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20 Best Outer Space PowerPoint Templates (Next-Level PPT Designs 2019)

If you need to give a space presentation but don't have a good design, you might find yourself saying, "Houston, we have a problem!

But with the help of space PowerPoint templates, you can design a professional presentation no time flat. Grab a PowerPoint space theme, add your details, and blast off to a successful presentation.

Armstrong Space PowerPoint Template
Use space PowerPoint templates like Armstrong to create stunning space PowerPoint slides.

Read on to see the best space PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements, plus eye-catching PowerPoint space themes from GraphicRiver. Plus, you'll learn tips and tricks to customize your space PowerPoint slides easily. Let's get started.

The Best Source for Space PowerPoint Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

In this article, we'll look at a great selection of space PowerPoint templates. If you've never used a PowerPoint template before, you might be surprised how helpful they are. 

Templates have pre-built slide designs with content placeholders. All that you've got to do is fill them in with your specifics. And the best place to get the best space PowerPoint templates (and so much more) is Envato Elements.

Envato Elements' library is almost as infinite as outer space itself. With tens of thousands of PowerPoint templates, you can create your presentation in less time than ever.

Envato Elements PowerPoint Space themes
Download the best PowerPoint space themes with the all-you-you-can-download subscription service from Envato Elements.

You might be tempted to get space PowerPoint themes or background templates for free online. But these usually aren't your best choice. Remember: you get what you pay for. Premium space PowerPoint slides such as those available through Envato provide more options.

The Elements offer is hard to match. With this single subscription, you've got everything you could need to build an excellent PowerPoint presentation. Not only will you unlock templates, but you'll also have access to stock photos and graphics that enhance your space PowerPoint slides.

Top PowerPoint Space Themes (Envato Elements)

Let's check out five of the best space and universe PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements.

1. Armstrong Outer Space PowerPoint

Space PowerPoint template

Armstrong is the perfect PowerPoint space theme for a galactic presentation. With pre-built graphics like a moon and astronaut characters, this is the ideal PowerPoint space theme to take your audience to a new atmosphere.

2. Space Cadet PowerPoint Template

Space PowerPoint Slides

Space Cadet is a space PowerPoint template that feels like the future. With simple elements and a minimalist design, it's ideal for creating futuristic presentations that feature space. Add a few of your favorite space photos and graphics to add an element of outer space.

3. Starcraft PowerPoint Template

Universe PowerPoint template

With 50 multipurpose slides across seven premade color schemes, Starcraft is a versatile space PowerPoint template. You'll see a deep set of infographics that are ready to tell stories with data using an out-of-the-world theme.

4. Solar System Education PowerPoint

Space PowerPoint Slides

With accurate sizing and fantastic illustration, this solar system PowerPoint is perfect for learning. Remember: you can also use space PPT templates for abstract purposes. Imagine using a solar system for a business case by using the planets as stages of a project, for example.

5. Planetarium PowerPoint Template

Space PowerPoint presentation

Relying upon beautiful space imagery, Planetarium is a space PPT template that's perfect for helping your audience "think big." Use the eye-catching slides and image placeholders combined with Envato Elements' photo library to create great space PowerPoint slides.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Design Without Limits
Envato Elements - Unlimited awesome template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Get great web themes, PowerPoint space themes, and more—all for one low price

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional templates (including space PowerPoint templates) and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy unique space PowerPoint templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

Download Great Universe PowerPoint Templates from GraphicRiver

So far, you've seen templates from Envato Elements, but it's not the only source for the best space PowerPoint presentations.

Maybe you know exactly what you're looking for when it comes to space PPT templates. In that case, turn to GraphicRiver, another site from Envato that offers pay-as-you-go options for the best space PowerPoint slides.

GraphicRiver Universe PowerPoint templates
GraphicRiver offers a vast library of pay-as-you-go space PPT templates that are easy-to-use.

