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20 Simple Resume Templates (Easy to Customize & Edit Quickly)


Submitting a resume might be the first step you take when applying for your dream job. Making an impression and getting noticed with a professional resume is so important to make sure you get a callback. 

A resume is really your ticket to get in the door and have the chance to interview. Most jobs will see far more applicants than can be hired for the open position, so you've got to rise to the top.

But making a resume isn't always that easy! You may not know what you need to put on the resume, how to explain your experience, or even how many personal details you should share. That's where job resume templates can really help bridge the gap.

Elements Resume Showcase
Envato Elements has a score of templates you can use to build a great-looking resume to make a strong first impression.

This round-up will showcase some of the best job resume templates. We're focusing on files that are not only good looking, but easy to customize with your own details. Each file has something different to offer, but the common thread is that it helps you skip the work of building a resume from scratch.

20 Simple Resume Templates

Let's take a look at 20 easy-to-use and professional resume templates that you can customize with your own details.

1. Resume Wendy - Clean and Colorful Simple Resume Template

Resume Wendy simple resume template

Wendy is good option whether you're applying for your first or fifth job. Don't miss out on the fact that it includes a cover letter template to let you connect with the reviewer on a more personal level.

Three important features that make Wendy a solid choice include:

  • Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word templates included
  • A4 & letter format sizes available as part of the download
  • Print-ready with CMYK color settings

2. Infographic Resume/CV Volume 3 - Results-Driven Resume Template

Infographic Resume CV Volume 3

Not every standard resume template consists of simple bullet points and paragraphs. Those Infographic Resume is a great example of using visualizations and graphics to show how qualified you are for the job.

I love the thought of using this resume for data-driven roles. Use the circle charts to show  your job experience, and the bar charts to show off your competence at certain skills. This is a beautiful and clean theme that's going to get you noticed.

3. Resume/CV - Swiss - Modern and Simple Resume

Resume CV Swiss

The Swiss Resume draws on a decidedly European sense of design with simple elements and new-age fonts. It certainly fits the criteria of being simple yet sharp enough to rise to the top of the pile.

This simple resume template has a sharp and clean structure that makes it supremely easy to read. Here are the key features why Swiss is worth a look for sure:

  • Template versions for Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Word
  • Switch between color schemes easily using the built-in swatches
  • Professionally print-ready thanks to a CMYK color setting and high-DPI settings
  • Uses free fonts so that you'll incur no extra costs to recreate the professional template
...this template is FANTASTIC! The readme/help file is beautifully designed and very helpful, and the designs are very cleanly made. - jmwatcher

4. broluthfi Resume - Clean Resume Template

broluthfi Resume clean resume template

Broluthfi's resume template is a great example of how resume templates can help you understand what you should include in your own resume when applying. The placeholders for education, work experience, and references are ready for you to drop your own details into.

This one even has a neat QR code placeholder, in case you want to send the viewer to a full website, making it the perfect choice for an application that calls for a portfolio.

5. Resume Brendon - Bold and Simple Easy Resume Template 

Resume Brendon easy resume template

The Brendon resume template is yet another choice worthy of checking out. I find it extremely easy-to-read, which will only help your chances that it will catch a reader's eye.

As an added bonus, you'll also find a matching-styled cover letter that you can use for a more personalized statement of why you're the right candidate for the current job. 

Here are a few other key features of this easy resume template:

  • Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word format templates included
  • CMYK color setting and 300 DPI means it's ready to print at your local print shop
  • Paragraph styles make it easy to insert and edit meaningful text

6. Professional Resume/CV - Complete Job Application Kit

Professional Resume CV

This kit is far more than your standard resume template! This has every document you need to put together a strong impression, complete with a cover letter, multiple resume layouts, and even a mini-portfolio to showcase your own details. 

Despite the pure number of template files included in this pack, it's still plenty easy to use. As always, you simply drop in your own details and tweak the starter file to include your personalized experience.

Includes InDesign, Photoshop, and Microsoft Word templates.

Very flexible to use. - barnisayz

7. FERNS Resume/CV + Cover Letter - Creative and Simple Resume Template

Ferns Resume CV simple resume template

Sometimes, you want a template that helps you step outside of the norm. The FERNS resume is the perfect choice for those who want to be remembered, as it has a graphic border that elegantly brackets your content. The clean and clear typography ensures that the reviewer will lock in on your details quickly.

This resume won't be right for every job posting, but it might be perfect for your next graphic design job application, web design resume submission, or anything in the creative field.

