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24 Best Church Flyer Background Templates Designs (Religious Events 2022)

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Need to get the word out about your religious, spiritual, or church group's upcoming event? Maybe you're working on a new church flyer for your organization. In this article, we'll look at some awesome flyer designs, perfect for religious events, church flyer designs, and more.

Church Flyer Design BackgroundChurch Flyer Design BackgroundChurch Flyer Design Background
Spread the word about your next religious, spiritual, or church event with a professionally designed flyer.

Working with a template saves a lot time. Simply download and customize the church flyer design template to meet your project's design needs. Or, use it to jump start your design process—how much you opt to customize your content is up to you. 

Having a collection of design resources—templates, graphics, and other assets—is useful in a whole host of situations. What do you have in your church flyer design toolkit?

That said, who doesn't love free church flyer templates? We're all working with a budget, and there's no price more appealing than free. 

But, keep in mind that free doesn't always mean it's the best option or without obstacles. Free church flyer templates often lack support and updates—free content often lacks extra options too. Finding just the right free church flyer template can be a time-consuming venture, too.

Why Use a Premium Church Flyer? 

We'll look at a list of awesome freebies in this article. But it's a good idea to also consider the benefits of using a premium option. 

Why use a premium option? It's easier to find what you need, with more options, more availability, help files, updates, and more. Time is a valuable asset too—and being able to grab just what you need in a flash is pretty handy.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
There are so many flyer design templates on Envato Elements, as well as graphics, music, and more.

Instead of spending hours hunting down all the free church flyer templates you need, slice that time investment in half (or more). Work with premium sources. 

Don't get me wrong. There's a lot of great, free content out there—but the issue of usage and licensing isn't one to ignore either. With premium options, you're generally covered. So, there's that added peace of mind, too.

Looking for a premium option? There's so many church flyers on Envato Elements—and other flyer design templates that'll work for your religious organization's next event.

But that's not all—there's thousands of other design assets on Envato Elements. You get access to them all for one, monthly fee. That's one fee for unlimited access. Everything's included.

Sunday Service Event FlyerSunday Service Event FlyerSunday Service Event Flyer
There's plenty of church flyer design ideas to check out on Envato Elements, like this church flyer design.

This means, for one monthly fee, you're getting a lot more than just one flyer design. You'll have thousands of graphics, fonts, layouts, and more, right at your fingertips, ready for commercial usage. Want to swap an image out for another one? Search, download, and import it into your work—it's as easy as that.

For example, church flyer images are as important as the design itself, right? Mix, match, and download images from a huge list with Envato Elements.

All Saints Day Flyer SetAll Saints Day Flyer SetAll Saints Day Flyer Set
Want to test out many flyer templates, or even mix and match them? With Envato Elements, do that without any extra fees. Download templates like this one and hundreds of others.

4 Best Premium Church Flyer Templates from Envato Elements

So, let's look at some of the lovely designs over on Envato Elements. Don't worry—we're still going to look at free church flyers too. Whether you want to keep it free or you're considering premium options, check out these church flyer examples and ideas:

1. Church Flyer

Church FlyerChurch FlyerChurch Flyer

How about something stylish and abstract? These colors and shapes might be unexpected, but that makes for a memorable visual.

2. Church Gospel Flyer

Church Gospel FlyerChurch Gospel FlyerChurch Gospel Flyer

Seasonal events can benefit from related imagery. Provoke familiar feelings, like in this fall themed church flyer design.

3. Church A5 Business Flyer PSD Template

Church A5 Business Flyer PSD TemplateChurch A5 Business Flyer PSD TemplateChurch A5 Business Flyer PSD Template

What kind of content will you include in your church flyer? This design has plenty of places to share social media links, QR codes, and more.

4. Church Flyer PSD Template

Church Flyer PSD TemplateChurch Flyer PSD TemplateChurch Flyer PSD Template

This simple, clean layout has a lot of focus on imagery, and a peaceful color scheme. It could be a great fit for your events, all year round.

5 Best Church Flyer Design Templates From GraphicRiver

Maybe you prefer a single download and a single design. In that case, check out GraphicRiver for your premium design template needs. Pay as you go. Download only what you need from a huge selection of premium, professional designs.

There are so many awesome, professional flyer designs to check out on GraphicRiver.

The main benefit here is how easy this is. Don't want the fuss of a subscription? Not looking for a collection of assets to use? 

If you know exactly what you'd like and you only want one template to work with, a service like GraphicRiver might be a perfect fit. No fuss, one download.

Here's a selection of awesome designs from over on GraphicRiver. There are some inspiring, beautiful designs over there—check them out:

1. Spiritual Champions Church Flyer Template

Spiritual Champions Church Flyer TemplateSpiritual Champions Church Flyer TemplateSpiritual Champions Church Flyer Template

This flyer design also includes a CD label and jewel case insert too—perfect for events where you might want to offer supplemental audio.

