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5 Best Online Live Chat Software Integration for 2022

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Live chat software helps businesses communicate with their customers in real-time. Many businesses use this tool to provide customer support, answer questions, and boost sales.

Live chat software is a tool where businesses can communicate with their customers in real time.Live chat software is a tool where businesses can communicate with their customers in real time.Live chat software is a tool where businesses can communicate with their customers in real time.
Live chat software is a tool where businesses can communicate with their customers in real time. (Image source: Envato Elements)

There are many benefits to adding live chat software to your company website. In this article, we’ll look at those benefits. You'll also learn how to choose the right software for you and the five best live software programs.

4 Must-have Features of Live Chat Software

Before you choose which software is right for you, here are some features that make live chat software the best.

  1. Measure customer satisfaction. A good chat software should have a way for you to get feedback from customers.
  2. Automatic reply for missed conversations. The ability to reply to missed conversation means that you can build rapport a customer and even create sales.
  3. Be easy to insall. You don't want to struggle to add a chat app to your site. Good live chat software can be installed quickly and easily.
  4. Plenty of integration. Good live chat software should integrate with popular e-commerce platforms.

Which Live Chat Software Is Best for You? (How to Choose)

Live chat software can boost your customer satisfaction and customer support. On your website, customers can access business or product information, ask questions, and more. It can be beneficial for a sale to contact customers and gather information to help sell.

Live Chat software can boost your customer satisfaction and customer support.Live Chat software can boost your customer satisfaction and customer support.Live Chat software can boost your customer satisfaction and customer support.
Live Chat software can boost your customer satisfaction and customer support. (Image source: Envato Elements)

To choose the right chat software for you, consider what features you want or will need for your business. For example, even if you don’t have a customer service team, you can use chatbots with automated messages to help a customer.

5 Best Live Chat Software (With Pros and Cons)

Here are the top five best live chat software tools:

1. Tidio


Tidio has both live chat features and chatbot features. The tool makes it easy to add the software to websites and platforms through plugins.

The Tidio widget can be used on mobile and tablets, making it easier for the customer to write to you. Tidio also blends into your website with placement and color options.

Tidio makes having a chatbot easy with over 30 pre-designed templates that'll answer any questions a customer has. If a template doesn’t work for you, build your own with a drag-and-drop visual editor.

You can use Tidio on desktop, mobile, and tablet. It also works for many different channels such as email, messenger, and Instagram.


  • Just one click adds a new language.
  • It features advanced and easy-to-use chatbot automation.
  • You can use Tidio to send emails to visitors automatically.
  • Live visitors list where you’re able to see visitors and converse with them.
  • You have the ability to work with a large number of CRM, eCommrerce, and email marketing platforms.
  • There's an Android or iPhone app that enables you to talk to customers no matter where you are.


  • It can be overwhelming looking at the large selection of chatbot templates.
  • Needs a few more customer support features.

Who it’s recommended for: Tidio is great for any business that wants to start with excellent free trial and grow into a premium plan. Also, this is great for anyone who wants to use chatbots and needs to use multiple languages.

2. Olark


Olark has chatbot features where you can send automated messages to visitors on a specific page. One of the features is that you can hide the chat software in areas you don’t ship to.

Also, Olark comes with a co-browsing option where you can see your customer's screen. 


  • Setting up the chat widget on your site is easy.
  • Features advanced automated messages.
  • There are some nice paid add-ons.
  • The tool is ADA compliant.


  • The dashboard is slow to use.
  • There could be more features.
  • Add-on features can be expensive.
  • Offline messages don’t appear in the chat.
  • It isn’t modern-looking.

Who it’s recommended for: This basic live chat software works for a customer service-based business.

3. LiveChat

Live ChatLive ChatLive Chat

LiveChat has multi-channel integration with platforms like Facebook Messenger. Plus, you can add media to your chats. LiveChat also gives you the ability to have a knowledge bank, but at an extra cost. LiveChat also has a chatbot option. It can be used on IOS, Android, PC, and Mac. This chat software supports about 50 languages.


  • There are lots of plugins that make it easy to add the chat widget.
  • Many integrations connect the chat widget to newsletter tools.
  • You can add animations and images in the chat.
  • It's got a sales tracker.


  • The number of features can be overwhelming.
  • Prices are a bit high compared to other tools.
  • HIPAA compliance is only available under the enterprise plan.

Who it’s recommended for:  Companies who can afford it and need lots of features.

4. Jivo Chat

Jivo chatJivo chatJivo chat

Jivo is an international live chat software with a modern, clean, and easy-to-use chat. It has an iOS and android app and can be used as a desktop app for Windows and Mac.

