list of the top website proposal templates is Web Design Proposal. This premium template offers 20 pages of designs that are fully editable. All the elements added to each page are well organized. 

So, hop right into the four Adobe InDesign files and customize them quickly. The website proposal template comes with not only a front cover, but a back cover as well. If you've got a detailed web design proposal, then this is the perfect template for you.

2. Strategy & Tactical Plan Web Design Proposal

Strategy  Tactical Plan Web Design Proposal

Use this premium web design proposal template not only for web design, but also for web development, and apps. What's great about this template is that it also comes with a Microsoft Word document in case you're not familiar with Adobe InDesign or don't have the software. 

Here are a few notable features of this website proposal template:

  • A4 and US letter page size
  • CMYK color mode
  • fully editable (images not included)
  • free fonts used

3. Simple Web Design Proposal

Simple Web Design Proposal

The Premium Web Design Proposal offers a clean and simple design with a classic grey, black, and light blue color scheme that's sure to impress. Each page contains a different spacious design that's got graphics and plenty of room for you to detail your specific project. This template can also work well as a web development proposal template and app proposal template.  

Here's what to expect from this web design or web redesign proposal template:

  • 24 custom pages
  • CMYK Color Mode
  • Free fonts used
  • INDD & IDML InDesign files included 

4. Web Design & Development Proposal

Web Design Development Proposal

Next up on our list of website proposal templates is one from GraphicRiver, which is available for individual sale. The template has a modern and professional design that's fully editable. All you've got to do is input the text, images, and color scheme. You'll have a web design proposal that'll stand out.  

Here are few of this template's many features:

  • DIN A4 and US letter with 3mm bleed 
  • CMYK, 300dpi
  • easy to edit color scheme
  • 18 template pages and one-page invoice

5. Modern Web Proposal

Modern Web Proposal

Today's website proposals need to be informative, easy to read, and have a contemporary design. This premium Web Proposal template has just what you need to create this type of website proposal. Leave the designing to the professionals and focus on the actual content of the proposal. 

Here are a few notable features of this website proposal template: 

  • Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign files included
  • 16 Pages template
  • free fonts used
  • easy to change color scheme

Grab this web design proposal now!

21 Free Website Design & Development Proposal Templates for Download in (2020/2021)

The premium website proposal templates give you the opportunity to create a proposal with the best designs available. This guarantees that the user experience is the best that it can be. 

But you may be on a tight budget and not be able to afford these high-quality web design or web redesign proposal templates. The good news is you might still be able to try premium proposal templates. 

Before looking for a free web design proposal template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always website proposal templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

If you still can't find the right proposal template for you, there are still web design proposal samples for free. I've collected a list of 21 of the best free web design proposals for you to download below: 

1. Free Business Proposal Template

Free Business Proposal Template

 Free Business Proposal Template provides you with a simple and easy layout design. Edit all texts, change the images, and edit the color scheme to suit your needs. 

2. Free Company Business Proposal Template

This minimalistic free web design or web redesign proposal has a grey and yellow color scheme. The template comes with 13 different page designs as well as a front and back cover design. 

3. Marketing Business Proposal

The Marketing Business Proposal includes pricing, distribution, sales strategy, promotion ideas, competition, and list any marketing research. The template works well for any size proposal that you need to create.

4. Free Business Trifold Brochure Template

Free Business Trifold Brochure Template

This proposal template comes in brochure form. It'll allow you to give your potential clients a quick overview of your proposal. Replace all the text, icons, and images.

5. Proposal Template With Invoice

This free web design proposal comes with four color variations: black, light blue, red, and orange. Expect two paper sizes including US Letter and International A4. The proposal features a clean and modern design.

6. Project Proposal

Project Proposal is a simplistic Microsoft Word document. It includes a basic outline that can be expanded upon and will be a good fit for any proposal.

7. Free Download Business Proposal Template

Free Download Business Proposal Template

This proposal comes with many page designs that highlight the many images present on these pages. The template also makes use of graphics and layered designs.

8. Business Proposal

This free proposal is print-ready, fully editable, and contains 12 unique pages. The design is visually-pleasing and will leave a lasting impression on your clients. 

9.  Corporate Business Proposal

Corporate Business Proposal

Included in this free web design proposal template are 12 unique pages, free fonts, and resizable vectors. Like many of the other templates, the text, logo, and colors can be changed.