2. Heaven's Voices - Church Flyer

Heavens Voices - Church FlyerHeavens Voices - Church FlyerHeavens Voices - Church Flyer

This template features lovely, full page imagery. Open it up in Adobe Photoshop and easily make your desired changes. 

3. Adonai and Hallelujah Church Flyer

Outback Worship Church FlyerOutback Worship Church FlyerOutback Worship Church Flyer

This template is colorful, exciting, and full of energy. Change the text to meet your project's goals, or even add your own imagery. You could take this one in many different directions.

4. Church Flyer Template

Church Flyer TemplateChurch Flyer TemplateChurch Flyer Template

Prefer to focus on a featured speaker for your event? This template could be a perfect fit.

5. Outback Worship Church Flyer

Adonai and Hallelujah Church FlyerAdonai and Hallelujah Church FlyerAdonai and Hallelujah Church Flyer

How about some beautiful, abstracted imagery? This one comes with many color options to experiment with, too.

20 Best Church Flyer Design Templates For Free

Now, let's dig into some free church flyers—consider adding these free church flyer templates to your collection. Whether you're working on a church advertisement flyer or a church invitation flyer, there's plenty of great content here to download and try:

1. Sermon Flyer

Sermon FlyerSermon FlyerSermon Flyer

Looking for a simple flyer to get the word out about an upcoming sermon or speaker? Check out this free church flyer template for Microsoft Word.

2. Fellowship Flyer

Here's another lovely Microsoft Word template, and it's completely free! Customize it to meet your project's needs.

3. Religious Service Program

Religious Service ProgramReligious Service ProgramReligious Service Program

This service program flyer could be a great fit for your next religious or spiritual event. Edit this one in Microsoft Word or even in your browser.

4. Church Bulletin Template Flyer

This bulletin could be a perfect fit, especially if you've got a lot of information to share. This is another one that's easy to edit in Microsoft Word and free to use.

Church Bulletin Template FlyerChurch Bulletin Template FlyerChurch Bulletin Template Flyer

5. Even More Church Bulletin Flyer Templates

Looking for even more bulletin flyer templates for your church or religious event? Check out this list—there's even more to see.

6. Easter Egg Hunt Flyer

Check out this super cute flyer. It's perfect for your springtime or Easter events.

7. Easter Party Invitation Flyer Template

Easter Party Invitation Flyer TemplateEaster Party Invitation Flyer TemplateEaster Party Invitation Flyer Template

Here's another flyer template design that's free to use and perfect for springtime celebrations. 

8. Bake Sale Event Flyer

Is your church event a fundraiser? Check out this free bake sale event flyer. Customize it to work for a whole host of events.

9. Baking Fundraiser Flyer Template

Baking Fundraiser Flyer TemplateBaking Fundraiser Flyer TemplateBaking Fundraiser Flyer Template

Here's another fun example of a bake sale flyer that could be adapted for many different kinds of fundraising or other events. It's free!

10. Holiday Gathering Flyer Template

Or maybe your event is in the winter season. Check out this free, holiday themed design. Open it up in Adobe Photoshop and easily customize this layout.

11. Christmas Flyer Template Design

Christmas Flyer Template DesignChristmas Flyer Template DesignChristmas Flyer Template Design

The great thing about a free Photoshop template like this one is that it's print ready and easy to customize. Don't care for the imagery? Swap it out.

12. Seasonal Spring Flyer Design

This elegant, spring flyer would be perfect for a whole host of events, meetings, and more in the first quarter of the year. Easily add your content in Microsoft Word.

13. Invitational Flyer Template

Invitational Flyer TemplateInvitational Flyer TemplateInvitational Flyer Template

Send out invitations for your next church event with this free Microsoft Word church invitation flyer template. It's easy to jump right in and add in your content.

14. Charity Newsletter Template

This Microsoft Word template was designed with charity in mind, but it's super versatile. Check it out. This one could work for events all year round.

15. Bulletin Newsletter Template

Bulletin Newsletter TemplateBulletin Newsletter TemplateBulletin Newsletter Template

Get the word out about your church events, milestones, and celebrations with this bulletin newsletter template. Edit this one in Adobe InDesign.

16. Vacation Bible School Template

Looking for something simple and designed with vacation bible school in mind? Check out this simple and easy to edit Microsoft Word template.

17. Simple Invitation Flyer Template

Simple Invitation Flyer TemplateSimple Invitation Flyer TemplateSimple Invitation Flyer Template

This botanical invitation could be easily adapted for many celebrations, gatherings, and events. Add your own content in Adobe InDesign.

