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What Is Ecwid? Your E-Commerce Store Quick Start Guide (2021 Review)

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Do you want to start an e-commerce store in 2021? Chances are that you're looking for feedback on the apps and tools you can use to launch your own online marketplace.

If you start searching for options, you're sure to find Ecwid reviews, featuring one of the best and easiest-to-use options. If you're wondering "what does Ecwid do?" then you're in the right place.

What is EcwidWhat is EcwidWhat is Ecwid

If you're ready to launch your store, Ecwid is the perfect choice. In this article, we're going to do an Ecwid review and show you five of the top features. You'll see that Ecwid is the best of both worlds: easy to start using, with unlimited potential to grow your e-commerce site.

What Is An Ecwid Store?

If you're wondering, "what is an Ecwid store?" then it helps to understand what it used to look like to build an e-commerce shop. Selling online hasn't always been this easy.

It wasn't that long ago that setting up an e-commerce store was overwhelming. You had to scour the web for plugins, apps, and tools that helped you sell simple products.

Now, things are different. Robust e-commerce platforms like Ecwid give you the infrastructure that you need to run your own shop. And it doesn't mean learning how to program a site of your own. You don't have to worry about hosting, maintaining, and troubleshooting your e-commerce shop.

Start selling website Ecwid reviewsStart selling website Ecwid reviewsStart selling website Ecwid reviews
Use Ecwid as a complete platform for sales online.

When you're learning about Ecwid, you might wonder what the process to start a shop includes. You'll sign up for the platform for free, add your products, choose a theme, and you're ready to start. You can focus on your passion for the products instead of learning how to build a website on your own.

What does Ecwid do? It simplifies the entire process of running an e-commerce shop for you. You'll never have to write a line of code or setup all of the tools on your own. Ecwid reviews make it clear that this is a top option for starting a store online.

Why You'll Love Ecwid: Review of the 5 Top Features

If you're exploring e-commerce solutions, it helps to have reviews to make an informed decision. In our contribution to the world of Ecwid reviews, we're going to focus on its unique points. These are the features that show you all about Ecwid and what sets it apart.

If you want to learn about Ecwid, you're in the right place. What does Ecwid do? Well, read on to see the top features that Ecwid offers.

1. A Free Plan (Not Just a Free Trial)

The costs of starting an e-commerce marketplace can add up quickly. Designing products, building inventory, and starting your marketing plans are part of a successful launch, but they aren't free.

So, what if you could avoid the cost of spending on an e-commerce platform? Thanks to Ecwid's free plan, you can do exactly that. You won't have to worry about Ecwid cutting into your budget. That frees up more to spend on promoting your product and marketing online.

What is Ecwid store's top feature? In our opinion, it's the way that it helps you save money.

Ecwid free online storeEcwid free online storeEcwid free online store
Ecwid includes a forever free plan to help you start your store with no risk.

What does Ecwid do in its the free option? Make no mistake: Ecwid's free plan isn't just a free trial. It's a fully-featured plan that has everything you need to develop your e-commerce shop. You won't suddenly run out of time and need to upgrade. Lean on the forever free plan to help you balance cost while growing your shop.

It takes time to start an e-commerce shop. Most platforms charge you to start setting up, meaning that you'll incur cost before you can even make a sale. A free plan gives you the freedom to perfect your shop while you're growing.

2. Ecwid Instant Site

Speed is one of the strongest features mentioned in Ecwid reviews. That's not surprising since Ecwid Instant Site is the fastest way to create an e-commerce shop. Even if you're a brand new online shopkeeper, you can get up and running in minutes, not days.

If you're doing something for the first time, it certainly helps to have a guide. That means leaning on expertise and following steps that set you up for success. That's exactly what Ecwid Instant Site offers: a point, click, and repeat approach that helps you build out your site.

Ecwid instant walkthroughEcwid instant walkthroughEcwid instant walkthrough
With Ecwid Instant Site, you can launch your site with the help of a digital guide in less time than you ever thought possible.

Before Ecwid, you might have spent your time Googling all over the web to find components to stitch together into a semi-working site. You might even find yourself buried in coding tutorials, trying to build a site from the bottom up.

Instant Site is part of the free plan that you've already seen above. You don't have to pay for site hosting, maintenance, or setup fees that you're likely accustomed to. It's simply the fastest way to take your e-commerce idea and turn it into a working store.

What is Ecwid store's setup time? With the help of Instant Site, we set up a fully functional test shop in under an hour. That even includes the time it took to add a custom theme!

Time is money. If it takes you longer to launch your site, it's only going to delay growing your business and serving customers. Instant Site reduces the time involved with building your e-commerce site so that you can stop dreaming, and start selling.

3. A Storefront For Every Platform

When you think of launching your own e-commerce app, you're probably thinking of starting a website with a URL attached to it. Ecwid certainly helps you do that, but remember that e-commerce happens all across the web. That includes social platforms, too!

More than ever, consumers use social platforms to gather information, review products, and make purchases. Social networks like Facebook and now Instagram enable purchasing directly within their apps.

