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30 Creative InDesign Business Proposal Templates (Free + Premium for 2020)


An InDesign proposal template can help you showcase your content in a professional and visually engaging way. In this article, we'll look at some creative proposal templates for your inspiration—pick up one today.

Proposal Design Template
The perfect premium InDesign proposal design can take your content further—really make it stand out and shine.

In this article, we'll take a look at both some premium graphic design proposal templates for InDesign and some free InDesign templates too. Both have their pros and cons—sometimes, free is the perfect price, especially when budgets are extra tight. Other times, the convenience and quality of a premium InDesign proposal template just can't be beat. We'll look at both, for your convenience.

So, sit back, and enjoy the design inspiration. Consider picking up a template today.

Unlimited Premium InDesign Proposal Templates for 2020  

With Envato Elements, you get a large library of professional assets for one, low price—that's unlimited downloads. Download as many premium InDesign proposal templates and other as you like at a low price.

Any extras you might need would all be included too. So, pick up some fonts, graphics, and other assets to perfectly customize your proposal template. It's all included.

Envato Elements
Download premium Adobe InDesign proposal templates today on Envato Elements for your next design project.

Of course, free is everyone's favorite price tag—but don't forget that your time is worth money too. Sometimes, getting a product done quickly and efficiency is absolutely worth the investment. Working with a premium product, especially at a low price, can really make a difference in your workflow. 

InDesign Proposal Design Template
Download from a large collection of premium InDesign proposal templates, like this one, on Envato Elements

5 Best InDesign Proposal Templates From Envato Elements

Before we look some free finds, let's look at a sample of the premium offerings over on Envato Elements. Consider adding one to your collection, or enjoy the design inspiration:

1. Stylish InDesign Proposal Template Design

Stylish InDesign Proposal Template Design

This clean, sophisticated design includes 36 pages for you to customize in any way you like. It also includes files for Microsoft Word, for your convenience.

2. Proposal Template Design for Adobe InDesign

Proposal Template Design for Adobe InDesign

How about a design with a playful layout and a fun pop of color? Jump right into this template, in Adobe InDesign. Customize the colors and the included 12 pages.

3. Proposal Design Template for Adobe InDesign

Proposal Design Template for Adobe InDesign

This sophisticated design includes 20 pages and interesting use of typography. It uses free fonts, for your convenience, and is ready to print. Just insert your content and you're ready to go.

4. InDesign Proposal Template Design

InDesign Proposal Template Design

If you're looking for versatility and options, this proposal template is a perfect choice. Not only does it include 40 pages, but the layouts themselves are highly adaptable to a variety of design projects. 

5. Colorful InDesign Proposal Template Design

Colorful InDesign Proposal Template Design

Playful use of shapes and color make this design really stand out from the crowd. Remember, the colors here are all customizable. Open this design up in Adobe InDesign and make it your own.

5 Best InDesign Proposal Templates From GraphicRiver

But maybe you're not necessarily looking for a library of content. If unlimited downloads aren't your style, check out GraphicRiver. 

With GraphicRiver, you get an impressive selection of premium, professionally designed proposal templates. But only download what you need. Keep things simple!

Check out the professional InDesign proposal template designs available now on GraphicRiver.

If you know exactly what you need, freely browse and stick to one, singular download. No fuss, no subscriptions—but plenty of quality and convenience. Download what you want, when you want it, and keep things simple.

Check out this selection of beautifully designed proposal design templates from GraphicRiver. It's just a taste of all the noteworthy content to see!

1. Minimal InDesign Proposal Template Design

Minimal InDesign Proposal Template Design

There's so much content included with this template. Not only do you get 24 custom layout designs to work with—you also get them for Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages.

2. Graphic Design Proposal Template InDesign

Graphic Design Proposal Template InDesign

Beautifully designed with a timeless, minimalist aesthetic, this proposal design is an excellent choice. Add your content to the included, 16 pages, or use them to create your own creative variants. 

3. InDesign Proposal Template Design & Brochure

InDesign Proposal Template Design  Brochure

How about working with some interesting texture? Check out this stylish design. Not only does it include diverse file types, but it's easy to customize, too.

4. Graphic Design Proposal Template InDesign

Graphic Design Proposal Template InDesign

This graphic design proposal template was designed with graphic and web design proposals in mind, but it could be adapted for a wide variety of projects. It's easy to jump right in and make this template your own.

