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What Is Microsoft Copilot? (Microsoft Office AI 2023)

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Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't just the wave of the future. It’s already here, transforming our life and work. Microsoft artificial intelligence is coming to top productivity apps with Microsoft Copilot.

Intro Microsoft CopilotIntro Microsoft CopilotIntro Microsoft Copilot
Artificial intelligence from Microsoft will shape AI Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint features.

The new Copilot AI platform will soon transform how we work in Microsoft 365.  Imagine a future with AI Word, PowerPoint, and more. Your favorite Office apps will be connected and driven by AI technology. This will streamline your workflow, elevating your output in both quality and volume. 

To better explore Microsoft AI and the new Copilot suite, we’ll explore what it'll do for you in some of the most popular Microsoft 365 apps. Of course, artificial intelligence in Microsoft will continue to evolve. But there's plenty to be excited about in Microsoft AI in 2023 and beyond.

What Is Microsoft Copilot?

So, what is Microsoft Copilot AI? Announced in March 2023, think of it as an AI-powered assistant for Microsoft 365 users. It’s meant to assist you with the everyday work of generating PowerPoint decks, Word documents, Outlook emails, and more. 

Windows Copilot is built around the powerful GPT-4 AI platform from OpenAI. Microsoft recently invested in OpenAI, and we’re already seeing the results emerge with Microsoft Copilot AI. In turn, it links with Microsoft Graph, an API platform that connects developers with Office apps. 

Microsfot AI copilot imageMicrosfot AI copilot imageMicrosfot AI copilot image
Microsoft Copilot brings artificial intelligence to the Microsoft 365 app suite. (Image source: Microsoft.)

In full form, Copilot AI will exist in all your favorite Office apps, accessible with a handy sidebar. Copilot is a smart chatbot that performs tasks, summons details, collects information, and more. 

The vision for Copilot has it working in every single Microsoft 365 app. And it'll be able to collaborate across apps. For example, when Copilot arrives to users, you could ask it to read one of your Word documents. Then, you could have it create a PowerPoint slide deck based on the contents. There are countless possible combinations that you can use to work smarter, faster. 

Copilot isn't released yet, but we'll use this article to share what we know and help imagine how this transforms work in top productivity apps. You're sure to spark thinking about the mundane tasks that you'll soon hand off to Microsoft Copilot.

Copilot for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Copilot for Word can help you edit and refine documents in new and creative ways. It’s actually able to do your writing for you. With a few initial prompts, Word AI will draft documents for you. From there, you can make the usual edits and changes that you want, thanks to Word’s existing built-in editing features. 

Artificial intelligence for Microsoft Word also helps you work smarter with existing content in Word. For example, you may have a section of text that you want to edit or shorten for clarity. Easy! Ask Copilot, and it'll rewrite existing text so that it’s clearer and more concise. 

Microsoft AIMicrosoft AIMicrosoft AI
AI Word can draft documents for you with smart inputs. (Image source: Microsoft.)

Similarly, you can use Copilot to summarize full-length documents in shorter form. Think of the potential here. If you’re asked to generate an executive summary fast, assign the task to Copilot. Even with dozens of pages, you’ll have a quick overview in a few moments.

AI WordAI WordAI Word
Make smart changes to your documents with Word AI. (Image source: Microsoft.)

And as mentioned, you can use Copilot for Word to create other Microsoft 365 outputs based on your documents. Imagine that you've got a written business plan in Word. Need slides to support it? With Word for Windows Copilot, you can have slides built for you quickly.

Copilot for Microsoft PowerPoint

Let’s face it: most of us don’t really enjoy building PowerPoint slides. And even if you do, we’re often faced with making slide decks on a time crunch. Why not let the power of artificial intelligence in Microsoft do the work for you? With Copilot, you soon can.

PowerPoint Copilot will be the ultimate sidekick for presentation design. With it, you can take a written summary outline and have a PPT slide deck built from it automatically. What’s more - you won’t be stuck using the finished result. Thanks to existing features and the power of Copilot, you can transform the initial results in a few moments.

Copilot AI Copilot AI Copilot AI
With Copilot AI, you can transform Word documents and other files into slide decks. (Image source: Microsoft.)

For example, you can ask Copilot to use a “portfolio” stye if you’re sharing images. Or you can ask it to build animations and transitions for you. Plus, it’s an amazing way to keep your design styling consistent. That’s especially useful if you often build presentations for your brand, or for the same client. 

With Copilot, you can request designs that are based on other prior slide decks, Word documents, and more. It’s a quick and easy way to preserve a consistent look and feel for your Microsoft PowerPoint slides in 2023.

Copilot for Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the world’s leading spreadsheet tool. In fact, it’s one of the best and most popular ways to collect and analyze data. But until now, Excel has fundamentally been a numerical tool. Thanks to Microsoft artificial intelligence, that’s about to transform. 

With AI Microsoft Copilot for Excel, you can analyze your data with text-based inputs. It really makes Excel into an intuitive tool to share results. You won’t need to come up with formulas or tables on your own. Instead, you can ask written questions through Copilot about your data and have results displayed for you.

For example, you can conduct scenario planning based on the data you've got available. Or you can ask for summarized answers to data-driven questions.

