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50+ Professional Resume & CV Templates

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Is landing yourself an awesome job on your New Year’s Resolution list this year? If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place! 

These design-forward, professional resume, CV and cover letter templates will help you to stand out from the crowd and display your credentials in style. From minimal, modern layouts to more creative designs, you’re sure to find something that fits your personality and the role you’re aiming for. 

Resume templates are great value, super easy to edit and already set up for printing or attaching to emails—they’re the perfect choice for when you need a great-looking resume pronto!

If you’ve got the time to create your own resume from scratch, check out this guide to creating the perfect design.

Browse even more resume templates on GraphicRiver, or find a special CV or cover letter template on Envato Elements

1. Clean and Minimal Template

A stripped-back design allows your credentials to shine, and has a calming effect on the eye too. If you know your future employer has a thing for minimalism, this elegant resume will be a safe pick.

clean resumeclean resumeclean resume
Clean and minimal resume template

2. Rethink Pastels

Pastel colors have enjoyed a modern resurgence in design and present a calming alternative to harsh black or punchy brights. This subtle resume whispers rather than shouts. For discerning employers, this will communicate to them that you are a calming influence and a true team-player.  

pastel resumepastel resumepastel resume
Pastel resume template

3. Yellow and Black Template

Yellow and black is a punchy color combination that can’t be ignored. The color pairing’s association with traditionally masculine industries like building and technology make it a good choice for a company with an assertive team dynamic. This resume template is a great choice for getting noticed.

yellow resumeyellow resumeyellow resume
Yellow and black resume template

4. Three-Piece Resume

Pull together your application into a smart three-piece resume, with a cover letter, portfolio page, and resume. Continuing the same formatting, color palette and brand style across your application will make it look ultra-professional. 

three piece resumethree piece resumethree piece resume
Three-piece resume template

5. Ultra-Minimal Resume

Give your resume a smart, vintage-inspired look with subtle framing around your name and around the border of the page. For more formal roles, this CV template is the perfect choice. 

minimal resumeminimal resumeminimal resume
Ultra-minimal resume template

6. Hexagon Resume

With the trend for all things poly only growing this year, digital-inspired shapes are a sure-fire way to prove you know your design trends. This stylish hexagon-style resume template is a subtle take on the trend, and would be a good choice for applying to a forward-looking design or branding agency. 

hexagon resumehexagon resumehexagon resume
Hexagon resume template

7. Fashion Resume

Looking to move into the world of fashion or retail? This resume template is perfectly suited to applications which need a super-stylish, fashion-forward look, but could be easily adapted to other creative industries too.

fashion resumefashion resumefashion resume
Fashion Resume Template

8. Minimalist CV

Applying for a role with a technology firm? This minimal template in a tech-friendly palette of black and blue and with clean sans serifs will make a lasting impression on computer-savvy employers. 

minimalist resumeminimalist resumeminimalist resume
Minimalist resume template

9. Infographic Resume

Infographics are a unique and on-trend way to present your qualifications and skills. They have the added benefit of being memorable, and the easy-to-read design makes it simple to share with colleagues in discussions about candidates. 

infographic resumeinfographic resumeinfographic resume
Infographic resume and CV template

10. Simple Resume

Sometimes a simple, pared-back design can feel completely refreshing, and will help you look especially grown-up and sophisticated, the perfect message to send out for roles where you’ll be heading up teams or need to be highly organized. This classic resume template allows you to place a black-and-white photo and infographic elements, without compromising on white space. 

simple resumesimple resumesimple resume
Simple and classic resume template

11. Striped Spine Resume

The sporty stripe racing along the spine of this resume template adds a design-forward touch to an otherwise simple layout. We think this would be perfect for applying for a magazine or start-up role.

striped resumestriped resumestriped resume
Striped spine resume template

12. Swiss Style Resume

This stylish resume template takes inspiration from the celebrated Swiss school of style, which championed minimal sans serif typefaces and simple grid layouts. This would be a great choice for applying for a graphic or print design role. 

