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20 Best Free PowerPoint Photo Album & PPT Slideshow Templates for 2021


There's something magic about photo albums. Sharing your favorite photographic memories is fun. And it creates treasured memories.

But you can't always gather everyone around to review a photo album. That's why we use PowerPoint photo album templates

PowerPoint photo album template
Use a premium PowerPoint photo album template to show your favorite images easily.

With an an-easy-to-use tool like PowerPoint and a template, you can create great photo albums in 2020/2021.

We've put together free PowerPoint photo album templates in this article. Also, you'll see premium options for the very best PowerPoint photo slideshow templates from Envato Elements. Plus, pay-as-you-go top PowerPoint templates with photo albums from GraphicRiver.

The Best PowerPoint Photo Album Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Maybe you stumbled on this article looking for free PowerPoint photo album templates. And we've indeed built a list of 20 of the best PowerPoint templates with photo albums. 

But you should also consider premium PowerPoint photo album templates. A little cost goes a long way to source the very best PowerPoint photo slideshow templates. When you use Envato Elements, you unlock unlimited PowerPoint digital photo album templates.

PowerPoint picture templates on Envato Elements
Download the best premium PowerPoint photo album templates - with unlimited use - on Envato Elements.

Your single subscription unlocks everything in the Elements library. Not only does that include PowerPoint photo slideshow perfect for 2020/2021, but also:

  • Stock photos to round out your digital photo albums
  • Graphics and illustrations to complement your imagery
  • Custom fonts to add textual flair to your next PowerPoint photo slideshow

Remember that premium PowerPoint templates are far better than photo album PowerPoint templates available for free download. They've got more options and better designs.

Also, if you only need to create a single PowerPoint photo album and know what you need, consider premium templates from GraphicRiver. For a low price you can buy an individual template for a one-time use.

When you use a great template, don't recreate the wheel. The template helps you learn how to make a photo slideshow on PowerPoint. Open a template and add your specific. You'll create the best digital PPT photo album.

5 Top PowerPoint Photo Album Templates on Envato Elements

Here are five of the best PowerPoint picture templates, all available on Envato Elements. Learn how to make a photo slideshow on PowerPoint in 2020/2021 with the help of these professional templates:

1. Family Album PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint photo album template

Bring your family together with the help of this PowerPoint photo slideshow. It's easy to create and has 32 unique master slides for good variety in the layouts. Try it out with your photos and create a digital photo album that's sure to make your friends and family smile.

2. Album Book Multipurpose PowerPoint

PowerPoint photo slideshow template

This contemporary PowerPoint photo album template is perfect for a high-fashion design. You've got five color schemes and 30 slide designs to bring a sense of style to your next photo album. Open the template, add your images. You've got an excellent PowerPoint photo album built.

3. Wedding Lookbook PowerPoint Presentation

Wedding Lookbook PowerPoint Picture Template

Everyone's big day deserves a great photo album. If you want to learn how to make a photo slideshow on PowerPoint as a wedding gift, use this template. It's got all the slide layouts and designs that work perfectly as a showcase of your favorite moments.

4. Vintage Album PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint photo slideshow template

The best photo slideshows create nostalgia. And with the help of this stylistic vintage album, you can create a PowerPoint photo slideshow that harkens back to the "good old days." Best of all, you've got beautiful text placeholders for great image captions. 

5. Asoka Multipurpose Creative PowerPoint

PowerPoint picture slideshow template

Asoka is an artistic and elegant design for images. It's a non-traditional contemporary photo album template download for PowerPoint that leans on script to complement your images. Use them together to create a visual story that uses images heavily.

5 of the Best Premium PowerPoint Photo Album Templates from GraphicRiver

Not everyone needs unlimited access to PowerPoint photo album templates. On GraphicRiver, another Envato Market site, you can buy single photo album templates. Keep costs low by purchasing one template at a time.

GraphicRiver PowerPoint Photo Album templates
Download single PowerPoint photo album templates on GraphicRiver.