5. InDesign Proposal Template Design

InDesign Proposal Template Design

Check out this professional proposal template—this is just a taste of this classy design. Take a peek at the included 28 pages. These layouts have so much potential.

Why Use Premium Proposal Templates?

So, why consider working with a proposal template? First, it can save you a lot of time—not only on your current design project, but on future ones, too. Remix and re-purpose your favorite design templates to jump start a whole host of design projects.

InDesign Proposal Template Design
Jump start your design process with a premium InDesign proposal template.

So, why consider a premium template? Well, when you go premium, you get a host of added benefits. This would include things like extended options, help files, updates, and extended licensing. It's easier to find exactly what you need, both quickly and at a professional quality.

You might be looking for a completed design, ready to print and showcase your content. Or, you might prefer a design that acts more as a starting point, so you can use it as a foundation for an entirely new design. Whichever you prefer, a professional InDesign proposal template can prove to be a valuable asset.

Best Free Creative Proposal Templates 

Searching the web for free content can be tough—there's a lot of content out there to sort through! Envato offers a selection of hand-picked, free content every month. That's no cost, high quality content, every month. 

Now, let's dig into even more free content that you can download and enjoy. If you're looking for high quality freebies, these might be right up your alley.

1. Free InDesign Proposal Template Company Profile

Free InDesign Proposal Template Company Profile

Check out this awesome, free creative proposal template InDesign file. The fonts used are all free too. 

2. Free InDesign Layout Designs

This collection of free InDesign template layouts could be a great fit for your proposal design. Mix them, match them, and use this free download as design inspiration.

3. Free InDesign Multi Page Template Layout

Free InDesign Multi Page Template Layout

This multi-page free proposal InDesign template is super versatile. Customize the pages to suit your proposal template objectives or use them for other multi page InDesign projects. 

4. Free Multipage InDesign Layout Template Design

Here's another free multi page template, this one designed with a magazine focus in mind. Download and customize this template to meet your project's goals. Look at these layouts. 

5. Free Business Proposal Template InDesign

Free Business Proposal Template InDesign

This free InDesign proposal template is free for both personal and commercial use. These layouts have plenty of potential.

6. Free Brochure Proposal Template Download

This free design has a clean, open, look and feel. It's a versatile, multi-page brochure that could be adapted for a whole host of projects. Use these layouts to craft your proposal design.

7. Free Multipurpose Free InDesign Proposal Template

Multipurpose Free InDesign Proposal Template

This free proposal template for InDesign gives you versatile layout designs that could serve many different design projects. From books to proposals, this could prove to be a free starting point. 

8. Multi Page InDesign Document Template Design

Looking for a free template with plenty of space for visual content? This InDesign template was designed with photography in mind. It could be remixed and customized to suit your proposal template.

9. Free Business Proposal Template InDesign

Free Business Proposal Template InDesign

Designed with business in mind, this free template is perfect for your next business proposal template. Take this into InDesign and add your customizations. Change the colors, add your content, and make it work for you.

10. InDesign Proposal Company Brochure Template

This design proposal is a beautiful choice. Check out the included layouts—there's so much content here to see.

11. Free Proposal Template InDesign

Free Proposal Template InDesign

Here's another free download worth checking out. It's completely customizable and it's free for both personal and commercial use. If you're looking for a free jump start to your design project, this is one choice. 

12. Free InDesign Creative Brand Guidelines Template Design

This template was designed with branding guidelines in mind. It's got plenty of potential to be repurposed for many proposal projects. 

13. Free Business Proposal Template InDesign

Free Business Proposal Template InDesignFree Business Proposal Template InDesign

Talk about a beautiful design. This template includes 14 pages, uses free fonts, and is free to download and use. 

14. Web Design Proposal Template Design

Here's another template designed with graphic and web designers in mind. If you're looking for a proposal for your next creative project, this one could be a perfect fit. Customize these templates to meet your needs.

15. Free Creative Proposal Template InDesign

Free Creative Proposal Template InDesign

This is a colorful, multi-use proposal template with plenty of potential—and it's free, too! Download it today and start making your customizations. 

16. Free Multi Page Bi-Fold InDesign Template

If you're looking for something stylish and artistic, this free template is worth a look. It's got an artistic look and feel and could work for anything from proposals to art books.

17. Free Proposal Template InDesign

Free Proposal Template InDesign

This free business proposal template InDesign file is a versatile one. You could remix and reuse this one for so many different disciplines and projects. 

