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How to Create a Great Resume (Ultimate Guide)

Whether you're looking to land a better position, or entering the job market for the first time, a great resume is an important tool. It's what allows you to stand out in a pile of applicants, land the interview you're aiming for, and help secure the position.

But, it's not easy to create a resume, especially one that's effective. A great resume needs to: 

  • highlight your work history and strengths
  • fit your personal brand and story
  • customize to the job you're applying to
  • pack in professional language and best practices
  • read and scan effectively, while standing out visually

Those are just a few of the components needed. 

As you'd imagine, it takes quite a few skills to write a good resume, structure it effectively, fill it with powerful keywords, and tell a concise story that fits your strengths to the company you're applying to—all while immediately grabbing attention visually with an elegant, professional design.

Create a Great Resume That Lands a Job Interview
Create a great resume that lands you a job interview. (graphic source)

We have a number of resume tutorials and resources featured in this ultimate guide, that can help you do it yourself. With time and attention, you can craft a resume that you'll be proud of. 

Or, you can work with a pro if you need a bit of help with writing or designing your resume. We have professional resume services at Envato Studio with hand picked professionals to help you make a captivating resume. You can also get a head start by grabbing a professional resume template. 

Creative Resume Templates: With Beautiful Designs 

Here are a number of our best resume templates, with professional layouts, and beautiful visual styles. Browse through them for inspiration on designing your own resume or to grab an affordable resume template to build your resume from quickly.

Best Resume Tutorials: To Help You Create a Winning Resume

Here are our featured resume tutorials to help you make a great resume, craft it to grab attention, write it professionally—and avoid the mistakes that could lead to being ignored. If you want your resume to stand out (helping you land an interview and the job you apply to) then read on.

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