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How to Make a Great End of Internship Presentation (+Helpful Ideas & Examples)

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You’ve landed your dream internship, and you’re wondering what comes next. How will you share your new knowledge, the culmination of everything you learned? The answer is during an internship presentation.

Intro how to make a great end of internship presentationIntro how to make a great end of internship presentationIntro how to make a great end of internship presentation
Perfect your end of internship presentation with the help of our guide. (Graphic source: Envato Elements.)

Many times, a final intern presentation can influence a full-time job offer. That means that you want to put your best foot forward as you give an internship PowerPoint presentation. In this article, we'll give you tips to nail your end of internship presentation.

What Is an Internship Presentation?

An internship presentation is shared after your internship experience. In it, you’ll provide a full overview of your tasks and actions during your internship. In essence, you’re briefing managers on what you brought to the table. 

Consider your internship experience PowerPoint presentation as a capstone. It pulls together all that you’ve done during an internship into a neatly-packaged slide deck. It’s your last, best chance to show what you have learned. You’re summarizing your experience for managers and other stakeholders in the business. 

Internship presentationInternship presentationInternship presentation
Your internship presentation brings together everything you’ve learned during your assignment. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

As a general rule, you’ll want to first outline your tasks and assignments. Perhaps you supported a key functional area for the duration of your internship. Or many internships are based around completion of a specific project or task. 

Either way, you’ll want to outline the scope of your internship assignment. Then, you’ll share details of what you learned, and how you applied these skills to the tasks at hand. 

Be sure to include how your own prior experiences helped, too. Throughout, show gratitude for the experience and provide plenty of specifics. It’s a great idea to make use of charts and data to bring your successes to life! 

Each job has its own requirements for an end of internship presentation. But these are great guidelines to follow, and they’ll be right at home in any internship setting. With them, you’re sure to close out an internship on a high note, impressing the audience with your expertise. 

How to Give a Great End of Internship Presentation

When you’re making an internship experience PowerPoint presentation, map it out in advance. With an outline, you can ensure that you stay focused and on track.

As a general rule, it’s smart to break your internship presentation into four categories:

  1. As mentioned, you’ll always begin by outlining your assignment. What were you assigned to do? What were your assigned tasks to complete during your internship?
  2. Then, you’ll move into the results. What did you do to provide support or complete assigned tasks?
  3. What were you taught, what did you learn, and how did you apply these new skills in the internship setting? You'll spend time discussing how you’ll take these experiences with you into your career.
  4. And finally, you’ll share gratitude for the learning and networking opportunities that you enjoyed. 

With this framework in mind, let’s dive in and get started! 

Share What You Worked On

Any final intern presentation must begin with sharing what you worked on. The scope of every internship is different. That means that you've got to set the stage at the beginning. 

Normally, you’ll be presenting to one or more managers. Senior managers are usually the primary audience for presentations like this. But there may be other people present who don’t know what you were working on.

In any case, it’s vital to clearly outline your assignment right up front. Only by doing this can your success be placed in context and measured.

Intern presentation examplesIntern presentation examplesIntern presentation examples
Start your internship PowerPoint presentation with a rundown of what you worked on. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

The key to building a successful final intern presentation is to always be specific. Don’t skim over important details. It pays to create a detailed slide-based overview of what you worked on at the beginning of your slide deck. Once you’ve introduced yourself, move straight into this section.

Be sure to share these main details to set the stage for your final intern presentation:

  • Who you worked with on functional and cross-functional teams
  • Specific tasks assigned to you, either in a team or sole-contributor setting
  • Metrics for completion and success
  • The goals outlined for you at the beginning of your internship

In short, you’re telling the audience about your assignments on a daily basis. What did you work on each day, and what were your overall goals? These are set in advance, and the success of your internship is measured against them.

As you share, remember to balance detail with brevity. Be concise as you outline what you worked on. It's important that you clearly describe your tasks, but without boring your audience. Try and keep this section to one or two slides if you can. 

Share a Key Project (And Results and Recommendations)

Once the stage is set, it’s time to outline a key project that you worked on. These are common in many internships. You may do day-to-day tasks, but often, you’ll work on one big task or project for the duration of your internship.

This key project will be the main takeaway for your audience. In this section, you tell them how you delivered value to the firm.

A good way to make a great impression here is to share how the project helped you learn about the business. Internships benefit both sides, you and the business. By sharing what you worked on, you’ll convey how your presence helped the firm. And you’ll credit the project for helping you learn about the company’s inner workings and processes.

Internship presentation ideasInternship presentation ideasInternship presentation ideas
Focus on one key project, which will be the biggest takeaway for your audience. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

Once again, specifics are all-important here. Be sure to provide details about the success of the project. What was the end result?

