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20 Top Real Estate Marketing PowerPoint Templates for 2019

As a real estate agent or investor, your ability to deliver professional and impactful PowerPoint presentations contributes to your success. 

Making your PowerPoint presentation stand out and communicate effectively is hard work. With the variety of presentations you need, it can become a full-time job. You might even feel the need to hire a graphic designer.

But you can access different kind of help.

Real Estate Marketing PowerPoint Template
Create stunning real estate marketing presentations by using a PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

The easiest and fastest way to create your high-impact slideshow is to begin with professionally designed real estate marketing PowerPoint templates.

Keep reading to see how the slideshow templates in Envato Elements and GraphicRiver provide more than you’ll ever need to get more clients and sell more properties. You can easily customize each real estate template with your own information as well as specific details and images of each property.

That’s all it takes to have your very own professionally designed real estate marketing slideshow!

Best PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Thousands of PowerPoint templates for real estate marketing are available at Envato Elements with an irresistible offer: Download and use all the templates you want for one low price.

Templates for a Real Estate Listing Presentation
Get unlimited downloads of PowerPoint templates for property listing presentations.

You'll find thousands of PowerPoint templates specifically designed for real estate marketing. And each one is easy to customize: 

  1. Click to edit the text. 
  2. Drag-and-drop your own images in the placeholders. 
  3. Finally, change the theme colors to reflect your own branding.

Plus, an Elements subscription gives you unlimited access to fonts, stock photos, icons, even music tracks and video clips—all the creative elements you need to make a standout presentation. You get all this for one flat fee.

Premium real estate PowerPoint templates, such as those available through Envato Elements, have a distinct advantage over free real estate templates you may find. The premium templates are professionally designed and usually offer many more features than free real estate templates. 

Scroll down to take a peek at just some of the slideshow templates you can use for your next real estate listing presentation.

How to Use a Real Estate Slideshow

There are many ways for you to use slideshow presentations in your real estate business:

  • Use PowerPoint to make a compelling listing presentation that wins you new clients. 
  • Once you’ve acquired a new listing, put together a marketing slideshow and listing presentation to attract potential buyers. 
  • Create educational presentations for new clients to inform them about the sales process, comparative market analysis, and other material that’s helpful for them to know. 
  • Publish real estate marketing presentations online to attract traffic to your website and get leads.

New Real Estate Marketing PowerPoint Templates (From Envato Elements for 2019)

Below, I've chosen some of the best and newest PowerPoint templates for real estate marketing. Each one's created by a professional designer and easy to customize with your own information, images, and branding.

1. Milestate - Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Milesetate Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Make the property listing shine with the Milestate Real Estate PowerPoint template. You get 90 unique slide layouts, including a pricing table slide. Choose from PowerPoint’s built-in color schemes or the additional color schemes included in this real estate template. The slides are fully animated, making your slideshow easy to turn into a dynamic video. Also included are icons, handmade infographics, and more features to create a powerful presentation.

2. Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation

Real Estate Powerpoint Presentation

If you’re looking for something that’s both modern and simple, then this PowerPoint template is for you. You get over 40 unique slide layouts, each fully customizable. Even the vector icons and other graphics included this template package are editable and resizable, with no loss of quality. Smooth animation effects are built-in to keep your audience engaged.

3. Clazz - Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Clazz - Real Estate Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Simple yet stunning best describes this real estate PowerPoint template. It features over 30 unique slide layouts based on master slides. This makes it easy for you to make changes that apply globally to all slides. This template has the 16:9 or widescreen aspect ratio, giving you a bigger space to communicate with. It uses free web fonts, but you can easily replace them with the creative fonts from Envato Elements.

4. Citra Grand - Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Citra Grand - Real Estate PowerPoint Template

This presentation template gives you a modern design with creative use of image masks and a bold, accent color. Included are 36 unique slides and graphics that are fully editable. The picture placeholders are drag-and-drop easy to replace with photos of your property listing. The documentation file guides you in customizing the real estate template so you can make it your own.

5. Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Real Estate Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template for real estate marketing delivers a clean, modern, and creative design. Thirty slide layouts include gallery and portfolio styles, which are perfect for showcasing a property’s photos. You get to choose from five premade color variations. Change your mind? All it takes is one click to automatically recolor all the slides. This template is also available in both standard and widescreen sizes.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

What you see above is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the design possibilities available at Envato Elements.

Envato Elements gives you so much more than the tools to create real estate presentations. You also get everything you need for all areas of real estate marketing:

  • website templates
  • real estate templates for printed marketing materials such as flyers and business cards 
  • creative elements for real estate videos (photos, video clips, sound effects, music tracks, and more)

You've unlimited access to all this and more with your subscription to Envato Elements. Download as many as you want (with unlimited use) for all your real estate marketing needs—for one low price.

