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8 Best AI Detection Tools for 2023

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Need to determine if content is generated by a human or an AI? Not sure what the best AI detection tools are? 

In this article, we'll cover the best AI detection tools. Start using any of these to detect AI generated text. 

Artificial Intelligence - Isometric IllustrationArtificial Intelligence - Isometric IllustrationArtificial Intelligence - Isometric Illustration
There are tons of great AI detection tools on the market. Use them to detect AI generated text. Image source: Envato Elements

In 2023, there is a plenty of high-quality AI detection tools that you can use to:

  • check if content is written by a human or generated by AI
  • evaluate how "human-like" AI-generated content is and what edits you can make 
  • check for plagiarism
There are many AI detection software tools available for businesses of all sizes and individuals.

These tools are feature-rich and can help detect AI content.

It's important to note that AI detection tools are not perfect. Even the top tools on the market can frequently produce false positives. AI tools should only be used as a part of detection methods and not the only determining factor.  

Before we go over the list of AI detection tools that can detect AI writing, let's discuss what you should be looking for in AI detection software.

What To Look for In AI Detection Tools

To pick the most effective tool for AI detection, you'll need to consider a few key features and characteristics.

Artificial Intelligence Web & Mobile Landing PageArtificial Intelligence Web & Mobile Landing PageArtificial Intelligence Web & Mobile Landing Page
AI detection tools are designed to help detect AI writing. Image source: Envato Elements

Here are the most crucial factors to consider when choosing an AI detection tool:

  1. Accuracy: This is the most important factor. The tool should be able to accurately differentiate between human-created content and AI-generated output. False positives or negatives can significantly impact the effectiveness of the tool.
  2. Real-Time Analysis: The tool should be able to provide real-time results. AI detection needs to happen quickly to prevent potential misuses or fraud.

  3. Easy Integration: The tool should be easily integrable with your existing systems, whether they are content management systems or other tools. This includes having accessible APIs and documentation.

  4. Adaptive Learning: AI technology moves fast. The detection tool should constantly be updated and improve. Its detection algorithm should be modified based on new data and trends to ensure the most accurate AI detection.

  5. Security and Privacy: It's crucial for the detection tool to respect user data and ensures  security. Make sure the tool is compliant with all relevant data privacy regulations and that it doesn't store any data unless you permit it.

  6. User-Friendly Interface: The tool should have an intuitive interface that's easy to navigate and easy to input your content and receive a detection output.

  7. Customer Support: As AI detection is a relatively new field, reliable customer support is necessary. The tool's provider should offer thorough documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer support to assist with any issues.

We'll cover the best AI detection tools on the market that you can start using today!

8 Best AI Detection Tools for 2023

Here are the top eight software to detect AI writing that access right now. 

1. Originality AI 

originality aioriginality aioriginality ai

This is the best AI content detection on the market right now. Originality.AI is a comprehensive plagiarism checker and AI content detector designed for web publishers, content marketers, and SEO professionals. It offers highly accurate detection of AI-generated content with a great user interface.

The tool has a range of unique features including team management, scan history, auto-billing, and a forthcoming full site scan option. Originality.AI is a paid tool that costs $0.01 per one hundred words.

2. Content at Scale AI Detector

content at scale ai detectorcontent at scale ai detectorcontent at scale ai detector

This free AI detection tool can be used to detect AI writing, including SEO, educational, marketing, and academic content. It can scan up to 25,000 character text and has multiple language support. It also provides a detailed report on the originality of the content.

This tool is best suited for businesses and organizations who need to check if content is generated by AI. This tool that detects AI is constantly updated to ensure accuracy of the detection. 

3. AI Text Classifier

ai text classifierai text classifierai text classifier

This AI detection tool free was developed by OpenAI. This tool is best suited for detecting the popular ChatGPT model. It can classify text into different categories such as news, sports, entertainment, etc. It uses advanced algorithms to classify text.

This tool can be used for various applications such as content moderation and sentiment analysis. AI text classifier is best for businesses and organizations that want to classify large amounts of text data. OpenAI 

4. GPTZero


This free AI detection tool has over one million users. It can detect ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, Bard, and other AI models.

You can input up to 5,000 characters into the text box provided. It also accepts PDFs, DOCX, and TXT files to check for AI genration. This detect AI also has a chrome extension that you can install. 

5. AI Content Detector

ai content detectorai content detectorai content detector

This software to detect AI writing is free and can check up to 1,500 characters at a time. You can also add a URL to detect AI for the content on the page.

The AI content detection feature is only available in the Writer app as an API. The tool provides a detection score from zero to one hundred percent. 

6. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is an enterprise AI detection tool that can detect AI-generated content with 99% accuracy. It can be used to scan essays, dissertations, and other content for AI-generated text. It's also available as an API integration or a free Chrome extension.
The AI detection tool supports multiple languages and can detect AI-generated text from ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-3, Jasper, and many others.

7. Sapling


The Sapling AI Detector detects AI generated text. It does this by giving you a score and highlights parts of the writing that it thinks might have been created by AI.

This AI Detector uses two methods to generate its score. Through analyzing the full text and individual sentences. It can even highlight whole sentences that it suspects are AI-generated. Like all the other tools on this list, it does have false positives from time to time. 

8. ZeroGPT


ZeroGPT applies a variety of complex methods to review the text and then gives a result showing if the writing was done by a human, a computer, or a combination of the two.

This software to detect AI writing is very accurate. It identifies AI-generated text over with a 98% accuracy. This tool also works in any language. ZeroGPT has a very strict user data policy and will not post or keep any of your data. 

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Start Using AI Detection Tools Today!

Detecting AI-generated content is a critical task in today's digital landscape. 

As AI continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, being able to distinguish between human and AI-generated content becomes more challenging. This article covered the top eight AI detection tools on the market.

Remember that AI detection tools should only be used as part of your AI detection process. These tools still deliver false positives. 

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