swiss resumeswiss resumeswiss resume
Swiss-style resume template

13. Clean Resume

If bright color and zingy graphics aren’t your thing, this pared-back resume with just a wash of dove grey across the header might be just what the doctor ordered. Split into a two-column grid, this is an elegant style which prioritises legibility and clarity, which makes it perfect for formal roles.

clean resumeclean resumeclean resume
Clean resume template

14. Typographic Resume

Snazzy typography is a great way to catch and hold an employer’s attention while keeping the style looking sophisticated. This serif-heavy template would make a perfect match for a publishing or magazine role. 

Typographic CV template

15. Border Template

A colored border* is a lovely way of injecting a bit of personality into your resume, and the color can easily be adjusted according to the employer you’re applying to. 

* A word of warning if you have your heart set on a bordered layout—be sure to take these to your local print shop to print, to make sure the page edges are trimmed to perfection.

border templateborder templateborder template
Colored border resume template

16. Column Resume

A single page can sometimes feel restrictive when it comes to designing your resume. This cleverly columned template maximises space for information without feeling crowded, and the shaded column prioritises key information, like your bio and contact details. 

column templatecolumn templatecolumn template
Column resume template

17. Photo Header Resume

A photo header is a modern way of showcasing your style and interests in your resume. Use a beloved travel photo or a portfolio piece to fill the space behind your name. Keep your photo chic with this greyscale resume template, which mixes up infographic elements to create a dynamic, memorable layout.

photo headerphoto headerphoto header
Photo header resume template

18. Resume Bundle

Applying for a range of different roles at different companies? A resume bundle is a great-value way to mix up the style of your resume and adapt it for different applications. This 3 in 1 bundle is a super-stylish pick. 

resume bundleresume bundleresume bundle
3 in 1 resume template bundle

19. Full-Photo Resume

A photo is a great way of breaking the ice with your resume—even if you’re not physically there, your employer will be able to assess your glowing personality! This resume template allows room for a taller picture and would be a good fit for informal, start-up roles where the employer’s looking for great personality as well as fantastic skills. 

full photo resumefull photo resumefull photo resume
Full-photo resume template

20. Icon Resume

This app-inspired CV template uses a bold color combination and quirky line-drawn icons to create a tech-forward style. Perfect for tech start-ups or web design roles, this is a great way of showing your interest in digital design. 

icon resumeicon resumeicon resume
App-inspired resume template

21. Centered Resume

Centering the elements on your resume along a central spine can create an extremely elegant look. This CV template does just that, and the overall result is calming and stylish. 

Centered CV template

22. Pink and Black Resume

You needn’t shy away from using color on your resume. A bold choice of color can really set you apart from the competition and help influence the mood of the reader. This black and pale pink combination feels refreshing and chic, and would make a great choice for fashion or magazine roles.

pink and blackpink and blackpink and black
Pink and black resume template

23. Black and Blue Resume

Looking for a punchier color pairing? This black and blue column template has a more tech-forward, slightly masculine feel which looks assertive and commanding—perfect for leadership roles.

black and blueblack and blueblack and blue
Black and blue column template

24. Logo Resume

Creating your own personal brand is a fantastic way to get noticed by an employer and will win extra brownie points from brand-savvy firms, like ad agencies or marketing companies. This resume template does the hard work for you, setting your initials in a logo-like icon, and setting your name in a stylish serif typeface. Switch up the color if you like, and see the job offers flood in. 

logo resumelogo resumelogo resume
Logo resume template

25. Black and Gold Resume

Up the luxe factor with this super-stylish black and gold CV template. A perfect pick for retail or marketing roles, this is a subtle way of communicating your eye for style to your future employer.