18. Free Multi Page InDesign Layout Template

If you fancy a magazine look and feel, give this free InDesign document a look. Remember, these templates can be used as a starting point. Take these layouts and adjust them to suit your proposal's needs.

19. Free InDesign Multi Page Layout Design

Free InDesign Multi Page Layout Design

Looking for a free, business-oriented design? This one's worth a look. These layouts could be repurposed for a whole host of design situations, and they're free to download and use today.

20. Free Bi-Fold Business InDesign Layout Template

Here's another free business proposal template InDesign file that you can download and add to your collection, right now. These layouts have plenty of potential for a variety of projects. 

How to Make Great Business Proposal in InDesign

So, you've found the perfect InDesign proposal template. What's next? 

Or maybe you're looking to create a proposal template from scratch, and you're not quite sure of some of the basics. Let's look at some quick tips to get you started.

In this demonstration, we'll use the following InDesign proposal template. You're welcome to download it and work along with this walkthrough. Or use an InDesign template or design of your own.

InDesign Proposal Template
Download this premium Adobe InDesign proposal template design right now, on Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. Browse and Sort Pages With the Pages Panel

One of the most important basics in InDesign is the use of pages. This refers to the pages in your document. From here, we can add pages, sort pages, and delete them too. We do this from the Pages Panel.

If you don't see the Pages Panel, go to View > Pages, at the top of the software.

We see thumbnail previews of our pages, in this panel. Double click on one to navigate to that page. You can also click and drag to rearrange your pages. Right click on any page and select Duplicate Page to make a copy of it.

Pages Panel InDesign

2. Place Images into your InDesign Template

If you're working with an InDesign template, you'll likely want to place images into the template's placeholders. To do so, start by selecting the given placeholder using the Selection Tool, as shown below. 

Then, go to File > Place, at the top of your software. You'll then be prompted to select an image file from your computer. Select it, and then click OK to place the file into your layout design.

The result is shown below—the stock image has been inserted into one of the placeholder shapes within the layout.

Place Images InDesign
Stock Image by FlamingoImages on Envato Elements.

3. Experiment and Change Your Colors

But what if you'd like to change some colors? That's a simple process, too. 

In the example below, we see some colored shapes. These all have a Fill Color—think of the Fill Color as the color within a shape or frame, within Adobe InDesign. For reference, the Stroke Color is more like an outline around these spaces.

In the Tools Panel, the Fill Color is highlighted below. With the shape in question selected, click on the Fill Color to change the color. The outlined color, "behind" the Fill in this example, is the Stroke Color.

Fill Color InDesign

4. Add and Adjust your Type

Another essential is the type within your document. Just about every InDesign proposal template is going to have type in it! 

Edit existing type within your document using the Type Tool. It's selected in the example, shown below. 

Then, with your Type Tool selected, simply click on a Text Box (the rectangular container holding the type) to edit the text inside it. To create a new Text Box, click and drag with the Type Tool selected.

We can also alter our type using the Character Panel—notice how, shown below, we can edit things like our font and size, here. If you don't see the Character Panel, go to Window > Type & Tables > Character, to open it up.

Type Tool InDesign

5. Adjust and Move Layout Components 

But maybe you want to entirely mix up your layouts—move something around, or maybe make a custom layout, out of an existing one. Use your Selection Tool, highlighted below, to select part of your layout. In the example below, a Text Box containing a paragraph is selected.

Now, I can click and drag to reposition it anywhere on the page. You can also use the arrow keys, on your keyboard, to nudge the position of the content.

Move and adjust parts of your layout freely, to craft the perfect layout design for your project.

Selection Tool InDesign

Discover More Awesome Proposal Templates

Want to check out even more proposal template designs? Check out these collections of inspiring proposal designs for even more design inspiration:

Learn More About Making Great Proposals in 2020

Or, perhaps you'd like to learn more about making a great proposal. Whether you're looking to customize a template, work on your writing, or try out some design some scratch, there's plenty of awesome, free content to check out, on Envato Tuts+.

Impress Your Audience With an InDesign Proposal Template in 2020!

What kind of design would be perfect for your next proposal project? Have you decided on a design or a direction, or are you still figuring that part out?

Whether you're sure of your next steps or you're still thinking on it, there's no better time to get started than today. If you'd like to sample several proposal design templates unlimited downloads are included with Envato Elements. Try out a several InDesign proposal templates without any added cost. Or, if you'd prefer to keep things a la carte, check out the premium selection of proposal templates over at GraphicRiver.

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