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How to Insert Math Equations in Google Slides (Beginner Guide)

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When you design presentations in Google Slides, it pays to share all kinds of content.

Are you talking about numbers? Writing Google Slides math equations is a huge step towards understanding for your audience.

Remember: the goal of most presentations is to inform and persuade. If your presentation includes math, it's a must to know how to insert equations in Google Slides.

Let's learn how to preset math equations properly with the Google Slides equation editor in this tutorial.

Why Use Math Equations in Google Slides?

Maybe you’re a teacher using an educational slide template to teach a new concept. Simply showing questions and answers likely won’t help students learn. Thus, it follows that you need to fully explain your message so that it’s understood by your audience. 

By writing out a Google presentation equation and its notation, you can showcase how to arrive at the right solutions.

How to insert equation in Google SlidesHow to insert equation in Google SlidesHow to insert equation in Google Slides
Today, you’ll learn how to insert math equations like this in Google Slides. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

Or you might be an engineer or designer that needs to prove a new idea. Writing Google Slides math equations illustrates your logic and thought processes. It’s a simple process, but it'll pay dividends by boosting your audience’s understanding. And remember: an audience that follows your message stays engaged with you. 

As you can see, there are many benefits when you insert equation Google Slides designs. It’s a great tool to use whenever you’re explaining a numerical concept. Now, let’s get started! In a few quick steps, we’ll learn how to insert an equation in Google Slides presentation decks. 

How to Insert Math Equations in Google Slides (Step by Step)

Using the Google Slides equation editor is fast and easy. Just like all other features of the app, it works fully online. You don’t need special add-ons or extra features to make it work. Google Slides math equations can be built out in just a few quick steps. 

Before diving in to learn how to build a Google presentation equation, you need to get a good start. How can you help your presentation stand out from the crowd? The answer is with a premium Google Slides template from Envato Elements.

Elements includes thousands of stylish designs that you can download and start using today. Included are many education templates for math equation notation in Google Slides. 

Quantities and measurement Google Slides mathQuantities and measurement Google Slides mathQuantities and measurement Google Slides math
Download the beautiful Quantities & Measurement - Education Presentation template from Envato Elements today.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using the beautiful Quantities & Measurement - Education Presentation from Envato Elements. It’s an artsy modern design with 30 unique slides inside. With many layouts to choose from, it’s an ideal choice if you’re making an education presentation. 

To follow along with the tutorial, download and open the Quantities & Measurement template in Google Slides. Then, navigate to a slide where you want to place a math equation. For example, let’s use slide #3 in the deck. Now, it’s time to get started!

The tips in this section were written using Windows and Google Chrome. If you’ve got a different operating system or a different web browser, your steps may be slightly different.

1. Add Equations in Google Slides

As you can see, the slide here has text on it already. This is placeholder text, and you’ll find that it’s a hallmark of premium templates. Instead of adding text boxes and making slide layouts from scratch, they’re already built out for you. All you need to do is swap out the existing text and content for your own. 

Begin by adding some supporting text in the large text box. To do that, click into it and select the contents. Then, start typing on your keyboard. The words there will vanish, replaced with your own.

Google Slides MathGoogle Slides MathGoogle Slides Math
Swap out existing text on the template slides with your own words.

Then, click into the second, lower text box. Here, we can add a math equation. Imagine that we want to add an equation that shows the cube root of 64 plus 4 times x minus 3, divided by 2:

Google Slides equation editorGoogle Slides equation editorGoogle Slides equation editor
You can enter formulas like this with the Google Slides equation editor.

To get started, erase the contents of the second text box by selecting them and pressing Delete on your keyboard. Then, it’s time to see how to insert an equation in Google Slides layouts like this one.

With your cursor placed in the text box, find the Insert dropdown menu in Google Slides and click on it. You’ll see a list of options appear. From it, click Special Characters, down near the bottom. Google Slides will launch the Insert Special Characters menu. 

Notice the dropdown menu labeled Categories. To the right of it, there are two additional menu options. From the first, choose Symbol. Then, from the second, click Math. This filters the vast gallery of symbols in Google Slides to show only math symbols and designs. 

Use Google Slides equation editorUse Google Slides equation editorUse Google Slides equation editor
Use the Google Slides equation editor to filter by Symbol and Math.

The first thing to look for is the cube root symbol. (The cube root is a value where, when multiplied by itself three times, results in a given result, which here is 64). Scroll down in the gallery pane, and you’ll see the cube root symbol. 

It resembles a square root sign with a tiny number three above it. If you need help finding it, you can also search “cube root” in the search box on the right. Plus, you can hover over each preview thumbnail for a brief description.

insert equation Google Slidesinsert equation Google Slidesinsert equation Google Slides
Find a math equation symbol that you want to insert and click the thumbnail to add it.

To add the cube root symbol, click on its thumbnail in the gallery. Watch on your slide as the symbol appears in the selected text box. Just like that, you’re underway adding your first Google Slides math equation!

Now, you can proceed with the remainder of your equation. Back on the main Insert Special Characters menu, next add your plus sign. Find it in the gallery and click to insert it. Your equation thus far is seen below.

Equation editor Google SlidesEquation editor Google SlidesEquation editor Google Slides
Use the Insert Special Characters menu and your keyboard to add math equations to Google Slides.

