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12 Free Professional Zoom Backgrounds: +How to Put a Background on Zoom

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It’s 2022 and most of us who work in online jobs or remotely are well-versed with all the features of Zoom by now. But not everybody has a neat and tidy home or office behind them to serve as a backdrop for these video calls. Professional backgrounds for Zoom can help.

stressed out person holding their head in handsstressed out person holding their head in handsstressed out person holding their head in hands
A messy house or office can cause a lot of stress when you need to hop on Zoom. (Image source: Envato Elements)

In fact, having a less-than-ideal space behind you can actually cause a lot of stress. And worrying about how your home looks shouldn’t be top of mind when you’re trying to successfully complete your work. 

But that’s where cool Zoom backgrounds play such an important role. And we’ve saved you some trouble on the search. We've compiled a list of 12 different free Zoom backgrounds that can create a positive impression – or at the very least get your coworkers talking. Or you can opt for a high-quality premium professional Zoom Background.

12 Free Professional Zoom Backgrounds to Liven Up Your Video Calls 

We’ve scoured the web for some of the best professional Zoom backgrounds around. Many of these will do well as a substitute office backdrop. Others are a bit more off-the-wall and designed to spark conversation or lighten the mood. Here's the list:

1. Autumn Vegetables

autumn vegetables zoom backgroundautumn vegetables zoom backgroundautumn vegetables zoom background

Celebrate the harvest season with a festive autumn vegetables Zoom background. Featuring an array of gourds and corn, this background will block out your living space entirely, but provide a lively backdrop. 

2. Empty Set From Doctor Who

If you’re a fan of science fiction, this cool Zoom background that showcases an empty set from Doctor Who is a sure winner. You can tell your team you’re calling them from the TARDIS today, even. 

3. ISA Study Abroad New Zealand Virtual Background

Make it look as though you’re called directly from The Shire in Hobbiton with these Zoom backgrounds.

4. Bright and Clean Room With Plants Background

Here’s another Zoom professional background for free that offers a clean and minimal backdrop for your work meetings. This photo features a wide-open space, natural lighting, and a lot of greenery. 

5. Office Bookcase and Clock at Dusk Background

Here’s another lovely office-themed professional background for Zoom. This time, your backdrop is an open back bookcase and a clock on the wall. 

6. Minimal Yet Colorful Living Room Zoom Background

Or you can appear as though you’re working from a minimally-designed living room with tasteful pops of color behind you. 

7. Plant-Filled Interior Background Zoom Image

plant filled interior home background plant filled interior home background plant filled interior home background

Here’s another of the best Zoom background options that offers a professional backdrop for your meetings. This one features a wall with artwork as well as a low dresser or table covered with plants. 

8. Bedroom Corner Office Zoom Background

Or you could make it appear as though you’re working from a stylish bedroom with a secondary office just behind you. 

9. Finding Nemo Zoom Background

If your workplace is a bit more relaxed, you can always make it look like you’re calling in from under the sea with this still from the Pixar film, Finding Nemo.

10. Inside Out Zoom Background

Or you can make it look like you’re holding your next meeting from within Riley’s head from the film, Inside Out, if you wish.  

11. Chef’s Home Library Wall Zoom Background

chef's home library wall zoomchef's home library wall zoomchef's home library wall zoom

This beautiful image comes from a profile of Chef Renee Erickson’s home in Seattle, WA. It definitely makes for an interesting backdrop that'll leave your colleagues wondering if that's really your house or not. 

12.  Andromeda Galaxy Zoom Background

If you really want to mix things up, use this background image of the Andromeda Galaxy instead of a traditional office background. At the very least, it’ll get your coworkers talking. 

How to Put a Background on Zoom

Once you’ve selected the Zoom background you want to use, you can add it to Zoom with relevant ease. First, you’ll need to turn on the Virtual Background feature in Zoom then actually add and select the background you want to use. Let's get started:

How to Turn on the Virtual Background Feature in Zoom 

To turn on this feature, you just need to complete a simple process: 

1. Log Into Zoom 

zoom meeting tabzoom meeting tabzoom meeting tab

You need to be an administrator for the account with permission to edit account settings to make these changes. Then navigate to Account Management > Account Settings. Then click the Meeting tab. 

2. Verify Virtual Background Is Enabled 

enable virtual backgroundenable virtual backgroundenable virtual background

While viewing the Meeting tab, go to Virtual Background, which is located under the In Meeting (Advanced) section. Verify that this setting is turned on and enabled at this time. If it’s not, click to enable it.

In some cases, a verification dialog box will pop up. If this occurs, click Turn On to confirm this is a change you wish to make. 

3. Configure Optional Virtual Background Settings 

There are a few miscellaneous options you can choose from on this screen as well. For instance, you can: 

  • Opt to make virtual backgrounds the default for all users assigned to your Zoom account. 
  • Permit the use of video backgrounds. 
  • Allow users assigned to your account to upload custom backgrounds. 
  • Upload custom default background images for all users to choose from. 
  • Make it so your account users always have to use a virtual background. 
  • Opt to have virtual backgrounds rest after every meeting. 

Once you’re done configuring the settings, you can move on to actually adding a custom Zoom background. 

How to Add a Custom Background to Zoom 

This is a super straightforward process. Assuming you’re still signed into Zoom, you’ll need to click on your Profile picture and then the gear symbol to access your account’s Settings.

zoom settingszoom settingszoom settings


  1. Click Backgrounds & Filters
  2. Set up a green screen in your physical space. It doesn’t have to be literally green, but a solid color behind you is what works best to make the virtual background work correctly. Click on the area of your video screen that you want to set as the color for your green screen. 
  3. Click the + sign to select and upload a custom background image or video. 
  4. Confirm your selection and enjoy it as it fills the space behind you in your next Zoom session. 

Learn More About Zoom 

Once you've found the best Zoom background for you, you may want to learn more about how you can use zoom. Here's some of our top zoom tutorials to help you out:

Learn More About How to Make Give a Compelling Presentation 

You've just found some cool Zoom backgrounds. But is your presentation really the best it can be? To fully prepare for your next Zoom presentation study some of the tutorials below.

Find Cool Zoom Backgrounds on Envato Elements 

If you’re looking for some premium options, you can find plenty of premium Zoom backgrounds on Envato Elements. The images featured here will see you sitting on a couch, in outer space, or in a standard home office. Sort through the thousands of photos offered here, along with templates for a variety of other platforms and services like PowerPoint and Google Slides. 

You can get access to all that Envato Elements has to offer for a low monthly subscription

Browse Cool Zoom Backgrounds Now

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements

Complete the Look for Your Presentations and Calls With a Professional Zoom Background 

Are the standard Zoom backgrounds a bit boring? Or do you really not feel like cleaning up your home office for the millionth time this week? Using one of the free Zoom backgrounds we showcased here today ought to save you some effort and headaches. 

And if you’re looking for something more particular, or a presentation template to go along with your cool Zoom background, you’re certain to find exactly what you’re looking for on Envato Elements

It may be worthwhile to experiment with a few different backgrounds and just have fun. Enjoy! 

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