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18 Best Photoshop (PSD) Resume Templates (With Photo Formats)


The best tool for most jobs is the one you're most comfortable with. Even if Adobe Photoshop isn't the ideal tool for building a resume, it has all of the tools and features that you need to create a resume that will help you land the big job.

PSD Resume Envato Elements
Envato Elements includes access to more than 100 PSD resume templates.

In this tutorial, I'm going to share 18 of my favorite Photoshop resume templates that come packaged as a layered Adobe Photoshop (PSD) file. You can grab one of these, add your own details, and use it in your application. Skip the learning curve of learning a new design app or creating a resume from scratch with these Photoshop resume templates.

18 Best PSD Resume Templates

There's no reason to start with a blank slate when you're building out your resume. Use one of the resume format templates below to create a great-looking resume with Adobe Photoshop. Let's check out some of my favorites.

1. Resume by LeafLove - Clean Resume Template

Resume LeafLove

LeafLove's Ashely PSD resume template is clean and simple, with plenty of room for your profile picture and a brief introduction in the sidebar.

I also like that this pack includes a great resume template with photo to introduce yourself with a cover letter. Use a template like this to help your employer get to know you and set yourself apart from the crowd.

2. FERNS Resume / CV - Creative Resume Template

Ferns Creative Resume Template

This photo resume template is one of the best choices in this round-up for a more creative approach to building out a resume. Think of this pack as the ideal choice for a creative job application as a designer or photographer, for example.

In my testing, it was also relatively easy to swap out the background image that sits just behind the photo resume document. Try out your own selection of resume images or another texture from Elements to mix up the look and feel.

3. The CV - Monochrome Resume Format Template

The CV Monochrome Resume

The clean, contrast in this resume with photo will surely cause a reviewer to stop and give your application a second look. This pack even includes a portfolio template where you can drop in screenshots of your favorite work. 

Also includes a sharp, clean set of icons that you can use for a more visual approach to showcasing your experience.

4. InfoGraphic Style Resume - Visual Photoshop Resume Template

Infographic Style Resume

What if you work in a data-driven field like finance or analytics, for example? Well, this pack may be perfect for you. It's more focused on visualizations and infographics than the other selections in this tutorial, and it certainly has its place in standing out.

Use a photo resume like this to showcase your skills or achievements. For example, you could use this to chart projects where you captured cost savings for your company with bar charts, for example.

5. Malina Resume - 3 Pages + Bonus

Malina Resume

Malina is an ultra-clean and minimal PSD resume template choice. With only simple and clean lines and typography, the reader is sure to focus on the content and not the design.

This file is exceptionally easy to customize and set up in Photoshop. You can change the font and content, but it's one of the simplest ways to build a professional resume in this entire roundup.

6. Alexander CV - Professional Minimal Resume

Alexander Resume

Alexander is another clean and neat resume choice in this selection that gets out of the way of your credentials. With a variety of formats and placeholders for all of the key parts of a resume, this is a great choice for an application.

Drop in your own work experience, education, and references to round out your resume in Photoshop quickly.

7. Clean Resume / CV - Colorful and Clean Resume 

Clean Colorful Resume CV

As the name suggests, this is a clean resume with photo that also features an eye-catching splash of color. The gradient colors are easily adjustable to your own preference.

This PSD resume template is another choice that would be more suited for creative jobs and professions than an office job. Also make use of the circular infographics to describe your proficiency and skills and catch a reviewer's eye.

8. Resume / CV - Swiss - Minimal and Modern Resume Template

Swiss Resume Template

This top-selling resume template is popular for a reason. It's an excellent general-purpose PSD resume template that could be used with a litany of job types. 

If you're going to choose just one pack that has everything you need, this one might be the choice. With a selection of cover letters and resume placeholders, it's a one-stop shop for building a resume in Adobe Photoshop.

9. Clara Resume - Professional Resume Format Template

Clara Photoshop Resume Template

Clara is another sharp-looking resume template that's applicable to a variety of professionals. There's also a nice-looking portfolio template with placeholders for screenshots of your favorite work. 

Again, this one should be a breeze to customize and add your own content to inside of Adobe Photoshop. Tweak the layers easily to build out a resume rapidly.