black and goldblack and goldblack and gold
Black and gold resume template

26. Elegant Pastel Resume

This mint-green beauty is stylish and calming, with a quirky boxy grid that helps to prioritize key information. The mint and black color combination feels at once both modern and a bit retro, which design agencies and hip start-ups will love. 

pastel resumepastel resumepastel resume
Elegant pastel resume template

27. Ribbon Resume

Combine a photo with your name in a memorable way with this well-balanced resume template. The ribbon cuts across the top corner of the page, making your name the focus of the layout. Perfect for standing out in a competitive application process. 

ribbon resumeribbon resumeribbon resume
Ribbon header resume template

28. Drawn Frames Resume

Applying for a designer or illustrator role? This quirky CV template is a great pick for creatives looking for something a little different. The drawn frames style hints at your artistic credentials, and looks elegant and beautifully simple too. 

drawn framesdrawn framesdrawn frames
Drawn frames resume template

29. Column Resume Set

A punchy column layout is a great way of maximizing space on your resume page, and makes your contact details easy to retrieve at short notice—absolutely essential for a busy interviewer! This blue column template is simple and stylish and would work for a range of roles and industries.

column resumecolumn resumecolumn resume
Column resume template set

30. Striped Border Resume

There’s more than a whiff of Art Deco about this geometric resume template. An elegant border skirts around the page, and we love the simple line dividers which bring a distinctly luxurious edge to the design. 

striped borderstriped borderstriped border
Striped border resume template

31. Landscape Photo Resume

Applying for a photography or design job? This photo header template is a completely unique way to present one of your treasured portfolio images in the resume itself. The subtle color wash prevents the photo from distracting the reader from your credentials below. 

landscape photolandscape photolandscape photo
Landscape photo resume template

32. Minimal Resume and Cover Letter

A minuscule splash of stylish color is all this minimal resume template needs to lift it into supremely stylish territory. We love how the cover letter and resume layouts complement each other, making for a minimal pairing that would impress any design-forward employer.

minimal templateminimal templateminimal template
Minimal resume and cover letter template

33. Navy Column Resume

This punchy CV template is attention-grabbing and on-trend, with its navy and neon color pairing. A great choice for more team-focussed or people-facing roles, this resume will really help showcase your personality. 

navy column resumenavy column resumenavy column resume
Navy column resume template

34. Dark Infographic Resume

Looking to really impress your dream web design agency? This branded collection of resume and stationery items has a dark and striking look which wouldn’t look out of place in the tech world. We love the way infographics and app-inspired elements are woven into the design. 

tech resumetech resumetech resume
Dark infographic resume template

35. Dripping Header Template

This resume template has a completely unique style with its ‘dripping’ tab showcasing your photo and name. The remainder of the layout is stylishly pared back to keep the design looking elegant. 

dripping headerdripping headerdripping header
Dripping header CV and cover letter template

36. Triangle Corner Resume

It can be tricky to think of new and more inventive ways to present a profile photo on your resume, but this triangle-corner layout presents a stylish solution. With an otherwise professional style, this resume template would suit management and other formal roles.

traingle cornertraingle cornertraingle corner
Triangle corner resume template

37. Overlap Frame Resume

This optical-illusion resume gets playful with the usual two-column grid layout and makes a feature of an overlapping header. Drawing attention to your photo and name is no bad thing if you want to leave a lasting impression. 

overlap resumeoverlap resumeoverlap resume
Overlap frame resume template

38. Black and White Photo Template

Scared of a photo looking, well, a bit tacky on your resume? Up the chic factor with this black-and-white photo template, which will make your portrait look elegant and subtle. 

photo templatephoto templatephoto template
Black and white photo resume template

39. Simple Logo Resume

Make your name unforgettable and build a personal brand in the process with this logo-centric resume template. In stylish, failsafe monochrome, this template would work equally well for casual and more formal roles across a range of industries.

