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How to Make a Great Personal Resume Website (Ultimate Guide)

Finding a job is not easy nowadays. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a seasoned employer looking for a better position, the job marketplace is filled with fierce competition. If you want to stand a chance at getting the interview, you have to do what it takes to stand out.

One of the best ways to do that professionally is to create a personal resume website. While you shouldn’t ditch the paper resume just yet, it’s crucial to take your resume game to the next level. 

Make Your Personal Resume Website Not Just Good, But Great

In today’s world where the Internet and social media play an important role in our everyday lives, it’s guaranteed that every employer will turn to Google to find our more information about you.

By creating a personal resume website, you have complete control over the results they find. In it, you can showcase your relevant work experience, highlight your personal brand, and captivate potential employers with testimonials, case studies, and more. 

Whether you use a professional WordPress resume theme, a high-quality personal HTML template, or build from scratch, you want your personal resume website to be great.

In this multipart series, we show you how to create an outstanding personal resume website that presents you in the best possible light. 

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