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25 Simple Google Slides Themes (Free + Premium) to Design Minimalist Presentations


When you're preparing for your next Google slides presentation, where do you start? Hopefully not with a blank slate in the app. It's a waste of your time drawing everything on a blank canvas from scratch.

Google Slides themes are the best way to combat hours of needless design work. When you download Google Slides themes, you've got access to the work of expert graphic designers. They've already laid out all the key elements you need to bring your design to life.

Simple Google Slides theme
The Simple Google Slides template is the perfect way to build a great presentation.

Google Slides is a favorite presentation tool for minimalist slide designs. And it's even easier when you use templates that are professionally designed. Download a Google Slides theme, fill in the content placeholders, and you're on your way to the best presentation yet.

In this round-up, I'll show you the very best simple Google Slides themes. These designs are just waiting for you to use for your next presentation. 

The Best Source for Simple Google Slides Themes

Looking to kickstart building your Google Slides design? The best approach is always to use the work of others with minimal Google Slides themes.

When you use simple Google Slides themes, you peel away the clutter. Your audience hones in on your key points because they aren't distracted by the unnecessary elements on your slides. 

Of course, the main purpose of this tutorial is to show you the very best Google Slides designs. The best place to find them is on Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download service for creatives. A single subscription gives you access to unlimited Google Slides designs.

Envato Elements
Google Slides templates from Envato Elements are key to saving many hours of design work by providing you with dozens of pre-built slides.

Before we dive into the free section of this tutorial, I'll share my favorite simple Google Slides themes from Envato Elements. Consider springing for an Elements subscription to build your best Google Slides design yet. These top choices already have all the content blocks that you need to make your next design a success.

Also, it's worth noting that the same Elements subscription that unlocks minimal Google Slides themes includes other presentation assets. That includes stock photos, graphics, video footage, and more. If you're a frequenter presenter, you'll benefit from these extras.

If Envato Elements all-you-can-download Google Slides themes model isn't your style, make sure to check out GraphicRiver. This pay-as-you-go marketplace also has a great selection of modern Google Slides templates, but you only pay for what you use.

The Best Minimalist Google Slides Themes from Envato Elements (Premium)

Envato Elements has the deepest library of simple Google slides designs, so it helps to have a guide to them. Check out five of the best below!

Make sure to click the links below to download Google Slides themes that you can use for your next presentation.

1. SIMPLE Google Slides

SIMPLE Google Slides

Simple Google Slides themes have one thing in common—flexibility. That means they’re versatile enough to use for any type of presentation. This sleek, dark option from Elements is exactly that. Use it for your next project proposal, intro, or summary slide deck.

2. Montaen - Simple & Minimalist Google Slides Themes

Montaen simple Google Slides theme

Choosing a simple Google Slides design doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Montaen is a fashion-inspired, polished offering designed with you in mind. With 30 HD slides and a professional design, use it to dress up your presentation in a flash.

3. Onnet - Simple Google Slides Template

Onnet Simple Google Slides

No matter your subject, it’s key to select the perfect modern Google Slides template. Key elements include custom layouts, interchangeable colors, and plenty of content placeholders. You’ll find all of that and more in this minimalist theme.

4. Symplr : Minimal, Clean and Simple Google Slides

Symplr minimalist google slides theme

Grayscale tones emphasize your content, by fading slide elements into the background. Capture this focus with Symplr, one of the best Google Slides design options out there today. You’ll find plenty of space to share your images and videos throughout the deck.

5. LORA - Google Slides Template

LORA google slides thme

LORA is a fashion-forward Google Slides design that enables complete customization throughout. Explore over 70 slide designs, hundreds of unique icons, and completely customizable styles to make this presentation truly your own. All you've got to do is drop in your own content!

20 Free Simple Google Slides Themes

When your budget is zero, you need a totally free Google Slides design. Below, we've scoured the web for 20 of the best free Google Slides themes. Use these to design your next presentation at no cost at all.

1. Gower Presentation Template

Gower has everything you need to build a quick presentation. It includes custom maps and icons to help show off your global presence. It also has over two dozen custom layouts.

2. My Creative CV Presentation

Whether you’re making a career move, or presenting an academic assignment, sharing your CV is a must to establish your credentials. Selecting minimalist Google Slides themes like this one helps you do just that. You’ll find 14 included slides and over a thousand custom icons.