10. Bold Resume - Minimal and Eye-Catching Resume

Bold Photo Resume

The Bold Resume certainly earns the right to its name with a classy and noticeable default color scheme. I really like the placeholder area for the mini-cover letter just above the credentials section.

Remember: most jobs will have many applicants. Using a resume format template like the Bold Resume is a way to stand out from the crowded field.

11. Material Resume - Flat 3-Piece Resume Kit 

Material Resume

Here's another solid choice for putting your best foot forward when applying. The top part of the resume is reserved for a personal introduction, while there are timeline elements to show your experience.

A quick look at this template in Photoshop shows that it's easy to customize and substitute your own color scheme and assets.

12. Clean Resume - Easy to Use Photoshop Resume Template

Clean Professional Resume Template

This pack is one of the most affordable selections in this roundup. There are actually a variety of layout options that all comply with the same clean, easy-to-customize style. 

Also check out the other files included with this pack such as the cover letter template.

13. Neue Swiss Resume - Simplistic and Colorful Resume

Neue Swiss

Clean and modern, the Neue Swiss resume has just enough color to really help your photo resume rise to the top of the stack. It's easy to customize if you want to try out another color palette as well.

I could see using this for creative lines of work, sure. But I also think it's clean and professional enough to use with more conservative lines of work as a way to stand out from the crowd.

14. 2-Piece Pro Resume - Sharp Professional Resume

Pro Resume Template

The two pieces of this pack are a great looking resume template with photo and an easy-to-customize cover letter. It's a breeze to customize this in Photoshop with your own details or branding elements.

Also, drop in your own headshot to replace the resume picture placeholder. This document is also CMYK-ready, which means it's easier to print. 

15. Minimalist Resume 03 - Lightweight Resume

Minimalist Resume

A theme throughout this roundup is that "less is more" when it comes to presenting your experience. In my mind, good design gets out of the way of the content.

This Minimalist Resume embodies that principle perfectly. The white space and margins between columns in this file really make it easy-to-read.

16. Designsmill Resume - Columnar Photo Resume Design

Photo resume template

This resume style is a slightly different approach, with multiple columns for different types of content. The center column is devoted to introductory and experience, while the sidebar can act as the go-to spot for your contact details.

Again, this is another solid choice that's a breeze to customize in Photoshop. In my testing, it was also easy to try a different color scheme using Photoshop tools. Reuse this for many purposes.

17. BOXKAYU Resume - Personalized Photo Resume Style

Resume format template

This resume pack is highly personalized and really focuses on making an impression on the reviewer. With plenty of room for a profile resume picture as the banner, this one helps an interviewer "put a name with a face" before you ever even come on site.

This option also focuses on a well-written cover letter with contact details. This piece is optional to include, but I always recommend using it to briefly introduce yourself.

18. CV - Monochrome Photoshop Resume Template 

webduck Resume CV

I really like Webduck's approach to building a resume format template, as it features excellent usage of whitespace to highlight your details. It's extremely easy for a reviewer to browse your finished version of this resume and glean the important details.

If this light and airy approach isn't your style, feel free to add a splash of color easily to the PSD file.

3 Key Tips for an Eye-Catching Photo Resume

Most job postings will receive many more applicants than a reviewer can handle. If the goal of turning in your resume is to help you get to the interview stage, what can you do to increase your chances of getting a call back?

Here are three key tips that you should include when planning the content for your photo resume:

  • Craft your experience. Read the job description you're applying for very carefully. Then, update your past experience to focus on the skills that would make you a good fit for the job you're applying for.
  • Go the extra mile with added documents. Building out documents like a cover letter or portfolio page are steps that many applicants will simply skip. That's all the more reason to do them so that you've got a chance to make it through the system.
  • Be personal, but professional. Make sure that you present yourself as a professional, but don't hesitate to share those personal details that will make you interesting or memorable to the reviewer. I frequently list a few hobbies that can act as ice-breakers in the interview process.

Build Professional Resumes in Photoshop

When you're scrambling to apply for a job, the last thing you should be worrying about is designing a photo resume from the ground up. Instead of doing that, skip the time and effort by starting with a pre-built Photoshop resume template like one of the links shared in this tutorial.

If these PSD resume templates aren't your style, make sure to check out the all-you-can-download Envato Elements selection, or go and find a specific resume format template from GraphicRiver!

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