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20 Best Free Mailchimp Email Newsletter Templates to Download Now (2020)


Looking for a way to reach your core audience and stand out from your competitors in 2020? Consider using Mailchimp to create a personalized and professional email newsletter

Fritz Mailchimp HTML Templates
Fritz is one of the many Mailchimp newsletter templates on Envato Elements in 2020.

Email remains an excellent way to reach your customers, and Mailchimp makes it pretty easy to import a well-designed template and get started with email marketing. 

Two excellent sources of professional email newsletter templates for Mailchimp are Envato Elements and ThemeForest. In this guide, we'll share some of our top picks for businesses on a budget. We'll also share some Mailchimp newsletter templates you can download for free.

Why Use Premium Mailchimp Templates?

But first, let's look at the reasons why you might NOT want to choose free Mailchimp templates in 2020. With free Mailchimp newsletter templates, there are likely to be tons of people using them. That means you might not get the unique look you want for your customer-facing newsletter

Tralever Mailchimp Template
The Tralever Mailchimp email template is a premium template that you can customize to make unique.

But with premium email newsletter templates, you're unlikely to see the same design everywhere. Plus, premium templates are usually coded to the latest web standards. That means your emails will look great no matter which email client your subscribers use.

Premium templates are also great for those who aren't confident about their design skills. You've got a lot of options for tweaking them to create a newsletter that reflects your brand. And customization is quick. You can get a newsletter with a professional appearance in a very short time.

Best Mailchimp Email Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If you're looking for professional newsletter templates, Envato Elements has a great offer you can grab today. Get unlimited Mailchimp newsletter templates for one low price.

To find your ideal templates, go to Envato Elements. Select Web Templates to the left of the search box, then type Mailchimp into the search box. You'll see hundreds of newsletter templates available to download. Use the filtering tools on the left of the page to narrow down the choices.

When you find your ideal template, click Add&Download to add it to your Envato Elements account. Then download it and start customizing. 

unlimited  mailchimp newsletter templates - free download with Envato Elements account
You'll find many Mailchimp newsletter template choices available on Envato Elements.

Alternatively, if you only need a single Mailchimp newsletter template for one-off use, then check out the affordable templates available on ThemeForest. To find these, go to Web Themes & Templates, and type Mailchimp templates into the search box. 

Find Mailchimp newsletter templates on ThemeForest
Here are just a few of the many premium email templates available on ThemeForest.

There are hundreds of Mailchimp templates available. There are on-site filtering tools to help you choose the best or most popular newsletter templates.

5 Best Premium Mailchimp Email Newsletter Templates From Elements for 2020

Ready to find the perfect theme for your newsletter? Here are some of the professional email newsletter templates for Mailchimp from Envato Elements:

1. Idea - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

Idea Responsive Mailchimp Newsletter Templates

Share the latest with subscribers with Idea, one of the top Mailchimp newsletter templates online. This theme is responsive, so it looks great on multiple screen sizes. It's even Retina ready with sharp, high-resolution elements. Upload and edit quickly with the drag and drop email builder. You'll turn this template into the perfect newsletter in no time.

2. Fritz Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

 mailchimp newsletter templates free download

Fritz is an easy-to-edit Mailchimp newsletter template. It includes 20 modules that you can rearrange to create your own custom newsletter design. Edit this responsive email template with the StampReady Builder. It also works for Campaign Monitor as well as Mailchimp. 

3. Tralever - Book & Travel Responsive Email

 mailchimp newsletter templates free with Envato Elements account

This Mailchimp email newsletter template is perfect for travel newsletters. It's compatible with StampReady, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, and it's easy to edit. It includes 17 modules that you can customize to create a professional newsletter. And you can arrange them in different ways to create multiple Mailchimp themes. 

4. Way Mail - 30+ Modules Email Templates

get  custom mailchimp templates free with Envato Elements

Way Mail's clean, modern design is a great way to create professional email templates to wow your subscribers and customers. It's compatible with both Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, and with all major browsers. Rearrange more than 30 modules to quickly create your own unique email newsletter templates.

5. Boost - E-commerce Newsletter + Builder Access

Boost Mailchimp Template Download

Give your e-commerce sales a Boost with this responsive Mailchimp newsletter template. You'll have the flexibility of editing the way you want with the included HTML and PSD files. 

