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20 Best Free Keynote Templates With Cool Presentation Backgrounds 2022

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Read Time: 22 mins

Keynote backgrounds might fall behind your content, but that doesn't mean they're forgettable. Pair your content with excellent Keynote presentation backgrounds for eye-catching presentations.

Elements Keynote BackgroundsElements Keynote BackgroundsElements Keynote Backgrounds
Use the outstanding Keynote backgrounds (premium) in this article to build beautiful slide designs.

With the help of Keynote presentation background templates, it's easy to balance content with design. The templates in this article will help you do just that!

In this article, we'll show you 20 free Keynote presentations with great backgrounds. You'll also see Keynote presentation backgrounds on the Envato Elements unlimited platform. Plus, see pay-as-you-go Keynote background templates on GraphicRiver.

The Best Keynote Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

When you're creating a Keynote presentation, you need the help of templates. Instead of building your designs from scratch, start with a template to save you time and effort.

You might be tempted to go searching for free Keynote templates for designers. We've got an even better option for Keynote presentation backgrounds.

Envato Elements is an amazing, all-you-can-download library for creatives. It includes unlimited access for a flat rate. Unlock Keynote presentation backgrounds inside of templates that far outpace free Keynote templates.

Envato Elements Keynote Presentation Backgrounds in Templates
On Envato Elements, you get the best premium Keynote presentation backgrounds in templates - for one low cost!

If you want the best Keynote presentation backgrounds, Envato Elements is the best option. Source unlimited Keynote presentations, then add to them with stock photos. Your subscription includes both. And both work as Keynote backgrounds, as you'll see.

No matter how often you're presenting, a subscription to Envato Elements is an unbeatable value. Before you search for free Keynote presentation templates, check out these premium options. Subscribe today to unlock more than a million assets.

5 Top Keynote Backgrounds in Top Templates on Envato Elements for 2022

The premium templates in this section focus on great Keynote backgrounds. They lead the pack with cool Keynote backgrounds that free Keynote presentation templates just can't compare to.

Remember, they're all included with Envato Elements! Here are three ways to build good Keynote backgrounds with the help of these templates:

  • photo placeholders that are ready for background images to create eye-catching slides
  • eye-catching solid colors with attractive schemes that complement the content 
  • patterns and layouts that balance Keynote backgrounds with the content on the slides

Here's our list of curated premium Keynote presentation templates:

1. SUAVE - Keynote Template

Suave Keynote background templateSuave Keynote background templateSuave Keynote background template

Keynote backgrounds don't have to cover the entire slide. This template is a perfect example of that. Many of the slides use "partial cover" backgrounds that complement your content. Use the 40 clean slides with ready-to-use designs to build an excellent presentation. It'll be hard to find free Keynote templates for Mac that'll do your content justice like Suave.

2. Magazine Keynote Template

Magazine background for Keynote presentation templateMagazine background for Keynote presentation templateMagazine background for Keynote presentation template

Digital magazines harken back to the fancy layouts of their printed counterparts. And thanks to this Keynote template, you can easily create one with engaging backgrounds. Use it to put together a cohesive story with the help of the built-in designs. Many of them already include appealing Keynote presentation backgrounds.

3. Watercolor Keynote Template

Watercolor Keynote presentation background templatesWatercolor Keynote presentation background templatesWatercolor Keynote presentation background templates

Free Keynote templates for Mac just don't include a hand painted look like this one. Keynote presentation backgrounds like this one won't go unnoticed thanks to a unique and splashy design. Watercolors are a great way to frame artistic and creative content. Use these Keynote background templates for a presentation that stands out.

4. Informatics - IT Company Keynote Template

Informatics Company background for Keynote presentation templateInformatics Company background for Keynote presentation templateInformatics Company background for Keynote presentation template

Many of the slides in this template use stylish gradients for great Keynote presentation backgrounds. It also includes custom image masks that balance content with eye-catching Keynote backgrounds. Use the high-resolution designs on 54 unique slides for a modern presentation.