Microsoft Artificial intelligenceMicrosoft Artificial intelligenceMicrosoft Artificial intelligence
Type in natural language inputs, and Copilot can analyze your Excel data for you. (Image source: Microsoft.)

You can also request charts and tables from a given set of data. Even Excel “power users” can benefit from this. It’s easy to waste a lot of time trying to figure out just how to create visuals from a dataset. With Copilot in Microsoft Excel, the guesswork is gone. You’ll have ready-made stunning results as soon as you type in your input.

Copilot for Microsoft Outlook

Many of us spend hours each week drafting and replying to emails. Even with diligent management, it’s easy for your Outlook email inbox to fill up with an endless barrage of messages. AI Microsoft with Copilot aims to change this for you.

Copilot can both write emails for you, and help you manage the volume of messages already in your inbox. For example, it'll have the ability to read messages as they come in and suggest replies for you. (Of course, you’ll maintain the ability to make edits and changes before sending them!)

What’s more, Copilot aims to better manage what is often the most complex part of inbox management: actions. With its smart study of your inbox, Copilot can suggest action items for you based on the contents of your messages.

Microsoft CopilotMicrosoft CopilotMicrosoft Copilot
With AI Microsoft for Outlook, your emails can be written for you. (Image source: Microsoft.)

Did someone invite you to lunch next Wednesday? You can instantly have a calendar item for it. Is someone asking to meet later today? You’ll see a calendar item that you can add in Outlook.

Copilot for Outlook will also help you work smarter with others. That’s another key benefit of Windows Copilot AI Microsoft. For example, it can suggest who you might want to copy on an email. That helps you ensure that you'll work more efficiently.

And it can quickly study the calendars of others to devise a meeting time that works for your entire global team. Truly, it'll transform email management in 2023 and beyond. That’s due to the power of the Microsoft artificial intelligence Copilot AI.

Copilot for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is another Microsoft 365 app that'll benefit from Copilot. Used for meetings, chats, and calls, Teams can often bombard us with endless messages. Copilot aims to make this more manageable. 

Arrive a few minutes late to a Teams meeting? No sweat. Copilot can provide summarized insights of what you’ve missed. Plus, it’s able to transcribe entire meetings. This way, you can create a shareable transcript of a lengthy meeting. It's doable without investing the time and effort to manually transcribe your recordings.

Artificial intelligence MicrosoftArtificial intelligence MicrosoftArtificial intelligence Microsoft
Copilot AI for Teams delivers smart insights from your meetings and calls. (Image source: Microsoft.)

Copilot can also help you follow up on action items that come out of Teams meetings. For example, it can suggest key members of your team to follow up on specific items. Or it can recommend the best time to reconnect on tasks based on calendar availability and task duration. 

Another great advantage of Windows Copilot Teams is the ability to have questions answered for you. It can perform a smart analysis of an ongoing conversation and deliver key insights that matter to you. It’s perfect to refer to later. Or you can lean on this feature if you've got to miss a Teams meeting or call. 

Microsoft Copilot for Teams also streamlines the app itself. Thanks to smart Microsoft AI task management, the entire Teams app will run more quickly and efficiently.

The Best Source for Premium PowerPoint Templates (With Unlimited Downloads 2023)

Whenever you work with Microsoft Copilot, you’ll want to ensure that you've got a great starting point. Premium templates from Envato Elements are exactly that. With thousands of PowerPoint presentation templates to choose from, you just can’t afford to miss out. 

Elements packs an unbeatable offer: unlimited downloads. For a flat monthly rate, you can download and use as many premium PPT templates as you want. And that isn’t all. Elements also includes millions of other digital assets - fonts, stock photos, music, and more. All are included in your monthly membership.

Premium templates offer unmatched flexibility. But they really stand out for their versatility. With a premium design, you can simply drop in your own content. But you’ll never sacrifice creative flexibility. With PowerPoint’s built-in features, you can make as many edits as you need to arrive at the perfect design.

Elements Microsoft artificial intelligenceElements Microsoft artificial intelligenceElements Microsoft artificial intelligence
Elements offers unlimited downloads of PowerPoint premium templates that work with Copilot AI.

Premium templates work great with Microsoft AI. Use a template and leverage AI for the very fastest work. Choose premium templates and you’ll enjoy:

  • Stylish designs. With layouts built by creative experts, you’ll enjoy stunning designs that you and your audience will both appreciate.
  • Easy-to-use features. Drag-and-drop placeholders make the process of presentation design effortless. 
  • Design inspiration. With pre-built layouts, you’ll know just what to share. It helps you deliver content to your audience in creative, unique ways. 

What do templates and Microsoft Copilot AI features have in common? They save you time and help you do more. They're a perfect match.

As you can see, Envato Elements is the best value for creatives in 2023 and beyond. Join today and find your favorite templates and other digital assets.

Now You Understand Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Features

Microsoft AI is the wave of the future. It'll soon transform how we work in Microsoft 365. Gone are the days of performing all our work tasks manually. With AI Microsoft, many of these things will be handled automatically.

Need an email drafted? Trying to build a quick slide deck? Need to skim the highlights from a wordy document? Microsoft Copilot is primed to do all that, and so much more. Think of it as your smart assistant, helping you work smarter without working harder.

Pair Microsoft AI with an Envato Elements template to create the best possible documents and presentations. 

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