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10 Vision Board Ideas to Visualize & Reach Important Goals in 2022

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Looking for vision board inspiration? Here are our best vision board ideas to help you get started with vision boards.

This is a great example of a vision board. (Image Source: twenty20)
This is a great example of a vision board. (Image Source: twenty20 - no longer available)

Many influential leaders create vision boards. Vision boards help you to set goals so that you can be reminded every day to achieve those goals. Seeing those goals every day will motivate you to complete the goals you want to achieve.

Everyone’s vision board will look different, so how your's looks is up to you. A vision board can have a theme or focus on one goal or multiple goals. If you're inspired or motivated to reach your dreams or your goal, a vision board could be just what you need to encourage you to obtain your vision.

In this tutorial we share our top vision board ideas so you can create a visual board for your goals.

What's a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collage of images or words representing a goal or a dream. Also, a vision board is a visual representation of your goals or dreams. Basically, it's a visual board to illustrate your ideas and goals.

Vision boards are meant to inspire you and remind you of your goals and dreams. Vision boards can also be used to imagine a positive future, increasing positive emotions and optimism.

5 Types of Vision Boards? 

Since vision boards are meant to inspire you to achieve your goals, there are different types of vision boards. Here are some different types of vision boards to inspire you to create your own:

1. Classic Vision Board

Most people think of a Classic Vision board when you say the words, "vision board". This vision board type is typically made with magazine cutouts that are glued to poster board. When creating this vision board of ideas, remember that it can be made for aesthetic purposes or a dream or goal in mind.

2. Bullet Journal

In this picture a woman is creating a bullet journal.
In this picture a woman is creating a bullet journal. (Image Source: twenty20 - no longer available)

In recent years, a bullet journal has become a popular type of vision board. If you like nice, neat-looking things or like organizing, this is a great idea to make a vision board.

A bullet journal is like a visual board for goals. You can create a bullet journal "vision board" in time frames like goals for a week or a month. In a bullet journal, you list your goals and fill in the bullet points when they're completed.

3. Metal Grid or String Vision Board

This type of vision board is for people who want something that looks pretty in an office or bedroom. The metal grid or string vision board is typically more abstract with just images hanging. Here's a description of each of these dream board ideas:

  • A metal grid vision board is where you hang inspirational images on a metal grid hung on a wall with a clothespin or clip.
  • A string vision board is very similar to a metal grid vision board. The string vision board takes inspirational images and hangs them on a string that's draped across the wall with a clothespin or clip.

4. Dream Wall

This is an example of a dream wall.
This is an example of a dream wall. (Image Credit: twenty20 - no longer available)

A dream wall is a dream board that’s focused on ideas. It works well as a vision board for ideas.

You can hang inspirational quotes, images, words, phrases, or anything that reminds you of your dream and what you want to achieve. A dream wall can also be a dream board that's hung on a wall where you can often see it.

5. Digital Vision Board

A digital vision board is an excellent option if you like using technology. A digital vision board also means that you can look at your board wherever you want.

For example, some people use Pinterest to create different boards, and it automatically suggests vision board ideas for you based on what you pinned. Plus, there are many picture collage apps or software that you can use to create vision boards.

The Best Source for Digital Elements with (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a premium subscription service that gives you access to many digital elements. Some of the resources you get are stock images, audio, PowerPoint templates, fonts, and much more. There are plenty of images and graphics to give you plenty of visual vision board ideas.

Envato Elements has high-quality digital elements.
Envato Elements has high-quality digital elements.

Just sign up and pay a low monthly fee. You’ll get unlimited access to the digital elements. Plus, professionals make all the digital elements look professional and stylish. This means that it can make your next project professional and stylish.

If you just need a single image or graphic, though, GraphicRiver is a great option. The online marketplace lets you purchase design resources one-at-a-time.

How to Make Your Own Vision Board

Now that you’ve learned what a vision board is and the different types of vision boards, here's how to make your own vision board:

1. Set Your Goals and Prioritize

When making a vision board, decide if you want a visual board for goals or dreams. Once you’ve decided on what type of vision board determine what you want to place on the board, you should decide whether you're going to make a board for a short-term or long-term goal.

It can be helpful to write a list of goals or dreams that you want to include on your board. It’s recommended that the farthest you plan for is a year ahead. Otherwise, it can be hard to track your progress.