5. Look Book Keynote

Look Book Keynote Background TemplateLook Book Keynote Background TemplateLook Book Keynote Background Template

A look book is perfect as a quick-turning presentation for fashion brands. With the help of a template like this, you've got Keynote backgrounds that complement your images. The slides feature perfectly faded imagery fit for Keynote presentation backgrounds. Just fill in your details! It's sleek and stylish, few Apple Keynote free templates can say the same.

5 of the Best Premium Keynote Backgrounds in Templates on GraphicRiver for 2022

You don't always need unlimited access. Sometimes a single Keynote presentation with a great background is enough. 

For those occasions, you can use GraphicRiver, another site in the Envato Market Network. Buy unique, pay-as-you-go Keynote presentation backgrounds you choose.

Keynote Presentation Background Templates from GraphicRiver
Buy a single premium Keynote template with a great background on GraphicRiver.

Let's check out five of the best Keynote presentation templates—all with amazing backgrounds!

1. Jessi - Business Presentation Keynote Template

Jessi Keynote Background TemplateJessi Keynote Background TemplateJessi Keynote Background Template

Jessi is one of the best Keynote backgrounds for modern businesses. Its dark slides make your content pop. The overall dark design of this Keynote background is complemented by light text boxes and images. Use the 30 unique slides to show your content with style. Jessi is a nice alternative to free Keynote presentation templates for Mac.

2. Corvale Multipurpose Keynote Template

Corvale Creative Keynote Presentation Background TemplateCorvale Creative Keynote Presentation Background TemplateCorvale Creative Keynote Presentation Background Template

Corvale is a modern Keynote background presentation. It uses unique slide designs that combine minimal backgrounds with interesting image masks. It's another Keynote presentation background template that's creative and easy to customize for your needs.

3. Simpl Keynote

Simpl Keynote Presentation templateSimpl Keynote Presentation templateSimpl Keynote Presentation template

Modern design trends use slick custom image masks. Those masks, included in this template, transform your ordinary imagery into stunning shapes. And they work well as backgrounds for a Keynote presentation because they leave space on your slide where text falls in. Instead of a template that's free for Keynote, try Simpl.

4. Crypto Keynote Presentation Background Template

Crypto Keynote Background TemplateCrypto Keynote Background TemplateCrypto Keynote Background Template

Are you looking for ways to engage your audience during your cryptocurrency slideshow? Then you'll want to look at Keynote presentation backgrounds that are designed for crypto. Like this one. It's got modern and futuristic slide layouts and over ten color schemes to try. And of course, all the Keynote backgrounds are easy to customize thanks to easy drag-and-drop options.

5. Bawirasa - Marketing Plan Presentation KEY Template

Bawirasa Keynote Presentation TemplateBawirasa Keynote Presentation TemplateBawirasa Keynote Presentation Template

Bawirasa is the ideal choice if you're looking to present a marketing plan. This Keynote presentation background comes with all the features you need to make a successful slideshow:

  • resizable and editable graphics
  • drag and drop image placeholders
  • data charts and maps

This is a business template with an excellent background for a Keynote presentation. Few Apple Keynote free templates have the features and style that make Bawirasa a standout.

20 Free Keynote Presentations With Great Backgrounds

Before looking for free Keynote templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always templates or backgrounds for Keynote) at no cost to you.

Envato Free FilesEnvato Free FilesEnvato Free Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

Here's the deal: 

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files. These include fonts, presentations, videos, and more. Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

  • Or try Envato Market for free. They offer seven handpicked monthly freebies. Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's handpicked premium freebies

If you don't find what you're looking for above, you may have to find a free Keynote template on the internet.

These templates are good enough for simple presentations. They all have Keynote backgrounds in templates that are ready for use. When your budget is zero, these might do the trick. Here are 20 of the best free Keynote backgrounds in templates:

1. Free Apple Keynote Template - Timeline

Use this free Keynote background for business or school projects. Easily create timelines for specific project dates, percentage increases, or numbers.