With over 9,000 PowerPoint templates in the library, you need some help finding the best. Here are five of my favorite PowerPoint photo slideshow templates to use in 2020/2021:

1. Vintage Photo Album PowerPoint Template

Vintage PowerPoint templates for photo album

Here's another example of a classic look you can bring to your PowerPoint photo slideshow. It would lend itself to photos in PowerPoint with greyscale or sepia tinting. It's a great way to show classic family photos and heirlooms.

2. Photo Mask PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint photo slideshow with custom masks

One of the most popular design trends we're monitoring is custom photomasks. With these easy placeholders, your ordinary rectangular images take on a completely customized shape. Just click on the placeholder and browse to your image to watch it transform into a new look. Photo PowerPoint templates like this won't be lost on your audience.

3. Showcase PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint photo album template

PowerPoint picture slideshow templates need options. This template is no exception to that principle. Maximize your value by choosing a photo PowerPoint slideshow template like this with many options built in.

4. Imaginary Portfolio Photography PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint photo slideshow template

Image-centric PowerPoint templates help you focus on your best photos. In Imaginary, create presentation photo albums in less time than ever. Just open it up, drop in your images. You're ready to create a PowerPoint photo slideshow.

5. Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Digital photo album template

Portfolios are one of the most popular formats to show a beautiful collection of photos. This PowerPoint photo album template gives you 26 different layouts to show your images. That helps you show off your favorite images without repeating your designs.

20 Top Free PowerPoint PPT Photo Album Templates to Download 2021

When your budget is non-existent, it helps to have free PowerPoint photo album templates. 

Before looking for a free PowerPoint photo album template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always photo album templates for PowerPoint) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

Are you still looking for a Luckily, we've put together a few options that'll work for that purpose. Their design typically doesn't match the premium options but check out these 20 no-cost templates:

1. Geometric Abstract PowerPoint TemplatesThis PowerPoint photo album template is free and uses geometric and artistic graphics to complement photos. Add in your images, and you’ll be ready to share with audiences anywhere. 

PowerPoint photo album templates free

2. Punaca Free PowerPoint TemplateColorful slide layouts make this photo album template that's free an option for photos of all kinds. Whether it’s a business or personal project, the template is ready to help your slideshow look its best.

3. Free Gradient Slideshow Presentation TemplateA gradient slideshow is a simple way to style your photo PowerPoint, thanks to the contrasting look and feel of every design element.

4. Mosaic Effect Photos PowerPointMosaic effects break the mold of the traditional PowerPoint photo album template. Add them to your photos with this quick and simple slide design theme.

PowerPoint Photo album template free

5. Free Business PowerPoint TemplateBusinesses of all kinds benefit from presentation photo album. Make one for your business with this flexible custom PPT theme.

6. Free Restaurant PowerPoint TemplateShowing off your new space, or the freshest new recipes from your cookbook? If you’re searching for a restaurant digital photo album template for PowerPoint, this one's available with a selection of slide layouts.

7. Free Photo PowerPoint TemplateCamera gear features prominently in this PowerPoint photo slideshow template, with slide designs that edit right inside the app.

PowerPoint Photo Album Template Free

8. Zigzag Frame PowerPoint TemplatesAs the name suggests, these abstract art graphics can be used to frame all your images. Drag and drop them within the placeholder slide layouts.

9. Free Creative PowerPoint TemplateAn idea for how to make a PowerPoint photo slideshow is to use a multipurpose template like this. Then you’ll add in your images and videos to create a slideshow of your own. It leaves creative control up to you.

10. Modern Minimal Free PowerPoint TemplateArrange your images in any sequence with these photo album PowerPoint templates for free download. Edit every part of every slide, giving you the ability to pursue your ideas as you work.

Free digital photo album template

11. Blue Circle with Ornaments PowerPoint TemplatesPowerPoint templates with photo albums like this one use ornaments and blue circles to outline and frame images, videos, and other slideshow media.

12. Free Casual PowerPoint TemplateFree for PPT, a template like this one's ready to use for slideshow projects like business photo albums and vacation highlights.

13. Free Photo PowerPoint TemplateA photo frame is a fast but polished way to add visual interest to your photo album slideshows. Build them in PowerPoint with this template.