Boost also features multiple layouts and colors, making customization a breeze. If you're looking for a Mailchimp template download that's compatible with different email providers and tested on Litmus, then Boost is your choice.

5 Premium Mailchimp Email Newsletter Templates From ThemeForest for 2020

ThemeForest is home to many great Mailchimp newsletter templates to choose from. If you want a premium option without a membership, here are five templates you might like:

1. Zamoza Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

Zamoza Mailchimp Template Download

With more than ten premade color versions and responsive design, Zamoza is a dream choice if you've got little experience creating email newsletters. It's got 20 modules that you can edit with brand information. 

Not only is Zamoza compatible with Mailchimp, but its files also work with StampReady and Campaign Monitor. Since these files come in an upload ready format, you won't have a hard time getting your newsletter up and running.

2. Multiple Responsive Email Template

Multiple Responsive Email Template

Create different Mailchimp HTML templates with this multipurpose theme. Setting up and designing Multiple is easy. It includes Mailchimp, StampReady, and Campaign Monitor files. Drag and drop the unique modules to create layouts that'll inspire readers. 

If you're ever stuck, get support for this Mailchimp template download after you make the purchase.

3. Newton Email-Template + Online Builder

 mailchimp newsletter templates on ThemeForest - Newton

With more than 20 modules, the Newton email newsletter template has more than enough options for you to create a branded email newsletter. Move them around via the drag and drop online builder, and benefit from unlimited variations. And once you get started, it's easy to create even more Mailchimp newsletter templates—free!

4. Fusion - Metro Email Newsletter Template

 mailchimp newsletter templates on ThemeForest - Fusion

With the Fusion Mailchimp newsletter template set, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to design. It includes six templates and nine color schemes, giving you a huge array of options for creating the perfect newsletter. This template set is Mailchimp ready, and also compatible with Campaign Monitor. There's full documentation, and it works with major email clients. 

5. Feshto - Fashion Email Set

Feshto Mailchimp Template Download

Sleek and very stylish, Feshto makes a splash with your subscribers every day of the year. Edit the modern layout with hundreds of modules and unlimited color choices. 

But this Mailchimp template download isn't just about looking good. Feshto performs well under the hood with responsive code. It's also compatible with WooCommerce, Shopify, Campaign Monitor, and of course Mailchimp.

20+ Free Mailchimp Email Newsletter Templates to Download in 2020 

Before looking for a free newsletter templates for Mailchimp on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always free Mailchimp newsletter templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

There's no doubt that professional templates are a better choice for creating your newsletter. But if you're on a tight budget, you might be looking for custom Mailchimp HTML templates free of charge.

Remember, you get what you pay for. With free Mailchimp templates, there's no guarantee of professional or unique designs. Plus, you may not get the support you need when customizing your newsletter. 

But we get it. Sometimes the price tag matters. You might not be quite ready for the premium Mailchimp newsletter templates on Envato Elements and ThemeForest. In that case, we've searched for the best free Mailchimp newsletter templates for 2020. Here's what we found. 

1. Free Material Design Email Template. A free email newsletter template based on the Material Design theme from Google. This theme will look great on mobile devices.

Material Design mailchimp email templates free download

2. Colorlib Free Mailchimp Email Newsletter Template. One of Colorlib's many Mailchimp newsletter templates. A Mailchimp newsletter template for free download from Github means you can get started fast.

3. Colorlib Email Newsletter Template. A free to download responsive email newsletter template suitable for image-rich newsletters.

4. Antwort. This is a responsive email newsletter template that works with multiple email clients.

5. Free Mailchimp Template - Summer. This summer-themed template from Email on Acid is free to download, with bright, fresh colors.

 mailchimp free html email templates - Summer

6. Book Lovers. If you're looking for Mailchimp HTML templates for free in 2020, this well-organized, hand-coded template will work. It's been fully tested on Litmus.

7. BEE Pro Updates. Bee Pro Updates features a large feature image and a modular design that works on mobile email clients. Try it out for your tech startup newsletters.

8. Zurb Responsive Email Template. This customizable template includes space for a large hero image. It's a quick way to create an attractive email newsletter.

9. Zurb Newsletter Email Template. This free Mailchimp template download makes it easy to create a one-page newsletter with multiple sections. It also includes social media links.