Keynote template free downloadKeynote template free downloadKeynote template free download

2. Easter Keynote Template Free Download

Create an Easter presentation with this Keynote template that's free. The design is interesting and based around the holiday.

3. Balance - Free Minimal PowerPoint and Keynote Template 

This bright and colorful Keynote template free download is professional and creative. Add your text and images to it by using the drag and drop placeholders. The 18+ slides in this Keynote presentation background are print-ready.

4. Creative Keynote Template 

The Creative Keynote Template is a clean and artistic Keynote background. Geometric graphics are a featured part of the design. The slides in this cool Keynote background are fully editable. Try it if you're looking for free Keynote templates.

5. Free ProBusiness Keynote Presentation Template 

Clean and modern design are the focus of this free business Keynote background template for Mac. Drag and drop placeholders and icons as vectors are included.

6. 42 Free Slides for PowerPoint/Keynote and Google Slides 

These robust and vibrant Apple Keynote free template background designs are well suited for business. Change the Keynote slide background color. Both light and dark versions are included.

7. Free Keynote Template

As the name implies, this is a solid choice for free Keynote templates for designers. Use your Keynote background image with the easy placeholders.

8. Autumn Presentation Keynote Template Free 

Autumn is one of the free Keynote templates featured here with a seasonal theme. This one is all about the fall and uses fallen leaf graphics to complete the look.

Autumn Presentation Keynote Template FreeAutumn Presentation Keynote Template FreeAutumn Presentation Keynote Template Free

9. Business Ideas - Free Keynote Template

The Business Ideas Keynote template background free download features fun and colorful design. The infographics are modern. Slides in this Keynote presentation background contain plenty of space for your text.

10. X - Free PowerPoint and Keynote Template 

X has a minimal but creative design that's perfect for professional presentations. Free fonts and resizable vectors are included in this Keynote background template free download.

11. Free Modern Keynote Template 

Easily add your data to this free Keynote background template. The 23 modern and clean slides feature soft colors and geometric borders.

Modern Template Free KeynoteModern Template Free KeynoteModern Template Free Keynote

12. Simplistic Presentation Keynote Template - Free

Bright and satiny tones are featured in this template that's free for Keynote. Modern infographics help illustrate the data you're presenting.

13. Prototype Presentation Design

Use the Prototype Keynote template free download for personal or professional use thanks to its clean design. Animated and non-animated slides are included. Each of the 39 slides is in full HD resolution.

14. Free Simple Keynote Template 

This cool Keynote background features lots of icons and layouts. The simple design of this presentation Keynote background template that's free makes it great for most uses.

15. Free Keynote Tree Diagram 

This is one of the more interesting Apple Keynote free templates. It features a whimsical tree and outdoor theme. Tree diagrams are on these slides so you can easily present your information in a fun way.

Presentation Keynote template freePresentation Keynote template freePresentation Keynote template free

16. The Press Free Keynote Template

The Press is a free multipurpose Keynote template background for Mac thanks to its clean and stylish aesthetic. It features 16 unique slides. Change the Keynote slide background color easily.

17. Scratchy Burnout 

The color theme of this cool Apple Keynote free template background is nice for creative presentations. Pictures and text can easily be inserted to create your next presentation.

18. Punaca Free Keynote Template 

Punaca is a fun and playful Keynote background template. Use the drag and drop placeholders to add your content to this cool Keynote background. All graphics are resizable and editable in this template that's free for Keynote.

Punaca free Keynote templatesPunaca free Keynote templatesPunaca free Keynote templates

19. Free Keynote template: Material 

Use the wavy background in this free Keynote template for a different design style than the built-in templates. It includes 11 unique slides.

20. Duotone Free Keynote Template

This is a free Keynote template for designers with a two-tone color effect. Use the included Photoshop action to prepare images in the proper style. It also features drag-and-drop placeholders to updates images easily.

How to Quickly Customize Keynote Templates With Cool Backgrounds

The best thing about cool Keynote background templates is their unmatched flexibility. In short, they make all kinds of content look great. That means creative control is left up to you. Follow these five simple steps to build your own amazing slides using Keynote backgrounds.

