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25 Modern Resume Templates With Clean (Elegant) CV Designs (2019)


Whether you’re a recent graduate just entering the workforce or a seasoned veteran looking for a better position, a resume is a must-have when you’re sending out job applications. 

While you can create one from scratch, it’s much more efficient to use a modern and clean resume template. Instead of creating your own CV design, why not use one made by professional designers?

Envato Elements resume templates
Showcase your resume with this clean resume design from Envato Elements.

A clean resume template makes it easy to showcase your skills and expertise in a proper format. 

It’s easier to edit the information with a simple copy and paste of your skills. It saves you time from having to create a resume from scratch for each new job application. 

Another benefit of using clean resume templates is that a well-designed one helps you stand out from the crowd.

Clean (Modern) Resume Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find many resume templates with clean resume design on marketplaces like Envato Elements. For a low monthly subscription, you can download an unlimited number of templates. You also get unlimited downloads of other assets such as fonts and icons that add a touch of style and visual appeal to your resume.

clean resume templates on Envato Elements
You'll find hundreds of modern and clean resume templates on Envato Elements—with unlimited access.

10 Best Resume Examples of Modern CV Templates (From Envato Elements)

Below, you’ll find a selection of the best elegant resume templates that Envato Elements has to offer. All of the resume and modern CV templates are easy to edit and feature modern designs that'll help you stand out among other applicants.

1. Resume - Elegant Black and White Resume Template

Elegant Black and White Resume Template
Elegant Black and White Resume Template

This template features an elegant black and white modern resume design that can be used for any type of job in any industry. The pack comes with a cover letter template and it’s already print-ready, so all you've got to do is replace the default information with your own. This elegant resume template is compatible with Microsoft Word as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

2. Resume Template For Creatives 

Resume Creative Templates
Resume Creative Templates

If you’re a creative professional such as a web or graphic designer or illustrator, consider the Resume Creative Templates. This template includes an elegant resume as well as a portfolio template, so you can easily show examples of your work. It also includes an application file, and the whole pack can be edited using Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. The modern creative resume template is easy to customize and edit as well as print-ready.

3. Resume Vol 1 - Multipurpose Resume Template

Resume Vol 1
Resume Vol 1 Template

The Resume Vol 1 is another resume and portfolio template suitable for anyone who wants to include their portfolio along with their job application. The templates come in three different formats, are print-ready, and you can edit colors and fonts to reflect your brand.

4. Pros Resume & CV Template - Simple Resume Template

Pros Resume  CV Template
Pros Resume & CV Template

The Pros Resume and CV Template can be used both as a resume and a more detailed CV. This modern CV template design features elegant and bold typography that makes individual sections stand out and includes features such as:

  • A4 and US Letter Size
  • InDesign Document
  • Word Document
  • PDF file for the user guide
  • print-ready files

5. Resume Template 3 Page - Minimal Resume Template

Resume Template 3 Page
Resume Template 3 Page

Try the Resume Template 3 Page if you love minimal design. The template includes two elegant resume pages as well as a cover letter template and can easily be edited and customized with your choice of fonts and colors. You can also remove elements or add those better suited for the type of job you’re applying. On top of that, this template includes 11 custom icons to add extra visual appeal to your resume.

6. Pro Resume - Colorful Resume Template

Pro Resume
Pro Resume Template

The Pro Resume template features a colorful modern resume design with five predesigned color schemes and includes a resume, cover letter, and portfolio template. You can customize the colors as well as the fonts and remove or add any element of the modern creative resume templates. The files can be edited using Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop and all the files are print-ready.

7. Proposal Resume - Creative Resume and Cover Letter Template

Proposal Resume
Proposal Resume Template

The Proposal Resume template features a two-column modern resume design and a beautiful blue color scheme that’s easy to customize. Main features include:

  • Resume with cover letter and business card template
  • A4 and US letter size
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • All objects, colors, and text are editable
  • Print-ready

8. Resume - Best Sharp Resume Template

Sharp Resume Template
Sharp Resume Template

This modern resume template features a sharp contemporary design with an eye-catching color scheme and background pattern that makes your resume stand out. It’s perfect for creatives and can easily be edited in Adobe InDesign. The template uses free fonts, which are listed in the documentation. However, you're able to change them and use your preferred fonts instead.

