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20 Best Free Email Templates (Top Responsive HTML Designs to Download 2021)


To get—and keep—your customers' attention, email is one of the best methods. For it to work, you'll need a well-designed email newsletter.

 But what if you're not confident about your email newsletter design skills? That's where using an email newsletter template can help your emails stand out by looking truly professional.

mailchimp newsletter templates  - Kant
You can get premium Mailchimp newsletter templates like Kant on Envato Elements.

 In this guide, I'll share some of the best email templates to help you achieve that goal. I'll direct you to the best premium Mailchimp newsletter templates. And if you're on a tight budget, I'll share some free Mailchimp templates too.

Best Premium Email Newsletter Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

A big advantage of using email newsletter templates is that you don't need design skills to create a stunning email newsletter. Plus, if you've prepared your content in advance, newsletter creation is extremely fast.

Premium Email Templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Premium responsive HTML email templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

Using templates gives you access to a wide range of possible designs. When you've got a unique, creative design, you'll get more attention from your audience. You'll also be more likely to build up a database of loyal subscribers.

A great place to find eye-catching email newsletter templates is Envato Elements. There are hundreds of templates available for download. Plus, they've got a great offer you can take advantage of today. Download as many Mailchimp newsletter templates (and other design assets) as you want for one low price.

5 Premium Email Templates With Professional Designs for 2021

No matter what kind of email newsletter you're planning, a template will help you raise your game by creating something that's visually appealing.

You may be tempted to download free Mailchimp email newsletter templates. But your best deal is to invest in a more unique, professionally designed premium email templates.

Remember, professional Mailchimp newsletter templates downloads come with your Envato Elements account. Here are some premium email templates worth considering.

1. Shop - Responsive Email + Online Template Builder

Shop Responsive Premium Email Template Mailchimp Examples

The Shop responsive email template has a lot to offer. There are many design elements that you can drag and drop to create a unique look. Customize everything, from text and images to colors and layouts. Export HTML with no tags to use your responsive email template not just in Mailchimp, but in any email marketing software. It's a nice alternative to free email newsletter templates found elsewhere online.

2. Starburst - Responsive Email + Themebuilder Access

Starburst mailchimp newsletter templates

If you're looking for good Mailchimp examples, the Starburst responsive email newsletter theme is a good place to start. It's easy to customize via its proprietary drag-and-drop builder that lets you add and remove newsletter modules as required.

It only takes a couple of clicks to change colors, and it's easy to adjust text. This attractive email newsletter template will help you wow your subscribers without needing to learn design skills.

3. Fritz Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

fritz responsive email template mailchimp

Use the Fritz multipurpose email template with virtually any email marketing software. Changing the layout, colors, images, elements and background takes just a couple of clicks. This is a great template to use if you like a clean and modern design. It includes 20 modules and useful documentation to help with the customization process.

4. Bion - Responsive Email Template

mailchimp newsletter templates download - bion

This is another clean, modern email newsletter template design, which makes it easy to create an eye-catching newsletter. It includes full documentation and PSD files, and can be used in Mailchimp, iContact and Campaign Monitor. It'll work well in Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook and Apple Mail. Try the premium Bion instead of free email newsletter templates.

5. Hostetemp - Multipurpose Email Templates & Builder

mailchimp newsletter templates - hostetemp

This responsive email template set helps you create newsletters for almost any kind of business. It includes more than 40 modules, with four demo newsletters to use as a starting point for creating your own. It's compatible with all major browsers and email newsletter providers. Plus, it's easy to customize, either via the drag-and-drop builder or using the included documentation.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of premium creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from email templates to royalty free audio tracks, and more — all for one low price.

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets. 

That’s right! Download as many professional and creative Mailchimp email templates, graphics and royalty free audio as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

Envato Elements is a powerful option. But if you prefer to buy a new premium responsive email template one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our Envato Market below.

15 Premium Email Templates on ThemeForest (Download for 2021)

If you need an email newsletter template for a one-off project, check out the Mailchimp examples on ThemeForest. There are thousands of premium responsive email templates to choose from. Here are a few worth checking out:

1. MEETUP - Events Responsive Email Template With Mailchimp Access

 free mailchimp templates - Meetup

If you're planning an event, this is an excellent responsive email newsletter template to use. It's compatible with the StampReady email newsletter builder. It also works well in both Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. All major browsers and email clients are supported.

