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35 Top PowerPoint Flowchart Templates (Infographic Slide Designs for 2020)


One of the best ways to describe a business process is with a flowchart. Flowcharts graphically illustrate a complex series of steps or procedures in a way that most readers can grasp quickly.

Using a PowerPoint chart template saves you time when you want to add a flowchart to your PowerPoint presentation. 

Arcama slideshow
Arcama is a great PowerPoint presentation with built-in flowcharts that you can grab from Envato Elements. 

With a PowerPoint process map template, you'll start with a professionally designed flowchart design. Quickly add your own elements and information to convey your message. Then, move on to creating the rest of your presentation without spending hours designing your flowcharts.

In this article I share 35 curated examples of the top Microsoft PowerPoint flowcharts. Any of these would be a great place for you to start creating your own flowchart. Plus, I'll share some handy tips to help you make the most of your PowerPoint chart templates.

Find the Best PowerPoint Templates On Envato (With Unlimited Use)

Browse through hundreds of infographic flowchart templates with an Envato Elements membership. It's a great offer. For one low price download as many as you want.

envato elements process flow PPT template choices
Top PowerPoint Flowchart templates from Envato Elements.

You'll find some of the best PowerPoint flowchart templates available anywhere on Envato Elements. Plus, each is designed by a professional designer, so your presentation is sure to impress. Also, each great flowchart design is easy to work with so that you can customize it for your own business processes and procedures.

5 Top PowerPoint Flowchart Templates (From Envato Elements)

The flow chart templates designed for PowerPoint available through Envato Elements are the perfect way to illustrate any processes you might have in your business. Here's a hand-curated selection of some of the top flowchart templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements:

1. Organizational & Data Chart Presentation

organizational and data chart PowerPoint process map template

This modern process flow PPT template comes with light and dark template versions. It's fully editable and based on free fonts for your convenience. Best of all, it contains lots of charts and diagrams—including many that can be used as org charts or flowcharts. Documentation is included with the download to give you a head start. It's hard to find a PPT flow chart template that's free and has this level of care.

2. Arcama - PowerPoint Presentation Template 

Arcama PowerPoint template with flowcharts

This contemporary PowerPoint template design includes flowchart elements you can customize. Arcama is beautifully crafted. It'll leave an impression PowerPoint flowchart templates for free download can't. It's also full of other impressive features such as:

  • over 200 individual slides
  • slide animation
  • vector maps of continents and countries
  • over 3000 icons
  • and more!

3. PowerPoint Presentation Template

PowerPoint presentation template

A premium PowerPoint design has features that a PPT flow chart template that's free often lack. This multipurpose process flow diagram template PPT is fully animated to catch your audience's attention. Customize over 1400 different slides, including plenty of charts and infographics, to create your business process flowcharts. 

There are also 100 pre-designed theme colors. Updates are free for this one!

4. Cycle Process PowerPoint Template 

Cycle Process PowerPoint Template

If you need a flowchart for PowerPoint to illustrate a process, these flow chart infographic templates for PowerPoint are some of the best I've seen. The template includes 20 different cycle process diagrams—all of which are easy to use. This PowerPoint template is easy to edit and use for widescreen or standard size presentations. Plus, it comes with documentation.

5. Organizational Chart and Hierarchy Template 

Organizational Chart and Hierarchy Template

Here's another great PowerPoint template with diagrams that can be used as PowerPoint flowchart templates. In fact, this slide presentation contains 38 different templates that you can edit from within PowerPoint. It's also Retina-ready and ready-to-print. Don't overlook these eye-catching charts and diagrams.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Design Without Limits
Envato Elements - Unlimited awesome template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Get great web themes, infographic flowchart templates, and more—all for one low price

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many PowerPoint process map templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy unique PowerPoint templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

30 Top Flowchart PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver (2020)

These process flow PPT templates are great for any type of presentation you may have including: sales presentations, educational presentations, solo professional presentations, and more. They often have features you can't find in PowerPoint flowchart templates available for free download.

GraphicRiver PowerPoint Flow Diagram Template Choices
Browse through these PowerPoint flow diagram templates from GraphicRiver.

Here are some of the best workflow chart templates for PowerPoint:

1. Simplicity Flowchart PPT Template

Simplicity Flowchart PPT Template

The Simplicity template for PowerPoint has a simple and minimalistic design. It includes 550+ unique slides that are easy to customize. Easily showcase the data and information with custom charts and graphs. The template also includes sections for team members, services, portfolio, and more. 

