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18+ Best Free Christmas PowerPoint Templates With Holiday Winter Designs


Now you've got to give a presentation! With time at a premium, you need Christmas PowerPoint templates. These pre-built winter PowerPoint presentations already have most of the work done.

Christmas PowerPoint templates
Download great premium Christmas PowerPoint templates to help you get back to enjoying the holidays.

There's never enough time to do everything for Christmas. Before the holiday, you're rushing around the office to finish projects. Then, there are gifts to buy and decorating to do!

One easy way to save time is by making use of Christmas PowerPoint templates for any Christmas-themed presentations you need to give. They're professionally designed and easy to use.

Let's look at free Christmas PowerPoint templates in this article. You'll also sample professionally designed winter PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements, plus outstanding Christmas PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver.

The Best Christmas PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You might have come to this article set on downloading free PowerPoint Christmas templates. And don't worry, we'll have plenty of free options later in this article.

What may surprise you is just how much better premium Christmas PowerPoint templates are. With the help of a service called Envato Elements, download unlimited professionally designed Christmas PowerPoint templates

Envato Elements Christmas PowerPoint templates
Download Christmas and winter PowerPoint templates - with unlimited use - on Envato Elements.

With a single subscription, you unlock everything. That includes not only PowerPoint templates for Christmas but also a deep library of other assets like:

  • Stock photos. Perfect for complementing your Christmas PowerPoint presentation with seasonal imagery
  • Graphics. Illustrations and icons are another bonus for your slides, replacing PowerPoint's limited built-in icons
  • Patterns and backgrounds. Including seasonal designs that are ideal for your Christmas PowerPoint template

On Envato Elements you'll find designs that Christmas PowerPoint templates with free downloads from Microsoft can't match. For a bit more cost, you've got a readymade presentation that helps you enjoy the holidays.

5 Top Christmas PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements

Here are five of my favorite premium Winter PowerPoint templates, all included with a subscription to Envato Elements.

1. Tuzeo: Christmas Event Promo PowerPoint

Tuzeo Christmas Event Promo PowerPoint

Tuzeo, a leading Christmas PowerPoint template, brings plenty of festive holiday cheer to your presentation. You’ll get one hundred fully editable slides, comprising fifty unique and creative designs. Included are options to edit the color themes and more. It’s one of the best ways to usher in the holiday season.

2. Winter PowerPoint

Winter PowerPoint

Clean and fresh, this aptly named winter PowerPoint template delivers cool style. It includes over thirty custom slides suited to almost any type of presentation. This winter PPT looks excellent at home, or work. No matter the nature of your presentation project, it’s ready to help.

3. Christmas Celebration PowerPoint Template

2019 Christmas Celebration PowerPoint Template

These timely and fun Christmas PowerPoint templates include everything you need to kick off your next holiday or winter party in style! Designed by professionals, it’s superior to any of the free Christmas PowerPoint templates that you might find around the web. Choose from slide layouts like message boards, timeline designs, and more.

4. Winter - Watercolour PowerPoint Template

Winter Watercolour PowerPoint Template

Built with an elegant, artistic flourish, your audience will be impressed when you select this collection of animated holiday PowerPoint templates. You won't see these touches in animated Christmas PowerPoint templates you find for free download.

They’re seasonally inspired and ready for winter. Free fonts and simple content placeholders are used throughout. 

5. Christara - Xmas PowerPoint Template

Christara - Xmas PowerPoint Template

Why build Christmas PowerPoint templates yourself when you can download designs created by experts? That’s precisely what you’ll get from the Christara template, which is packed with features like:

  • easy-to-edit layouts that you can quickly customize
  • team and infographic slides to introduce ideas and people
  • contact slides to build social networks
  • a cheery holiday aesthetic throughout

5 of the Best Christmas PowerPoint Templates from GraphicRiver for the Holiday Season

If you only need a single template, then another marketplace might be the perfect choice for you. On GraphicRiver, buy single premium Christmas PowerPoint templates. The designs are just as stunning, and you'll pay only for what you use.

GraphicRiver Christmas PowerPoint templates
Download single winter PowerPoint templates for the holiday season on GraphicRiver.

