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24 Best Mobile App Landing Page Template Designs (2021 Examples)


When it comes to promoting and marketing your app, there's no better way than using a dedicated app landing page. Mobile app landing page examples. Also, templates allow you to announce the launch of your app and help you drive app downloads and sales numbers.

Apolz Mobile App Landing Page Template
Apolz from Envato Elements is a great app landing page example.

While you can create an app landing page from scratch, you’ll save hours of precious time by using a premade mobile app landing page template. Luckily, there's no shortage of beautiful app landing pages templates—all you've got to do is find the right one. In this post, we’ll showcase the best app landing page designs from our marketplaces in 2021.

Envato Elements: Design Marketplace With Beautiful App Landing Page Designs

If you’re a designer looking for high-quality premium app landing page templates, don’t miss Envato Elements. This popular marketplace offers dozens of app landing page templates. But it also includes other attractive design assets such as brochures, business cards, fonts, and more.

envato elements app landing page templates
You can find plenty of beautiful mobile app landing page examples on Envato Elements.

The biggest advantage of using Envato Elements is the fact that it uses a subscription-based model. That means that for a low monthly fee, you can get your hands on thousands of design assets for unlimited use.

Best App Landing Page Templates On Envato Elements for 2021

Take a look at some of the best-selling app landing page templates that Envato Elements has to offer. They feature attractive, responsive designs and are easy to set up and customize. They've also been optimized to load fast and help you get a better ranking in the search engines.

1. Focus - Multipurpose App Landing Page

Focus multipurpose app landing page

The first template on our list is a multipurpose template that can be used to promote any type of app. The template includes six different versions. Easily display app reviews, including several calls-to-action. Feature your development team that created the app. The template also features a working contact form and it’s easy to customize.

2. Cooper - Simple App Landing Page Template

Cooper simple app landing page template

The Cooper template features a clean and minimal design that’s fully responsive. Key features include:

  • unique and modern style
  • awesome and creative design
  • fully customizable
  • free Google Fonts
  • retina ready
  • free font-based icons.
  • extensive documentation and support

3. Label - Software and App Landing Page Template

Label software and app landing page template

Consider the Label landing page template if you want to promote a software. This template features a modern design with a material color scheme and eight different demo versions. Customize it to fit your needs. 

The template is responsive. It comes with all the needed sections to showcase what your software offers, build trust with testimonials, and invite visitors to sign up with more than one call-to-action. What’s more, the template integrates with MailChimp so you can easily build your email list.

4. Flare - Bold App Landing Page Template

Flare bold app landing page template

The last app landing page example from Envato Elements, Flare, is a bold and modern landing page template with the ability to collect leads as well as allow people to click through and make a purchase. The template includes 12 different pages. Customize colors, fonts, and other visual styles. It’s fully responsive, includes pricing tables, a statistics counter, and a beautiful parallax background that works well with call-to-action buttons.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Design Without Limits

As mentioned earlier, if you’re a designer, Envato Elements is a no-brainer choice. When you sign up for Envato Elements, you get access to as many design assets, templates, and other elements as you need with no limits.

This can help keep your overhead low, which is especially important if you’re a freelancer. It's also a great offer if you’re a business or agency owner that often needs design assets on a regular basis. then Envato Elements is worth considering.

Take advantage of the low monthly fee. Sign up for Envato Elements. With it you can download as many mobile app landing page examples and graphics as you need, use them in unlimited projects, and customize them to fit your needs.

Envato Elements Asset Library Overview

The Envato Elements subscription for assets is a useful tool, but not everyone needs access to so many assets. If you prefer to buy a single app landing page, head over to ThemeForest.

20 Best App Landing Page Templates on ThemeForest for 2021

If you need to buy an app landing page template for one-time use, then be sure to check out ThemeForest. This popular marketplace has dozens of mobile app landing page examples, but you only need to pay once for the item you want. 

app landing page templates on ThemeForest
ThemeForest is a good source of app landing page templates.

There's no ongoing fee so if you’re in a hurry or DIY-ing the landing page for your app, then ThemeForest is a sensible choice.

Take a look at our selection of the best app landing page examples from ThemeForest:

1. Upland - Mobile App HTML Template

Upland Mobile Landing Page Template

Here's a modern app landing page template built on HTML5 and CSS3. The well-designed Upland is perfect for showing off your app and all its features. It's fully customizable and easy to work with if you're short on time. If you're looking for a mobile landing page template with a modern design, try out Upland. 