9. Material Resume - Trendy Resume Template

Material Resume
Material Resume Template

If you're a fan of material design, check out the Material Resume template. This template features five different color schemes and includes resume, cover letter, portfolio, and business card templates. Other notable features include:

  • print-ready
  • easy to adapt and customize
  • files are print-ready
  • three-page layout templates: resume, cover letter, and portfolio pages
  • business cards templates (double-sided) are included in five colors

10. Modern Resume - Attractive Resume Template

Modern Resume
Modern Resume Template

The Modern Resume template features an attractive, colorful modern design resume and includes a complete package with files for a resume, cover letter, portfolio, and business cards.

You can customize the template using Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop and then print it at home or take it to a professional printer.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements is a great choice if you need a variety of design assets on an ongoing basis. Sign up for Envato Elements to download thousands of icons, photos, fonts, templates, and other design assets—all for one low monthly price.

Envato Elements
Envato Elements

What’s more, you can download as many assets as you need and use them in an unlimited number of projects.

However, if you prefer to buy unique resume templates one at a time or as you need them (as opposed to downloading unlimited assets whenever you need them), then stop by GraphicRiver and check out all the modern and clean resume templates we've got.

15 Best Resume Templates With Clean Designs for 2019 (From GraphicRiver)

Modern CV and Resume Templates GraphicRiver
The right modern CV or resume template can help recruiters notice your resume. Choose from a wide variety of templates at GraphicRiver.

In today’s article, we’re featuring the best modern resume templates that'll help your resume get noticed by recruiters and help you on your journey to a new job. Here are ten popular modern and clean resume templates from GraphicRiver.

1. Resume/CV - Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss Clean Resume Template
Swiss Miss Clean Resume Template

Swiss Miss is a resume/CV template with a minimalist and modern CV design. It gives you templates for three different resume pages, as well as templates for your cover letter and references. Available in both A4 and US letter sizes, Swiss Miss can be edited in InDesign, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. Its clean yet attention-getting design is sure to make a good impression with hiring managers.

2. Clean Resume Set

Resume Template with Clean CV Design
Clean Resume Set

If you want a minimalist CV design that manages to stand out, then consider the Clean Resume Set. Aside from the resume template, it also gives you templates for a cover letter and a portfolio to showcase your work samples. As an added benefit, it includes 100 icons to add visual interest to your resume. Clean Resume Set provides files compatible with Microsoft Word, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

3. Clean & Modern Resume Set

Clean Professional Resume Template
Clean & Modern Resume Set

This modern CV template projects professionalism and elegance. You get three template pages: a two-page resume and a cover letter. Available in A4 size, this resume template is fully editable in MS Word, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. A Help file is also included to guide you in customizing the templates.

4. Clean Resume/CV - Easy to Use Resume Template

Clean ResumeCV
. Clean Resume/CV Template

The Clean Resume/CV template design includes both a resume and a CV template and is really easy to edit and use thanks to detailed instructions. This modern CV template includes a total of 12 files in three different colors and in different formats, so you can edit the template in the program that you’re most familiar with. Each file is print-ready.

5. Resume - Modern Resume Template

Resume - Modern Resume Template
Resume - Modern Resume Template

Try this resume template if you want a modern and stylish design. This template is easy to edit in Microsoft Word as well as in InDesign or Photoshop. Main features include:

  • A4 & US letter paper size with bleeds
  • resume and cover letter
  • three different color versions
  • print-ready file
  • quick and easy to customize templates
  • professional and clean structured files.
  • instruction & help file

6. Resume CV Set - Professional Resume Template

Resume CV Set
Resume CV Set

The Resume CV Set packs a lot of punch as it includes not only a resume template, but also a cover letter, portfolio page, and business card templates as well. The files can be edited using Adobe Photoshop as well as Microsoft Word and all are ready to print. You can easily replace the information with your own and customize the fonts and the colors. And if you get stuck, don’t forget to look at the documentation file as it includes detailed instructions on editing and customizing the templates. Customers love the ease of use of this resume template:

This is the best CV template I ever used, I tried some other paid and free templates, but this is perfect, I filled all my information in less than 15 minutes and make it ready to print, so easy.

