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Social Promotions That Impress Clients and Keep Them Coming Back

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All too often, clients are dead set on a particular design or promotion, but as an agency you hold tremendous sway in your clients’ marketing efforts. Use that to your advantage and give your clients what they want: social promotions that generate results including likes, email addresses, and general awareness.

If you are able to please your clients again and again, they will keep coming back to you. Here are three principles that will help you create more effective Facebook promotions for your clients.

1. Consider Your Client's Fan Base

If your client's Facebook following is still small (less than 1000 fans), recommend simple giveaways, not complex contests.

Zach Mangum of GroSocial has worked with thousands of clients, and he recommends that "even though contests may seem more novel and interesting than giveaways, until you have a large enough fan base to be successful, avoid photo and video contests."

2. Keep the Giveaway Entry Process Simple

Clients may think they are being creative, but making the entry process long or intricate always reduces a promotions reach, the number of entrants, and the quantity of new likes you get.

We once had a client who insisted that their promotion require contest entrants to purchase their CD, take a picture with them holding the CD and their receipt, and submit it. The results were abysmal. — Zach Mangum of GroSocial

Promotions that ask entrants to like the client’s page, submit their email address, and encourage entrants to share the promotion with their friends, do much better than any complex entry process.

3. Use a Facebook Tab

While Facebook recently made a change to its promotion guidelines allowing Facebook pages to administer promotions through the News Feed, the advantages of using a Facebook tab are enormous:

  • You can require entrants to like the client’s Facebook page before entering. When someone likes a Facebook page, they are essentially subscribing to that page’s post, which is a future marketing opportunity for the page. If a giveaway is conducted through the News Feed, anyone can like the post and enter without becoming a fan of the page itself.
  • You are able to collect leads. If you administer a giveaway through posts, you can see who likes and shares it, but you do not have their contact information. When you administer a giveaway through a Facebook tab, the entry process is a form that can collect entrants’ email addresses, giving you a way to market to them in the future.
  • Promotions are housed in one location. When you use a Facebook tab, you are able to direct all posts and traffic from your website and other social networks to the tab’s URL.
  • You are able to be more expressive with design. News Feed promotions are difficult to get excited about because all you see is a photo and some text. Tab promotions are much more colorful, engaging and are more easily themed to match current holidays, events, etc.
  • You are able to track entrants and choose a winner more easily. Particularly if you have a large fan base, going through thousands of likes and shares, when Facebook only shows you a handful at a time, is not very intuitive. When you run a promotion through Facebook tabs, you are able to export a list of entrants to Excel and randomly choose a winner. Plus you have the list for future use.

Streamline Your Facebook Giveaways

Creating Facebook giveaways is a powerful way to help your clients. Keeping these promotions easy to enter will increase your signups.

It’s better to create promotions for clients that are housed on a Facebook tab. This is not only easier to manage and market, but it gives you the advantage of opening up future marketing opportunities. Those page likes and email addresses you collect through a tab-based promotion are long-term leads for your client.

How do you make a tab?

You can either custom code each one, or you can use a tool like GroSocial to create promotions and tabs for your clients with a fraction of the time and money it would take to code it yourself.

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