2. Candy Responsive Email Template + StampReady Builder + Mailchimp + Mailster

free mailchimp templates - Candy

The Candy responsive email template is compatible with Mailchimp and other email marketing software. Customize it with the StampReady builder. This tool makes it easy to duplicate or hide modules, and to change colors and background images. The HTML version of this template works with all major email marketing software. Plus, this template can be exported without tags.

3. Neo - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template With Online StampReady Builder & Mailchimp Editor

Neo free responsive email template mailchim

Whether you're running a small business, an office, an agency, or a big corporate firm, the Neo responsive email template will offer the professional look you need when communicating with your subscribers. It's a powerful alternative to free email templates.

It works with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor and can be customized via the StampReady email newsletter builder. It's compatible with all major browsers and most major email clients.

4. Mars Email - Responsive Email Template With Mailchimp Editor, StampReady & Online Builder

mailchimp newsletter templates - Mars

The Mars email template works seamlessly with Mailchimp and the StampReady builder. Use drag-and-drop to create your own unique email newsletter template and export it in a variety of formats. There are also several premade templates you can use as a starting point. With these templates, your background images will show up on all email clients.

5. Fashion - Ecommerce Responsive Email Template With StampReady, Mailster, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor

Fashion mailchimp newsletter templates - free download with Envato Elements

For e-commerce Mailchimp examples, check out this email newsletter template designed for the fashion industry. This drag-and-drop responsive email template includes 10 layouts. There's even a specially designed lookbook layout. This works with all major email newsletter software, as well as the StampReady builder. It's easy to edit and has unlimited color variations.

6. Corporate - Responsive Email Newsletter Templates With Online StampReady & Mailchimp Builders Access

Corporate  mailchimp newsletter templates - free download with Envato Elements

The corporate email newsletter template uses drag-and-drop for easy customization. It's compatible with Mailchimp and the StampReady builder. This responsive email template set can be used for many purposes and includes eight premade designs. It supports major browsers and email clients. Ensure that your newsletter looks attractive no matter what your subscribers are using.

7. Things for Cuties - Baby Kids Newsletter Template

Baby themed Mailchimp newsletter themes

Need to create an email newsletter targeting the baby products sector? Things for Cuties is ideal. The template set includes 21 email newsletter designs and ready to upload Mailchimp zip files. There's also a Photoshop template. This email newsletter template set has an e-commerce focus. It integrates with matching Zen Cart and OpenCart templates. There's matching corporate stationery as well.

8. Email Template - CHARISMA

Charisma email newsletter Mailchimp

This popular email newsletter template has a clean and minimalistic design, suitable for those who like to keep things simple. It works well with the main browsers and email clients and, because it's responsive, also looks good on mobile devices. The template set includes 12 prebuilt layouts and 11 color schemes. You can easily use the set to give your email newsletter the wow factor that keeps subscribers interested.

9. Switch | Business Newsletter

Switch mailchimp newsletter template

This is a modular email newsletter template that you can easily customize by using drag-and-drop and the StampReady builder. It's fully responsive and includes a flexible table builder. All images are automatically compressed for fast loading. Your newsletter will look great in all the major email marketing services.

10. Flato -Responsive Email + MailBuilds Online

Flato mailchimp email newsletter templates

This template set uses the MailBuilds email newsletter builder. Use drag-and-drop to create unlimited versions of your email newsletter with as many different color schemes as you want. The text editor is easy to use, and you can easily insert images into your newsletter by uploading them directly or from the cloud. Export newsletters created with this template to Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or via HTML. No tags are needed. Use in any email marketing software.

11. NOTE - Responsive Email Newsletter Template

Responsive Email Newsletter Template

This responsive email newsletter template has been tested on every browser and email client for full compatibility. It uses the popular flat design. Create an email newsletter that'll appeal to subscribers, no matter what browser, device or email software they use. It includes several beautiful backgrounds and can be customized via the included builder.

12. Marquez - Multipurpose Responsive Email: 80+ Sections + StampReady Builder + Mailchimp + Mailster

mailchimp newsletter examples for downloard

This professional email newsletter design toolkit is intended for those wanting to create an email marketing campaign with real impact. It's got 18 layouts and 80 sections that you can combine in many ways to create your own unique email newsletter. This template works with the StampReady builder. It's also compatible with Mailchimp and other email marketing software.