2. The Press Process Template PowerPoint

The Press Process Template PowerPoint

The Press template is a popular and modern PowerPoint template that's got a colorful design. Easily customize the pre-made color schemes with your own. Unlike a PPT flow chart template that's free, you can also edit the data using Excel. The template comes with stunning animations so you can make your presentation even more engaging.

3. Massive Infographics Bundle for PowerPoint With Flowcharts

Massive Infographics Bundle for PowerPoint With Flowcharts

This massive bundle is true to its name. It includes over 1300 unique slides with various infographic and flowchart elements. So, you can create a stunning PowerPoint presentation.

This is a great option if you like choice and want a high-quality alternative to a PPT flow chart template that's free.

4. Space Process Map Template for PowerPoint

Space Process Map Template for PowerPoint

Try the Space PowerPoint template if you’re looking for a clean design. The process flow diagram template PPT comes with 10 pre-made color schemes and 150 unique slides. Easily edit the master slides, which are also included, and the data can easily be changed through Excel. 

5. Imperial Flowchart PowerPoint Template

Imperial Flowchart PowerPoint Process Map Template

The Imperial PowerPoint process map template comes with an impressive number of slides and icons to use in your presentation design. You'll find pre-made color schemes as well as several infographic and flowchart slides to present your data in a visually engaging way.

6. PowerPoint Flowchart Presentation Starter Pack

PowerPoint Presentation Starter Pack

The popular starter pack is just filled with elements that'll make creating PowerPoint chart templates easier. There are actually three different templates inside. So, you can create three different looks for your presentation. 

Charts and diagrams include cycle process diagrams, puzzle diagrams, infographics, and more! You'll love the features of this pack and be happy you chose it over the many PowerPoint flowchart templates for a free download.

7. Mitra - Your Perfect Partner 

Mitra powerpoint flowchart templates

This versatile and flexible workflow chart template for PowerPoint gives you a multitude of choices. For starters, choose between 15 color themes with light and dark backgrounds. You can also choose between over 300 different icons. 

Plus, there are many charts and diagrams including a PowerPoint flowchart, a timeline, a mind map, and others. Customize this process flow diagram template PPT to make it your own.

8. Motagua - Multipurpose Flowchart PowerPoint Template 

Motagua multipurpose template

Here's another popular multi-purpose process flow diagram template PPT with lots of choices. There are a variety of PowerPoint chart templates as well as many color themes and icons. Here's just some of what customers say:

"Just awesome. Been looking for years for something as good as this."
"An awesome, incredibly flexible deck that will display any message in an attention-grabbing professional manner."
"The large number graphics and design allows unlimited ways to customize your presentation."

9. PowerPoint Flowchart Template Professional Pack 

PowerPoint Template Professional Pack

This popular PowerPoint template pack gives you the flexibility to create exactly the presentation you need including many PowerPoint flowchart templates. There are cycle process diagrams, puzzle diagrams, PowerPoint flowcharts, and many other types of infographics. The template is easy to edit, and unlike PowerPoint flowchart templates for free download, it includes full support.

10. Corporate Overview PowerPoint Flowchart Template

Corporate Overview Process Flow Diagram Template PPT

This easy-to-edit modern PowerPoint template comes with everything you could want to create an impressive slideshow. Easily replace images placeholders with your own information using drag-and-drop. Choose between 22 color options. Plus, the many charts and diagrams include flow chart infographics, map infographics, and more!

11. Marketer Pro Flowchart PowerPoint Template

marketer template with powerpoint flowcharts

This eye-catching professionally designed slideshow workflow chart template for PowerPoint is filled with helpful features, including:

  • data charts you can update through Excel
  • over 3000 vector icons
  • world maps
  • flow chart infographics
  • animation
  • based on free fonts
  • and more!

If you need a professional PPT design, then a premium PowerPoint template is a must. It's packed with features that PowerPoint flowchart templates for free download often lack.

12. Komplet V3 Flowchart PowerPoint Template 

PowerPoint flowcharts in Komplete template

This clean, colorful process flow PPT template contains a wide variety of easy-to-edit charts and diagrams. If you need to describe a process or create a PowerPoint flowchart, this could be the right template package for you. Plus, all the graphics can easily be edited and resized. The slide designs are based on Master Slides for consistency.

13. Atitlan Flowchart PowerPoint Presentation Template

Atitlan PowerPoint Presentation Template

This powerful presentation template is sure to make a lasting impression on your audience. Use the professionally designed templates to create your own PowerPoint flowcharts, process diagrams, timelines, and so on. Each element is fully editable and drag -and-drop ready. Plus, there are 12 pre-made color schemes.