7. The CV - Stylish Resume Template

The CV - Stylish Resume Template
The CV - Stylish Resume Template

The CV resume template is an elegant resume template with a sidebar that’s used for your contact information and a larger column that’s used to showcase your skills, education, and expertise. The template includes files compatible with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. You can edit the fonts and the color used for the sidebar and print the file once you’ve edited it. Customers love the aesthetic appeal:

Everyone is just blown away with my newly designed CV. All credits to the designer of course ;). Cheers man! Owe my job to you.

8. Mono Resume - Bold Resume Template

Mono Resume
Mono Resume Template

The Mono Resume is sure to make your resume stand out thanks to its bold design and attractive icons. You’ll get access to a resume, cover letter, portfolio, and business card templates for the ultimate professional impression and you can easily edit the files even in Microsoft Word.

9. Infographic Resume - Unique Resume Template

Infographic Resume
Infographic Resume Template

Try the Infographic Resume template if you want a unique and modern look. This template includes a single-page resume, a two-page resume template, as well as a matching cover letter. The files can be edited in both Photoshop and Word and you can easily tweak the colors and fonts. Additionally, the template comes with extra icons and world maps to add extra visual appeal.  

10. Resume - Clean Resume Template

Resume - Clean Resume Template
Resume - Clean Resume Template

The Resume template is a minimalist resume template with beautiful typography. It can easily be edited with your choice of fonts and you can find detailed instructions included in your download. The file includes the standard resume and cover letter template as well as more than 40 social media icons and is print-ready. Customers love the ease of use and simplicity:

Good work! professional design and easy to edit with MS Word.

11. Resume - Well-Organized Resume Template

Well-Organized Resume Template
Well-Organized Resume Template

Try the Resume template if you want a little versatility in your templates. The file includes two resume and two cover letter templates, which can be edited using Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Customers praise the features and ease of use:

“I bought this item with 0 experience in Photoshop. I've never purchased an item that I've had to load into a program & customize, so I was a bit intimidated. Once I downloaded it, I opened up the DOC file, clicked on the sections & began editing the text EASILY. The picture was drag & drop. EVERYTHING about this template was easy & professional. I would definitely recommend this creator & his work. Thank you. I was able to ship off a resume within an hour of my purchase. Thank You!”

12. SCRESUME - Versatile Resume Template

SCRESUME Versatile Template
SCRESUME Resume Template

The Scresume template comes with a simple and clean design and can be used as both resume and CV. It also includes a cover letter template. Both files come in four color schemes and a light and dark version as well as five different file formats that let you edit the files in Adobe Programs as well as Microsoft Office. The files are print-ready and easy to edit with your own information.

13. CV - Classy Resume Template

CV - Classy Resume Template
CV - Classy Resume Template

The modern CV template design is not only easy to edit, but it also comes in two color variations and can be used in both landscape and portrait orientation. This classic resume template can be edited using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word. You can tweak the colors and fonts and immediately print the file once you’re done editing it.

14. Elegant Resume/CV

Elegant ResumeCV Design
Elegant Resume/CV

For a clean CV design that's the height of refinement, use this Elegant Resume/CV template. Its uncluttered, no-fluff design makes your resume and cover letter easy to read. You come across as a no-nonsense professional with a keen eye for detail. You can edit this template easily in either Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator. It uses a free font and comes in both A4 and US letter sizes.

15. Clean Resume/CV -  Modern CV Design

Clean and Modern CV Template
Clean Resume/CV

The Clean Resume/CV template is suitable for traditional jobs in conservative industries. The generous use of white space ensures that your resume is easy to read while drawing attention to your most pertinent information. If you choose the Clean Resume/CV template design, you'll get files in MS Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator formats. Included are templates for a one-page resume and cover letter.