10. Business Proposal Layout

Business Proposal Layout

You can expect an eye-catching design with this free web design proposal. There are multiple layouts with many spots for you to highlight your website design. 

11. Project Proposal Template 01

This straightforward free web design proposal comes in an MS Doc file. There are sections for you to detail the project's basic information, partners and contact details, and objectives.

12. Project Proposal Template 02

This web design proposal document contains a 14-page outline for you to include the exact details of your proposal. The proposal contains project description, expected results, and national scope and applicability sections. 

13. Project Proposal Template 03

Project Proposal Template 03

If you need to create a short and concise web development proposal template, then download this template. This three-page proposal contains the most important sections of a proposal including project details, sponsors, project justification, timeline, and resource requirements.

14. Project Proposal Template 04

Project Proposal Template 04 is another three-page proposal that's well-formatted. All the different sections are grouped, and the appendix contains a schedule timeline.

15. Project Proposal Template 05

Project Proposal Template 05

Tables, separated sections, and a mini table of contents are what you'll find in this free web design proposal. Also included are footers with annotations for you to fill out if needed.

16. Project Proposal Template 06

This website proposal template is very comprehensive. It also features tightly structured formatting that allows you to compartmentalize specific parts of your proposal. 

17. Project Proposal Template 07

If you need to give your clients a brief rundown of your proposal before you meet, then this one-page document can help you outline your web design proposal. The fonts, tables, and colors are all adjustable. 

18. Project Proposal Template 08

Project Proposal Template 08

Project Proposal Template 08 has a table of contents, footers, and simple format. A few of the sections even have tables for you to organize parts of your proposal. 

19. Project Proposal Template 09

This web design proposal presents your clients with an outline that's organized completely by tables with rows and columns. All the necessary sections of a proposal are outlined in this template.

20. Project Proposal Template 10

This template has a very professional look to it. It includes a spot in the left-hand corner of every page for your company logo. You'll find modern design and a comprehensive outline in this web design proposal document.

21. Bi-Fold Business Proposal Template

Bi-Fold Business Proposal Template

This simple web design proposal uses graphics and layering to make it look appealing. The template comes with front and back cover designs as well.

Now that we've gone over the best premium and free project proposal templates available, let' go over a few design tips that you can use to create a stunning proposal.

How to Quickly Customize a Premium Website Proposal Template in Word

Once you've found the perfect website design proposal template, you need to customize it and make it your own. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the premium Web Design Proposal Template from Envato Elements. 

Web Design Proposal Template
This premium Web Design Proposal Template has places for all the content you need to create a powerful website project proposal.

Let's get started:

1. Customize Your Cover

The first step to customizing your website design proposal template is to customize the cover. Make the cover stand out by including the client name and adding a branded photo of your team or your company. 

To change the text, simply double click it and press CTRL + A to select all the text. Then type in the name of the client. You can swap out the image used for the cover by selecting the Change Image option under the Picture Format tab. Select the image from your computer and click Insert.

Customizing the cover of the Web Design Proposal template
Customizing the cover of the Web Design Proposal template

2. Add Your Content

The next step is to add your own content. All you've got to do is double-click on any text area. Press CTRL+A to highlight and select all the text and enter your own information.

Adding content to the Web Design Proposal template
Adding content to the Web Design Proposal template

3. Change Colors

To change the colors of any colored area, right-click on the shape. Then, choose Format Shape option. You’ll notice a side panel open up. Click on the Fill option and select a different color under the Solid Fill.

Changing colors in the Web Design Proposal template
Changing colors in the Web Design Proposal template

4. Use Fonts of Your Choice

To customize the fonts, select all the text you want to customize by double-clicking it and pressing CTRL+A. Then, choose your desired font from the drop-down menu on the Home tab.

Selecting fonts in the Web Design Proposal template
Selecting fonts in the Web Design Proposal template

5. Add Your Images

The last step is to add your images. All you've got to do is click on the image placeholder and make sure you’re on the Picture Format tab. Then, click Change Image and select the desired photo from your computer.

Adding custom images to the Web Design Proposal template
Adding custom images to the Web Design Proposal template

5 Quick Tips To Create a Great Web Design & Development Proposal in 2021

To help you get the most out of your web design and development proposal templates, I've collected five design tips that'll assist you in customizing your proposal to your business's exact need:

1. Create an Outline

Before you even begin creating your web design proposal, you should have an outline drafted. Having an outline completed before you begin writing will ensure that you've got all the necessary information to write a complete proposal. Plus, it'll keep everything organized. 

