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How to Use iSpring Suite Max to Create Interactive Courses

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Read Time: 11 mins
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Online learning is perfect for teaching a global audience new ideas. But did you know you can make your interactive training with online eCourse software and PowerPoint? Add iSpring Suite Max, and you're on your way.

Online course softwareOnline course softwareOnline course software
iSpring Suite Max is online course software that makes it easy to create interactive courses.

What is iSpring Suite Max? It’s eCourse software that you can quickly use to build interactive training. When you think of how to use iSpring, know that it seamlessly links with apps that you might use every day.

iSpring is PowerPoint-based online course software. It includes features that help you build an interactive online course that measures your students' progress. This tutorial will teach you how to create interactive online training with the help of iSpring Suite Max.

Create Interactive Courses With iSpring Suite Max (QuickStart Video)

Do you create online training courses? Do you need an easy-to-use solution to create professional and fun online courses of your own? Quickly learn how to make online training courses in this short video:

For more detailed information about the online course software, continue reading the rest of this tutorial.

Why You Should Learn Online Course Software

Most of us have used online training before. Well-designed courses are fun, engaging, and help us understand new ideas. A great online course can spread like wildfire, positioning you as an expert.

But you might not know how to create an online course of your own. Maybe you've explored a few options and they feel overly complex. You want to build interactive training, but most eCourse software misses the mark.

The beauty of iSpring Suite Max is that it feels familiar. That's thanks to the fact it works inside of Microsoft PowerPoint. It's a new ribbon option with a ton of extra tools, but doesn't feel like learning a new app.

Updated iSpring suite max PowerPoint toolbarUpdated iSpring suite max PowerPoint toolbarUpdated iSpring suite max PowerPoint toolbar
iSpring Suite Max operates inside of PowerPoint, easing the learning curve of creating online courses.

Consider the potential uses for online course training created with iSpring Suite:

  • Training to onboard employees. When new team members join, share a simple link to bring them up to speed. That helps your company and team scale, even with limited training time.
  • Share your knowledge. Teaching what you know is a great way to establish yourself as an expert. When you create and share an online course, you'll upskill your audience and grow your following.
  • Measure progress with quizzes. Assessments ensure your audience is absorbing the information. Use a quiz to assess progress, then refine your teaching approach.

The best course is the one that you'll actually create. And with easy online eCourse software like iSpring Suite Max, it's easier than ever. 

How to Install iSpring Suite Max

Before we dive into our tutorial to create interactive online training, we need to install the iSpring Suite Max software. The good news is that you've got access to a 30 day free trial to test the capabilities. Jump to the iSpring Suite Max website to download the installer.

iSpring Suite Max installationiSpring Suite Max installationiSpring Suite Max installation
Install the free trial of iSpring Suite Max to follow along with this tutorial.
iSpring Suite Max is compatible with Windows installations of Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365 (Microsoft's always-up-to-date version of Office.) Once installed, you'll find it on PowerPoint's ribbon. It's labeled iSpring Suite 10. Click to open the iSpring Suite tools.

Now, click on the Log In button on the right side of the ribbon. You'll see a new popover window to create or log into your account. You'll also use this feature of the online course software to publish and share your courses.

Sign into iSpring SuiteSign into iSpring SuiteSign into iSpring Suite
Make sure you create and sign into your iSpring account to get the most

That's it! You can return to PowerPoint, where your iSpring Suite installation is now connected. We're ready to work with the easy-to-use tools.

How to Create Great Training Slide Designs with iSpring Suite Max

iSpring has tools ready and able to help you build an online course in a flash. Let’s dive in and explore some of the key features. In moments, you’ll learn the basics of iSpring and how to use it in your own creative situations. 

Let's start by tapping into iSpring's deep content library to kickstart our course-building efforts. This saves you the work of creating a training presentation from scratch. Click on Slide Templates on the ribbon. 

With online course authoring tools, iSpring Suite eCourse software provides a huge library of creative resources. You can choose from hundreds of course templates. These are often geared towards specific subjects. Instead of designing a course slide deck from scratch, you can save time with a handy pre-built option.

iSpring Suite Max template placeholderiSpring Suite Max template placeholderiSpring Suite Max template placeholder
Use the Slide Templates option on the ribbon to select from pre-built slide designs.

Click on any of the built-in slide designs, then click Insert to add it to your presentation. iSpring Suite Max has a ton of built-in slide designs. Repeat this to build out a placeholder for every slide you'll need. Simply return to the Slide Templates window and add more slides for your content.

These slide templates are a great start, but there are even more built-in resources to help you create an online course. You can tap into Characters, Backgrounds, Objects, and Icons. Click on the respective option on the ribbon to open the library.

Insert characters what is iSpring SuiteInsert characters what is iSpring SuiteInsert characters what is iSpring Suite
Use the character library built-in to create interactive online training.

On the Characters window, iSpring Suite gives you a diverse library of options. Instead of spending extra on stock photos and graphics, iSpring Suite includes all this in one interactive training tool.

You don't have to create an online course from scratch with the help of our app. What is iSpring Suite? A powerful add-on that's got the features that you need to build an interactive course.

How to Use iSpring Suite Max to Create Interactive Online Training

So far, we've covered the built-in design elements that iSpring Suite Max offers. Now, it's time to use the tools that transform your presentation into an interactive course.

1. Use Audio and Video Narration

Audio and video narration give you a chance to provide personalized instruction, even in virtual format. You'll find these on the Narration tab. Click on Record Audio to record your narration, or Record Video to include webcam video.

