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How to Use Format Painter in PowerPoint

Have you ever found yourself applying the same formatting to the different elements of your PowerPoints? Thankfully, there's a tool in PowerPoint that solves this problem called Format Painter

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But where can we find Format Painter and how can we apply it to our presentations? In this tutorial, we'll go over all the steps you need to get up a running with Format Painter in PowerPoint. 

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What Is Format Painter in PowerPoint?

paint brushpaint brushpaint brush
Use Format Painter to create consistent designs for PowerPoint. (Image source: Envato Elements)

Format Painter is a tool that'll duplicate the formatting of an existing slide's content. This copying of formatting can apply to many different elements on your slides including:

  • font size
  • font type
  • line spacing
  • shape fill
  • shape outline
  • and any other formatting option

Format Painter in PowerPoint can even copy intricate designs such 3D elements, image frames, and background colors. 

Why Is Format Painter Helpful?

Format Painter can be an invaluable tool to your workflow. It'll help you to work more efficiently. You'll no longer have to format individual elements.

Even if you only have to change one formatting option for element throughout a presentation, this can take quite some time. Using Format Painter, you can format any element with just a few clicks.

Why Do I Need Consistent Formatting?

coherent designcoherent designcoherent design

To make a presentation look professional, you need a cohesive design. Without a cohesive design, your presentation looks disjointed and confuses your audience. Repetition is one of the cornerstones of design. It helps tie together your content and it'll tell a consistent story. 

Format Painter makes this formatting process quick and easy. This allows you more time to focus on the actual content of your presentation rather than the formatting and design. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Format Painter?

Before we go over how to use Format Painter, let's go over its main advantages. 

  1. You save time. Copying and pasting font color and font size can be incredibly time consuming. You need to go into each individual menu for each element to find the right formatting. With Format Painter in PowerPoint, you can copy styling with just a few clicks.
  2. You create a coherent design. As mentioned, your design needs to be repetitive to a certain degree. Format Painter gives you the tool to create this cohesive design. 
  3. Focus on your presentation. The formatting of your PowerPoint is necessary. But your main focus is to create a content rich PowerPoint that resonates with your audience. The time saved with Format Painter allows you to do this.

Now we'll show you where to find Format Painter in PowerPoint. 

Where Is the Format Painter in PowerPoint?

Format Painter is located on the top left hand corner on the Home tab. It's to the right of the Paste option. To make the Format Painter PowerPoint option active, highlight any element on your slide that you want to copy the formatting of. 


We now know what Format Painter is, why we want to use it, and where it's located. Now let's have a closer look at how to use Format Painter in PowerPoint in a few practical examples.

How to Use Format Painter in PowerPoint

One of the most common uses of Format Painter is to copy and paste the formatting on your text. Format Painter makes it easy for you to copy a single formatted text across all your slides text.

To help illustrate how to use Format Painter in PowerPoint, we'll be using a premium template from Envato Elements called Streamo

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Let's now go over how to use Format Painter in PowerPoint to copy the formatting of text onto other text:

1. Highlight the Formatted Text

You'll want to first find the text that want to copy the formatting from. Once you find this text, highlight it.

From there, click on the Format button in the top left hand corner of PowerPoint in the Home tab. Once you click the Format button, your cursor turns into a paint brush. You're now ready to start copying your formatting onto other text.

Finding formatted text.Finding formatted text.Finding formatted text.

2. Paste the Formatting

We're now ready to format any text that we want to inherit our highlighted text's formatting. All we've got to do is highlight the text that we want formatted.

That's it! You're now free to move to any other slide and highlight all the text you want formatted.

paste formattingpaste formattingpaste formatting

3. Exit Out of Format Painter

Once you've formatted all the text you would like, exit out of Format Painter in PowerPoint. Just click on the Escape key on your keyboard and the paint brush cursor goes away. 

Let's now look at another example of using Format Painter in PowerPoint. 

How to Use Format Painter on Your Shapes

We'll now show you how you can use Format Painter in PowerPoint to copy formatting of other types of elements. For this example, we'll be copying the formatting of a shape. Like the previous example, we'll still be using the Streamo template to illustrate this point. 

1. Highlight the Shape

Like in the previous example, we'll highlight the shape that we want to copy the formatting of. Then we'll again click the Format button to activate the Format Painter in PowerPoint. You're now ready to start adding the formatting to other elements.

shape highlightshape highlightshape highlight

2. Paste the Shape Formatting

Now we're ready to copy the formatting to our other circle shapes on our slide. Just like in the previous example, all we need to do is click the shape and the color changes to blue.

We'll do this again to the third circle. Now all our circles are blue. circle color changecircle color changecircle color change

We can then exit out of the Format Painter by clicking the Escape key. 

As you can see, the Format Painter in PowerPoint is incredibly easy to use! Try the Format Painter PowerPoint next time you're working on PowerPoint presentation. 

Save Time With Format Painter & Professional Templates

By using the Format Painter with PowerPoint, you can design your slides in no time! You'll no longer have to format each individual element on your slides. 

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Get to downloading your Microsoft PowerPoint template and start using the Format Painter now!

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