From here, power through adding the balance of the equation. For symbols, continue using the Insert Special Characters menu. For numbers, simply type them in using your keyboard. When you’re finished, you’ll have a full Google Slides math equation just like the one below. It’s that easy!

2. Arrange and Style Equations in Google Slides

With your Google Slides equation added, you can format the design just like any other text. For example, you might want to change the font size. Then, you can reposition the equation on the slide so that it fits perfectly into place. 

To begin, select the equation using your cursor. You’ll see it shaded in blue when you do. Then, find the Font group on the Google Slides menu bar. The plus and minus buttons there can be used to change the font size.

Or, to quickly reach an exact value, click on the font size number. A drop-down opens, from which you can select a new size option.

Google Slides math equationsGoogle Slides math equationsGoogle Slides math equations
Select your Google Slides math equations and change their size, using the Font dropdown.

Next, you can move the equation into a new position on the slide itself. To do that, click and drag on the edge of the text box containing the equation. As you move, you’ll see red lines occasionally appear on the slide. 

These are guidelines that help you keep the equation aligned with other content on the slide. Move to a new location, and then release your cursor to drop your Google Slides math equation into place.

Google presentation equationGoogle presentation equationGoogle presentation equation
Try out new font styles and move your equations into a new position on your slide.

Last but not least, you can customize the text and font design in the Google Slides equation editor. By adding a stylish custom font, you can build an eye-catching design for your equation. 

With text selected, choose a new style from the Font dropdown. Choose a design that’s already installed or find a new one by clicking More Fonts and exploring your many options. 

Just like that, you’re finished! In a handful of steps, you’ve learned how to add equations to Google Slides. It’s the best way to clearly explain math concepts in an engaging, fun way.

5 Quick Tips for Equation Design in Google Slides

We’ve just learned how to insert Google Slides math equations. But to ensure your slides stand out, there are cool techniques to use. By embracing these five tips, you’ll build a math equation Google Slides deck that'll be remembered!

1. Be Bold With Color Choices

When you’re designing your Google Slides math equation slides, don’t be shy. Bland, flat colors aren’t impressive. Instead, turn to bright and colorful designs to wow your audience.

Counting Google Slides mathCounting Google Slides mathCounting Google Slides math
A premium template like Counting features bright, bold colors throughout.

Bold and bright colors catch the eye. And remember - a focused audience is an engaged audience. If they stay focused on your slides, you’ll be able to boost understanding as you explain your equations and concepts.

2. Feature Supporting Details

Equations are meant to add supporting details to your presentations. Alone, they'll often be confusing or hard to follow. That means that you shouldn’t feature an equation by itself. It pays to add supporting details.

You can do this in two key ways. First, be sure to add some explanatory text to any slide that features an equation. This may be a description, or even just the name of a formula or common equation. Plus, you can also fill in more information in your narration. If you’re presenting live, there’s no substitute for talking through each step to ensure your audience fully understands. 

3. Choose a Themed Template

Details are essential when you’re working with the equation editor in Google Slides. Sharing a math or engineering topic? Choose a themed template to match. These have major advantages over generic templates.

Kiniva google Slides equation editorKiniva google Slides equation editorKiniva google Slides equation editor
With an engineering theme, Kiniva is a prime example of premium themed Google Slides templates.

By choosing a themed design, you’ll save time with useful, pre-built layouts. Plus, you’ll gain design inspiration, thanks to the expertly crafted files. All you’ll need to do is drop in your equations and supporting content.

4. Use Concise, Uncluttered Designs

No one likes cluttered slide designs. And, let’s face it: if you’re sharing equations, you’re likely presenting on a technical, complex subject. The last thing you want is to distract and confuse your audience with messy layouts.

Try to keep slide details to a few key ideas. Then, fill in supporting details with your narrative as you present. This way, you can fully inform your audience, while keeping elegant slide layouts that aren’t confusing or cluttered. 

5. Pair With Illustrations

Pictures really are worth a thousand words. That’s true with any presentation, especially a Google Slides math deck. By adding images, you can dress up each slide and add visual interest.

Education insert equation Google SlidesEducation insert equation Google SlidesEducation insert equation Google Slides
The premium Education Google Slides Template offers plenty of room for illustrations and images.

The best way to do this is with an illustrated Google Slides template. If you need photos to use, turn once again to Envato Elements. As a subscriber, you've got unlimited access to millions of stunning stock photos. These are the perfect complement to your Google presentation equation slide decks.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

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Sign up for Envato Elements and you'll get unlimited access to creative assets. That massive library includes stock photos, Google Slides templates, and so much more.

Explore Envato Elements

Envato Elements Google Slides templatesEnvato Elements Google Slides templatesEnvato Elements Google Slides templates
Envato Elements includes everything you need for one flat rate.

With everything included for a flat rate, you won't beat the value Elements offers. Join today for unlimited access to the top creative library.

Now Add Google Presentation Equation Slides

Now, you know how to insert equations in Google Slides. You navigated Google Slides math notation with several features. The equation editor in Google Slides holds the key to using the proper characters, every time.

It's your turn to try out these features for Google Slides math. If you're developing slides that need mathematics, it's time to open the Google Slides equation editor. Insert equation Google Slides designs, and your audience is sure to follow you closely!

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