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How to Make Beautiful Spa & Beauty Salon Websites With WordPress

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Read Time: 10 min

An attractive website for your beauty salon and spa is a must if you want to market your salon better and increase the number of bookings and clients you receive. A website is the best marketing asset as it helps you get found online.

The best part about having a website is the fact that thanks to a CMS like WordPress, anyone can get up and running quickly, even if they don’t know how to code. Moreover, thanks to a plethora of beautiful themes for spa and beauty salon websites, you can spend less time booking clients on the phone and let your website do the job for you.

In this post, we’ll explain why WordPress is the best solution for your beauty website and show you how to set it up, how to install and customize a WordPress theme, and which plugins to add to your site to get more leads and customers for your beauty salon.

Why Choose WordPress?

Some of the most important reasons why you should choose WordPress for your spa and beauty salon website include:

  • Ease of use. WordPress is easy to use and very beginner friendly. You add content using a post or page editor that resembles Microsoft Word and you can upload images, audio, and video files using a drag and drop uploader. There's no need to code anything as changing colors, fonts, and more is usually done by adjusting sliders and using drop-down menus to select a feature you want.
  • Free. WordPress is also free to download and use on the hosting server of your choice. You can also change your mind and easily migrate from one host to another at any point in time.
  • Thousands of themes and plugins. Given the popularity of WordPress, there are a plethora of themes that are geared for every niche under the sun. You’ll also find thousands of plugins that allow you to take your beauty salon website to the next level with social sharing buttons, SEO tools, list building plugins, page builders, membership, form plugins, and much more.
  • Scalable. Lastly, WordPress can grow with the needs of your website. You can start small today, but as your business grows you can easily add more features and functionality.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of WordPress, let’s go over the things you’ll need to make a beautiful beauty salon website and walk through the process of customizing it.

How to Get Started With Making a Beautiful Beauty Salon Website 

In order to get started with your website, you’ll need to purchase a domain name and a hosting plan as well as choose a theme that you’ll use.

1. Buy a Domain Name

A domain name will allow potential customers to find your website online. As such, it’s a good idea to choose the same domain name as your business name. If you can, try to get the .COM domain as it’s the most popular one, but you can also go for extensions such as a .US, .CO or even new extensions like .SITE. You can buy your domain name separately or at the same time as your hosting plan, which brings us to the next point.

2. Select a Hosting Plan

On top of the domain, you’ll need a hosting plan as that's what will actually make it possible to access your site. You can find affordable hosting plans that start as low as $5/month as well as more expensive ones that focus on managed WordPress hosting.

The good news is that almost every hosting company will offer you a free domain name when you purchase a hosting plan from them, which makes it easy to manage everything from the same administration area.  

3. Prepare Written Content and Images

The last items on our list are the written and visual content for your website. Having those two items ready before you set up your beauty website saves you time since most modern themes come with demo content pre-installed. This means that you can import the demo content and then simply replace it by copying and pasting the text for your pages and replacing demo images with your own.

How to Create Your Beauty Website

Once you've got your domain, hosting, and all the content, as well as the theme for your site, we can start with the technical aspects of setting up your site. We’ll begin with WordPress installation and then we’ll go through the process of installing and setting up your theme and the recommended plugins.

Beauty and Wellness ThemeBeauty and Wellness ThemeBeauty and Wellness Theme

For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be using the Beauty Wellness theme. The Beauty Wellness theme comes with a beautiful, modern, and elegant website design with plenty of white space. The theme also looks great on mobile devices and includes six different demos with more than 200-page templates. This means the theme is easy to customize and you can use those templates to create any type of page you need.  

1. Install WordPress

To make your beauty website, you’ll need to install WordPress. The good news is that most hosting companies nowadays have a one-click installation of WordPress available, which makes this process quick and simple.

First, you need to login to your cPanel or hosting dashboard by following the link and using the username and password you received in the welcome email from your hosting company.

After you log in, look for a button that says One-Click WordPress or alternatively, look for Website Installers, Softaculous Installers, or similar. Then, click the WordPress icon and follow the instructions to install it.

Softaculous InstallerSoftaculous InstallerSoftaculous Installer

You'll need to enter a username and password for your beauty salon website, making sure not to use the same information as the username and password for your hosting account. This will help keep your website and your hosting account safe. You'll also need to provide a title and a description for your site and then press the Install button.

WordPress installationWordPress installationWordPress installation

Once WordPress is done installing, you'll see a link that will lead you to the WordPress login screen for your beauty website where you need to enter the username and password you just created. You can also visit to access the WordPress dashboard at any time.

2. Install Your WordPress Theme

Now that you're in your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add new. Click the Upload Theme button.

Upload themeUpload themeUpload theme

Find the zip folder of the theme you purchased and downloaded and upload it. When the theme is done uploading, click Activate.

