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Create a Better Presentation With AI: Presentation Maker AI Tools

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Read Time: 10 min

By now, many of us are aware of the recent rise of AI chatbots and platforms. With AI, we can put computers and connected devices to work for us in bold and creative ways. One such way is with an AI presentation maker. 

Intro AI presentation
Let's survey AI slideshow makers to find more efficient ways to work. (Illustration source: Envato Elements 1, 2.)

Think of presentation AI as the wave of the future. Thanks to AI slideshow maker platforms, you can save tons of time and effort. You won’t need to build your presentations from scratch, thanks to these emerging AI presentation makers.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at four top AI presentation maker options.

AI presentation designs are immensely powerful, but it can be tough to choose your preferred app. We’ll explore the major advantages and features of each to help you decide.

Read on to explore the advantages of AI presentation software in 2023 and beyond! In just a few minutes, you’ll be well-versed on the benefits and features of several popular AI presentation maker options. With that, let’s get started!

What to Look for in a Presentation Maker AI Tool

Before we dive in, we’ll outline some key AI presentation generator features that you should look for. Think of these as decision factors to help you find a presentation maker AI to choose.

As we explore the top AI presentation software options for 2023, it pays to know what to look for. Remember, consumer AI platforms are fundamentally new as of this writing. Thus, it’s natural to not be fully aware of what these presentation AI apps can do (or what they should do).

If you're running out of time while using traditional presentation apps, these features are sure to make a difference.

Here are some crucial features presentation maker AI tools give you. These give you a compelling reason to try out a new tool.

  • An intuitive interface. Remember, AI is meant to save you time. You don’t want a cluttered, complex interface. Nor do you want a steep learning curve. Seek out AI presentation generator options that are intuitive and easy to work with. Try for those with a consumer focus that cater to everyday users. AI presentation apps that do are the easiest for users of every skill level to work with. 
  • Presentation app integration. It’s best to avoid any presentation maker AI that relies on proprietary files. Remember, the world at large still mostly uses Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. Look for an AI presentation maker that supports sharing and editing with one or both of these popular apps.
  • Powerful customization features. Any presentation AI maker should work to save you time by eliminating a significant amount of editing work. But you also don’t want to be locked into using computer-generated designs with no input. The best Apple or Microsoft AI presentation generators let you make edits based on the initial AI-driven outputs. 
  • Robust support. The presentation AI maker should offer solid support options to its users. This can span everything from robust product tutorials to accessible customer support. Plus, it’s optimal if the app has regular updates and bug fixes. This keeps you working efficiently, while constantly embracing new features. 

With these presentation maker AI options, let’s check out four of the top presentation AI tools for 2023 and beyond.

1. is a powerful emerging slideshow AI platform. This one stands out in two key ways. First, it makes full use of a vast library of templates. These templates help you create inspired designs without having to start from scratch. Presentation maker AI slide templates both do the work for you and let you make your own inspired designs.

For example, with, you’ll find a vast array of content-specific AI presentation templates. There are Gantt chart slides, SWOT analysis designs, and more. Plus, there are more general slides for team intros, schedules, and more. 

Presentation AI creates presentation AI slides using templates, based on your own custom inputs.

Secondly, the true power of lies in the Smart Slide templates. They help you transform your rough design vision into a finished whole. With these, you can select from the library of templates.

Then, you’ll see your notes convert into a new and inspired design. But you don’t sacrifice any creative flexibility either. Once the AI presentation generator builds your slides, you can manually edit any part of the slides. That means you can customize text, resize images, and so much more. 

Presentations AI can create slides for you based on these layouts (and many more!) alongside your own content. also stands out because it seamlessly integrates with other popular platforms. As mentioned, this is an important feature of the best presentation AI maker apps. The best of them don’t work alone but connect with your other favorite apps. integrates with:

  • Slack
  • PowerPoint
  • Dropbox
  • and more

This makes it simple and quick to share content with audiences, wherever they prefer viewing presentations.

2. is another AI slideshow maker with robust features. This platform stands out because of the wide variety of tasks it can perform. Besides building presentations, you can generate logos, write marketing copy, and more. Think of as a full suite for your business marketing needs, powered and driven by AI technology. creates presentations AI in video form. It’s a good idea to use presentation videos, because they’re amazingly easy to share. If audiences see a PowerPoint online, for example, there’s a good chance they’ll click right past it. But with a video presentation, they’re much more likely to engage.

AI Presentation
AI presentation software like this helps you create stunning video presentations with AI technology. merges a huge library of content, and then leverages unique features. For content, there are millions of images, videos, and audio files to choose from. All are fully licensed if you’re a paying customer, so you won’t have to worry about licensing individual assets one by one. 

AI Slideshow maker
In moments, you’ll have a finished presentation AI video based on your design inputs.

And you’ll save loads of time in the design process itself. leverages “text to video” technology to build presentations. All you’ll need is a script (which you can edit and refine in real time, all online). With this loaded and a few quick preferences selected, will create a unique video based on your inputs. 