Design Real Estate Marketing Presentations
Get unlimited downloads of everything you need for your real estate marketing materials.

However, if you prefer to purchase templates and design elements a la carte, then GraphicRiver is the place for you. As you see below, you also have an abundance of choices at GraphicRiver.

15 Top Real Estate PowerPoint Templates on GraphicRiver (for 2019)

GraphicRiver offers hundreds of PowerPoint templates designed specifically for real estate marketing by our global community of graphic designers. These are available for individual sale, which means you pay only for what you download.

Templates for Real Estate Marketing Presentations
Save time and effort by using a real estate PowerPoint template.

Below are 15 examples of real estate templates you can use for your listing presentation, real estate video, or real estate marketing slideshow:

1. Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template

Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template

With 60 slide layouts, 90 color themes, and over 4500 icons included, it’s no wonder this Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation template is a bestseller! This template comes with handmade and smart art infographics as well as full animation. You also get a choice of standard or widescreen aspect ratio. And if you choose one of the 20 premade templates, you’ll finish creating your presentation in minutes.

2. Luxurious - Real Estate Agency PowerPoint Presentation Template

Luxurious - Real Estate Agency PowerPoint Presentation Template

The minimalist and innovative design of the Luxurious template positions you as a true professional. You get a total of 250 unique slides with a choice of five color variations. There are also more than 10 infographic slides with editable charts. It only takes one click to enter your own information. The image placeholders are drag-and-drop ready for your own photographs. On top of all that, you get free support, 24/7, from the designer.

3. Realtor - Real Estate Business Template

Realtor - Real Estate Business Template

Impress potential clients and investors with the bold, dynamic design of the Realtor Real Estate Business Template. It comes with more than 210 unique custom slides and over 500 real estate icons that are fully editable and resizable. You’ll have slide layouts for different kinds of information, including portfolio, client testimonials, pricing, timelines, and more.

4. Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template

Real Estate Powerpoint Presentation Template

Use this Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template and your slideshow is sure to grab your audience’s attention. Deliver your message using the 23 unique slides with a light color theme. Animation effects are built-in to help keep your viewers engaged, and the color scheme is easy to change to your branding.

See the real estate template in action in this video:

5. Maliku - Real Estate Presentation

Maliku  Real Estate Presentation

The geometric pattern accents in the Maliku template are suitable for industrial, art deco, Mediterranean-inspired, and other modern property listings. Files come in both PPTX (for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 and newer) and PPT (for 2003) formats. This pack offers 18 unique slide layouts in 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio.

6. Executive - Real Estate Presentation Template

Executive - Real Estate Presentation Template

Show your property listing in the best possible light with the real-estate themed Executive template. With over 57 unique layouts in both dark and light versions, your presentation will have enough variety to keep your audience enthralled. The listing presentation template also provides infographics, editable charts, and icons. Choose from 9+ color schemes to match your branding and enjoy free support from the template designer.

7. Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Real Estate PowerPoint Template

The use of a single bold accent color packs a powerful punch in this Real Estate PowerPoint template. You get to choose one of three different color variations: green, grey, or yellow. Aside from PPT and PPTX formats for PowerPoint, this pack also includes a layered Photoshop file (PSD) as well as JPG and PNG formats. Animation effects are also built into the real estate template.

8. Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template

Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template

Photo-based slide backgrounds highlight breathtaking photos of properties. The 50 creative slides in this template combine shapes, icons, and bursts of color to get your audience’s attention. The pack comes with 10 premade templates and 80 themes. The slides are available in both 4:3 (standard) 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratios. And if you like icons, you’ll love this theme: it comes with a whopping 3500 icons!

9. Tuntang Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Tuntang Real Estate PowerPoint Template

You’ll be proud to deliver your presentation when it’s made with the Tuntang Real Estate PowerPoint Template. The aesthetic is clean, while shape elements add interest and variety. The 50 slide layouts in this set come in 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. They’re built on master slides, which makes customizing them easy and fast. Also included are over 900 vector icons that you can recolor and resize without losing sharpness. Finally, the built-in transitions and animations make your slideshow look almost like a video.

10. Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template

Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template

Another clean slideshow design, this Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template wisely uses icons to communicate visually. A real estate-themed icon pack comes with the 50 unique slides. It also provides 10 premade color schemes, but if none matches your branding, customizing this set with your own choice of color takes only two clicks. If you've got an older version of PowerPoint, you’ll be happy that this template includes files in both PPTX and PPT formats.

11. Architecture Real Estate Interior Presentation - Rancang

Architecture Real Estate Interior Presentation - Rancang

Looking for a slideshow template made especially to show off real estate, architecture, and interior design? Then check out the Rancang Architecture Real Estate Interior Presentation template. It’s a big set: over 100 unique slide layouts, vector maps of 57 countries, and numerous editable charts and graphs.