2. Pixa - App Landing Page With Builder

Pixa App Landing Page Template

Building the app landing page of your dreams is a breeze with Pixa. It includes a drag-and-drop page builder, letting you create with no coding. There are more than 80 section blocks available so you can experiment with different layouts. This mobile landing page template is also responsive, letting your app's features look great on any device.

3. Enovo | App Landing Page Template

Enovo Mobile Landing Page Template

Enovo is built on having a clean, modern design that visitors can get lost in. The page is filled with trendy fonts, vibrant colors, and elegant sliders. Enovo includes well-commented code, making customization easy. It's also Mailchimp ready so you can fill your mailing lists with interested leads.

4. Appmicron - App & Product Landing page

Appmicron App Landing Page

The Appmicron mobile landing page template is fully responsive. It features a rather minimal design where the main focus of the template is your app. You’ll be able to show app screenshots and videos, showcase user reviews, and more. On top of that, the template includes a light and dark mode, and integrates with Google Fonts. So, there's plenty of room for customization possibilities.

5. Morris - App & Product Landing Page

Morris App Download Landing Page

Consider the Morris mobile app landing page template if you want a theme with a purpose-oriented design. This template was designed with conversions in mind. So, you'll have no problems adding different sections such as app benefits and features, user reviews, an attention-grabbing headline, and a powerful call-to-action.

6. Sander - Creative App Landing Page Template

Sander App Landing Page

Sander is another modern app landing page that’s easy to customize so it can easily blend in with your existing brand. Key features include:

  • responsive design
  • Mailchimp ready
  • clean and modern design
  • cross browser compatible
  • Google Fonts
  • price table included

7. Nova - Premium App Landing Page Template

Nova Mobile Landing Page Template

What makes Nova stand out is the attractive, curvy design. Thanks to the twelve default options, Nova is like having many app landing page examples in one. The template is perfect for any type of app and is fully responsive. 

You’ll find all the usual sections for landing pages, including reviews, benefits, app screenshots and more. Plus, the template comes with all the Google Fonts and great animations to add extra visual appeal to your landing page.

8. Fantasic - Multipurpose Landing Page HTML Template

Fantastic Mobile App Landing Page Template

Try out this mobile landing page template, it's Fantastic (sorry for the pun). If you’re looking for an easy to use and user-friendly mobile app landing page template. Aside from being fully responsive, the template is easy to customize. Key features include:

  • one-page template
  • Mailchimp ready
  • developer-friendly code
  • modern, flat design
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • install Google Fonts and custom fonts
  • extensive documentation

9. Appx Lander - Versatile Landing Page Template for Apps

Appx landing landing page template

Consider the Appx Lander template if you want your landing page to grab attention from the start. This template features an animated particle background. It'll draw attention to your call-to-action buttons.

Include app screenshots as well as a video overview of the app, display reviews, and display various pricing plans for your app. What’s more the template comes with several variations that include a slider and video backgrounds, as well as a full-width text template.

10. ApeTech - Colorful App Landing Page Template

ApeTech app landing page template

The ApeTech template is a colorful app landing page template with different demo versions. Each of the demo versions comes with a responsive design and plenty of sections to feature the benefits of your app, showcase app screenshots, place several calls-to-action, and build trust with reviews. The template is also fully responsive and easy to customize and install.

11. Riga - Mobile App Landing Page Template

Riga mobile app landing page template

The Riga template makes it easy to capture the attention of your visitors with a beautiful slider right in the header. You can also opt for a video background and there’s the option to enable rotating text in the background to make your headline stand out. 

Riga is a fully responsive template. You can display app details in an elegant lightbox when someone clicks a particular feature or a benefit. Customers love the design quality and the support of this template:

Very happy with this theme, documentation excellent! Fast and efficient support. The timing for the support was over my expectations.

12. WhiteBox Landing Page App Template

WhiteBox Landing Page App Template

Consider the WhiteBox template if you want a landing page template with a creative design. The mobile landing page template is fully customizable. It comes with a slide-in subscription form, icons, and built-in lightbox support.

