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Hiring Writers With Graphic Design & Copywriting Skills at Tuts+ Business (Apply Now!)


Would you like to produce great content for Envato Tuts+? We’re growing our Tuts+ Business Instructor team and are hiring writers with content marketing and graphic design experience.

Our goal is to shine a light on the top-notch creative resources we have on Envato ElementsEnvato Market, and Placeit, while providing great tutorials and useful content for business professionals.

We need help with updating our Business archive of content, as well as producing great new material for 2019. The key topic area we need your help with is: 

  • Graphic Design for Business. You are a graphic design expert and will help us carve out authority content in this topic for the Business section of Tuts+. You can cover print design, branding, and graphic design for business professionals. Also, teach our audience how to use our related graphic templates and pro design software to produce quality business assets.

If graphic design for business professional is a topic you have extensive experience in, and you also have content marketing writing experience, then reach out to us today!

Open position for 2019 Write on design for Tuts Business Apply today
Open position for 2019. Write on design topics for Tuts+ Business. Apply today!

Read on to learn what we're looking for in the right candidate, a bit about our content marketing goals, and how to apply:

What Are We Looking For?   

You have experience with producing business software tutorials, writing promotional content that converts, and are great with preparing images/graphics for publication.

Your key area of expertise is in writing about graphic design. You can explain key graphic design concepts to business readers.  Also, you can write design tutorials to walk readers step by step through graphic design processes, for example: 

  • Showing someone looking for a new job how to make a fresh resume in PhotoShop using a pro template; or 
  • Helping an entrepreneur design a new brand identity for their startup business idea; or 
  • Assisting a professional looking to attend a business conference how to use our online tool to quickly make a stylish new business card.

In addition to having content marketing, writing, and graphic design experience, here are a few additional skills the right candidate will have: 

  • You’re equally skilled at writing strong copy as you are with designing professional graphics.
  • You have a portfolio of content marketing writing samples and design work to share.
  • You can readily blend content marketing aims with educational objectives.
  • You have experience working in design apps like Photoshop, InDesign, and more.
  • You can distill design concepts to a business audience and help guide them through the process of creating professional graphics.
  • You know how to write for the web and you eat long form content for breakfast.
  • You can take on a volume of work, follow a creative brief, and hit tight deadlines as a creative professional.
  • You want to guide a large audience of digital creatives, business professionals, and entrepreneurs.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk!

About Our Content Marketing Goals

There are a diversity of subjects we produce for the Business section of Envato Tuts+. Browse through our recently published material to get a feel for the type of content we publish on a regular basis. 

Produce business-related graphic design content and promotional material for Envato Tuts
Produce business-related graphic design content and promotional material for Envato Tuts+.

However, your key areas of contribution will be in covering print, branding, and business-related graphic design topics. 

Does This Fit Your Experience?

Are you interested in producing content that details step-by-step how to use our Photoshop templates or make branded business cards with our professional online builder? 

With our content we shine a light on the creative resources we have available at Envato (from Envato ElementsEnvato Market, and Placeit) that allow business pros to complete creative projects quickly and professionally. 

You have graphic design experience in additional to writing and content marketing
You have graphic design experience (in additional to writing and content marketing).

And, does it interest you to create educational tutorials that gives a diverse audience of creative, tech-savvy business people the foundation they need to move their business forward, advance their careers, and reach their goals?

The right business writing candidate will teach our audience how to make business projects with our pro resources. They will also have the writing experience to cover a number of related business, design, and software topics.

Also, keep in mind that we are updating a lot of our content this year. So, as a part of our team, you'd be updating and improving many of our print, branding, and graphic design for business posts. This requires a mix of graphic skills, writing skills, and content marketing experience.

If this mix of skills and interests sounds like you, we'd love to chat!

Tuts+ (Business-Focused) Print & Graphic Design Content Examples

Here are a few examples of the types of posts you'd work on producing or updating for us: 

Why Write for Envato Tuts+?

  • Work from home in your own time, as a freelance contributor, and as a valued member of our team.
  • Give back to the community and share your business skills by teaching others.
  • Get paid a competitive rate to share your knowledge and experience with the millions of readers using Tuts+ every month.
  • We care deeply about diversity, and welcome applicants of all types, and from all backgrounds.
Remote freelance content creation for Envato Tuts Apply today
Remote freelance content creation for Envato Tuts+. Apply today! 

How to Apply

Complete our Create a Tutorial Application Form to apply.

Be sure to select Business as the Topic

Use this form to outline your strengths, provide a concise background covering your experience, and send a content idea our way.

Tip: In your application, look to tie your strengths to what we're looking for in a candidate that has business, content marketing, writing, and graphic design experience. 

This is a remote position—open to applicants from anywhere. Learn more about creating content at Envato Tuts+.

We appreciate those of you that contact us, as well as the ideas you propose. We'll be reaching out to promising candidates as quickly as possible.  

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