In the outline:

  • Define the problem.
  • Present solutions to your problem.
  • State your plan or approach.
  • Have a schedule and budget for the design and development. 

2. Adapt Your Template

The use of website proposal templates provides a solid foundation for your design. But the template that you choose to use will probably not be exactly what your business will need. It'll require some editing. 

There are a few ways to adapt the best web design proposal template that you've found to fit your business perfectly. Adapt your template by changing:

  • the color scheme  
  • the images
  • the size of different elements on each page
  • the fonts
premium web design proposal
A premium web design proposal from Envato Elements

3. Create an Effective Cover

The cover of your web design proposal is the very first page that clients will see. This makes it incredibly important for you to have a clean and modern design that sets the tone for the rest of your proposal. 

When designing this cover page, use your company's color scheme. Include extra space around the elements on the cover and add in different shapes and objects. Applying these quick and easy tips will make your proposal look more professional and entice your clients to learn more about your project.

This premium proposal presents a minimalistic and attractive looking cover.

4. Include Graphics

Using graphics in your web design proposal will help you stand out from all the other proposals that your clients receive. When you include graphics in your proposal, make sure that they represent the specific section that you're talking about. 

So, if you've got a section that talks about new ideas that you want to implement, the header of this section could include a light bulb graphic.

Architecture A5 Proposal Brochure Template
A premium template that uses icons and other graphics.

5. Do Your Research

This last tip may not be the most exciting, but it's the most important one. 

You'll need a professionally designed proposal template if you want your business to be taken seriously. But more importantly, you'll need to write a proposal that's well researched. 

No matter how eye-catching your design is if you haven't done your research, your clients won't pay for your services. This tutorial will help you write a winning business proposal:

Discover More Professional Premium Proposal Templates

The premium and free website design and development proposals above will give you the tools you need to create a professional proposal that'll make a lasting impression. 

If none of the templates above seemed to fit your particular web design and development proposal template needs, then check out all the other best-selling website proposal templates through our other Tuts+ articles: 

5 Benefits of Using the Best Website Design & Development Proposal Templates With Pro Designs

Are you still wondering about the benefit of using a website design proposal template to speed up the proposal creation process? You might wonder about the value of outsourcing the design work. 

Here are five reasons that you should use a great proposal template for your next website design and development project in 2021:

  1. It saves you time. When you start out with one of our website design proposal templates, you’ll see that most of the work has been done for you. Premium design templates already include tons of placeholder content so all you've got to do is drop your information into those placeholders.
  2. Your proposal template will have a polished and professional design. Our premium templates have been designed by professionals so you don’t have to worry about your proposal looking amateurish. 
  3. Ton of ideas are built in. Wondering what all goes into making a winning website design proposal? A good proposal template has a plethora of ideas for the content that every website design proposal should include. 
  4. You don't give up customization. You can easily customize every aspect of the proposal template. Add your company colors, include your brand fonts, add your images, and make your proposal another extension of your brand. 
  5. The proposal stands out. Professional templates are sure to stand out because most proposals will use the built-in templates that come with Microsoft Word.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of great proposal templates for a single flat-rate price.

proposal templates on Envato Elements
Premium website proposal templates on Envato Elements

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to proposal templates, and more—all for one low price.  

Learn More About Making Great Proposals in 2021

Need help creating a Professional Proposal template?  Don't worry. We've got you covered! 

Below I've added three articles that can help get you up and running with your project proposals. Grab one of the free or premium website design and development templates above. Check out these articles and you'll be ready to create a stunning proposal that everyone will love:

Grab a Premium Website Design & Development Proposal Template Today!

If you need a contemporary-looking and professionally designed website proposal template, Envato Elements has a comprehensive library of the highest quality web design proposal templates on the web.

The design process can be quite daunting and time-consuming, especially for amateur designers. By using an already professionally designed proposal, you can focus on the actual content of the proposal rather than having to worry about designing the proposal. This will give you the best results if you aren't a professional graphic designer. 

If you need to buy more than one web design proposal or buy other types of project proposal template, then Envato Elements has just what you need. With a low monthly payment, download any of the premium proposal templates available. 

If you need a single-use website proposal template, head over to GraphicRiver to browse through the thousands of business flyer design templates available. 

Don't wait! Get a head start on your next web design proposal now!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding the best new memorable proposal templates with the best, high-quality designs.

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