14. Zembra Multipurpose PowerPoint Flowchart Template

Zembra PowerPoint template

The Zembra multipurpose PowerPoint template includes over 600 different slides. This flexible template gives you 40 color themes to work with, and each color theme has a light and dark version. One of the first things you'll notice about this template design is the huge number editable charts, diagrams, and infographics.

15. MARK04 - Flowchart PowerPoint Template

Mark04 Template

This modern PowerPoint template has a bold, but professional, look. The eye-catching animation and attractive elements are sure to leave your listeners with a positive impression. Plus, this template is super-easy to update. Use one of the many professionally designed charts or process diagrams to create your PowerPoint flowcharts.

16. Value - Ultimate PowerPoint Flowchart Template 

value template

You'll love this colorful contemporary PowerPoint template. It comes with over 40 pre-made color themes. Each theme is available in a light or dark version. 

This is perfect if you use a lot of charts in your slideshows. The template includes a wide varied of charts including a SWOT diagram, mind map, and PowerPoint flowchart templates.

17. Complete Business 2 In 1 PowerPoint Flowchart Template

Complete Business Template

With five-star rating, this template bundle is a customer favorite. Here's what customers said about this awesome package:

"Super high quality, lots of value, very responsive developer!"
"Great product and customer service, highly recommend."
"High quality work this template - excellent slides, components, transitions, icons. The user instructions are easy to follow and I could start using the template immediately. Great value!!"

When you need to make a professional PowerPoint presentation, then a premium design is a must. It's packed with tons of features that free PowerPoint flowchart templates are often missing.

18. Marketofy Ultimate PowerPoint Flowchart Template 

Marketofy Template

The Marketofy PowerPoint template contains dozens of professionally designed charts and graphs. There are many infographics such as PowerPoint flowcharts, tree diagrams, and puzzle diagrams. There are even data-driven infographic diagrams. You'll even find a wide selection of maps. Plus, each chart template is easy to edit.

19. Untouch Flowchart Template for PowerPoint

Untouch PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template will work well for both creative and professional presentations. Plus, it's got a good selection of easy-to-edit charts and infographics. To replace an image holder simply drag and drop your image into place. Choose between a good selection of process diagram infographics as well as flowcharts and mind maps.

20. Grids Minimal PowerPoint Flowchart Template 

Grids Process Flow PPT Template

You'll flip over this minimal design PowerPoint template. It's got everything you'd want in an eye-catching professional template design, including animation. Plus, there's a wide variety of infographics, diagrams (including data-driven diagrams), charts, and flow charts. Each element of the template is easy to edit and customize.

21. Verzus Minimal Flowchart PowerPoint Template

Verzus Process Flow Diagram PPT

Just because you use a minimal template doesn't equate to avoiding flowcharts in PowerPoint. Verzus does a great job balancing the two design concepts by bringing minimal process flowcharts in a clean template.

22. i9 Template Design System with PowerPoint Flowcharts

i9 Template Design Systems Workflow Chart Template PowerPoint

i9 calls itself a template design system, and that term really speaks to just how much flexibility there is in this download. Use a process flowchart template for PowerPoint in i9 to create your next illustrative presentation, chock full of infographics.

23. Multipurpose Infographics PowerPoint Templates

Multipurpose Infographics PowerPoint Process Map Template

If you're looking for the deepest selection of PowerPoint flowcharts, this might be just the template you had in mind. Thanks to the vector shapes in this process flow PPT template, you can scale up your flowchart and process charts to any size. 

24. Wow Slides for PowerPoint

Wow Slides for PowerPoint

PowerPoint flowcharts can be bright and colorful. This presentation template is the perfect showcase of that principle. Use any of the 130+ slides (including flowchart animations) in this process flow PPT template to show off your process easily.

25. Stampede PowerPoint Flowchart Presentation

Stampede PowerPoint Presentation

Stampede is one of the most flexible process flowchart templates for PowerPoint. With dozens of color schemes and slide design combinations, the possibilities are limitless. Use a flowchart infographic template from Stampede to craft your story in less time than ever.

26. Simplitch Flowchart PowerPoint Presentation

Simplitch Flowchart PowerPoint Presentation

The Simplitch PPT flowchart template has a simple and clean design. It comes with more than 100 unique slides and color schemes, which serve as an excellent starting point for your flowchart design. The charts are easy to edit via Excel and you can easily include all the relevant information for your presentation. 