For this short tutorial, we used the premium Look Book Keynote template from Envato Elements.

Look Book Keynote backgroundsLook Book Keynote backgroundsLook Book Keynote backgrounds
Follow our tutorial by downloading the premium Look Book Keynote template from Envato Elements.

Let's get started: 

1. Select Your Slides

Captivating Keynote background templates like this include a wide variety of custom slides. Think about your message and choose only the slides that fit best. In Keynote, click the View button in the upper left, then choose Light Table

Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 1Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 1Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 1
To choose slides from a premium template with cool Keynote backgrounds to keep, navigate to View > Light Table to make selections.

Hold down Shift on your keyboard to select slides you don’t want, then press Delete. When you’re finished, click on View again, and then Navigator to return to the normal view.

2. Customize Slide Text

Customizing slide text is an essential step. Better yet, it’s one of the easiest. In cool Keynote backgrounds like this, each text element lives inside its own text box. 

Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 2Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 2Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 2
Type over the text placeholders in your premium Keynote template to update the slides in no time flat.

To change text, simply highlight the text inside. Then begin typing in your own words. Start with the title of this slide, then repeat the same steps in the subtitle text box below.

3. Change Fonts and Text Styles

Backgrounds for Keynote presentations typically come with their own custom fonts. But you don’t have to use them. Instead, you can change font designs, colors, sizes, and more! 

Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 3Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 3Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 3
Use the Format box to add color or shadow to balance text with cool (premium) Keynote backgrounds.

To get started, highlight any text box. Then click Format. On the Text sidebar, you’ll see a wide variety of drop-downs and buttons for all these options. 

4. Change Background Object Colors

Keynote backgrounds are meant to add visual interest and contrast. One way to amplify this positive effect is to partially change a background color. Consider the circle backdrop on this slide. To change it, click on the shape to select it. 

Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 4Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 4Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial step 4
To adjust colors in your premium Keynote background templates, use the Style > Format > Color Fill dropdown.

On the Style sidebar in the Format tab, click the Color Fill drop-down. A color wheel will appear. There, quickly choose any color of the rainbow and apply it to the shape.

5. Add Images

The gray box on the slide is an image placeholder. That’s a pre-built location where you can insert your photos. It’s super easy. Browse to an image file on your computer, then click and drag it onto the placeholder. 

Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial Step 5Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial Step 5Customize Keynote Presentation Templates Tutorial Step 5
Update images in your premium Keynote backgrounds by dragging-and-dropping onto the placeholders.

That’s all it takes. Keynote automatically imports the photo and scales it perfectly. It’s one of the best ways to add more visual appeal to your Keynote backgrounds.

Hopefully, this quick tutorial piqued your interest in using cool Keynote backgrounds in 2022. Learn to work with Keynote background templates at an even deeper level with these tutorials:

5 Tips to Make Keynote Presentations With Great Slide Backgrounds

Still hungry for more info on backgrounds for your Keynote presentation?

Don't miss out on other content to help you build your best presentation yet. Make sure to check out our tutorial series, How to Use Apple Keynote (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.)

Let's look at five top tips to help you create Keynote presentation backgrounds that balance perfectly with your content:

1. Fade the Background

No matter what you choose for your Keynote backgrounds, they've got to follow one principle: don't interfere with the content. A background should complement the content, not overshadow it.

It helps to fade an image so that your content is more visible. With an image selected, choose the Format menu, and pull the Opacity slider down to fade the image.

Fade Keynote backgroundsFade Keynote backgroundsFade Keynote backgrounds
Use the Opacity slider to fade an image in a premium background for Keynote presentation template. 

2. Adjust Your Image - Inside of Keynote!

You might be tempted to immediately jump to Photoshop or another app to adjust your images. Instead, consider that Keynote has a few basic image adjustment tools like cropping and exposure tweaks. 

Use our tutorial below to learn more about Keynote's built-in image adjustment tools:

3. Use Custom Image Masks

In many of the background for Keynote presentation templates we've shared, slides include custom image masks. That means that you can take an ordinary, rectangular image and transform it into a fancy shape. 