3. Install the Required Plugins

The Beauty Wellness theme requires several plugins to be installed and activated. You'll see a message on your dashboard to install these plugins once the theme has been activated.

required plugins noticerequired plugins noticerequired plugins notice

You can click the Begin installing plugins link to start the installation process. Simply select all the plugins and click Install. Then, click Return to plugin install page, select all inactive plugins and choose the Activate option from the drop-down menu.

Required pluginsRequired pluginsRequired plugins

Now that the theme has been installed, it’s time to import demo content we want, customize the visual styles, replace the text and images with our own, and finally, create the pages we'll need.

4. Import Demo Content

The Beauty Wellness theme has six demos to choose from. You can preview the theme to see how they all look and find the one that would be best suited for your site. Once you’ve found a demo you like, it’s easy to import the demo content you'll need.

To start, in your WordPress dashboard go to Theme Options > Import/Export and open up the demo folder of your choice, open the nd-shortcodes-export-part-one.txt with a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Copy the contents of the file and paste it in “Import Settings.” Repeat the process for the other shortcode export files as this will make your beauty website have the same fonts and colors other visual settings as the demo you chose.

shortcode settingsshortcode settingsshortcode settings

Once you’ve imported the styles, go to Tools > Import > WordPress Importer > Run Importer and choose the file that has the same name as your chosen demo. The file will be in the .xml format. Click on Upload file and assign the author’s post to yourself. Then check “Download and import file attachments” and press Submit.

Lastly, you’ll need to import the slides for Revolution Slider. Go to Revolution Slider > Import Slide and upload all the slide files that are in the “Import Files/Slider” folder.

After you've imported all of the demo content, go to Settings > Reading and select a homepage and a blog page for your beauty website. In our example, I’ve set the homepage to Home 1 and Blog Standard Left Sidebar for the blog page. Click Save settings.

Reading settingsReading settingsReading settings

5. Replace the Demo Content

To replace the demo content on any page, go to Pages > All pages and select a page you’d like to start with. Hover over the page name and you’ll notice the Edit with WPBakery Page Builder. Click the link and you’ll be able to delete the demo content and add your own.

As you can see from the screenshot below, you can tweak the page elements that are already there by clicking on the pencil icon.

Editing with WPBakery Page BuilderEditing with WPBakery Page BuilderEditing with WPBakery Page Builder

You can add new elements by clicking the plus icon. Similarly, you can delete elements by pressing the X icon and duplicate them with the clone icon.

If you want to create a page from scratch, go to Pages > Add new and choose the Backend Editor to build a page with the page builder. Begin by adding a row, deciding on the number of columns, and then adding any elements you want to the page.

Creating a page from scratchCreating a page from scratchCreating a page from scratch

6. Customize Visual Appearance

The last step is to customize the visual appearance of your beauty salon website. Go to Appearance > Customize. Here, you can upload your own logo, choose fonts, set up the header and footer information, and much more.

Customizing the themeCustomizing the themeCustomizing the theme

As you’re editing the styles, here are a few brief tips to keep in mind that will give your site a professional, high-end feel:

  • Choose high-quality images. Take extra care to use images that aren’t blurry or pixelated since bad images can make a negative first impression of your beauty website
  • Use colors that don’t clash. You’ll want to add a touch of personality to your brand’s colors, but do make sure your colors go well together and don't clash
  • Leave plenty of white space around page elements. Give individual elements on the page plenty of “breathing room”. Avoid crowding too many elements together and use images, headings, and short paragraphs to break up the content and make it more scannable.

Top Four Plugins You'll Need

Now that your beauty salon website is set up, you can take it to the next level by adding a few extra plugins that will help you improve your search engine rank and increase the number of online bookings.

  • Yoast SEO. If you want to be in complete control over the appearance of your posts and pages in search engines, you’ll want to install this plugin. It allows you to add SEO-friendly titles, meta descriptions, improve the readability of your content, and more.
  • Bookly – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System. To make it easy for your customers to book an appointment online, use Bookly. This plugin includes online payments, notifications, Google Calendar sync, and is fully customizable.
  • Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. A great way to drive traffic to your site is to share your content on social media platforms and allowing visitors to do the same. This plugin comes with the ability to share content on more than 45 social networks and includes more than 27 design positions, and beautiful animations and more.
  • Ninja Popups. Lastly, make sure to install Ninja Popups so you can create beautiful opt-in forms and collect visitors’ email addresses so you can grow your email list.

Launch Your Beauty Website Quickly

Creating a website from scratch may seem daunting, but thanks to tons of themes for WordPress even beginners can launch their beauty website quickly. Start by choosing the best beauty salon theme for your website and use our tutorial above to help you set up your website quickly. We've been talking about beauty salon websites, but the steps given in this tutorial also work well for fashion and beauty websites as well as spa websites and sites related to health and wellness.

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