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4 Things You Can Do With a Graphics Pen Tablet in E-Learning/Distance Working

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, many schools and companies around the globe are shifting to online platforms. For those who have been used to studying in the classroom or working in the office, the transition is full of difficulties and challenges.

Using the proper digital tools can make online work much more efficient and effective. This article will introduce four combinations of hardware and software to help you get more out of working from home.

1. Interactive Classroom

Recommended Tools: XP-PEN Star G640 Tablet, WizIQ Virtual Classroom

This combination is for teachers who are moving courses online.

Compared with sitting in the classroom and communicating face to face, online learning may sometimes feel isolating for students and faculty. How can you create a sense of community in your online courses? This is the question.

To develop a sense of community, you should regard real-time interaction as important. Good real-time classroom software and a graphics tablet can help you realize this goal.

WizIQ Virtual Classroom is cloud-based classroom software, with which teachers can run live classes for online tutoring. It allows teachers to run real-time audio/video, text communication, and an interactive whiteboard on the same screen. 

The XP-PEN graphics tablet is compatible with WizIQ. While streaming or broadcasting, teachers can use a stylus and a tablet to mark assignments or presentations, annotate images or files, and draw diagrams and complicated functional equations with ease. Through this instant visual communication, they can answer students' questions to boost the students’ comprehension and retention.

Teachers can also create and explain interactive content visually by writing, editing, and annotating directly in files and sharing their screen in real time. With this flexibility, the flow of the problem-solving process is presented intuitively and efficiently.


2. Digital Signature

Recommended Tools: XP-PEN Star G640 Tablet, DocuSign

As computers and smartphones become increasingly popular, remote working is not strange to us at all. Without stepping outside, we can send and receive emails, hold a web conference, book an order, design a webpage, etc.

However, when we need to sign an important contract, most of us would prefer a paper contract. The reason is clear: safety. If you sign a contract in a PDF, the signature can be counterfeited and altered easily. Of course, you can choose to mail the paper contract. But, also due to COVID-19, logistics around the world have slowed down, and some countries have even shut down traffic altogether. There is no guarantee that your contract can be delivered on time.

In this situation, a professional e-signature tool comes in handy. DocuSign is a good choice. You can upload your contract document to DocuSign, add the email of the people who need to sign, and then place the signature tag, indicate areas like the company name and phone number, and submit.

The recipient will receive an email asking them to sign. DocuSign eSignature complies with the U.S. ESIGN Act and UETA, as well as the EU eIDAS Regulation, so you don’t need to worry about the eligibility of the contracts.

When signing a contract, a good tablet is necessary. With its simultaneous digital inking, it can present the handwritten content precisely.

Signing a document with a tabletSigning a document with a tabletSigning a document with a tablet

3. Taking Notes

Recommended Tools: XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro Display, PowerPoint, PDF Reader

PowerPoint and PDF documents are widely used in our daily learning and working. Especially in this special period, with the increasing popularity of distance learning/conferencing, the two tools have become more important than ever before.

The pen tools that PowerPoint and PDF readers provide allow you to mark and write notes on the documents with flexibility. With the XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro display, you can highlight the key points, write down your throwaway ideas, and underline the important sentences in long reading assignments. Taking good notes will make your study and work much more efficient.

Taking notes on a tabletTaking notes on a tabletTaking notes on a tablet

4. Do Assignments on Mobile Devices

Recommended Tools: XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Tablet, Any Mobile Application

I have lots of homework to do, but I don’t have a desktop computer or laptop to hand. How can I submit my work efficiently, showing the detailed problem-solving process?

Nowadays, you can do almost everything on mobile devices, including but not limited to handwriting, drawing, and calculating. There is only one problem: it might reduce your efficiency, since the screens on mobile devices are not friendly for writing by hand.

You can consider connecting your smartphone with a tablet. The XP-PEN Deco01 V2 tablet is compatible with Android, and with its 10 x 6.25 inch screen, it can expand your writing area. The stylus works just like a real pen, with no battery and no charging required. In this way, you can feel as if you're writing on real paper.

Student working on a tabletStudent working on a tabletStudent working on a tablet


In this article, you've seen a few different examples of how you can work from home more effectively if you have the right equipment. You can find the tablets we've covered in this article available to buy here:

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