Record audio ecourse softwareRecord audio ecourse softwareRecord audio ecourse software
Use the Record Audio option on the Narration tab to add your spoken word audio.

Once you're finished, you can adjust the audio inside of iSpring Suite Max. Simply click on the Manage Narration option to open an embedded audio editor. With the Narration Editor in iSpring Suite, you can do exactly that. It’s a fully-featured editor to adjust your recording.

Self-paced learning is a key part of success. Learners work in different ways, and at different speeds. It helps for them to review courses and progress at their own speed. By adding video and audio narrations, you can help with this. 

The content we add with iSpring Suite Max appears in the final course, including these narrations. iSpring Suite Max gives you a robust online presentation that includes far more than PowerPoint can do on its own.

2. Use iSpring Suite Interactions

The best online training engages the user. iSpring Suite Max interactions are ready to help. Interactions help you add more content and context to slides, without taking up space.

iSpring Suite includes 14 interaction designs that you can add to your slides. Some are annotation-based. For example, you can add labels to graphics to talk through specific details in turn. Labels won’t distract from your content, appearing only when you want them.

Or, you can add timelines, process flow charts, and more. Each of these interactions serves to engage without distracting. Add them inside PowerPoint by choosing Interaction on the Insert section of the iSpring Suite tab.

iSpring SuiteiSpring SuiteiSpring Suite
Interactions help bring ideas and concepts to life in a neat, uncluttered way.

By adding interactions, you gain two advantages. As mentioned, you avoid cluttered, confusing layouts. You also wow your audience by bringing concepts to life. This is especially true if you’re explaining a complex iterative process with many steps. 

For our example, I chose the Steps interaction. This gives you a clickable set of steps on a single slide, perfect for teaching. iSpring launches a new window to help you build the steps out.

iSpring interactions exampleiSpring interactions exampleiSpring interactions example
Use iSpring interactions to create interactive content types in your presentation.

Once you're finished, press Save and Return to Course. The tool adds your new interaction to the slide, and you just leveled up your course.

Talking through endless bullet points is a good way to lose the focus of your audience. But with a cool interaction visual from iSpring Suite, you can make interactive training that stays interesting.

Keep in mind that learners may review your eCourse at their own pace. With interactions, you can ensure they’ll grasp even the toughest concepts easily. 

3. Use Video Lessons and Screencasts

Many people learn by watching concepts as they're taught. Visual learners need to see things to understand them best. You can work with this by creating video lessons and screencasts with iSpring Suite Max. The app contains a video design suite that's both quick and easy to work with. 

Again, the video suite works with your PowerPoint course designs. But it doesn’t stop with the animations and transitions included with PowerPoint. In fact, it goes far beyond these basics.

With a video lesson, you can craft a truly interactive training course. With picture-in-picture options, you can add a talking-head overlay to your screencasts. This way, audience learners can see both you and your content. It’s as if you’re standing in front of them, teaching in person. 

Launch these options with the Screen Recording feature. Click on New Recording, then click and drag to select your recording area.

eCourse SoftwareeCourse SoftwareeCourse Software
Produce video lessons and screencasts easily in iSpring Suite Max.

iSpring Suite Max’s video functions have even more features. The video suite is layered, helping you share many content elements at once. This canvas style allows you to drop in shapes, graphics, text overlays, and more. Each of these brings focus to specific areas of the video, highlighting new and key concepts.

Videos in iSpring Suite Max also support annotations and transitions. Annotations help you bring viewer attention to specific areas of the screen. For example, you can highlight or circle objects in the video. Transitions help you move from idea to idea in a sleek, unobtrusive way.

Learn more about the screencast feature with the help of this feature-length video.

4. Measure Progress and Success with Assessments

The best teachers measure progress and success by assessing student progress. With iSpring Suite Max, you can do this too.

Quizzes help you see how far students have come. They give students the chance to gauge their own knowledge. From there, they assist with filling any potential gaps with help and study.

You can create interactive online training quizzes with iSpring. These span a variety of styles designed to be engaging and fun. For example, you can build drag-and-drop assessments where users match concepts and ideas. Also available are sequence and vocabulary-based tools to measure knowledge growth. It’s even possible to randomize questions, and boost complexity with timed options. 

Launch this feature with the Quiz button on the ribbon. You can add questions in many formats, designed to quiz your students on the content.

Multiple choice quiz iSpring suiteMultiple choice quiz iSpring suiteMultiple choice quiz iSpring suite
An important feature in iSpring Suite Max helps you assess progress and outcomes.

Once published, learners can take your iSpring-built assessments. You can then measure results and provide feedback. iSpring Suite Max helps you automate the process of gathering data. Use the tools to provide instant feedback. Those messages pop over each question once answered.

By using assessments in iSpring Suite Max, you can track the progress of your students and you. What is iSpring Suite if not a tool to drive success for all? With assessments, you can quantify success, plan for the future, and adjust your plans. This helps you drive winning outcomes for everyone.

When you're finished with your course, use the Publish option on the ribbon. The app will upload your course to iSpring Space, ready to share with eager learners.

Create Interactive Online Training with iSpring Suite Max

As you can see, iSpring Suite Max is an easy-to-use teaching tool. You can use it to bring even the toughest concepts to life. That’s all thanks to interactive training, the best way to connect with new learners in 2022.

iSpring Suite Max is the best option to create interactive online training. You take an app already know and power it up with training-specific features. Whether it's annotations, interactions, or quizzes, these extra features make it easy to build training. 

Download iSpring Suite Max today and use it to spread knowledge in a way that's sure to reach your students!

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