13. Laxus - Responsive Email + MailBuilds Online

Laxus  mailchimp newsletter templates - free download with Envato Elements

This responsive email template also uses the MailBuilds online email newsletter builder. This helps you easily customize the included templates or even use them as a starting point to create your own. There are unlimited colors. Use drag-and-drop for quick email newsletter creation. Both adding images and text editing are simple so you can still have a newsletter that matches your brand. Once you've created a template, save it for use in your chosen email marketing software.

14. Steve | Responsive Email Template

Steve responsive email newsletter template for Mailchimp

This is a modular responsive email template, which is easy to customize using the StampReady builder. It's responsive, so it'll look good on mobile email apps. Plus, it's compatible with the major email marketing software. It won't take long for you to get a unique email template, which you can use in Mailchimp or your chosen email marketing app.

15. Karta, Minimalist Responsive Email Template

Karta Minimalist Responsive Email Template

This template pack is flexible and modular, helping you to quickly design a unique email newsletter to meet the needs of your business. As well as Mailchimp newsletter templates, it includes templates for campaign monitor and other email marketing software. It's compatible with all email clients and especially designed to load quickly. The pack includes 10 modules and five layout variations to get you started.

20 Free Email Templates for 2021 (Available to Download Online)

If your business is on a tight budget, you might prefer to search for free responsive email templates. Remember, when you get Mailchimp email templates for free download, you may not get the level of support that you need when creating your email newsletter. Plus, you can't be sure that the creators keep the template up to date with the latest standards. And the designs may not be as unique as with a professional package. 

With these considerations in mind, here are some free responsive email newsletter templates for Mailchimp and other providers to consider:

1. Perk - Free Email Newsletter Template

Perk Free Email Newsletter Templates

If you're looking for free email newsletter templates, you'll want to consider Perk. It can be customized to use for many different businesses. 

2. Vision - Free Email Newsletter Template. A clean free HTML email template download suitable for product launches.

3. Free Responsive Email Template Blueprints. These customizable free responsive email templates are designed to give you a nice starting point in Mailchimp.

4. Pook - Free Responsive Newsletter Template. A modern business email template for free download for Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and more.

5. Email Monster - Free HTML Email Newsletter Templates. Loads of predesigned templates and free email editor. 

6. ColorLib - Mailchimp Free Responsive Newsletter Template. A useful free HTML email newsletter template design for fashion and clothing retailers, available on Github. 

mailchimp responsive email templates free download

7. OnePage Free Email Newsletter Template. A one-page customizable business free HTML email template download for newsletters.

8. Branding Offer Email Template/Newsletter Design in HTML. A stylish and easy to read free HTML email template for creating a simple, eye-catching newsletter.

Branding Offer Free HTML Email Template Download

9. Mooza Free Responsive Email Template for Mailchimp. This attractive free HTML email template from PixelHint is easy to customize.

10. Campaign Monitor Free Email Template. Use Campaign Monitor's builder to create your own unique template free of charge.

11. CodePen - Responsive Free HTML Email Template Download. Designed completely using the HTML code alone, this free email template can be used for any marketing purpose. 

12. Summer - Mailchimp Email Marketing Template Free. Email on Acid provides a vibrant free responsive newsletter template. This is suitable for the summer season.

13. Agency Penrose - Responsive and Flat, Free Email Template Design. A simple and multipurpose free email template that's suitable for all email clients.

14. Accessible - Free Email Template Design. A straightforward email for updating subscribers with recent articles, featuring image, description and links.

Accessible Free HTML Email Template Download

15. Flow - Free Email Template Design. A calm and earth-toned free HTML email template download.    

16. Real Estate - Free Email Template Design. A perfect email template to keep your customer base up to date with your latest property listings.

17. Sonata - Free Responsive Email Template. A good free email template that's multipurpose and would help you create a good newsletter to keep customers informed. 

Sonata Free HTML Email Template Download

18. Antwort - Free HTML Email Template Download. Antwort is a multipurpose responsive email template. It offers columns on desktop that automatically becomes rows on mobile. 

19. Mailchimp - Free Email Newsletter Templates. Cut to the chase and use Mailchimp's builder to create your own unique template free of charge. More than 100 templates to pick from. 

20. Free Transactional Email Templates. These multipurpose free responsive email templates are designed for common business action items, like email alerts and billing.