Custom image masks work well as Keynote backgrounds. That's because they help you cover only part of your slide. That leaves plenty of room for content.

Custom image masks for Keynote backgroundsCustom image masks for Keynote backgroundsCustom image masks for Keynote backgrounds
Use custom image masks to create great backgrounds in a premium template that don't cover the entire slide.

4. Contrast Is King

There's nothing worse than a slide that lacks contrast. Text clashes with images and backgrounds and makes it hard to read. Your Keynote slide background color needs to harmonize with the content.

That's why contrast is king. With slides like the example below, dark text on light backgrounds (or vice versa) keeps everything readable and easy to browse.

Slide contrastSlide contrastSlide contrast
Use strong contrast in your premium Keynote presentation backgrounds so that everything is readable.

5. Try Templates From Other Apps

Keynote has its presentation format. But with a bit of help, it can also work with other apps. That includes PowerPoint presentations. To tap into a PowerPoint presentation for a Keynote background choice, try importing one.

Use the tutorial below to try out PowerPoint templates in Keynote. You might be surprised at how well they work:

5 Cool Keynote Slide & Presentation Background Trends for 2022

The background for your Keynote presentation needs to impress. But so does the whole slideshow. That means adopting the latest trends for 2022 slides. These trends are sure to inspire your audience:

1. High Contrast

Contrast has two key advantages: style and readability. Remember, you may be presenting in a large room. Your text and content needs to show up clearly.

Keynote templateKeynote templateKeynote template
Arkan, a premium template, offers style you won’t find with a Keynote template free.

Choosing a high-contrast background helps your slides look their best. Text is easy to see, and colorful images stand out to capture attention. Remember, premium templates are going to provide visual style not found in Keynote templates free.

2. Animated GIFs

GIFs are popular moving images that bring new life to slide backgrounds. And thanks to Keynote, they're very easy to add!

GIFs help you illustrate ideas, or just add a little levity to a slide. You're sure to see them in many trendy Keynote backgrounds for 2022.

Check out our Keynote GIF tutorial here:

3. Photo Backgrounds

In 2022, solid backgrounds alone won't impress discerning audiences. It's time for something new. By using a photo backdrop, you can easily create unique slides.

Keynote background photoKeynote background photoKeynote background photo
The premium Dexterus Keynote has room for beautiful photo backdrops.

Pre-built premium templates from Envato Elements often have stunning image backdrops built in. You won't find that with free Keynote templates for Mac! 

4. Instant Alpha for Unique Images

Images should complement other content on your slides. A distracting background won't help. In 2022, you can remove unwanted backgrounds from an image to feature its subject.

This feature is called Instant Alpha, and it's built into Keynote. It's a quick and trendy way to customize image backgrounds.

Learn how to use Instant Alpha here, in just 60 seconds:

5. Minimalist Styling

Ever heard that "less is more?" That's a concept found in trendy and cool 2022 Keynote decks.

Minimalist Keynote backgroundMinimalist Keynote backgroundMinimalist Keynote background
Minimia is a premium template delivering style unmatched by free Keynote templates for Mac.

Minimalism embraces this idea, offering cool and uncluttered slides. A muted background styles slides while letting your content shine through.

More Keynote Template Resources

You've seen free Keynote templates for designers. you also saw premium options for designs with great Keynote presentation backgrounds. Yet, this is just the beginning because there's so many Keynote templates you can use.

If the free Keynote templates (or pro options) left you wanting more, make sure to check out these articles with even more designs. Many of them include even more Keynote presentation backgrounds.