Here are five of my favorite premium Christmas and winter PowerPoint templates available for sale on GraphicRiver:

1. 6 Christmas PowerPoint Animated Cards

6 Christmas PowerPoint Animated Cards

Using a Christmas card PowerPoint template delivers holiday cheer right to your audience. This one's a top choice. 

The template includes not one but six unique animated Christmas themed PowerPoint template design. You won’t find that much variety in any free Christmas templates for PowerPoint presentations! Each one's ready to customize, for easy sharing, or inclusion in a major PPT deck.

2. 2021 Christmas Celebration PowerPoint Template

2019 Christmas Celebration PowerPoint Template

Download Christmas PowerPoint templates today and get your holiday season started with sleek PPT designs. This pack includes a variety of options, including:

  • 75 cool slides for your project
  • vector graphics and simple image placeholders
  • various winter-inspired themes suitable for any slide deck

3. Christmas Package Business PowerPoint Template

Christmas Package business PowerPoint Template

When you select from Christmas PowerPoint templates free download options, you get what you pay for. When you choose a premium template, you'll find extra value. 

One way to get extra value is to choose a flexible Christmas winter holiday design that you can deploy on any project. This pack is just that. With thousands of slides and many color options, it’s easy to adapt to any project you've got in mind.

4. Christmas Happiness PowerPoint Template

Christmas Happiness PowerPoint Template

Christmas Happiness is appropriately named. It makes audiences happy thanks to the fun, timeless Christmas spirit. And it’ll make designers like you happy, thanks to creative and easy styling that makes building Christmas presentations a breeze. A full suite of slide layouts is included, with options like device mockups, charts, maps, and more.

5. Christmas Asset - PowerPoint Template

Christmas Asset PowerPoint Template

Here's the next one in our collection of premium Christmas PowerPoint templates. This theme's got everything you’ll need to build a holiday slide deck, like:

  • fun content layouts featuring your favorite Christmas characters
  • over 20 color themes to style your slides
  • infographics, charts, and data slides with a Christmas flair

19 Free Christmas (& Winter-Themed) PowerPoint Templates to Download in 2020/2021

Before looking for free Christmas PowerPoint templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always Christmas slide templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Spent all your money buying gifts and decorating? You might need free winter and Christmas PowerPoint templates. We've scoured the web for 19 of the best free PowerPoint Christmas templates that you'll see below.

1. Winter PresentationThis holiday PowerPoint template for free uses winter inspired styling. This is a great example of a Christmas PowerPoint template for free thanks to a download from Microsoft.

Winter PowerPoint template

2. Snowflakes Design SlidesSnowflake graphics are used in this Christmas PowerPoint template, across a variety of slide designs. They’re unmistakable signs of the winter season approaching and adapt to a variety of presentation topics.

3. Free Christmas Ornament PowerPoint TemplateFree Christmas PowerPoint templates use ornament styling to provide a festive feel to your slide deck. Use this for holiday party decks, announcements, slideshows, and more.

4. Euforia PowerPoint TemplatesEuforia uses a Christmas inspired color palette in a collection of animated Christmas themed PowerPoint templates for free. While not specifically holiday-inspired, the design and colors are suited to seasonal projects.

Free winter PowerPoint template

5. Free Christmas Adornments PowerPoint TemplateThese free PowerPoint Christmas templates style themselves by showcasing ornaments on a tree.

6. Christmas Eve PowerPoint TemplatesThis Christmas PowerPoint templates free download has snowflake graphics on each slide. Whether you’re building a holiday project, or something more seasonally inspired, PowerPoint’s built-in tools help you tailor each slide.

7. Minima Free PowerPoint TemplateAnother colorful option, this free winter PowerPoint template offering has slides using images of snow-capped mountains. 

Free winter PowerPoint template

8. Christmas Snowman & Gift PowerPoint TemplatesCute snowman characters help you build engaging slides in this set of free holiday PowerPoint templates backgrounds and layouts. In PowerPoint, you can easily add text and images to each one.

9. Christmas Snowman Smiling PowerPoint TemplatesLooking for more snowmen in free PowerPoint Christmas templates? They can be found here in this template.

10. Snowscape Presentation. Use This wintry snowscape PPT theme in the home or office to build a holiday presentation deck. It’s based around PowerPoint’s built-in slide designs, layouts, and options.