Free PowerPoint photo album template

14. Optical PowerPoint TemplateThis device mockup PowerPoint photo album template lets you share images as they would appear on the screen of a popular tablet computer.

15. Travel and Vacation PowerPoint TemplatesVacation memories to share? This travel theme digital photo album template includes an assortment of slide designs so you can get started.

16. Porto Free PowerPoint TemplateDeveloped with a collection of design features and options, convert this PPT theme into an animated slideshow with a few clicks.

Digital photo album template free

17. Red Aesthetics PowerPoint TemplateRed tones accent photos while creating a presentation that’s easier on the eyes, thanks to dark backgrounds. Don’t forget to mix and match colors and fonts as you work.

18. Isabella Presentation TemplateLarge photos feature front and center in this PPT theme. But it also leaves room for text, so you can add captions and descriptions for every image you want to share. 

19. Free Photography Presentation Template for PowerPointMeant for photographers showing off their portfolios, anyone can change this template to fit their project’s purpose. Just alter the built-in layouts, fonts, and colors.

PowerPoint photo slideshow template free

20. Grey Frames PowerPoint TemplatesThis PowerPoint templates photo album lets you add gray photo frames to any image. This makes it an option for professional and corporate projects that don’t need bright colors.

How to Quickly Customize PowerPoint PPT Photo Album Templates

A great thing about PowerPoint photo slideshows is how easy they are to customize. When you’ve chosen your favorite PPT photo album, make it truly yours in just a few quick steps.

For this fast tutorial, we’ll use the Asoka photo album template for PowerPoint from Envato Elements.

photo album template preview image
Join in this tutorial by downloading the Asoka photo album template for PowerPoint from Envato Elements.

1. Choose the Perfect Slide

A beautiful template like Asoka will include a wide variety of layouts. Begin by thinking about exactly what you want to share. Then, launch the template in PowerPoint. Spend some time browsing through the available slides. 

Let’s say you want to share an image, with some descriptive text alongside. Slide #11 in the template works well. Click on its thumbnail in the sidebar to select it. Now, it’s ready to edit.

Photo album template step 1

2. Customize the Text

Let’s begin by customizing text. There are several text boxes on the slide itself. To customize, begin by clicking in the title box. Then, add in your own text by typing, or by pasting from a different app. 

Repeat those steps as necessary in the other text boxes on the slide.

Photo album template step 2

3. Add Your Own Photos

Now it’s time to add a photo. The box on the left side of the slide is what’s known as an image placeholder. It’s an area ready and waiting for your photo.

To add an image, simply browse to where a photo file is stored on your computer. Then drag and drop it over the placeholder. Boom. PowerPoint automatically imports—and scales—your image.

Photo album template step 3

4. Deleted Unwanted Content

Remember—you don’t have to use every slide feature. Know that you can delete unwanted content for a more minimalistic look. In this case, click on the vertical text box beneath the photo to select it. Then, press Delete on your keyboard. Instantly, it'll vanish, leaving a fresh and clean backdrop.

Photo album template step 4

5. Customize Fonts

It’s also an easy matter to customize fonts. This includes their design, size, color, and more. 

To do so, go ahead and highlight text in one of the text boxes. Then, on PowerPoint’s ribbon, find the Font group on the Home tab. There, you can change up all those features - and more - with the easy-to-use drop-down menus.

Photo album template step 5

5 Tips to Making Great PowerPoint Photo Slideshows

Even a seasoned presenter benefits from PowerPoint presentation tips. As you build your PowerPoint photo album or slideshow, it helps to have a few guiding principles. Let's look at five helpful tips.

For even more tips, don't miss out on our comprehensive guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide). This single resource has all the tips and tricks you need to build your next presentation:

1. Use Animations (But Not Too Many)

Animations can help you phase in your images for impact. Use them to bring individual images into your PowerPoint photo album, in steps.

But animations are a double-edged sword. Using a few helps your slides stand out. But too many clouds the message. Select photos, then use the Animation menu to phase them onto the slide.

PowerPoint animated photos album
Use the Animations tab to stage your photos onto the slide in steps (premium template).

