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How to Curve Text and Wrap Text in PowerPoint PPT

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It can be difficult to create a visually appealing presentation slide. One way to do this is to use a typography design such as curved text. You can also use curved text in PPT to draw the audience's attention to a specific section of your slide or phrase.

Aneta is premium PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.Aneta is premium PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.Aneta is premium PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.
Aneta is premium PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

Keep reading to learn about curved text and how to curve text in PowerPoint. You’ll also learn how to wrap text in PowerPoint.

What Is Curved Text?

Curved text is a typography design where the text doesn’t form a straight line. This means the curved text in PPT can be circular, downward, or upward.

  • Circular curved text starts at a specific point and loops back around to the starting point.
  • Downward curved text curves down below the baseline and ascends back to the line.
  • Upward curved test curves up from the baseline and then curve back down to the line.

Adding curved text in PPT adds visual interest to your presentation.

When to Use Curved Text Box in PowerPoint

Curved text can be used as a design element or to draw attention to important text. Here are some ways that curved text can be used:

1. Creating a Subtitle

When creating a PowerPoint slide, most people add a title. Often there's a subtitle under the title.

You could make your subtitle look fun and whimsical by making it PowerPoint curve text. This is a great way to draw your audience's attention to the subtitle.

2. Wrapping Around Images

If you’re building your slide and realize that an image is taking up a large part of your slide, you can use curve text in PPT to add text around the image.

Of course, this can only be done with a sentence or two, but it’s a great option if you want to draw your audience's attention to both the image and text.

3. As Animation

If you think the curved text in PPT isn’t enough to put emphasis on your text, you can add animation. Animation captures the audience's eye because of the movement.

If you decide to add animation to your curved text, limit the amount of animation you use. Otherwise, it can weaken the effect.

When creating a logo, you want the audience to be drawn to it and for it to be memorable. One way to do this is to add curved text. A curved text box in PowerPoint is more visually interesting than text that's in a straight line.

How to Curve Text in PowerPoint

In this tutorial, I’m using PowerPoint version 16.69 on macOS.

Now that you know what curved text is, let's look at how to create it in PowerPoint:

1. Choose a Template

Arty is a premium PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.Arty is a premium PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.Arty is a premium PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.
Arty is a premium PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

In this how to curve text in PowerPoint tutorial, I’ll use the premium template Arty from Envato Elements. It's got over 50 unique slides where text and images can be added. The slides come in 16:9 format.

The Arty template comes with charts and graphs that you can use to display your data. It also comes with icons and device mockups.

Let's get started:

2. Insert a Text Box

Insert a text box.Insert a text box.Insert a text box.
Insert a text box.

The first step in how to curve text in PowerPoint is to create a text box. Let’s add a text box to slide seven.

To add a textbox, click on the Insert tab. Next, click on the WordArt button in the toolbar. After you click on the WordArt button, a menu appears. From this menu, choose the WordArt style that you want.

3. Type Your Text

Type your text.Type your text.Type your text.
Type your text.

Once you click on the text style you want, a box appears in the middle of the slide. Highlight the text that’s in the text box and press Delete on your keyboard.

Next, click inside the text box and type your text. You can move your textbox by putting your cursor over the box surrounding your text. When you see a cross instead of your cursor, you can drag the text box to where you need it.

4. Text Effects

Text effects.Text effects.Text effects.
Text effects.

Highlight the WordArt text that you want to make into curved text in PPT. Next, click on the Shape Format tab above your toolbar. Then, click on the Text Effects button in the toolbar.

5. Curved Text

Curved text.Curved text.Curved text.
Curved text.

Once you’ve clicked on the Text Effects button, a menu appears. From the menu, click on the Transform option. A menu drops down.

Choose the curved text that you want. The Follow Path section has all the curved text in it.

How to Wrap Text in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you want to wrap text around an image in PowerPoint, you can do that too. Here’s how:

1. Add an Image

Add an Image.Add an Image.Add an Image.
Add an Image. (Image source: Envato Elements)

I'll add an image to slide 38 of the Arty presentation template.

First, add an image by clicking on the insert tab above the toolbar.

Next, in the toolbar, click on the Pictures button. When you click on this button, a menu appears. Choose the right option for you.

Once you find your image file, double-click on the file. It'll open on your slide. Adjust as needed.

2. Insert Object

Insert object.Insert object.Insert object.
Insert object. (Image source: Envato Elements)

You’ll need to have Microsoft Word to wrap the text in PowerPoint. Click on the Object button in the toolbar under the Insert tab. When you click on this button, a box appears.

3. Insert Object Window

Insert object window.Insert object window.Insert object window.
Insert object window. (Image source: Envato Elements)

In the Insert Object window, click on the Microsoft Word Document option. After you’ve chosen this option, click on the OK button at the bottom of the window.

4. Add Text to Microsoft Word

Add text to Microsoft Word.Add text to Microsoft Word.Add text to Microsoft Word.
Add text to Microsoft Word. (Image Source: Envato Elements)

A Microsoft Word document appears when you click on the OK button in the Insert Object window. Type your text into this document.

Remember what you type in this document will appear on your slide.

5. Add Text

Text (Image Source: Envato Elements)

The text in the Word document is automatically added to the PowerPoint slide. Adjust the text as needed.

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