Some helpful features are automated chat messages, one-click calls, email integration, and an internal chat function. For an extra cost, you get access to even more features such as real-time visitor monitoring, call back feature, and a business phone line. Jivo is offered in 25 different languages and works with Google Translate when you enable automatic translations. 


  • It can be customized to blend in with your website
  • It's easy to use
  • The tool integrates with Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and more.
  • You have the ability to ask visitors for info at the start of the chat.


  • Some settings are hard to find.
  • More useful chat actions would be helpful.

Who it’s recommended for: Businesses who want cheap chat software and also want to offer phone support.

5. SmartSupp


Smartsupp has a web dashboard with a visitor log. It has an iOS and Android app to stay in touch with customers on the go. Smartsupp can personalize automatic messages.

With this software, you can video record the movements of every visitor on your website. Through Google analytics, you can track customer satisfaction. It also integrates with website builders and e-commerce platforms. 


  • It's great for collecting data.
  • The recording feature is nice.


  • Customization is limited.
  • There are limited support hours and no support for the free plan.
  • You can’t reach customers when the chat drops.

Who it’s recommended for: Data-driven companies that want feature-heavy software.

10 Benefits of Chat Software

You may be wondering what the benefits of chat software are. Here are ten of the benefits of using live chat software:

1. Improves Customer Support Experience

With live chat, customers get their questions answered immediately. This means that customers get their questions answered immediately. According to,

“41% of customers prefer live chat support over other communication options.”

When customers send an email, it’s hard to know when you get a response. Also, emails feel more formal and less urgent. Most customers prefer live chat because you get a response so quickly.

2. Increases Sales

Live chat can help you increase sales. You increase sales with chat software because the customer support agent can get to know the customer and understand their needs. Through understanding the customer and building trust, they can offer other products the customer may want. According to,

“38% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that offers live chat support.”

3. Live Chat Builds Customer's Trust

In a live chat, a customer support agent can recognize the customer's tone and adjust the conversation's tone to fit the situation. By matching the formality of the customer, they'll build a helpful relationship. Building trust is important for sales. Without trust, customers are less likely to buy your product.

4. Reduces Support Costs

Customer support can be expensive. Traditionally, customer support agents need to answer the phone and email requests one at a time. But, depending on how difficult a situation is, a customer support agent can handle multiple live chats at once. This means that you don’t need a massive team. This leads to lower costs.

5. You’ll Stand Out

When you offer live chat support, you will have an opportunity to satisfy your customers. When you satisfy your customers, they will remember that and be more likely to return to your website. Not only will the customer be more likely to return to your website, but they are more likely to buy your products and be loyal to your company.

6. Customer Satisfaction

According to,

“85.6% of customers are satisfied with their live chat sessions.”

Live chat is an excellent opportunity to improve customer support and give the customer a memorable experience.  Live chat apps are successful because the customers get results immediately. When customers get their issue or question resolved immediately, they will remember that and are more likely to go back to the website to purchase again.

7. Reduces Repetition

When a customer is on the phone, they sometimes must explain their question multiple times to different people before getting an answer. With live chat software, the customer support agent can read the chat that a customer provides along with any other information such as customer information or previous customer service interactions. According to,

“72% of customers now expect a customer service agent to know their contact details, product information, and service history as soon as they engage and without being asked.”

Customers know you have their information on file and expect you to tailor service to them and help them immediately.

8. Increases Customer Service Productivity

There are many ways that using a live chat program increases customer service productivity. For example, the average queue time and the number of chats answered will improve when you use live chat software. Here are some of the ways that live chat increases customer service productivity:

  • Automate simple customer service tasks. For example, you can use bots to handle customers' simple questions. You can also use them first and then route the customer to a team that’ll help them with the issue. This reduces the queue time, and customers get answers quicker.
  • Use insights to create customer satisfaction. Customer service agents have access to the previous chat history and other information about customers at their fingertips. This information helps them meet the customer's expectations.
  • Handle multiple issues at once. For example, most live chat customer support agents simultaneously handle five or six conversations. This means more customers can get help quickly.

9. Improve Website Experience

By adding a live chat function to your website, you improve the website experience. The customer doesn’t need to stop browsing the website to pick up the phone or switch to email. Instead, they can have their question answered immediately. This means that a customer doesn’t need to leave your website to ask a question. Customers are more likely to abandon their purchase if they can’t get their questions answered quickly.

10. You Provide 24/7 Support

If you schedule correctly, you can provide live chat support 24/7. This would be beneficial to your business. When you expand your availability to cover all day, customers won’t be able to complain about their questions not getting answered. If you can’t staff people all day, you can create a way for your customer to access product information that’s always available. Between the knowledge base and live chat, your customers will always have access to help.

Download a Live Chat Software Tool Today!

Now that we’ve covered what the best live chat software is and the benefits of the software. Improve your customer service and sales for your company by trying out a live chat for your company website today.

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