Free Christmas PowerPoint template

11. Free Christmas PowerPoint Template With Nativity SceneFree Christian PowerPoint templates for Christmas help you design your slides for holiday events, church functions, and more. This one uses vintage designs to illustrate nativity scenes.

12. Free Christmas PowerPoint Template Theme With Starry NightBright graphics feature prominently in these free Christmas templates for PowerPoint presentations. This is a free winter PowerPoint template that's simple to use.

13. Snowy Road Design SlidesUseful in a professional or personal setting, these snowy winter slides use images of snowy roads to suggest progress and momentum. 

14. Christmas Free PowerPoint TemplateWith a minimalist aesthetic, these Christmas and winter free PowerPoint downloads leave plenty of room for your customization. Use PowerPoint’s editing menus to make each slide your own.

15. Free Merry Christmas PowerPoint TemplateA handcrafted look makes these free winter PowerPoint templates signify the Christmas spirit. They're designed in 16:9 widescreen layout, which works well on many displays and projectors. 

Free Christmas PowerPoint templates

16. Merry Christmas with Snowy Winter PPT TemplatesCombine a holiday focus with seasonally frosty graphics with this Christmas PowerPoint templates free download selection.

17. Christmas Globe PowerPoint TemplatesSnow globes are classic symbols of the holiday season. Feature them in your slide deck with this free Christmas PowerPoint presentation templates download. Get this free PowerPoint Christmas template to start your design.

18. Christmas Star Decoration PowerPoint TemplateLight and bright, this Christmas PowerPoint template with free download is adaptable to a variety of functions, including different events and holidays.

Free Christmas PowerPoint template

19. Christmas Landscape PowerPoint TemplateA snowy landscape featuring Santa, this Christmas template can be modified to fit the needs of many holiday projects. It could work as a party slideshow, social planner, or many other concepts.

Ways You Can Customize Your Christmas PowerPoint Template

We'll show you how to customize your template in five simple steps below. For this tutorial, we'll use the Winter Christmas PowerPoint Template, which is a premium template from Envato Elements.

Winter Christmas PowerPoint Template
This Christmas PowerPointTemplate will be used to show you how to customize your own template.

Let's get started:

1. Add an Image

For the first four steps, we'll use slide #5. Here's what it looks like without any edits:

Slide 5 No Edits
Here's slide #5 of the premium Christmas PowerPoint Template.

This template has an image placeholder, which makes adding an image easier. With the placeholder click on the Insert Picture from File button in the middle of the placeholder. Locate the picture. Once you've located it, double-click on the picture that you want to use.

How to add an image
How to add an image to your Christmas Slide Template.

To add a picture without the placeholder, click on the Insert tab above the toolbar. Click on the Pictures button. Select the location of your image.

Once you've found the image, double click on the image to insert it into the slide.

2. Change an Object’s Color

Change an objects color
How to change an object's color on your Christmas PowerPoint template.

To change an object’s color, click on the object that you want to change the color of. You'll know that the object is selected when there's a box and handles around it. Click on the Shape Format tab above the toolbar. 

Next, click on the Shape Fill button. Select the color that you want to change the object to.

3. Change the Font Color

Change the font color
How to change the font color on your Christmas PowerPoint template.

To change the font color, select the font that you want to change the color of. You'll know that it’s selected when handles and a box appear around the text. Select the Home tab above the toolbar. Click on the Font Color button and select the color that you want to use.

4. Change the Font

Change the font
How to change the font on your Christmas PowerPoint template.

To change the font of the text, select the text that you want to change the font of. Next click on the arrow next to the font button. This will cause a menu to drop down. Select the new font that you want to use.

5. Change the Background Color of the Slide

For this last point, we'll use slide #15. Here's what slide #15 looks like without any edits:

Slide 15 no edits
Slide 15 of the premium Christmas PowerPoint template with no edits.

To change the background color, click on the Design tab above the toolbar. Next click on the Format Background button. This will cause a sidebar to appear. In this sidebar click on the Fill Color button. Select the color that you want to change the background to.

Change the background color of the slide
How to change the background color of the slide on your Christmas PowerPoint template.