On GraphicRiver, the PowerPoint template library is just as deep—but you'll pay only for the assets you choose to use. It helps you keep your costs low if you want precisely one space PPT template.

Let's look at 15 of my favorite space PowerPoint template slides from GraphicRiver in the round-up below:

1. Galaxy Gazer PowerPoint Presentation

Universe PowerPoint template

For a universe PowerPoint template, Galaxy Gazer offers some of the best PowerPoint space slides. The font options are perfectly matched to a futuristic mood that imagery of space inspires. It's easy-to-edit and just waiting for your content.

2. Nebula PowerPoint Presentation

Space PowerPoint Slides

Nebula is a versatile space PPT template that's got everything you might need to create your cosmic presentation. Even better, it's flexible enough to use for other types of presentations thanks to the infographics and illustration. Use any of the 81 slide designs to create a space-themed presentation.

3. Space Exploration Template

Space PowerPoint Download

Data-driven presentations explain ideas with charts and graphs. This template is the perfect way to do that with a PowerPoint space theme with fresh lunar views and easy-to-update content. Use it for presentations that rely on data.

4. Space PowerPoint Presentation

Space PowerPoint Presentation

Templates like this are perfect for space content thanks to the clean fonts and minimal designs that offer a look at the future. Use the space animations for PowerPoint in this template to add a bit of motion to your presentation.

5. Galactic Space Presentation Template

Universe PowerPoint template

A space PowerPoint presentation has both the style and built-in assets that inspire visions of galaxies far beyond our own. This universe PowerPoint template is a top choice thanks to the graphics included across 60 unique slides and many color schemes. 

6. Apolo Space Presentation

Space PowerPoint template

Apolo is a clean and minimal template with the best space PowerPoint slides. With both light and dark themes, you can build presentations inspired by either solar or lunar activity across 50 unique slide designs. Take advantage of the space animations for PowerPoint for a sense of motion as well.

7. Space Dark PowerPoint

Universe PowerPoint template

As a dark counterpart to an excellent space PowerPoint theme you saw above, this template inspires thoughts of the starry sky. You can use any of the built-in slides with space imagery and assets to create the best space PowerPoint presentation.

8. The Space Age PowerPoint Template

Space background PowerPoint

Thanks to the integrated space-themed imagery, this template has all of the makings of an excellent universe PowerPoint template. Not only does it have space-themed imagery, but you'll also find great infographics and charts that you can use to add data-driven stories.

9. Space X PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint space theme

This space PowerPoint template has pre-built graphics themed for outer space that you can use to explain ideas. Twenty ready-made color schemes help you maximize the value of this space PowerPoint theme. Just add your images and content to the slide designs, and you'll launch your presentation with a boost!

10. Spacex PowerPoint Presentation

Space PowerPoint presentation

Space inherently inspires visions of the future, and this template is no exception to this idea. Resize the vector graphics to any format and output and don't miss out on the included 500 icons to create your space PowerPoint template.

11. Lekro Space PowerPoint Theme

Space PPT template

Lekro features some of the best rocket and space graphics that make it perfect for PowerPoint space themes. Use the 60 unique slides to never repeat your designs exactly while building your space PowerPoint presentation.

12. Galaxy Space PowerPoint Template

Space PowerPoint download

Multipurpose PowerPoint presentations are great for a variety of styles, and this one fits the bill perfectly. Best of all, it's got built-in graphics and imagery that lend itself perfectly to a PowerPoint space theme. Just grab this space PowerPoint download and fill it out with your details.

13. Planet Pack Space PowerPoint Template

Space PowerPoint download

Whether you're building an environmental or space-themed PowerPoint presentation, this template has what you need. The planetary graphics can help you see the Earth from a space traveler's perspective, and it works perfectly for PowerPoint space themes.

14. Simpl Space PowerPoint Template

Universe PPT template

This dark PowerPoint template is perfect for a PowerPoint space theme. It's one of the most in-depth options with more than 80 slide designs that are all expertly designed. Use the custom image placeholders to add yours.