2. Adjust Images Inside PowerPoint

Before you open Photoshop or another app, make sure you're familiar with all PowerPoint's built-in adjustment tools.

You might be surprised that PowerPoint can do all the following, with no extra apps needed:

  • cropping
  • exposure adjustments
  • removing backgrounds

Check out our complete guide to work with images in your PowerPoint photo slideshow template:

3. Set Slide Timings

Let's say that you don't want to advance your PowerPoint slides manually. When you share a PowerPoint photo slideshow template, it helps to turn on auto-advance so that the slides move right along.

On the Transitions menu, tick the After box and choose several seconds. This will automatically move your PPT photo album along.

Transitions in PowerPoint photo album
Use the Transitions > After setting to advance your slides after the set number of seconds automatically (premium template).

4. Use the Full Dimensions Of Your Screen

Photos are powerful storytelling tools. With excellent photography, you're sure to delight the audience. After all, that's the point of building a PowerPoint photo slideshow. 

It's essential to use the full screen when you're presenting. With the help of the tutorial below, you'll ensure that your images occupy every available pixel.

5. Combine Complementary Images

The best PowerPoint picture slideshow templates use many images. On one slide, combine complementary images to tell a great visual story.

Lookbook image format
Use a lookbook format slide such as this one from the premium Wedding Lookbook template  to combine many images that work together to tell a story.

5 Awesome PowerPoint Photo Album Slide Design Trends for 2021

Setting up your PowerPoint photo slideshow can be as easy as dragging and dropping images, especially if you use a premium template. The tips above will help you get the most out of your theme. Keep the below design trends in mind if you experiment with your layouts:  

1. Inspired Image Masks

Your photos are at the center of your PowerPoint photo slideshow, so have some fun with them. To hook your audience, try out this design trend by showing pictures in more than traditional squares and rectangles. Use weird shapes, words, and other image masks to draw in your audience.

Photograph  PowerPoint Template
Photograph PowerPoint Template, a premium template, features many image mask styles that complement your photos.

2. Stacked Elements

Covering up parts of your photos may seem counterproductive, but it's a popular design move in 2020/2021. When done right, this trendy look adds much-needed flair to your photo PowerPoint template. Use abstract elements like squiggly lines and hollow circles over images or place your photos over blocks of color.   

3. Toned-Down Color Schemes

Vibrant colors are everywhere in designs made in 2020/2021. But too many vibrant colors can distract from your photos. That's why many modern PowerPoint photo slideshow templates tone down their color schemes. Limit your colors to little pops on each slide to make your design stand out even more.

Wedding Lookbook - PowerPoint Presentation
The slides of the premium Wedding Lookbook have pops of color that don't take away from the photos.

4. Fashionable Fonts

Typography has always been key, but what's trendy changes from year to year. For your photo presentation template in 2020/2021, it's important to use the best typefaces. Large, bold fonts are popular this year, but there are more top custom fonts you can look for on Envato Elements.

Photography - PowerPoint Photo Slideshow Template
Photography - PowerPoint Template (premium template) makes great use of its trendy font.

5. Minimal Slide Layouts

The minimal design trend is important for every PowerPoint presentation, but especially for photo album templates. While you can place many images on each slide, not following minimal design principles can leave your slides looking cluttered. Keep white space in mind and your presentation will shine. 

If you're not sure how to space well, check out this guide from Envato Tuts+:

Even More Advanced PowerPoint Templates for 2020/2021

PowerPoint photo slideshow templates are a great start, but don't think for a minute that you've seen every template. If you aren't building a PPT photo album, you're sure to benefit from even more presentation designs.

These selections come from our Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT resource. Check it often to see the latest and greatest.

