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How to Change Your Microsoft Office Theme in 60 Seconds


In today's tutorials, learn how to give Microsoft Office apps, like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, a different interface look by changing the app theme. 

How to Quickly Change Your Microsoft Office Theme

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that compliment this video.

1. Open the Options Tab to Change the Office Theme

So the default view in Office is what they call the Colorful view, which in Excel, features a bright green menu. Let's change this up. I'll go to the File menu and choose Options.

Open the Microsoft Office Options tab.

2. Try a Different Microsoft Office Theme in Excel

Make sure you're on the General tab, and find the area labeled Office Theme. Let's try out a different theme. I'll choose Dark Grey from the drop down for a darker look, one that's great for working at night. When I press OK, it applies a different look to Excel.

Change Microsoft Office Theme in Excel to Dark Grey
Apply the Microsoft Office Theme Dark Grey.

3. Change Your Microsoft Office Theme in Word

As I switch to PowerPoint and then to Word, you can see the themes are applied in these other Office apps as well. Let's reenter the options while we're still in Word and try out one more theme, the White theme. I'll choose that from the drop down and press OK.

Change Your Microsoft Office Theme in Word to White
Set your Microsoft Office Theme in Word to White.

Finishing Up!

You can see that this is a light and airy theme, and it's applied to each app as well inside the Office suite. These are great visual tweaks to customize your Office setup. Why not change up the apps you spend all day working in? 

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