Ecwid sell on instagramEcwid sell on instagramEcwid sell on instagram
Ecwid gives you the freedom to sell across multiple platforms, like Instagram.

When you choose Ecwid to run your e-commerce shop, you get so much more than a single web-based storefront. Check out these social integrations to sell across every platform:

  • Amazon - ready to tap into the massive potential of Amazon? Ecwid has you covered. You can sync your product catalog to your Amazon account and immediately start to sell.
  • Instagram - scrolling through the feed, users of the 'Gram are only a few taps away from making an impulse purchase. Make sure that you give the over 1 billion monthly active users an opportunity to shop with you.
  • Google Shopping - if you've seen the sponsored product posts on Google when you search, you know that it's the fastest way to jump to a purchasing decision. Use Ecwid to create clickable listings and ads on Google's network.
  • Facebook Store - so much more than a social network, Facebook is a powerful network to sell on. With the help of Ecwid, you can tap into the massive network of Facebook users to market, promote, and sell your products to them.
  • Snapchat - this platform is the largest for users under the age of 24. If your target customer fits the bill, you'll benefit from Ecwid's connection to market, sell, and promote to Snapchat users.

Even though Ecwid lets you launch a store on every social platform and sales channel, it all links back to your store on the Ecwid platform. That means that inventory management, tracking your sales, and monitoring your results doesn't get more complicated when you expand.

Meet your customer base where they're at, on the apps and platforms they love. Why leave any channel untapped? With the help of Ecwid shops, you can instantly create shops that far outgrow your website. Ecwid truly gives you the freedom to sell everywhere.

4. Launch Your Own Shop App

If you're looking to build a totally branded shopping experience, Ecwid has a unique feature that you'll love.

Instead of trusting that your users will type in your URL and visit your shop in a browser, try giving them a totally customized, branded app on their mobile device. It keeps the possibility of making a sale only a single tap away.

You don't have to be an app developer to use this feature. Instead of writing code and building an app, Ecwid's ShopApp feature helps you create mobile apps for both iOS and Android with no programming skills needed.

Ecwid shopappEcwid shopappEcwid shopapp
Use Ecwid's ShopApp functionality to launch a branded app that lives on your users' home screen.

When you roll out your app, you give your fans a chance to make spontaneous purchases. Holding a spot on your users' home screen means that you're only a tap away from the next sale. Even if you're a one person shop, your customers will feel like they're getting the same experience they expect from major retailers.

Is Ecwid any good for building your own app, with no code required? Absolutely. Make sure to use the ShopApp feature so that your site lives on mobile users' home screen, making your next sale only a tap away.

5. A Complete Platform For Commerce

When you're evaluating e-commerce platform options, you might be asking, "what does Ecwid do?" What parts of your e-commerce efforts can it handle, and what other tools will you need to succeed?

Of course, Ecwid gives you the best of both worlds by helping you plug into established, powerful providers. You probably depend on common carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx for shipping. Instead of reinventing the wheel by coding a shipping calculator, just turn them on in Ecwid.

There's plenty of power built into Ecwid. Don't miss out on these Ecwid features as part of the complete package, such as:

  • Mobile apps - to monitor, manage, and analyze your business even while on the go.
  • Point of sale - if your shop also operates face-to-face, you likely use a point-of-sale system to make sales and take payments in person. Ecwid connects to these platforms to keep your sales in a single place.
  • Live chat - your customers need support. Sometimes, a question is all that stands in the way of a sale. Use Ecwid's live chat with Facebook Messenger to address questions and make more sales.
  • Inventory management - to monitor your stock levels and plan re-orders to keep your sales funnel moving.
Ecwid complete platformEcwid complete platformEcwid complete platform
Ecwid even includes apps to manage your e-commerce empire from your mobile device.

This is why Ecwid is so powerful. It has most of the features you need built-in, then it connects to outside apps that handle complex processes. Another great example is payments, where you can take advantage of PayPal, Square, Stripe, and other processors with no extra setup.

Ecwid app marketEcwid app marketEcwid app market
The Ecwid App Market extends Ecwid's usability by tapping into other platforms.

If Ecwid is missing something specific that you need, there's a complete App Market. Each of these apps help you to add even more features for special purpose setups. Search Ecwid's App market for examples.

With the help of Ecwid, you can stop jumping between multiple tools and apps to operate your e-commerce enterprise. Trust it as the hub of your online sales and plug in any extra features you need, thanks to the App Market.

Start Using Ecwid 

Is Ecwid any good? Well, you've seen just five of the features that make us say "absolutely!" Ecwid reviews cite these features as options that set it apart from the crowd, and make it the perfect choice for launching your e-commerce shop. 

If you're ready to start your e-commerce shop, then Ecwid is a no-risk way to do it thanks to the free plan. And don't forget, you've seen in Ecwid reviews like this one that it has everything you need inside of one convenient platform. Start using Ecwid today to open your storefront online.

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