10. Salted Responsive Email Template. This one's for people who don't mind messing with code. It's a responsive email template for Mailchimp that you can edit live in the browser.

11. Litmus Free Responsive Mailchimp Newsletter Templates. These free Mailchimp themes are fully responsive and tested on more than 50 email clients. There are five themes in the set, in exchange for your email.

Mailchimp Email Templates Free Download 2020 - Slate

12. MJML Free Real Estate Mailchimp Newsletter Theme. This is one of several free email templates for Mailchimp from MJML. Customize it in the browser for a live preview of how your email will look.

13. Sphero Mini Custom Mailchimp Email Newsletter Theme. This is another of MJML's free Mailchimp templates, with a fresh, vibrant look.

14. Worldly Free Email Newsletter Template for Mailchimp. This travel-themed free email newsletter template for Mailchimp is eye-catching.

15. Education Email Template. This Mailchimp HTML template for free has a back to school theme for businesses targeting the education sector, or parents of school-aged kids. 

16. Device App Email Template. One of Benchmark Email's attractive free Mailchimp templates for 2020, Device App is a responsive theme that looks great on all devices.

 free mailchimp newsletter templates - device app

17. Goldstar Open-Source Email Template. This Mailchimp email template for free download has a beautiful white and gold design for a touch of luxury to your email newsletter.

18. Neopolitan Open-Source Email Newsletter Template. This is a lightweight Mailchimp email newsletter theme with a minimal design. It works well on mobile devices.

19. Ugg Royale Free Mailchimp Newsletter Template. This is one of the nicer Mailchimp HTML templates for free we've seen. Edit it in-browser for an instant newsletter preview.

20. Narrative Open-Source Email Newsletter Template. With free Mailchimp newsletter templates like this, it's easy to send announcements to your subscribers.

Narrative Mailchimp Email Templates Free Download

5 Quick MailChimp Email Newsletter Design Tips for 2020

Making a successful email newsletter needs more than a template, it needs design savvy. If you need some help or inspiration with your Mailchimp HTML templates, then have a look at these five tips for email newsletter design:

1. Limit Your Colors

On the surface, more colors seem like it would drum up more engagement. But a busy email newsletter is hard for subscribers to read. Stick to a pair of colors, like the ones your brand already uses. Try out the color wheel from Adobe for even more ideas. 

Vacation Mailchimp Newsletter Templates
Vacation is a colorful premium Mailchimp template download that doesn't overpower the eyes.

2. Choose Fonts Wisely

Custom fonts like the ones from Envato Elements are creative choices. But you might run into compatibility issues with your email template download. Make sure the typeface you want to use works with all browsers. Try using a font from Google Fonts for a unique touch.

3. Keep Content Organized

Your newsletter will cover a range of topics. Instead of leaving your readers to find the content they want, use subheadings to organize what you've got to say. Using this simple tip will make you look like a design pro.

4. Think Mobile-First

Mobile devices have taken off in popularity and use, and almost half of emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet. This is why it's important to design your newsletter for these users first. 

Cloe Mailchimp HTML Templates
Cloe is one of many premium Envato Elements Mailchimp newsletter templates that's got responsive code.

5. Photos Are Key

Even if you've got excellent content, not breaking up text will make your newsletter hard to read. Give your readers a break by adding images and videos to your email. The extra visual content can complement the latest news from your brand.

Boxy Mailchimp Template Download
The premium Boxy template breaks up text and sections with great images.

More Mailchimp Email Templates for 2020

Mailchimp is a powerful marketing tool, and templates can help you get the most out of the platform. That's why we've rounded up even more Mailchimp HTML templates for you to use for your email campaigns. Here are just a few you can check out:

Learn More About Mailchimp and Newsletters

Want to get more tips on email marketing? Envato Tuts+ has you covered. Our team has useful guides and how-tos so you can become an email master. Check out some of the tutorials below:

Choose Your Next Email Newsletter Template (Free or Premium) for 2020

Now, it's your turn. When you're ready to create your next email newsletter, get started with one of 25 free or premium Mailchimp themes in this article. 

Remember, you'll get a better, more unique design when you go pro. So check out ThemeForest for affordable email newsletter themes, and explore the unlimited premium Mailchimp newsletter templates included on Envato Elements. 

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