15. Tell Your Story PowerPoint Space Theme

Space animations for PowerPoint

Rounding out this selection of PowerPoint space themes is a unique option that includes a few extras. This is perfect for illustrating a galactic story with the help of space animations for PowerPoint thanks to the 26 uniquely animated slide designs.

How to Make Space-Themed Presentations Quickly With Templates

Space PowerPoint templates are eye-catching, but you might be wondering how you can use them. It's important to remember that templates are just a starting point for your presentation.

In this section, we'll sample three slides from three space PowerPoint templates under the Envato Elements umbrella. We'll walk through customizing the slide to match our content's purpose.

1. The Space Team Slide

Space PowerPoint slides

A team slide fits in practically every presentation that you might need to build. And in the Armstrong Space PowerPoint theme, slide 9 is perfect for the purpose.

Let's see the flexibility that custom PowerPoint templates offer. In my case, I'll narrow this slide down to just three team members for a simpler view. Click on a profile photo and the associated text, then press Delete your keyboard.

As you start to reposition the three remaining profile photos into place, it's important to create visual rhythm with alignment. Make sure that your photos and text boxes are spaced equidistantly using the guides that pop up while moving objects as you see in the screenshot below.

Space PowerPoint slides
As you reposition the elements on a slide, use the guides (red arrows and dotted lines) in PowerPoint to ensure that your objects are properly aligned.

Now, round out your slide. Add your photos by clicking on the image placeholders, and then add your text specifics.

Finished Space PowerPoint slide

2. An Astronomical About Slide

Starcraft PowerPoint space theme

Straightforward about slides are useful for so many purposes. With a single slide, you can explain practically any concept by combining simple text with eye-catching photos. Let's customize slide five from the Starcraft PowerPoint space theme.

Three simple customizations bring this space PPT template together perfectly:

  1. Update the placeholder image. Click on the placeholder icon, then browse to a photo on your computer. Bonus points if it's space-themed!
  2. Adjust the title text. In the upper left corner of the slide, type over the placeholder to match your purpose. Then, increase the font size for a more memorable title.
  3. Replace the body copy. Type over the text in the primary copy and increase the size to make the slide more memorable.
Starcraft Space PowerPoint slides

3. The Solar Project Slide

PowerPoint space theme

PowerPoint space themes don't have to be used literally. That means that you can use them to illustrate a point. In this example, the phases of the moon are a significant upgrade over simple flowcharts. Let's use slide 29 in the Solar System Education PowerPoint space theme.

Again, three steps are all that it takes to customize a lunar slide to describe a project totally:

  1. Slide title. Center the text above the slide to emphasize the title. This sets the tone for your space PowerPoint slide.
  2. Update the text. For this example, I'll use each text box for a significant phase of our project management focus.
  3. Add text. Copy and paste the text boxes for the stages below to add a bit of commentary. Downsize the font slightly to give the text appropriate emphasis. 
Space PPT template

Learn More About Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Before you blast off on designing a presentation with a PowerPoint space theme, consider learning more about the app. Mastering the tools of the trade (in this case, PowerPoint) always makes your work more efficient.

On Envato Tuts+, we've put together the deepest set of resources for learning Microsoft PowerPoint. We've pooled many tutorials together into a helpful guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.

Check out a few of my favorite PowerPoint tutorials from the guide in the three articles below: 

Design a Presentation With a Space PowerPoint Template Today

Ready to launch your mission of building a presentation with a space PowerPoint template? Don't forget the options that you saw in this tutorial. 

With the help of the space PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements or PowerPoint space themes from GraphicRiver, you can create an excellent space PowerPoint presentation. The graphics, photos, and styles of these templates will transport your audience to a galaxy far, far away.

Don't wait—set the course for your outer space journey with an excellent PowerPoint presentation like the ones in this tutorial! Download one today and get started.

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