27. E Bundle 2 in 1 Flowchart PPT Template

E Bundle 2 in 1 Flowchart PPT Template

This E Bundle template has a modern and corporate design with over 46 unique slides. You'll also find master slides for easy editing and image placeholders that'll make importing your own images easy. Edit the charts through Excel and then customize the design according to your brand’s guidelines.

28. Winsome PowerPoint Flowchart Template

Winsome PowerPoint Flowchart Template

The Winsome PowerPoint flow diagram template has a modern and clean design. You'll find over 114 unique slides along with several pre-made color schemes. On top of flowchart slides that are easy to customize, you'll also find slides to present your team, share your services, and more. 

29. MaxPoint PowerPoint Flowchart Template

MaxPoint PowerPoint Flowchart Template

MaxPoint is a versatile PowerPoint template with plenty of flowchart and other infographic elements to present your data in a meaningful way. The template has more than 100 unique slides and over 100 color schemes that are easy to customize.  

30. Massive X Modern Flowchart PowerPoint Template

Massive X Modern Flowchart PowerPoint Template

The Massive X PowerPoint flow diagram template has everything you need to create a powerful presentation and present your data in a visually appealing way. The template comes with more than 800 slides. It includes charts, flowcharts for PowerPoint, graphs, and other slides necessary to present your ideas and your company.   

How to Create a Flowchart PowerPoint Slide From PPT Templates

Once you've gone through our flowchart PowerPoint templates and found the one you’d like to use, it’s time to customize and create your own flowchart. Luckily, that’s easy to do since the hard work of creating a flowchart has already been done. Here’s how to customize a PowerPoint flowchart template in four easy steps.

For this tutorial, I'll be using the Arcama Template:

Arcama PowerPoint flowchart template
The Arcama Template from Envato Elements contains scalable vector infographics.

1. Replace Content With Your Own

The first step in customizing your chosen PowerPoint template is to replace the demo content with your own. To do this, simply click in any text area. Select the text by pressing CTRL+A. Then start entering your own information like I've done on slide #9 in the Arcama template. 

Editing text in Arcama flowchart template

2. Edit Process Maps 

To customize a process map, select the slide that matches your desired chart style the most. For this tutorial, I’ve chosen the slide #87, which shows a process map. To edit the colors, all you've got to do is right-click on the shape and select Format Shape. From there, adjust the color as well as the text by clicking Text Options.

Customize process maps

3. Customize the Charts

In a similar fashion, customize the charts and infographic elements. For example, I’ve chosen to edit the slide #136. By clicking on one of the charts, I can easily access the data by selecting the Edit Data With Excel option under Chart Design

Customizing charts in flowchart templates

4. Replace the Images

The last step is to customize the images with your own. For example, on slide #21, I can easily insert a picture instead of the colored shape simply by changing the fill type to Picture instead of Color

Adding images to Arcama PPT template

Want to learn more about making PowerPoint flowcharts? Take a look at our tutorial about using flowchart templates for PowerPoint:

5 Quick (+Useful) Tips for Making Great Flowcharts in PowerPoint

If you're using a Microsoft PowerPoint flowchart template, you'll want to get the most from it. Here are five tips to help you do just that:

1. Don't Overcrowd Your PowerPoint Flowchart Slide

Just as with any other slide in a slideshow, too much information on a slide can make it confusing. For that reason, try to document high-level processes in your flowchart. Rare exceptions to your process can be discussed without being illustrated. Separate out subprocesses and use a separate slide if you need to.

2. Be Careful With Color

Color is a good way to make your flowchart design stand out. At the same time, you don't want to overdo it with too many colors or clashing colors. This is one area where pre-built color themes in a premium PowerPoint template can help. Also, you may wish to color-code the shapes in your flowchart.

Arcama does a great job using complementary color schemes across a variety of slides to keep it consistent.

3. Keep the Look Consistent

Your listener needs to understand your PowerPoint template with a glance, so be consistent with shapes and their meanings. Use the same shapes to represent processes, decisions, connectors, and other common flow chart elements. Make a symbol key to make your flowchart for PowerPoint even easier to understand.

4. Make Sure Your Fonts Are Legible

The fonts you use on your slides can make the difference in whether your slides get read or not. First, you want to use a good clear font (usually a sans serif font). Next, you need to make sure that font is large enough that all your audience members can read it—even if they're at the back of the room.

Clear Fonts
Clear fonts like the ones in the PowerPoint v2 deck helps you tell stories sharply.