5 Benefits of Premium PowerPoint Photo Album Templates

Using a PowerPoint photo album template that's free is tempting. After all, how much of a difference can they make from premium PowerPoint themes? The honest answer is quite a bit. Below, I'll go into five benefits you'll get from using a premium PowerPoint album template:

  1. They're professionally designed. The difference in design quality is clear between premium and free PowerPoint templates. That's because premium themes are professionally crafted and always look well done.
  2. You don't need to be a professional. It doesn't matter if you're a PowerPoint power user or just starting with the program. With a premium template, you'll be able to create the presentation you want with minimal effort on your end.
  3. You'll save design time. Many free PowerPoint templates for photos are lacking in the aesthetic department. If you go that route, you'll find yourself doing a lot of designing yourself. Premium templates save you this time because they already have eye-catching designs.
  4. Slides are still customizable. Premium templates already come with an excellent design, but these layouts aren't rigid. So, if you've got ideas to tweak your PowerPoint photo slideshow, go ahead!
  5. Your audience will be engaged. At the end of the day, your audience needs to see the wow factor in your PowerPoint slideshow presentation. Unlike free PowerPoint templates, premium layouts complement your photos for excellent results audiences will love.

Benefits of Unlimited Use With Envato Elements

Envato Elements Photo Slideshow PPT Templates
Access and download thousands of PowerPoint photo slideshow templates with Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is a powerful tool to have by your side. With the price of a monthly subscription, you can download as many PowerPoint picture templates as you'd like without limits.

Sign up for Envato Elements today. In a few minutes, you can access a digital asset library full of PowerPoint themes, custom fonts, stock photos, music tracks, and much, much more for a monthly rate.

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

Maybe you started with a PowerPoint album template as a way to save time and end up with the best results. I'm sure that you found that this approach saves you time and solves many of the design challenges that beginners face.

It's okay if you still have questions. We've got you covered! Let's look at five frequently asked questions that help you work with a photo album PPT template:

1. What Is SmartArt?

Maybe you've seen or heard about a powerful feature called SmartArt but aren't quite sure what it can do for you. The answer is that it makes it a breeze to build infographics. Most importantly, it's easy to maintain them.

Here's a great introduction to learn how to use SmartArt in PowerPoint:

2. Can You Record Commentary For Your Presentation?

It's not always possible to get everyone together in the same room. When that's not possible, it's far better to record narration and send it to your recipients. 

Use the narration tutorial to record voiceover, then send the finished version to your audience. It's another tip that works great with a PowerPoint photo slideshow so that you can share your favorite memories alongside the photos:

3. Does PowerPoint Support Exporting Your Presentation in Other Formats?

It's possible that your target audience doesn't have PowerPoint installed. It helps to export your presentation in a format like a video so that anyone can enjoy it.

Learn how to do just that in the tutorial below. It even works with photo slideshow PPT templates:

4. Does PowerPoint Connect to Other Apps?

PowerPoint is a presentation tool with plenty of features. It works best in conjunction with other productivity apps.

The best example is Microsoft Excel. It's a powerhouse for data analysis, financial modeling, and so much more. If used properly, you won't need to recreate your slides from scratch. Link the two apps together and walk through our guide:

5. What Types of Charts Does PowerPoint Support?

PowerPoint is a charting powerhouse—especially when used with Excel as suggested in the tip before this one.

You might be amazed by the visuals you can build in PowerPoint. See examples of charts and graphs that only take a few clicks with the help of our tutorial:

Learn More About How to Use Microsoft PowerPoint

You've already seen that PowerPoint photo slideshow templates help beginners conquer the learning curve. Let's pair it with tutorials that show you how to tap into the best features.

PowerPoint is a "best of both worlds" app: easy to get started but plenty of high-level professional features. Here are three tutorials from How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) to pair with a PowerPoint photo album template to create a great presentation:

Build a PowerPoint Photo Slideshow Today With the Help of Templates

This article showed you 20 free PowerPoint photo album templates from around the web. It's a no-cost way to package your favorite photos into an interactive slideshow. But don't forget: premium PowerPoint templates for photos are the most cost-effective tool. 

For not much more cost, you get genuinely professional designs. All you've got to do is add your images. Download top PowerPoint photo slideshows from Envato Elements (unlimited!) Or, pay-as-you-go with PowerPoint photo slideshow templates on GraphicRiver.

Download a template, add your images, and share it with others. PowerPoint can function as a minimal graphic design tool with the help of these PPT photo album templates you can use for 2020/2021. Why not get started today?

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, PowerPoint PPT photo album templates with the best, trending PPT presentation designs.

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