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How to Make a Circle Picture in PowerPoint & Other Picture Shapes

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Read Time: 6 min

One of the main reasons for even creating a presentation is to create stunning visuals for your audience. That goal is harder to reach when you choose a typical format for presenting your pictures. Why not stand out by creating amazing PowerPoint circle crops?

Everlux PowerPoint PresentationEverlux PowerPoint PresentationEverlux PowerPoint Presentation
Learn how to make a picture a circle in PowerPoint to create designs like Everlux.

Now, there's nothing wrong with using the default look for your images. But do you want to elevate the look of your presentations? Then you should learn how to make a picture a circle, and other shapes, in PowerPoint. It only takes a couple of clicks to elevate the look of any presentation.

Have you ever wondered how presenters use PowerPoint to crop a picture to a shape? It's actually pretty simple. This tutorial walks you through how to change the shape of a picture in PowerPoint, and different ways to show off your images.

Let's dive into this tutorial so you can learn how to make a circle picture in PowerPoint.

How to Crop a Picture Into a Circle

The steps for this circles and shapes image crop PowerPoint tutorial work with every slideshow, but we'll be using the minimal Muli template. It's included as part of your subscription of Envato Elements.

If you're a subscriber, download this template and follow along! It'll be a useful timesaver while you learn how to crop a picture into a circle.

Muli™ Minimalist Powerpoint PresentationMuli™ Minimalist Powerpoint PresentationMuli™ Minimalist Powerpoint Presentation
Muli is one of thousands of premium PowerPoint templates included in your Envato Elements subscription.

Step 1

Once we open up our slideshow, you'll first want to add an image to your slide. Click the Insert tab from the ribbon, then choose Pictures. This will open a dropdown, where you can select Picture from File... if you already know the image's location.

For those following along with Muli, just select the image placeholder to select a picture from your computer. We'll use this hiking image for this PowerPoint circle crop tutorial.

Hike in PatagoniaHike in PatagoniaHike in Patagonia
You'll be seeing this picture throughout this tutorial. (Image source: Envato Elements)

Step 2

Now you'll want to select the image you want PowerPoint to crop to the circle shape. From the ribbon, click Picture Format. You'll see Crop as one of the options. Instead of clicking the Crop option, click the arrow next to it.

From this menu, you'll want to choose PowerPoint Crop to Shape. The first option under Basic Shapes is an Oval, which we'll use here.

Oval Circle Image Crop in PowerPointOval Circle Image Crop in PowerPointOval Circle Image Crop in PowerPoint

And now you've successfully created a PowerPoint circle crop!

Final Oval Circle Image Crop in PowerPointFinal Oval Circle Image Crop in PowerPointFinal Oval Circle Image Crop in PowerPoint

How to Adjust Your PowerPoint Circle Crop

As you can see, learning how to make a circle picture in PowerPoint is pretty easy. All it takes is a few clicks. But what if you want to know how to change the shape of a picture in PowerPoint? You'll be shocked to find out that's easy too.

Step 1

We're going back to that Crop button we used earlier, so make sure your image is selected. Instead of clicking the arrow next to the button, this time click Crop.

This will cause black crop handles to appear on the edges and corners of your picture. You can drag any of these handles to adjust the circle crop in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Crop HandlesPowerPoint Crop HandlesPowerPoint Crop Handles
You can adjust your image's circle crop in PowerPoint by using the black crop handles.

Dragging a handle that's on a side will only affect that side of the image. Dragging a corner will affect the two adjacent sides at the same time. Try it out and see how far you can stretch this circle crop in PowerPoint.

How to Use Other Image Masking Options in PowerPoint

You now see that you can crop an image into a circle in PowerPoint. But you can go even further. Let's take a look at some of the other options you have with image masking in PowerPoint.

Crop Images Into Circles and Other Shapes

It's hard to ignore all of the other shape options you have when using the PowerPoint Crop to Shape function. They're split into multiple categories, like Rectangles, and Block Arrows, and Stars and Banners. If a PowerPoint circle crop doesn't suit your presentation topic, try one of the other options.

Crop to Fit or Fill Shapes

You can make more customizations in PowerPoint after you crop your image to a shape. From the Crop dropdown, you'll see two options at the bottom: Fill and Fit.

Fill will crop part of your picture, but it does so while letting your picture fill the entire shape. This lets you focus in on a specific part of your photo.

Fill Image Crop PowerPointFill Image Crop PowerPointFill Image Crop PowerPoint

Fit will make your picture fit within the boundaries of the shape. This lets you see more of your image, but it might leave some empty space inside your shape.

Fit Image Crop PowerPointFit Image Crop PowerPointFit Image Crop PowerPoint

Crop to Aspect Ratio

Another option found in the Crop dropdown is Aspect Ratio. These will crop your image into a rectangle, not into a circle. But these are still worth checking out.

You can choose the Original aspect ratio, or try a Square, Portrait, or Landscape look. Certain aspect ratios give off a cinematic feel, while others have a classic look. Try these different options and see which one suits your presentation best. 

16 9 Aspect Ratio Crop PowerPoint16 9 Aspect Ratio Crop PowerPoint16 9 Aspect Ratio Crop PowerPoint
This image masking crop can be done in PowerPoint by choosing a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Learn More About PowerPoint

You can learn more than how to make a circle picture in PowerPoint from Envato Tuts+. Our instructors have created a number of useful tutorials and guides so you can get the most out of the presentation software. Here are just a few articles that you can get started with:

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Find PowerPoint Templates

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Envato Elements PowerPoint Templates

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Have Fun With the Circle Crop in PowerPoint

You've just learned how to make better presentations with cool image masks.

Learning how to change a picture shape in PowerPoint lets you take advantage of a useful feature. Unique shapes let your images stand out even more in your visual aid. Enjoy finding cool ways to use the PowerPoint circle crop and the other options to create an engaging slideshow.

Why not download an Envato Elements template and start your next PowerPoint presentation today?

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