3. Organic Forms Presentation

Searching for a versatile and easy modern Google Slides template? Pause your search and dive into the Organic Forms theme. It includes everything you’ll need to build a stunning presentation on any topic.

4. Edgar Presentation Template

One trick to building successful presentations is to match your slides with your branding. The Edgar theme helps you do just that, with two dozen unique layouts and totally editable color palettes. 

5. Color Creative Presentation

Hello Creativity

Color Creative is a professionally built designer option. You’ll find a full range of pre-built layouts, including imagery, maps, charts, and more.

6. Minimal Charm

As you explore free minimalist Google Slides templates, it pays to focus on the type of presentation you’re delivering. Minimal Charm is a multi-purpose deck. Monochrome elements and custom graphics make this a fast, flexible option for your next design.

7. Cymbeline Presentation Template

Cymbeline offers a refined, modern look through circular designs. It helps you convey a sophisticated look for any message. Work through image and map placeholders to vividly bring your subjects to life.

8. Creative Magic

Successful presentation decks support your content in style. They eliminate the need for you to spend precious time designing slides one piece at a time. Creative Magic has a full array of slide designs and a clean, minimalist style.

9. York Presentation Template

This simple Google Slides design features the color blue. The brilliantly contrasting backgrounds make this slide deck easy for audiences to read and enjoy, even in large spaces.

10. Google Slides Themes UX Template

Google Slides Themes UX template

This modern Google Slides template includes all of the infographics and charts you’ll need to present data clearly. Plus, it’s built to support widescreen displays and projector screens.

11. Olivia Presentation Template

Featuring flashy orange colors and rocket graphics, has layouts and placeholders. Contemporary styling makes it look right at home among the leading professional slide decks.

12. Startup Inspiration Black Presentation

Simple Google Slides presentation themes often fit a certain mold: dark text, light backgrounds. But that doesn’t have to be the case, a point proven by this amazing template. Startup Inspiration overlays light text on a dark black background.

13. Minimal Mint Presentation

The Minimal Mint template has 30 diverse slide layouts and over a thousand custom icons. It features its namesake color: mint green.

14. Isabella Presentation Template

Abstract images bring calm and focus to any presentation. This modern design features several layouts. It also uses elegant typography.

15. SwissAmiss Minimal Google Slides Template

SwissAmiss Minimal Google Slides Template

The free slide designs in this minimal Google Slides theme embody the Swiss school of design. That means that it focuses on a "less is more" principle to put your content front and center. Punchy colors and bold typography combine to draw the audience's eye to the key presentation points.

16. Geometric Business Presentation

Big or small, any business can benefit from a simple Google Slides design. The Geometric Business theme dresses up your business data with a funky, modern vibe. It comes with 30 unique slides that are fully customizable to meet your needs.

17. Botanic Presentation

Botanic is among the few free minimalist Google Slides templates designed just for sharing data. It includes a full suite of infographics, charts, and maps, which will help you bring your numbers to life. The slide deck is presented with a series of attractive color palettes designed to be both appealing and functional.

18. Jacquenetta Presentation Template

Black-and-white graphics drive this free Google Slides theme. These binary color options make images stand out. They’re also easy to read from the back of a larger room. Plus, you won’t need color ink if you want to prepare printed copies of your next presentation.

19. Minima Free Google Slides Theme

Minima is an unbeatable choice for sharing images in a minimalist aesthetic. With 12 custom slides and complete customization options, creative choices are left up to you. You’ll even find device mockups to show off your website or app.

20. Nine Free Google Slides Theme

Nine Free Google Slides Themes

Last but not least, Nine has a no-frills, clean option for any kind of presentation. Nine supports your message by serving as a clean and simple slide deck to present content.

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Use a Simple Google Slides Theme Today

Google Slides is easy to use, and it's even easier when you start with pre-built premium Google Slides designs. Of course, if your budget is tight you can also download minimalist Google Slides themes free.

Whether you use a simple or minimalist Google Slides theme, keep in mind that there's a massive library of design resources that are just waiting for your customization.

So, what are you waiting for? Open a new browser tab, jump to Envato Elements or GraphicRiver to grab a template and then use Google Slides themes that match your style.

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