13. Appox - Feature-Rich App Landing Page Template

Appox app landing page template

The Appox template is a feature-rich template that features a responsive and customizable design. This template comes with more than eight different landing page designs, many header styles, bonus blog pages, and extensive documentation that'll help you get your landing page up and running as quickly as possible.  

14. Applandy - Bootstrap Based App Landing Page Template

Applandy Bootstrap app landing page template

The Applandy template is based on Bootstrap. This means your template won't only be responsive, but it'll also feature a grid-based design that makes your entire page look more appealing. The template includes plenty of sections to showcase screenshots of your app and share reviews from other happy users as well as present the app’s features and benefits.  

15. Flyapp - Multiconcept Mobile App Landing Page Template

Flyapp multiconcept mobile app landing page template

The Flyapp template is a multi-concept mobile app landing page template. This means you can use the template to promote any type of app and easily showcase what makes your app special. The template is responsive. Customize colors, fonts, and other visual styles. 

A total of four demo versions are included. There are a few unique sections for listing a video of the app, adding pricing tables, and listing blog posts that talk about your app’s features and design.

16. Appiyan - App Landing Page Template With Unique Animations

Appiyan app landing page template

Try the Appiyan template to draw attention to your call-to-action with unique and stunning animations. With more than nine demo versions you can create landing pages for your app as well as a SaaS product or a software. The template can easily be edited. So, tweak colors, fonts, and more. It’s also responsive and optimized to load fast.

17. Orenda - Elegant App Landing Page Design

Orenda elegant app landing page design

Try the Orenda template if you’re looking for an elegant landing page design. This template was designed to be responsive and cross-browser compatible. Rest assured that your visitors will have no issues when visiting your site. The template includes several sections for app’s features, screenshot showcase, and user reviews. Easily add or remove sections depending on your needs.

18. Five - Stunning Mobile App Landing Page Template

Five mobile app landing page template

The Five template stands out with its stunning design and the ability to provide detail about your app without overwhelming the visitors. The template is nicely organized and well-documented as well as fully responsive. It also comes with an integrated Mailchimp form and working contact forms.

19. Astra | App Landing Page Template

Astra App Landing Page

The Astra mobile landing page template is built to make your app look great at any size. Its responsive design handles desktop computers, tablets, and phones well. The well-commented code allows you to quickly make the changes you need to fit your app. For more help, check out the included documentation file. 

20. XOOM | App Landing Page

XOOM App Landing Page Template

Last, but definitely not least, is XOOM. This app landing page template Includes 25 unique demos that are fully customizable. It's Mailchimp ready for your mailing lists and includes a responsive Lightbox plugin. There are also more than 900 font icons to use in this mobile landing page template. Take advantage of every feature for a clean landing page for your app.

5 Quick Mobile App Landing Page Design Tips for 2021

Already picked out your mobile landing page template? Then now it's time to make sure it shines. Before you start customizing, check out these five design tips so you can create the best mobile app landing pages:  

1. Start With High-Resolution Images

An app landing page offers you the chance to turn visitors to leads. By showing off high-quality images of your app, your sales pitch becomes more interesting. Let visitors see what they're downloading with image grabs of your app on your landing page.  

Appsperia Mobile Landing Page Template
Put your project front and center with the Appsperia mobile landing page template.

2. Use Inviting Colors

The focus of your landing page must be on your app, and the colors you choose can make this goal easier to achieve. Use this color wheel from Adobe to find choices that complement the mood you want to create. The right tones can help convert in leads.

Apolz Mobile App Landing Page Template
Apolz makes a great use of color in this mobile landing page template design.

3. Tell a Story

This doesn't mean your mobile app landing page should start with "once upon a time". But you should walk the app landing page's visitors through a meaningful visual journey. Deliver relevant images and information to potential leads while making visiting your page an experience.

To use this tip, you must follow this next one:  

4. Organize With Purpose

A well-organized app landing page can go a long way. Start with a great headline and main image, call-to-action, and add relevant content as visitors scroll. Feel free to experiment with the flow to make it unique to the app download landing page experience you want. 

5. Remove Navigation Bars

This last design tip is rarely followed, but it can be a difference-maker in conversions. The focus of your landing page should be its content. A navigation bar may lead to your site, but it's a distraction from your current goal. Removing the navigation bar allows visitors to keep their attention on your landing page.