Focus on the following here:

  • The project’s results. What do you have to show for completing it? A deliverable? A process improvement?
  • Supporting data. For example, if your project improved a process efficiency by 20%, show this in a chart.
  • Key things you learned in completing the project. You might have boosted your teamwork skills, learned to use an analytics dashboard, and so on. If it mattered to you, it mattered to the company. That places it in the scope for your internship presentation.
  • How the completed project will benefit the company. Place the project in context. How will your work continue benefitting the firm, even when your internship is over?

Finally, it’s a great idea to make a recommendation. As you worked on the project, you might have considered more benefits or courses of action. Beyond implementing your project, what else can you propose based on your work?

By making a recommendation, you can offer a powerful idea for management to consider. This helps establish a legacy of your internship as a successful one. 

This idea is especially useful if you plan to seek full-time employment at the company, too. It’s a top way to clearly show how you can be a true asset for the firm in the future, based on your proven work and insights. 

Share Your Experiences

The project that you just shared is a major part of your end of internship presentation. But it won’t capture everything that you’ve learned! Once you’ve shared the project, it’s a smart idea to provide a fuller account of your experiences. This expands on skills and knowledge that you acquired along the way. 

Focus on skills like networking and communication that you refined during the internship. After all, internships should teach more than core business skills. They boost working and life experiences that you can take with you into the workforce.

Final intern presentationFinal intern presentationFinal intern presentation
Share the full benefits of your experience to show how much you learned and what you enjoyed. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

Focus on how you benefitted from the internship. Cover highlights of what you liked best, and how you enjoyed the working environment. You can even talk (briefly) about involvement in activities outside of work. This is especially true if you moved for an internship, as you can recognize the culture of a new city. 

Again, don't spend a ton of time on this subject. Think of it as a way to add interest and show your appreciation, while staying true to the topic. Your goal here is to communicate how much value you got from the internship, by focusing on each element in turn. 

Show Gratitude

Internships are truly team efforts. Your experience is largely guided by those around you. At the beginning, you’re stepping into an unfamiliar environment. You've got new colleagues to meet, systems to learn, and projects to manage. 

This is all set against the backdrop of your presence being only temporary. Thus, it’s very important to show gratitude at the end of your internship presentation. 

Internship experience PowerPoint presentationInternship experience PowerPoint presentationInternship experience PowerPoint presentation
Always remember to express your gratitude to show appreciation for your internship experience. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

This is one of the top internship presentation ideas because it's the last impression you’ll make. Be sure to thank everyone involved in your journey for the help and support given along the way. 

Once again, be specific. Recognize key individuals who helped you with tasks or offered advice. In doing so, you certainly express your own gratitude. But you also pave the way for future interns. Recognizing the positives helps those people continue to be helpful and supportive to others. 

As you show gratitude, you express how much you gained from an internship experience. It’s the perfect way to reflect and recognize. This means that it should be the close of any successful final intern presentation. 

The Best Source for Internship PowerPoint Presentation Templates in 2022 (With Unlimited Use)

To deliver a truly impressive internship experience PowerPoint presentation, you need great designs. The best source for these is Envato Elements. 

Elements is a creative resource with a powerful offer: unlimited downloads. That’s right - for a flat monthly rate, you can download as many premium PPT templates as you want. With thousands to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect candidate for your internship presentation.

Elements internship PowerPoint presentationElements internship PowerPoint presentationElements internship PowerPoint presentation
Envato Elements offers thousands of premium PPT templates that you can use as intern presentation examples.

Plus, Elements offers a full array of other digital assets. For example, you’ll find custom fonts, stock photos, music, and more. All of these resources are included in your subscription. And they’re the perfect companions to build a compelling internship PowerPoint presentation.

By using a premium template from Envato Elements, you unlock many advantages. Think of them as internship presentation examples. All will serve you well as you build an internship presentation slide deck of your own:

  • Designs built by experts. The slide layouts are built by creative pros, and they’ll impress even the toughest audiences.
  • You’ll save time. Having pre-built layouts lets you drop in your content. You won't have to make slides from scratch. You’ll have more time to hone your message without having to waste time on design work.
  • You’ll find powerful data visuals. Internship presentations should be precise and feature data wherever possible. The charts and infographics found in PPT templates from Elements are ready to help.
  • Design inspirations are inside. The custom layouts help you come up with new internship presentation ideas.
Elements internship PowerPoint presentationElements internship PowerPoint presentationElements internship PowerPoint presentation
Envato Elements: millions of creative assets, unlimited downloads.

All in all, Envato Elements is the best value for creatives today. As you build your end of internship presentation, you can’t afford to miss out. Browse the vast library of content and join today. Then, start downloading your favorite templates. In moments, you’ll have an internship presentation ready to impress. 

You Just Learned How to Give a Great End of Internship Presentation

Wrapping up your internship? Now, you're ready to give an end of internship presentation with confidence. Don't forget to leverage a template for intern presentation examples!

Use the tips that you learned in this article as you prepare your internship experience PowerPoint presentation. If you include these, you might just land your dream job offer.

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