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20+ Best Barber Shop Logos, Flyers, & Business Card Templates for 2019


Being a barber means being an artist with a unique medium. If you've decided to start your barber shop, you might be wondering how to market it and grow your presence.

So, if you're realizing your dream of launching a barber shop of your own in 2019, you need a way to set yourself apart! And with barber shop logos, flyers, and business cards, you're sure to grow your presence.

Barber Shop Flyer
One of the many barber shop flyers available through

In this article, you're sure to see the assets that made the cut to help you grow your barber business. You'll see excellent barber business cards from sites like Envato Elements, plus barber shop flyers and more from GraphicRiver. Let's dive in!

The Best Barber Shop Designs (With Unlimited Downloads)

Marketing your barber shop isn't a one-time event. Promoting a business is all about consistently creating marketing materials that attract and retain clients.

If you're creating marketing materials regularly, the best value for your growing barber shop business is a subscription to Envato Elements. A single license unlocks every asset in the incredibly deep library. Grab barber shop logos, barber shop flyers, and barber shop business cards—each at no additional cost.

Barber Shop Logos on Envato Elements
Use Envato Elements to download and create the best barber shop flyers (and so much more!) all for a single flat rate.

Envato Elements represents fantastic value for busy barbers who frequently run specials and want to grow their business. Thanks to the "all-you-can-download" model, you can keep grabbing more business cards, logos, and flyers at no extra cost.

If you're launching your barber shop in 2019, you need many creative assets to set your branding apart. Here are five of the best from Envato Elements:

1. Barber Shop Flyer

Barber Shop Flyer

Barber flyers help promote your business practically anywhere they're posted. With the help of this vintage yet stylish design, you can help grow your business and support the launch of your shop. It's a vector design that's easy to update in Adobe Illustrator and other vector-compatible apps.

2. Tri-Fold Barber Shop Brochure

Barber Shop Flyers

Promoting your barber services? A tri-fold barber shop brochure like this one can show a potential client what you offer. Many barber shops now offer a wide variety of services and explaining them all in a brochure can help set you apart. Download it, open it in Photoshop, and customize it with your unique services.

3. Barber Shop Flyer

Barber Flyers

Barber shop flyers can show practically any information, but they all share an ability to promote and grow your presence. Use an eye-catching design like this one for Photoshop or Illustrator to show your services, location, and more.

4. Big Barber Logo

Barber Shop Logo

Still looking for your visual identity? Start with a barber shop logo design like this one that gives a fun and artisan feel for your barber shop. Don't miss out on the fact that it's easy to customize this barber logo in Adobe Illustrator with your color scheme and text.

5. Vintage Barber Shop Flyer

Vintage Barber Flyers

This barber shop flyer is perfect for posting in public or at collaborative businesses. It's a great way to run a special and showcase an upcoming sale or promotion. Fill in your details, print it out, and share it with everyone you know to ensure success.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Design Without Limits
Envato Elements - Unlimited awesome barber shop template downloads and more for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Get great web themes, barber shop logo designs, flyer, or business card templates, and more—all for one low price

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional barber shop templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy unique barber shop templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

The Best Barber Shop Assets on GraphicRiver (Envato Market)

Envato Elements is stocked with outstanding assets for promoting your barber shop. But it's not the only marketplace that you can use to source the best barber business cards, flyers, and logo designs. On GraphicRiver, pay for single assets you use to build your brand.

GraphicRiver Barber Shop Assets
Use GraphicRiver to purchase barber shop logos, flyers, and more to grow your shop.

GraphicRiver has an incredibly deep library in practically every category. In this section, you'll see the top download options from GraphicRivers in three groups:

  • Barber shop logos. Create the "face" of your business with a barber shop logo design that you'll use on practically every piece of marketing material.
  • Barber shop flyers. Perfect for promoting an upcoming special or posting your prices.
  • Barber business cards. Ideal for leaving with a satisfied client to pass on to future clients.

5 Top Barber Shop Logos

A logo becomes one of the most recognizable aspects of your business over time. That's why it's essential to create a barber shop logo design that aligns with your shop's style. If you're looking for barber logo ideas, you've come to the right place. Here are five of my favorite barber shop logos from GraphicRiver.

1. Precise Cut Barber Shop

Precise Cut Barber Shop logo

A bearded, mustached, long-haired customer is undoubtedly the type of client you're sure to find walking into your barber shop. This barber shop logo asset helps you characterize your shop as precisely the type that can service the scruffy.

2. Mr. Barber Shop Logo Template

Mr Barber Shop Logo template

For an elegant, line-driven style of barber shop logo design, this option is a perfect choice. It's a clean and minimal barber shop logo that's sure to help your potential client see themselves in a clean-cut fashion.

3. Barber Shop

Barber Shop logo

Perfect for a high-end establishment, this barber shop logo could function as everything from a storefront display to a promotional logo. Use it and customize it with your specifics to create an engaging and clean logo.

4. Scissors Barber Shop Logo Template

Scissors barber shop logo template

For a more modern barber shop, the Scissors logo is the perfect option. It's clean and minimal and implies a high-end barber shop. Use it for a luxury style barber shop that appeals to a premium clientele.

5. Barber Shop

Barber Shop logo

Few images are as recognizable in this industry as the red and blue striped barber pole. This single graphic instantly registers with anyone seeking a cut or trim. Use this barber shop logo design for a classic and vintage barber shop.

Barber Shop Business Cards

Before your client leaves the chair, make sure that you leave them with a barber shop business card that they might pass along to a friend. Do you need some barber business card ideas? Here are five great options for barber shop business cards.