5. Use a Professionally Designed PowerPoint Flowchart Template

One of the best ways to save time and still create an eye-catching flowchart design is to give yourself a head start. The best way to get a head start is to start with our professionally designed infographic templates created just for PowerPoint. Find flowchart templates for PPT on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

5 Infographic PowerPoint Slide Design Trends for 2020

These tips for your infographic flowchart template will help you create an awesome PowerPoint presentation. If you want an extra edge, then take a look at these infographic PowerPoint design trends:

1. Line Art Style

In the past, infographics and flowcharts have been known to be visually busy and almost over the top. This trend pushes back on this idea by toning the design down with line art. Using this trend will still create interesting flowcharts that have a minimal, modern look.

Startup Infographic Flowchart Template
The Startup infographic flowchart template uses minimal line art to great effects.

2. Monochrome Color Schemes

I've mentioned in the tips section that you should be careful with the colors you use. Luckily, this trend follows this advice. If you want to use monochrome colors, head to this color wheel from Adobe and find the look that works with your content and tone.

3. Illustrated Characters

Adding illustrations to an infographic and process flow PPT template continues to be a trend in 2020. While it may sound distracting, this trend actually does a great job of connecting pieces of data and building a narrative.

Business Infographic Flowchart Template
This infographic flowchart template includes many illustrated characters.

4. Dynamic Data

Speaking of data, adding a bit of dynamism is a popular infographic flowchart template trend this year. The movement in your flowchart is visually interesting. It also does a great job of making certain data points stand out.

5. Custom Typography

Legible fonts are important, but no one says the typeface used in your process flow diagram template PPT has to be boring. There are plenty of bold, eye-catching fonts in PowerPoint. If you want a special, creative font, check out the ones from Envato Elements.

Maxpoint Workflow Chart Template PowerPoint
Use your new custom font with the Maxpoint workflow chart template for PowerPoint.

More Excellent PowerPoint Templates for Your Presentations (2020)

The world of presentation themes is larger than just PowerPoint flow diagram templates. Our Envato Tuts+ team has made many roundups like this one to help you find great templates you can use. Whether you've got a presentation coming up or are just curious, we've got some great PowerPoint themes you should check out:

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

Just because PowerPoint is a popular program for making presentations, that doesn't mean you won't have questions. Instead of guessing, I've gathered a few common questions you might have about PowerPoint in 2020:

1. How Do I Share My PowerPoint Presentation on Zoom?

Sharing your presentation on Zoom is easier than you think. Open your presentation, then open Zoom, and start a meeting. Click on Share Screen towards the bottom, then select the window you want to share. 

Learn how to present on Zoom and see your notes at the same time with this great tutorial:

2. Can I Embed YouTube Videos in My PowerPoint Process Map Template?

Embedding videos in your workflow chart template for PowerPoint takes a couple of clicks. From the Insert tab, click on Video in the Media group. Click Online Video... and insert the YouTube link from the popup and click Insert.

3. Do Gantt Charts Come With PowerPoint?

To create a Gantt chart in PowerPoint, you'll need to click Chart, found in the Illustrations group of the Insert tab. From the popup, click on Bar, then Stacked Bar, then OK.

This method is time-consuming. If you'd like a faster method, check out this tutorial:

4. Can I Add PDF Files to PowerPoint?

There isn't a neat way to embed a PDF file in your process flow diagram template PPT. Take screenshots of your PDF and insert them into your presentation. Or use this guide and find a program that can convert your file into a PPT presentation:

5. Is It Possible to Make My Presentation a Video?

From the File menu, choose the Export option. From there, click on Create a Video. Here, set slide timings, resolution, and other useful settings. Whether you're making a display video or slideshow, these tutorials will help you create a PPT video:

More Terrific PowerPoint Resources on Envato Tuts+

Would you like to learn more about flowcharts or using PowerPoint templates? We've got plenty of resources on Envato Tuts+ to help. Check out our guide to PowerPoint or one of our many PowerPoint tutorials. Here are just a few that you may find helpful:

Download Our eBook on Making Great Presentations (Free PDF)

Need more help with your PowerPoint presentations? We've got a helpful resource that'll walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.

Get our eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It's available for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. 

complete guide to making great presentations

Create Your Own Flow Chart With a Template for PowerPoint

We've just explored the top Microsoft PowerPoint flowchart templates. I've also provided you with some great tips to help you make your flowchart slides. The next step is up to you. Why not download a PowerPoint template and start creating your PowerPoint flowchart designs today?

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, interesting flowchart templates for PPT with the best, trending graphic designs. That way, you can find the design you need to make awesome flowcharts.

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