Helpful Tips for Sending Out the Best Brand Emails

If you've chosen one of the premium email templates available on Envato Elements or ThemeForest, you're already off to a great start. But to turn these options into stellar emails for your brand, try some of these tips:

1. Great Emails Start With the Subject Line

The work you put into customizing your HTML email template deserves to be seen. But a poor subject line can leave your email unread in the recipient's inbox, or worse, sent to the spam folder. To increase the chances of your email newsletter getting clicked, focus on nailing the subject line.

If you've got trouble writing subject lines, check out this tutorial from one of our Envato Tuts+ instructors:

2. Start With Engaging Content

A common phrase in the news world is 'burying the lede', and it means waiting before sharing the juicy, important information. When the lede gets buried, readers lose interest before finding out what they should know. Turns out this principle applies to your emails too!

If you've got a sale, promotion, or business update you want to talk about, make sure it's right at the top. This way, recipients can get the crucial points as soon as they open the email. Use this tip to keep people hooked and reading your email.

Mummy Premium Responsive Email Template
Mummy is a premium email template that starts off with a visual header and strong call to action.

3. Break Up Text With Images

Too much text in emails can water down your design. That's why it's important to add images to break up the amount of text you add. Add images to the header, footer, and left side of your email, and keep text to a minimum. 

Note: Don't abandon text altogether! Many email clients leave the option to show media up to the recipient. Design for no images by making sure that the text you do have makes sense if photos aren't displayed.

Premium Email Newsletter Template With Images
The image-focused design of this professional email newsletter template keeps readers engaged.

4. Write With Goals in Mind

Emails are an excellent marketing tool that can help you talk to your audience and keep them in the know. But sending emails just to send them is a bad idea. Make sure that each email has a clear focus and goal. Is it to share a new blog, talk about the latest sale, or announce a new product? Whatever the message is, make sure your writing and layout stay on topic to engage recipients. 

5. Design for Mobile Users

Desktop and laptop users are still around, but mobile devices have become a very popular way to check emails. In fact, according to Upland Adestra, more than 60% of emails are opened on mobile devices. As you work on your premium email template, keep this statistic in mind. It points to how important responsive design can be to how well your newsletters via email are received.

Saturn Professional Email Template With Builder
Saturn is one of many premium email templates that feature a responsive design perfect for mobile devices.

5 Benefits of Using Premium Email Templates for Marketing in 2021

You've just gone through a great list of professional and free email and newsletter templates. But now you're faced with a tough decision: premium or free? Thankfully, this choice isn't so hard if you know the benefits. That's why I'm sharing a few of the reasons why premium email templates are the best choice for you:

  1. You'll save time. Time is one of the biggest reasons to use a premium email template. These themes are designed to be easy to use by a large audience. Many free HTML email template downloads can't say the same. 
  2. You can customize what you want. Your brand has to stand out in your email, and professional email themes will help you there. They come with a host of customizable elements that you arrange to create emails suited for your image.
  3. No coding is required. Knowing HTML and CSS is a useful skill, but not a necessary one to make the most of premium email templates. Many of them have drag-and-drop editors that do all the heavy lifting for you. Just arrange the layout, edit the colors, and add photos. You're basically left to create.
  4. Help is there if it's needed. If you've got a free HTML email template download, getting stuck can set you back. On the flip side, many professional options include documentation, help files, and support. Resolving your problem and getting back on track is a breeze with premium templates.
  5. Your audience will appreciate it. It's important to keep in mind that your emails are for your audience. Make sure your brand is putting its best foot forward by offering the best possible visuals and experience for recipients.

Benefits of Using Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads of Creative Assets)

Premium Email Templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Design without limits with an Envato Elements subscription.

If you're a creative or need to create marketing materials, Envato Elements is one of the best services around. For a low monthly fee, you get unlimited downloads from the site's full premium asset library. That includes:

  • custom fonts
  • premium email templates
  • stock photos
  • music tracks
  • and a lot more

Sign up for Envato Elements and start designing without limits. Create and experiment as much as you want with the full support of an amazing library of premium assets. All this is available to you for one low flat rate.

Learn More About Email Newsletter Templates

Want to get more email newsletter tips? Check out the articles below:

Which Email Template Will You Choose?

You just saw dozens of premium email templates as well as business email templates for free download. Now, it's your turn. 

Pick one of the templates in our roundup, then get started on creating your own email newsletter.  Don't forget. If you use premium email template designs instead of free responsive email templates, you'll get a more individual newsletter and much better support. Check out the 2021 trending premium email templates on Envato Elements and Mailchimp email templates on ThemeForest. 

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, trending premium and free HTML email templates with the best designs.

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