2. Gather Your Materials

Gather your materials to make your mood board.
Gather your materials to make your mood board. (Image Source: Envato Elements)

After you’ve decided what your priorities are and what goals you want to set your focus on. The next step is to gather your materials for your vision board. If you’re going to make a traditional style vision board, you’ll need:

  • poster board
  • magazines or online pictures (for online pictures you'll need a color printer)
  • scissors
  • glue or tape

If you're going to make a bullet journal, then you’ll need:

  • a journal
  • a pen.

To make a metal grid or string vision board, you’ll need:

  • images
  • a string or metal grid
  • clothespins or clips.

3. Find Images that Work

After you've chosen your goals for your vision board idea, the next step is to select and find images or words that you want to use. You can print photos out that you find online. Or if you're using a digital vision board, save the picture files you want to use.

If you're creating a digital vision board and are planning to post the board online, make sure that you use copy-right-free images.

4. Write Goals on Poster Board

If you want a nice-looking visual board for goals or dreams, it helps to plan what sections you want to make on your poster board. Writing the areas of your decided goals on your poster board with a pencil helps you visualize where you want your images to go on your board.(This is an optional step.)

Here are some specific vision dream board ideas for other types of visual boards:

  • If you’re creating a digital vision board, you can plan out where you want your digital images to go.
  • If you're making a bullet journal, lay out what you want your journal structure to look like first.
  • If you’re creating a metal grid or string vision board, decide on the order of the images or placement of them on the grid or string.

5. Sort Images

Sort the images you want to use for your vision board.
Sort the images you want to use for your vision board. (Image Source: twenty20 - no longer available)

After you’ve chosen the images, you want to use and where you want them, the next step is to sort them. Sorting them into piles is a way to make sure that you don’t get mixed up when creating your board.

Along with sorting them by goal or dream, you can sort them by priority too. That way, if you run out of room on your board you can get rid of lower priority images.

6. Lay Out Your Images in a Way That You Want

After you’ve sorted your images, choose where you want your images to go onto your vision board. This helps make sure that your board looks the way you want. This way, you don’t accidentally glue down an image on your board in a place you didn’t wish to or in an area that doesn’t look good.(This step is essential if you want an aesthetic or pretty vision board.)

7. Glue Down Your Images

After choosing your sections and where you want the images to go, the next step is to secure those images into place.

To secure your images, use glue or tape. Glue sticks and double-sided tape work well for this purpose and are easy to use. Gluing or taping your images in place makes sure they stick to your board and won’t fall off.

 If you’re creating a metal grid or string vision board, you can pin the images in place.

8. Add Any Writing or Doodles

Add any doodles to your vision board.
Add any doodles to your vision board. (Image Source: Envato Elements)

(This is an optional step.) Some people like to doodle to add a personal touch to their vision board. Writing or doodles can fill in some space you may have. But it's best to use doodles that add to the theme of your vision board if you can. That way, you don’t get distracted from your goals.

9. Display Your Board

After creating your vision board, the next step is to choose where you want your vision board to be.

You want your vision board to be an inspiration. That means that you should place your board somewhere where you can see it every day.

Here are three vision board ideas for displaying your board:

  1. If you put your vision board on the nightstand next to your bed, you’ll see your vision board often.
  2. Hang your vision board is in your home office so that you can see it as you work.
  3. Or use the vision board as your computer background if you've got a digital vision board.

10. Look at Your Board Daily

Look at your vision board daily.
Look at your vision board daily. (Image Source: Envato Elements)

Now that you’ve placed your vision board somewhere where you can see it, look at it daily. You don't have to look for a long time. Look just long enough to remember your goals or dreams and track your progress.

When looking at your vision board, think about what you can do during the day to achieve your goal or dream. After you’ve accomplished goals, don’t be afraid to update your vision board, take off images, and replace them.

If at the end of the time you set to complete your goal, if you haven’t completed a goal as you wanted, it’s okay. You should focus on what you did completed.

Get Started With Your Vision Board Today

Now that you’ve read about vision board ideas and why they can be beneficial, create a vision board for 2022 today.

And remember, Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have stock images and other creative assets you can use for your vision board ideas. They even have fun fonts you can use to write words, phrases, or quotes. So, start creating your vision board so that you can work toward your goals and dreams in 2022.

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