Key features of FERNS include:

  • U.S. and EU paper format template sizes included
  • Editable resume templates for Illustrator and Photoshop included
  • Free font files utilized
  • Print ready

8. Resume | Madison - Minimal and Simple Resume Look

Resume Madison

For Photoshop fans, Madison might be an ideal choice. It's easy to customize both the color palette and fonts used thanks in part to its easy layer organization.

Madison is another great choice because it includes so much in the package. The 3-pieces in this package includes a cover letter, resume, and even a portfolio page to showcase key work examples.

9. LeafLove Resume - Timeline Design Editable Resume Template

LeafLove Resume

A timeline is one of the best ways to tell your story. The LeafLove resume incorporates a slick timeline-based approach for listing off your past jobs and educational experience.

Connecting your experience and your past jobs to your next role is a great way to give the hiring manager a feel for your talents. Drop in your own experiences into this template.

The LeafLove template has many of the key features you should look for when downloading a resume template:

  • Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign starter files included
  • A4 and & US letter size templates for a variety of print formats
  • Entirely editable and customizable

10. Resume CV - Creative Minimalist Resume

Resume CV

Resume CV is another pack that really includes everything you need to put your best foot forward when applying for your next job. This stunning easy resume template makes great use of whitespace so that the reader will have an easy time focusing on your experiences.

  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Illustrator and Microsoft Word templates
  • Ready for print with high resolution and appropriate color settings
  • Free fonts utilized
  • Layered approach makes it easy to customize

11. Minimal Resume 01 - Ultra Minimalist Resume Template

Minimal Resume 01

Minimalism is popular in design for a reason. When design gets out of the way, the viewer is going to hone in on the content.

That's why this Minimal Resume template would be a great choice for your own application. This basic resume template cuts straight to the chase of showcasing your experience and credentials to grab the hiring manager's attention and get your foot in the door.

12. CV/Resume - Clean and Bold Resume

CV Resume clean and modern

This Photoshop-only template would be a perfect choice for fans of bold design and clean lines. The examples show just how easy it is to tweak the color scheme and add the experiences to land the job at hand.

This template combines many of the best features of other selections in this roundup. I love the timeline view to showcase experience, along with the minimalist and bold design scheme that can help you stand out.

13. X Clean Resume - Clean & Professional Job Resume

X Clean Resume

X Clean has a perfect splash of color to really light up the resume. With space for your education front and center, this resume might be the perfect choice for a fresh graduate competing for that first job.

This gave me a job at Google. Thank you! Awesome resume! - Alequise

14. Junior Resume / CV Template v2 - Beginner Job Resume

Junior Resume CV Template

The Junior Resume package is the perfect set of files for a situation we've all been in: applying for a first job. Instead of having many placeholders for multiple jobs, it focuses on more points for fewer jobs.

This pack helps you overcome one of the most intimidating parts of building a resume: helping you frame your experience for the job at hand.

Other key features include:

  • Template for Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word
  • Perfect resolution and color settings to send it straight to the local print shop
  • Free fonts utilized
  • Cover letter template included as an added bonus

15. Clean Resume Set - Personalized Resume Set

Clean Resume Set

If you like to include a headshot in your resume, this is the perfect template for you. I love the contrast in this design between the sidebar and the content in the main area of the template.

The Clean Resume Set features plenty of placeholders for your content, but manages to keep the design clean in the process. It's customizable in a variety of apps and really is sure to rise to the top of a resume stack.

  • Perfect for customizing in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Microsoft Word
  • Includes a robust portfolio option for showcasing your very best work
  • 2 resume templates, a cover letter template, and a portfolio building template

16. SCRESUME | Resume CV And Cover Letter Template - Descriptive

Scresume basic resume template

SCRESUME makes perfect use of contrast. While the sidebar of this resume highlights contact details, the center of the resume is easy to read for your experience and skills section.

This is a perfectly fitting choice for this roundup as the simplicity of the design leaves the hirer to focus on your credentials. Just type over the placeholder text and you'll have a resume built in no time.

An included four color schemes helps you use the style that fits your own personal touch.

17. Modern Resume Template - Graphical Resume Template

Modern Resume Template

This Modern Resume template certainly takes a different approach to presenting your experience, and that might be just what you need to get the job.

While other resumes have a timeline approach to showcasing your experience, this easy resume template really makes the timeline front and center. You'll also see a circle chart to show off your interests. It eschews written content for visual representations of your experience.