logo resumelogo resumelogo resume
Simple logo resume template

40. Colored Column Resume

This two-column layout has a simple yet youthful style which can be easily adapted to any role or industry. A great basic style if you don’t want something too formal or overly trendy. 

column resumecolumn resumecolumn resume
Colored column CV template

41. Red and Navy Resume

Red and navy blue is such a classic color combination and it looks just as good here on a resume template. Going for a solid colored resume can feel like a risk, but when the layout is as minimal and beautifully laid out as this, the risk is well worth taking!

red navy resumered navy resumered navy resume
Red and navy resume template

42. Modern, Clean Resume

If you’re applying for a job in app or web design, this tech-inspired CV layout will showcase your affection for digital design. With a clean, contemporary look and minimal color, this is a simple style that will present your details in ultra-legible fashion.

modern resumemodern resumemodern resume
Modern, clean resume template

43. Flat Design Resume

Flat design is still a hot trend in graphics this year, and it also happens to be an exceptionally clear and legible way of presenting information. This fun, illustrated resume template gives your credentials a flat design makeover, and allows you to present your skills and job history in a more dynamic, engaging way.

flat design resumeflat design resumeflat design resume
Flat design CV template

44. Infographic Resume

Show off your credentials in style with this infographic-style layout. This punchy resume template will make your case for tech and data-focussed roles, and will help your resume to stand out from the text-heavy majority.

Infographics resume and cover letter template

45. Lettering Resume

Fed up of conventional serifs and modernist sans? Shake up the traditional resume format with this fun lettering template. The hip font sure isn’t dull, and will help make your resume to be particularly memorable. 

lettering resumelettering resumelettering resume
Lettering script resume and cover letter template

46. Minimal Cross Resume

This ultra-minimal resume template takes inspiration from the Swiss style and blends it with infographic touches to create a CV that feels crisp and contemporary. Not sure what to send off to that ultra-hip design agency? This is the layout to send off with confidence.

minimal resumeminimal resumeminimal resume
Minimal cross resume template

47. Typographic Resume

Selecting a typeface to use on your resume can speak volumes about your personality and taste. Opt for a classic italic serif like the one used in this stylish template, and design-savvy employers will want to take you to the interview round pronto. 

typographic cvtypographic cvtypographic cv
Typographic resume and cover letter template

48. Blue Border Resume

The subtle skinny border tracing the trim edge of this contemporary CV template is a subtle design touch that is worth the effort for applications to creative agencies. Make sure to have your CV professionally printed and expertly trimmed to make the most of the border design.

border cvborder cvborder cv
Blue border CV template

49. Chunky Column Template

We love the chunky, solid feel of this column template. Extending the column just short of the top and bottom trim edge gives the layout a more spaced-out look, helping the design to breathe.

column cvcolumn cvcolumn cv
Chunky column resume template

50. Photo Header Resume

Make sure you don’t go unnoticed in the interviewer’s office with this full-width photo template. This is a stylish and different way to present a portrait photo, which really enhances the whole layout. 

photo headerphoto headerphoto header
Photo header resume template

51. Three-Tier Resume

This super-stylish resume is my personal favorite, and would be sure to delight any employer! The subtle graduated style helps stagger information and creates a sense of hierarchy on the page. Team it with a beautifully-designed cover letter and portfolio page and you’re onto a winner.

three tier resumethree tier resumethree tier resume
Three tier resume template

52. Foldable Grid Resume Template

Show off your appreciation of a fantastic grid layout with this boxy CV template. Stylishly divided up, and adaptable to a foldable brochure format, this is a clean and modern resume with a twist. 

grid resume templategrid resume templategrid resume template
Foldable grid resume template


Start 2017 with a bang by applying for your ideal job at that dream company! A beautifully designed resume with the right balance of style and substance will help to set your application apart and secure that interview. 

If you still haven't found your perfect resume or CV template in our edit above, you can discover even more amazing Photoshop, Word and InDesign templates over on GraphicRiver and Envato Elements

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