1. Barbershop Business Card

Barber shop business cards

Complete with an image placeholder, you can use this barber business card idea to help you grow your presence. Add your details, print it out, and share it with your clients to pass along to a friend. 

2. Barbershop Flyer & Business Card Template Bundle

barber shop business cards

Inside this file, you'll find a matching barber shop business card and barber shop business flyer. The style is the same, but the two formats help you create two unique designs. Again, it's the perfect way to grow your business via word of mouth by giving a happy client a card to share.

3. Barber Card

Barber shop business card

Complete with free fonts, this easy-to-customize barber shop business card for Adobe Photoshop is an eye-catching low-cost option. Customize it rapidly with your contact details, and you're on your way.

4. Barber Business Card Template

Barber business cards

Perfect for the minimal but high-class shop, this barber shop business card is easy to edit in Adobe Photoshop. It's print-ready with all of the borders and boundaries already set correctly for a print shop.

5. Barber Shop Business Card

Barber shop business cards

Complete with a QR code, this template is the perfect modern barber shop business card. With free fonts and easy-to-edit layers, it's one of the best ways to create a shareable contact card.

Barber Shop Flyers

Flyers are some of the best barber shop promotional materials. Whether you hang them in your shop or post them in public, they can show specials and help attract new customers. Here are five of the best sample barber shop flyers from GraphicRiver.

1. Barber Shop Flyer Template

Barber Shop Flyers

As the preview image for this asset shows, it's easy to use this barber shop flyer template for a wide variety of purposes. Use it as a price list for your services, or to advertise your details in public. Either way, it's a breeze to customize and a cut above the crowd.

2. Barber Shop Flyer

Barber Flyer

Simple and minimal, this barber flyer design is ideal for posting your price list. The pre-built design is easy to customize with your list of services and the prices charged. Use it to create a beautiful barber shop flyer PSD that customers can use to glean accurate pricing.

3. Barber Shop Flyer Template

Barber Shop Flyer

This barber shop flyer uses the classic barber pole to create instant recognition of its purpose. It's ideal for posting and sharing in collaborative businesses so that you can grab a potential client's attention.

4. Barber Shop Flyer Konnekt

Barber Shop Flyer Template

For a modern and urban barber shop, this style of barber shop flyer is perfect. Use it and customize it with your details to promote your barber shop with a bang. Just add your details, and you're on your way to growing your shop's presence.

5. Barber Shop Flyer

Barber Shop Flyer

This is another outstanding option that features a barber shop pole to create instant recognition of your business purpose. Again, this is ideal for posting in public or a collaborating business' space so that you can grow your presence.

5 Quick Tips to Design Great Barber Shop Branding

No matter what type of barber shop you operate, you need tips that help you nail your branding. Tailoring your offering to a target audience is crucial. Here are five tips to help you create branding to grow your business.

1. Align Your Style to Your Brand

Your goal isn't to open a barber shop for everyone; it's to build a memorable brand that appeals to a specific segment of customer. Barber shops run the gamut of clientele and creating branding assets that match is crucial to success.

Classy barber brochure
Use a classy brochure design like this one for a high-end, boutique barber shop.

2. Clearly Outline Your Services

There's nothing worse than going to a barber shop and finding out that they don't offer a specific service. Don't offer a straight razor service? Make that clear and never disappoint your clients.

Use graphics and clear text descriptions to ensure that your offerings are precise. It helps your potential client choose the right business and service for them.

Barber shop graphics
Use branding elements like the ones in this icon pack to ensure that your services are clear.

3. Include a Promotion

As you saw in this tutorial, one of the most popular asset types is barber shop flyers. These are helpful to draw potential clients to your shop, particularly when they include a special or promotion that sets your business apart.

Promotion on Flyer
Use a short-term sale shown on a barber shop flyer to draw serious foot traffic.

4. Proofread Properly

This is a basic tip, but a crucial one. Before you send your business card to a printer, make sure that all of your details are correct! Doing so will help you save on cost and ensure that those who receive your card connect.

5. Create an Incentive to Share

What if you rewarded those who shared your barber business cards? With an incentive program, you encourage sharing by giving both parties a reason to do so. Consider designing a special purpose "business card" that also has a promotional offer to share.

Use the tutorial below for general business card tips for creating a second, incentivized card:

How to Make Barber Shop Designs Online (Fast)

Launching a new barbershop soon? You might not have time to learn a graphic design app like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. But, you still need to create all of the assets and designs that help launch your shop to success.

In that case, you should try out Placeit, an online design tool. Not only can you use it to design barber shop logos, but you can create barber shop logo designs, business cards, and flyer designs, all inside of a web browser!

Placeit Barber Shop business cards
Use Placeit to point, click, and customize your barber shop logos and business cards in your web browser.

On Placeit, you still have templates that help you kickstart your design. The difference is that it's a lean design tool that requires no knowledge and works entirely with simple point-and-click controls. 

Download the finished design, and you're on your way! Try Placeit out now to build your barber shop branding, no apps required.

Build a Barber Shop Logo (and More) Today

If you're a barber, you need ways to set yourself apart. If you've got the chops to become a top barber, it helps to build the original files that help you grow your presence.

As you saw in this tutorial, sites like Envato Elements have all-you-can-download access to barber shop logos and more. GraphicRiver has equally amazing pay-as-you-go options for barber shop flyers and other assets, all of which help grow your shop's presence. 

Don't delay! Upgrade your barber shop branding with logos, business cards, and flyers with the templates in this tutorial.

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