18. Summer Celebration Flyer Template

Is your religious or church event being held in the summer? How about a design with fun, plant themed elements? Check out this free design.

19. Floral Template Design

Floral Template DesignFloral Template DesignFloral Template Design

This design might be small, but it's certainly adaptable. That's one of the best things about working with a template. Use it as a foundation to jump start your process. 

20. Sunday School Flyer Design Template

This template design was created with school in mind. Use it for Sunday school or any after school activity for the youth in your organization or community.

Make Great Church Flyers in 2022: 5 Quick Design Ideas

So, let's say you've found the right religious flyer backgrounds or layout. What's the next step? Let's look at some design tips to help you work with your template and create the right end result for your project.

The best church flyers are the ones that reach their audience and do so in a way that's memorable too. Basically, the flyer should look good, but it's also got to work. This is easier said than done.

Curious about design? Interested in making your own church flyer from scratch? Want to create church template content of your own?  Check out these free tutorials from Envato Tuts+

Now, let's dig into some quick design tips to help you create and customize your next design project: 

1. Less Is Often More

A great design isn't necessarily a design that's packed with stuff. Remember, the goal isn't just to look good—your design should potentially look good and work well too.

What does that mean? Well, for example, imagine creating a flyer with a lot of flashy graphics. Sure, it looks impressive... but your viewers have a hard time finding the contact info, time, and meeting place. The main objective has been compromised for flashy extras.

Instead, find a balance. When in doubt, ask a second pair of eyes to check your work. 

How easy is it to navigate the content? It can be tempting to add a lot of bells and whistles. But, sometimes there's a beauty to simplicity.

Event FlyerEvent FlyerEvent Flyer
Remember, less is often more—check out this clean, simple flyer design. It's a great example.

2. Imagery Is Very Communicative

Images say a lot without necessary saying anything with actual words. For example, pretend that you can't read any of the text in the example below. You'd still see a visual association with summer. A template like this could be a great fit for a summer event for your organization. 

The imagery you choose communicates your concept. What do you want your design to visually say? Do you want to use imagery commonly associated with your religious practice? With the time of year or seasonal event?

Summer Flyer DesignSummer Flyer DesignSummer Flyer Design
Having a seasonal event? Remember, church flyer images are very communicative. Here's a summer flyer design, perfect for summer socials and other events your organization might have,

3. Consider Space and Color 

Think of your flyer design like an artist's canvas–this is your space. How you use that space makes all the difference. We can use all kinds of design elements to break up our space. In the example below, notice how color (and shape) are used to visually section off different parts of the design.

Notice, as well, how this helps promote hierarchy—a system of importance. Where do your eyes go, for example, when you first look at this design? It likely goes to the large text in the salmon colored area of the design. This area really commands our attention.

Youth Ministry FlyerYouth Ministry FlyerYouth Ministry Flyer
This colorful church flyer design is a great example of fun use of color and space.

4. Consider Your Target Audience

Who do you hope to reach or attract with your flyer? Are you creating a church invitation flyer, with hopes of attracting new attendees? Or maybe you're working on a church event flyer for a specific day, activity, or meeting. Define the purpose and the audience in question to make informed design decisions.

For example, the example below might be most appropriate for a younger audience or families. Note the colorful, cute imagery. It's inviting, playful, and fun. These are all things with a strong association with an Easter egg hunt event. 

Easter Egg Hunt FlyerEaster Egg Hunt FlyerEaster Egg Hunt Flyer
Celebrating a holiday or special event? This Easter Egg Hunt flyer is cute and ready for your event info.

5. Visual Consistency Across Items

Have a lot of content to share? For example, perhaps you've got a flyer, but you also aim to share extra content with your audience. Visual consistency can help establish that these items are related.

For example, let's say you've got a flyer for your church event to help advertise it to your group, their friends, and their family. But, at the event itself, maybe you've got a reading list, dedication, or other content to share. These items should share common visual components. This would help establish that they're one, related, extension of one another. 

Church Flyer DesignChurch Flyer DesignChurch Flyer Design
Keep things visually consistent across your visual content, like in this professionally designed template.

Discover More Great Flyer Templates for 2022

Want to check out even more church flyer design inspiration? Check out these lovely roundups. They're packed with beautiful designs worth checking out:

Celebrate Your Next Religious Event With a Church Flyer Template in 2022

Thank you for joining me on this survey of awesome design freebies and other, inspiring church flyer design templates for religious organizations and church groups. 

Inspired and ready to start designing? I hope you found something in this list that got your creative juices flowing. Why not consider testing out some of the awesome, premium design templates over on Envato Elements? Or, if you're looking for a single design, check out GraphicRiver.

Good luck with your next design project. I hope your spiritual or religious event is a resounding success. Why not dig in and start working on your event's design today?

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