Use this easy resume template for creative ventures and jobs, as it's likely the hiring personnel will be more receptive to this type of resume:

  • Illustrator and Photoshop templates that are easy to customize
  • Several color and black and white themes ready for use
  • Free font choices means no extra downloads to make your resume look great

18. 2-Piece Pro Resume + Cover Letter - Editable Resume Template

2 Piece Pro Resume editable resume template

A cover letter can really help to set you apart from other candidates, and this pack includes the perfect template along with a clean and minimalist resume template. The two-piece pack has all of the needed elements to create the perfect resume in a single sitting.

I found this file very easy to tweak and update. Not only is it simple and minimal in design, it's a breeze to customize. Here's a complete list of features:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and Microsoft Word template files for easy updates in a variety of apps
  • Multiple color schemes and print sizes
  • Free fonts utilized

19. themedevisers Resume - Clean Resume Template 

themedevisers clean resume template

One of the best parts of this template is how easy it is to edit and update in Microsoft Word, along with Adobe apps like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

  • Multiple color versions of the resume give you design choices
  • High DPI, print-ready color makes it easy to prep for making physical copies
  • A breeze to edit in a variety of apps

20. Unionmedia Resume - Ultra Minimalist Resume Template

Unionmedia Resume

Rounding out this selection of great template files, Unionmedia's resume pack is a complete choice for creating a job resume from a simple resume template. It's a great example of how great a file can look even when it uses simple lines and typography.

This is a really deep resume package that includes close to 70 files for different parts of the application process. Here's what you can expect in Unionmedia's package:

  • Versions for Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Cover letter and resume templates included
  • Included icon pack for an extra visual touch
Nice resume and easy to make changes. - nanzoriginal

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Resume is Read

Here's a dirty secret when it comes to applying for most jobs: you'll need to make it through automated systems to even get a look. When you apply online, most websites use a system that screen jobs.

Have you ever applied for a job and gotten a near-instant rejection? Now you know why. It's likely that it never even was reviewed by a person and was instead filtered by an algorithm.

With that in mind, you've got to take steps to make sure that your resume is read. Let's learn some tips to make sure that happens.

1. Tailored Resumes Stand Out

Don't even think about developing just one resume and submitting it for each and every job you apply for. You need to tailor the resume for the specific job you're applying for.

If you've been working for some time, you likely have enough accomplishments and experience that you can choose from a list. Make sure that you read the job posting several times, and ensure that you write a resume that includes keywords and bullet points that address the positional needs.

There's nothing wrong with having multiple different resumes and using the best application for the position. In fact, it might be best to customize your supporting points for each and every resume.

2. Single Page Resumes Shine

For the actual resume, I highly recommend limiting the document to only a single page. While you may have many points and deep experience, remember that the reviewer may only review your application for a minute or less before deciding on interview candidates.

A dense, accomplishment-packed single page is going to trump a multiple page approach. It's all about focusing on the best points, so keep it succinct.

Learn more about creating a great resume:

3. Use a Simple Job Resume Template

It may seem obvious from the rest of this post, but I strongly believe in using a pre-built template like the ones in this roundup. Not only do they save time, they also look much better than Word's built-in templates, for example.

Simple Resume template
Using a template from this roundup can save you hours of design work that you can re-devote to the content on the resume.

Most importantly, saving time will free you up to spend more time on the resume points. When you remove the work involved with designing a resume, you'll find more time for the content that goes in the resume.

4. Make Your Achievements Measurable

Saying that you "cut costs" as a manager in your prior role won't be enough. Saying that you "achieved annual savings of $40,000, representing 10% of the annual operating budget" feels much more measured.

When you put hard data and statistics around your achievements, your accomplishments will really shine. Make sure that you quantify achievements whenever possible.

5. Don't Skip the Cover Letter

If you've got the option to write a cover letter, don't skip the opportunity.  A cover letter lets you give your application a more personal touch. Typically, a cover letter is attached directly in front of the resume, so consider 

When you're writing a cover letter, the focus should really be on why the current job is appealing to you. While a resume is often a bulleted list of accomplishments and achievements, cover letters are written in more of a prose style and are more personalized. That advantage can help you connect with the reader and land an interview.

Using Simple Professional Resume Templates

This roundup focused on simple resume templates that can be customized in a variety of apps. Any of these are the right choice when you're going for that big promotion or changing companies to further your career.

Find more resume templates with the all-you-can-download Envato Elements selection, or hand choose a specific resume template from GraphicRiver!

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