5 Benefits of Using Premium Templates With Top Keynote Backgrounds

Still considering using free Keynote templates for Mac? Don't make that mistake! While Keynote templates (for free) are available, they aren't the best choice. Let's look at five top benefits of skipping free Keynote templates for Mac for a premium option:

  1. Premium Keynote backgrounds do what you can't. Unless you're a graphic designer, it's a major mistake to think that you can do this all on your own. And that's okay! Ultimately, premium Keynote background templates give you designs that you can't create yourself.
  2. They save time. Keynote templates for free need more work. A premium Keynote presentation background option means that you can use your time for more research and rehearsal.
  3. Premium backgrounds for Keynote give you the best format for your slides. Even if you know what content you want to include, you might not know how to show it. Pro Keynote templates have pre-built slides that give you ideas.
  4. They go above-and-beyond the built-in features. Animation is a great example of this. Keynote has built-in animations, sure. But premium Keynote slide backgrounds sequence them together in a way that looks even better than the standard options.
  5. You'll have confidence. When you look professional, you present confidently. That means that investing in premium Keynote templates will actually improve how you speak and present your content.

Remember: free Keynote templates for Mac just can't match this value offering. Opt for a premium option for when quality just can't be sacrificed.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Elements Keynote templatesElements Keynote templatesElements Keynote templates
Envato Elements: one flat rate, thousands of premium Keynote presentation templates.

Envato Elements is an offer that just can't be matched. The all-you-can-download model makes it the top choice for creatives. With just one download, you have everything you need for a presentation.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price.

Common Keynote Questions Answered (FAQ)

It's okay if you still have questions. While pro options and free Keynote templates for designers are helpful, there's always more to learn. Maybe you've made the switch recently from PowerPoint and need more knowledge.

Here are five of the top questions we get from beginners. They're perfectly complementary to the cool Keynote backgrounds included in our templates.

1. How Can You Share With Non-Keynote Users?

Keynote is a macOS and iOS app. That means that there'll be a considerable percent of your users who don't have access to edit the presentation. It helps to convert your Keynote to a PowerPoint or PDF format file.

This tip works with free Keynote templates and advanced options too. Convert your presentation to PowerPoint to bridge the gap to PPTX users.

2. Can You Share Keynote Presentations Online?

It's not always possible to pull everyone together for a meeting. In those cases, it's ideal to share and stream a presentation instead of using a helpful Keynote feature.

Learn to use Keynote Live, a tool to stream your presentation, with the help of this tutorial. You can stream your presentation, including those built with Keynote background templates.

3. What Are Keynote's Unique Features?

If you're weighing a switch to Keynote, you might be wondering what features to check out. Keynote's ease-of-use is a leading reason, but don't miss out on advanced features like Magic Move, too. 

Magic Move is this slick hybrid between animations and slide transitions. It's also a perfect complement to the Keynote presentation backgrounds you saw above. Learn more here:

4. How Can You Collaborate in Keynote?

Two sets of eyes are always better than one when designing a presentation. Collaboration just makes good sense, and it's easy in Apple Keynote. Bring others into the presentation and work together in real-time.

Learn to share and collaborate in our tutorial below. Your collaborators might even have ideas for Keynote presentation backgrounds!

5. Should I Use Keynote or PowerPoint?

As we've discussed in prior tips, Keynote and PowerPoint each have unique features. So, which one should you use?

The choice will be different depending on your needs. There's no single best tool (although I'm partial to Keynote's easy interface). Learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of each in this article:

Learn More About How to Use Apple Keynote

Whether you've chosen free Keynote templates for designers or an advanced premium option, there's always more to learn.

We've put together a guide that you're sure to benefit from. It's called How to Use Apple Keynote (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) and it's got every resource you need. There are even tips to work with backgrounds for Keynote. Here are three of our top tutorials from the guide:

Design a Keynote Presentation With Eye-Catching Backgrounds Today

You saw 20 free options in this tutorial that help you create your presentation at no cost. With the help of templates and tips, balance content and background graphics perfectly.

But even better, you saw premium Keynote presentation backgrounds from Envato Elements. Plus, you sampled pay-as-you-go Keynote background templates on GraphicRiver.

Use these Keynote presentation backgrounds to create a great presentation! No matter which option you choose, make sure to use a great background to match your content.

Editorial Note: This post was originally published on December 16, 2019. It's been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress and Nathan Umoh. Andrew is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+. Nathan is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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