12. Vintg Real Estate Presentation Template

Vintg Real Estate Presentation Template

The Vintg Real Estate Presentation Template delivers a clean and upbeat design with its use of geometric shapes and bright colors. Mix and match 80 slide layouts to convey your points. Considering that it includes 10 premade color schemes as well as dark and light variations, you get a total of 1600 slides. A real estate icon pack also comes free in this template.

13. Homy - Multipurpose Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Homy - Multipurpose Real Estate Powerpoint Template

The polished, ultra-modern design of Homy is sure to make your presentation unique and memorable. With more than 70 unique slides, you can find the layouts for everything you want to convey. Also included are vector icons, infographics, and charts—all of them editable. This real estate template comes in both PPT and PPTX file formats compatible with various versions of PowerPoint. You can also count on the template creator for support in using the template.

14. Stylestate Real Estate Agency Presentation Template

Stylestate Real Estate Agency Presentation Template

If you’re looking for something bold, then Stylestate may be the PowerPoint template for you. It offers 28 different slide layouts that you can edit and customize to fit your own content and branding. The slides are in 16:9 or widescreen size and come in both PPTX and PPT file formats. This template uses only free fonts, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing them.

15. RealSt Property PowerPoint Presentations

RealSt Property Powerpoint Presentations

Icons and other graphics make this innovative presentation template stand out. You’ll have all the layouts you need in the pack, which includes 100 unique slides and 30 premade color schemes in light and dark variations. The slides, which are widescreen-sized, come in PPTX file format.

Watch the preview below:

5 Real Estate Marketing Tips

Competition in real estate is tough. You always have to stay several steps ahead to stand out and be memorable. 

The same goes for your real estate marketing materials. Your PowerPoint presentations must be powerful and effective. Using the PowerPoint templates in Envato Elements and GraphicRiver is already a great start. Their professional designs reflect your professionalism and dependability.

Get even better results in your real estate marketing by following these tips:

1. Show Social Proof

Gaining a prospect’s trust is essential if they're to become an investor, client, or buyer. Show them proof of your knowledge, credibility, and results. Collect testimonials from happy clients and showcase them on your presentations (with their permission, of course).

Create testimonials pages from the real estate template of your choice, to share positive feedback in an attractive, memorable, and compelling way.

Testimonials Page for a Listing Presentation
This testimonials page was created from the Citra Grand Real Estate PowerPoint template.

2. Make it Visual

Potential buyers do tons of their own research online before they pick up the phone for a viewing. Posting high-quality photos online will help you get more inquiries and viewings.

Entice potential buyers’ interest by providing copious amounts of photos and real estate videos. Make sure they’re first-rate and accurate (no stretching images to make a room look bigger than it actually is!). Why not take drone photos and videos of the property for a more interesting point of view!

Visuals for Real Estate Marketing
Visuals help sell properties. Use a photo-rich template like this real estate PowerPoint template.

3. Tailor the Presentation

Tailor your presentations to each client. First-time home buyers, for example, have different needs than an investor who’s looking for their next rental property. The PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are easy to customize, saving you hours of time and effort.

4. Answer Potential and Existing Clients’ Questions with Slideshows

You can harness the power of slideshows for so much more than your listing presentations. For example, you can make slides to address the most frequently asked questions by both potential and existing clients and publish these on your website and other platforms (see tip #5, below) for content marketing.

Education in Real Estate Marketing
Educate your real estate buyers on what to expect. This diagram is included in a PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

5. Repurpose

Get maximum impact from each slideshow by repurposing and republishing it to other formats. Here are five real estate marketing ideas for repurposing to begin with:

  1. Post your slideshows on SlideShare.
  2. Transform a slideshow into a video. 
  3. Edit down parts of the video into a short video ad or social media story. 
  4. Turn slides into images for Instagram and Pinterest. 
  5. Write a blog post about each presentation.

You get the idea!

Inspired to take your real estate marketing to the next level? Get even more real estate-related design inspiration from these articles:

Find more great PowerPoint templates here:

Start Creating Better Estate PowerPoint Slideshows

Power up your listing presentations and real estate marketing materials by creating high-impact slideshows. Why start from scratch? Creating from professionally-designed, feature-rich PowerPoint templates is the easiest and fastest way to do so.

Choose from real estate market-themed PowerPoint templates in Envato Elements, where you get unlimited downloads for one low price. Or, pay per use at the GraphicRiver marketplace. Either way, you get presentation templates that are easy to customize with your own text, images, and branding colors.

Coupled with the real estate marketing tips above, these presentation templates will help position you as the go-to real estate agent in your market.

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