Hype Mobile App Landing Page Template
The Hype mobile app landing page template has a clean design that's focused on your creation.

5 Top Mobile App Landing Page Design Trends for 2021

App landing pages are a popular way to drum up excitement for your project. Excellent design plays a large role in that excitement leading to downloads. If you want to create the perfect app landing page in 2021, keep these design trends in mind:

1. Sleek Animation

Web pages are becoming more and more dynamic. Scrolling effects and animations are features many high-traffic landing pages use. The smooth motion helps the visitor transition as they browse your page. Smooth animation can make the on-page experience more engaging for potential leads.

Sooper Mobile App Landing Page Template
The Sooper app download landing page uses animation well in its overall design.

2. Trendy Typography

Your web fonts are your best friend in 2021. A great typeface will help transmit your tone and brand to anyone that reaches your app landing page. Large, bold fonts for titles and headings are a great place to start if you want to apply this trend.

3. Video, Video, Video

In 2021, show while you tell on your mobile app landing page. Many modern landing pages use video in unique ways. They show off special features in embedded videos or add them to the background of headers. Using media in this way is a trendy way to connect with visitors.

4. Dark Mode

Over the past few years, dark mode has been a trend in UI/UX design. Odds are you might have this setting turned on in some of your favorite apps. For 2021, use this feature on your mobile app landing page. Turning down the lights can help you capture a few extra leads.

Zeino App Landing Page Design
Zeino offers two app landing page designs, including a dark mode.

5. Abstract Shapes

This trend is all about spicing up your layouts. While they don't serve a functional purpose, these shapes work as decoration and keep your page from becoming bland. Your mobile app landing page can look more inviting with shapes like circles, wavy lines, funky blobs, and more.

Zimed Mobile Landing Page Template
Mobile app landing page examples like Zimed offer cool abstract shapes that complement the layout.

More App Download Landing Page Templates

We've rounded up the top app landing page examples in this article, but do you want more options? Then have a look at some of our other landing page round ups. We've gathered great multipurpose themes that can be used for your mobile app landing page:

Where to Find the Best Mobile App Landing Pages in 2021 (Envato Elements vs. ThemeForest)

You've seen two dozen mobile app landing page examples in this article across two great platforms. But which website should you use? What's the difference between them anyway? If you're stuck between Envato Elements and ThemeForest, let's have a look at the differences between them: 

1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a one-of-a-kind service that's got a lot of fans around the world. For a low monthly fee, subscribers get to access and download millions of professional creative assets without limits. 

That means no caps on premium web templates, custom fonts, stock photos, music tracks, and more. Anything you need for your project is free to download with your subscription. Look at the best mobile app landing pages on Envato Elements here.

Envato Elements App Landing Page Examples
Here are a just a few of the mobile app landing page examples you can find on Envato Elements.

2. Key Benefits of ThemeForest

ThemeForest is part of the larger Envato Market. It's a suite of marketplaces for creative assets that let you buy whatever you need with no commitment. 

Each item has the same premium quality as Envato Elements, but they're all available for a single purchase. Browse the mobile app landing page designs from ThemeForest today.

ThemeForest best app landing pages 2021
Have a look at some of the best app landing pages for 2021 from ThemeForest.

3. Which One Should I Choose?

Now that you know the benefits, it's time to decide which one is best for you. Envato Elements is the perfect choice for creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners who need to create materials constantly. The list of assets available can fit almost every need and project. Sign up for Envato Elements and get started today.

Design Without Limits Envato Elements
Design without limits with Envato Elements.

If you don't see the need in a membership but still need a mobile app landing page design right now, choose ThemeForest from Envato Market. You'll be able to find what you need and make a purchase with ease.

Learn More About Landing Pages From Envato Tuts+

Creating an app download landing page can help grow your project, and it's important to learn more about what they are. The Envato Tuts+ has many tutorials and how-tos about landing pages. If you're looking to find out more, start here:

Find the Perfect Template for Your App Landing Page in 2021

Finding the perfect landing page template in 2021 isn't hard when there are marketplaces such as Envato Elements and ThemeForest. Start by browsing the templates featured in this article. To see even more app landing page examples, be sure to check out our marketplace.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new app download landing pages with the best, trending designs. That way, you can find just the mobile app landing page template you need.

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