5 Winter-Themed Christmas & Holiday Cheer Slide Design Trends

Design trends can help you keep your holiday presentation up to date. Now that you've customized your template here are some design trends for PowerPoint presentations:

1. Minimalism

Oxalo is a minimal winter-themed premium PowerPoint template.

Minimalism is a popular trend that's been on trend for a long time. With a minimal Christmas themed PowerPoint template you've got more room to focus on your main point on the slide. 

When a slide is overcrowded then it can distract the audience. An overcrowded slide can look sloppy and unprofessional.

2.  Custom Fonts

Custom fonts are a way to personalize your Christmas slide template without doing too much. Having a personalized custom font makes your Christmas slide template unique. As a part of subscribing to Envato Elements, you get access to custom fonts that you can use on your Christmas PowerPoint templates.

3. A Lot of Images

A lot of Images
Holiwinter PowerPoint presentation, a premium template, has image placeholders where you can add images.

The trend is to have more images than text on your Christmas slide template. Images are a great way to connect with your audience. 

But you don’t want to use too many images. Images can help your audience quickly understand what you’re talking about. Visuals are more likely to draw out the emotion in people than words are.

4. Icons and Graphs

When you use a graph on your Christmas slide template, you'll be presenting data in a way that's easy for the audience to understand. Graphs are more interesting than a list of numbers. 

Icons can also help you get your message across without using tons of words. Many Christmas PowerPoint templates come with icons or graphs that you can move onto the slide of your choice.

5. Infographics

The premium Holiday Christmas PowerPoint template comes with infographics.

Infographics combine information and graphics. Using infographics on your Christmas slide template can help you explain information to your audience. 

Many Christmas PowerPoint templates come with infographics. Use them to present your information in an interesting way.

More PowerPoint Templates

If you didn't see a template that suited your needs, there are more templates in the articles below:

5 Tips for Making Great Holiday Presentations

Even the best presenter needs a few tips to help them succeed. In this section, let's consider five holiday-specific tips to help you give your best presentation yet.

For even more tips, don't miss out on our resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) This single guide has everything you need to master the art of PowerPoint presentations. 

1. Include a Holiday Fun Fact

Every presentation needs an ice breaker. There's a ton of fun trivia related to the holiday season, so consider sharing a fun fact.

On your first slide, use a fun fact to start a conversation. Bonus points if you make it a trivia question to the audience!

Fun Fact Christmas presentation
Use a fun fact to kick off your Christmas PowerPoint presentation in an engaging way. (premium template)

2. Be Inclusive

If your presentation is for work or large groups, remember that inclusivity is essential. That means considering that not everyone celebrates the same holidays that you do. 

The holidays are a fantastic time to build relationships with co-workers and colleagues. And when you show that you're considering their holiday too, they're sure to appreciate it.

Inclusive Holiday PowerPoint presentation
With a bit of work, you can easily include all the holidays in your presentation. (premium template)

3. Create a Holiday Reveal with Animations

Many holiday parties reveal a prize drawing or year-end award component. In that case, it helps to build suspense and excitement with your audience.

This is a situation where PowerPoint animations dazzle the audience. Use the guide below to master the art of animations:

4. Remember Safety

Unfortunately, the holiday season also includes several hazards. Winter weather, tripping over a Christmas light cord, and an increase in stress pose a risk to disrupting the holiday cheer.

Make sure to include a safety tip for your workplace holiday presentation. Your co-workers will appreciate that you're thinking of their well-being, even amidst the holiday hubbub. 

Christmas Safety reminder
Make sure to dedicate a slide to holiday safety tips. (premium template)

5. Focus on Images 

Remember: your subscription to Envato Elements also includes unlimited stock photography. Why not add as many images as possible to your PowerPoint presentation?

For a complete guide to working with images, check out our tutorial below:

Design a Christmas PowerPoint Presentation Today

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that your presentation is ready to share! With the help of the templates and tips in this tutorial, you're ready to build your best presentation yet.

Free Christmas Templates for PowerPoint presentations are out there, sure. But is using one the best use of your time? With so much more to do, a premium Christmas PowerPoint template from Envato Elements is a gift to yourself. Or, try out winter PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver.

Design your Christmas PowerPoint presentation quickly with the help of a template. Then, get back to enjoying some time off and time with those you care about.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new and interesting Christmas PowerPoint templates.

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