With the result, you can adjust and refine it. Then, you can export your video for sharing and posting. As you work, you can instantly connect with other members of your global team. This one makes collaboration easy, thanks to its fully web-based platform.

3. Decktopus

Another AI presentation software option for 2023, Decktopus is built to save you time. Presentations AI built here come together in seconds, not hours. This one is a top choice if you’re not a slide design expert. And it's perfect for if you just don’t have the time to spend building slides from scratch.

AI presentation generator
Start your Decktopus AI presentations with a basic input like this.

Like other apps, Decktopus uses a large library of templates and pre-built slide designs. You can select these from the library, finding those that are a good fit for your project needs. From there, the true beauty of Decktopus emerges.

All you’ll need is a title and a brief, written outline. Type it in and watch as Decktopus brings your ideas to life. When it’s done, you can make manual adjustments to get your design just right. 

AI Presentation software
With your inputs, Decktopus will generate a fully formed (yet completely customizable) slide deck in a few moments!

Decktopus also helps you find and wisely choose visuals. Think your slide might benefit from an image? You’ll see design ideas for good things to share. And you’ll be able to find them quickly, thanks to Decktopus’ own built-in search and indexing features. 

Decktopus also supports sharing in PDF and PPT formats. That means your audience won’t need special apps to view your AI presentations design. And with the online sharing features, you can track engagement with a suite of analytics. It can even generate custom notes to help you share messages targeted to your audience! 

4. Presentations.AI - ChatGPT for Presentations

Presentations.AI leverages the popular ChatGPT platform to build slides from scratch. Once again, all you’ll need to build slideshow AI presentations is a quick written description. The smart tech behind Presentations.AI will then transform your idea into a design reality. 

This one doesn’t simply rely on a library of basic templates, like some presentation apps. Instead, it makes use of templates while also building new designs based on your inputs. It’s a standout for the unique power and flexibility that it offers.

It doesn't just serve up an endless list of generic templates. Instead, it makes smart selections for you, based on the inputs you provide in your script and prompts. It makes it easy to seamlessly mirror your brand’s palette from deck to deck. And you can track audience engagement with analytics tools built in. 

Ai presentations
Use simple inputs for Presentations.AI like those shown here.

Think of Presentations.AI as your design collaborator. Remember, neither you nor an AI platform are likely to hit on the perfect design on the first try.

That’s part of the process of presentation creation. It’s an evolving process. How do you best share content? How do you connect with a specific audience in creative, engaging ways? Working with Presentations.AI makes this process a joy, by streamlining and expediting it.

Presentation maker AI
Sleek slide layouts are built for you, with the easy ability to customize built in.

Plus, you won’t be going it alone. Built in are a complete set of collaboration features. You can work with your team in real time. This helps you gather contributions from others, and bring their ideas to life with the speed and efficiency only AI can provide. 

The Best Source for Slideshow AI Presentation Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

In search of a pre-built PowerPoint template to use for a presentation AI design? Envato Elements has you covered. For a flat monthly rate, you can download and use as many premium presentation templates as you want.

Plus, Elements includes millions of other digital assets - including fonts, stock photos, and more. It’s the ultimate resource for premium presentation templates. You’ll enjoy designs for PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and more.

The true value of Envato Elements lies in the unlimited-downloads feature. It unlocks virtually limitless creative potential. The ability to work with as many pre-built templates as you want frees you to choose your favorite designs.

Find Presentation Templates

Elements presentation AI
Elements offers thousands of PowerPoint presentation templates like these.

When you choose an Envato Elements presentation template, you’ll experience:

  • Stunning, hand-crafted layouts. With slide layouts built by design experts, you’ll benefit from beautiful aesthetics. 
  • Easy-to-use features. Premium templates do the work for you. All you've got to do is drop in your own content, using content placeholders for text, images, and more. 
  • Design inspiration. Pre-built slides help inspire new ways to share your content with your audience.
  • Robust illustrations and graphics. Spectacular visuals bring your portfolios, numbers, and data to life in new and creative ways. 

As you can see, Envato Elements is the top choice for presentation AI templates in 2023. Join today! You can’t afford to miss out.

Test Out AI Presentation Generators Today

We’ve explored four of the top AI presentation generator apps for 2023. AI is a rapidly emerging technology. And it’s one that you should be at the forefront of. Think of slideshow AI as a way to effortlessly elevate your design game. It packs a winning one-two punch. Your slides will look better than they ever have. And you’ll build them in less time than ever before.

Remember to explore the key features. Think of time savings, collaboration, and versatility. You won’t find any of the four apps lacking in these. Explore their features.

In moments, you’ll be creating new and inspired presentation decks with minimal effort needed. You’ll enjoy the newfound free time. And audiences will love your sleek, engaging slide designs. Presentation AI is the ultimate win-win, so try all the tools we surveyed.

And don't forget to leverage the resources from Envato Elements for unlimited downloads of a wide variety of creative assets.

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