5 Professional (Modern) Resume/CV Design Tips

Once you've found the perfect modern resume template, it’s time to enter your information and customize the styles to reflect your skills and personal brand. Here are five tips that'll help you design a standout resume or CV for your job application.

1. Use Legible Fonts

While you might absolutely love how script fonts look, avoid using them or any decorative fonts on your resume. Using traditional, legible fonts will make your resume easier to read, not mention it'll look more professional.

2. Make Sure It’s Formatted Properly

Another important tip is to ensure your resume is formatted properly. While a little dose of creativity never hurt, you don’t want to deviate too much from the traditional resume format. Using a different format will confuse potential employers who might not even realize they're looking at a resume.

Pros Resume  CV Template on Envato Elements
Pros Resume & CV Template on Envato Elements

3. Be Smart With Colors

Adding colors to your resume can help it stand out visually but take care not to go overboard. Use colors sparingly to avoid sending out a resume that looks amateurish.

Here are some additional articles about resumes:

4. Differentiate Between Sections

Make sure to create a visual separation between different sections of your resume. Doing so will make it easier to focus on certain parts of your resume and signify a transition. For example, using color like in the example below creates a nice visual hierarchy:

Resume Vol 16 on Envato Elements
Resume Vol. 16 on Envato Elements

5. Use Icons to Add Visual Interest

Lastly, consider using icons to make your resume more visually appealing. You can use them to display your skills as well as an accent for your social media profiles, contact info, and more.

Simple Resume Template on Envato Elements
Simple Resume Template on Envato Elements

5 Helpful Tutorials: Create an Awesome Resume (& Land Your Dream Job)

If you’ve never created a resume or if it’s been a while since you mailed one off, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to making a resume and the information that needs to be included. 

We've got a comprehensive series on making a great resume to check out. Also, here are five tutorials that'll help you create an awesome resume:

  1. How to Make a Professional Resume in 10 Minutes. This new course by Tuts+ is perfect for beginners who want an easy way to create their resume. You'll learn how to create a clean and attractive resume from scratch that highlights your skills and abilities.

  2. How to Email Your Resume Professionally (Quick Guide). In this quick guide, you’ll learn the best practices for emailing your resume, including what to say in your email and how to properly attach a resume.

  3. 19 Phrases You Need to Cut From Your Resume Right Now. Most resumes are filled with clichés and phrases that don’t offer any practical information. Learn what they are so you can avoid them and increase your chances of getting hired.

  4. How to List Your Education on a Resume (+Best Format Examples). If your education path wasn't a straightforward one, you might have problems listing it all on your resume and appearing professional. Use this guide to help you out.

  5. How to Make Your Resume Stand Out as the Best. When you consider the number of applications a recruiter gets, it’s all too easy for your resume to look the same as others. Use the tips in this article to make sure yours gets the attention it deserves.

Find More Resume Templates

This article is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to resume and CV designs available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. You've literally got thousands of resume templates to choose from, whether you want unlimited downloads or a pay-per-use arrangement.

Here are a few more for you to explore:

Learn About Modern Resumes

Choosing a terrific CV design is only part of a job-getting resume. You still have to make sure the content of your resume gets you that job interview. You also have to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and conventions in resumes. After all, they change all the time.

Put together a top-notch resume with the help of our ultimate guide on how to create a great resume. It walks you through the different components of a winning resume. It also features our best resume tutorials, so you can avoid the pitfalls of resume making and craft a resume that gets hiring managers to notice you.

Create Your Resume Easily With a Pro Resume Template (Made for 2019)

Creating a resume is your first step towards a new job. Use our beautiful and modern resume templates to give your resume a professional edge. 

They'll also save you time since you won't have to create a resume from scratch. Why not download your favorite modern resume template today?

Editorial Note: this post is updated regularly—adding new and exciting modern resume formats with the best, trending designs, and removing discontinued or dated examples.

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